Small Business Success:
What Does It Take?

Small business success! Just what does that mean exactly?

  • Does it mean you have a niche based website and business that brings in a residual income?

  • Does it mean you have a local “brick & mortar” business?

  • Does success mean you earn a part-time income of maybe $3500/month from your niche based website?

  • Does it mean you earn six figures+ from your local business or maybe that niche based site that’s grown into something much bigger than a part-time sideshow?

"Matt’s excellent skills in website consulting and strategies have helped strengthen our company's website. He’s helped us to discover the right keywords necessary to enhance our online niche, build our site structure, and increase targeted traffic. I highly recommend him for strategies and implementation to boost your online presence."

Chaim Bank
VP, Marketing
Language of Caring®

the lightbulb goes on

Gettin’ the idea? So-called “success” could include some of the above points or anything in between or beyond!

I've coached/consulted in the online marketing world for almost a decade now. I've seen the ridiculous hype. I've heard the dumb claims from Guru Marketing Geniuses (oops, I meant Guru Marketing Ripoff Artists).

My main point is small business success most likely encompasses more than you might think. HINT: it ain't got nothin' do with "buy this amazin' Internet product thingy & watch yer leads/sales FLOW BABY"...

  • marketing
  • leadership
  • web design
  • personal development
  • social media
  • lead generation
  • video marketing
  • marketing specific to local business success

"Matt is a True Coach and Mentor for me. He works quickly and
is very concise. He knows what I want in terms of results
when I work with him and he delivers!"

Jose Buco
Physical Therapist, New York, NY

Is There a Common Thread?

I’ve coached and consulted for folks in some of the following businesses or niches:

  • Massage therapists
  • Network marketing
  • Technology products
  • American history
  • Local painters
  • Psychics
  • Real estate agents
  • Local contractors
  • Insurance sales
  • Debt consolidation companies
  • Jewelry businesses
  • Industrial paints
  • And, dozens more…

What’s the point of telling you this? Because no matter what business you’re building…local or on the Internet…you have specific challenges to success I’ve recognized as being common to all businesses.

With my almost decade long experience in coaching businesspeople like you on how to “course adjust” in order to achieve the success you’re looking for, I’ve found that the same obstacles appear time and time again.

The point of the site you’re now traveling through is to help you identify these challenges & obstacles. My objective is to help you overcome anything in your way, whether it be mental or task specific (or "Gurus"), in order to help you achieve the small business success I know you crave.

And the feedback I receive from clients reveals they love my non-hype, down-to-earth style of teaching...

Sound good so far? Let’s get you started then…

"I'm simply amazed! This is all so good...I definitely approve of what you've written.  And I love the look of the page, the colors are warm and make me think of 'old school'.  You're right on with your if you were me...maybe even better! I can't say enough how well you're writing.  It's almost like you're 'one of us'. And it hasn't taken you that long. I can see you've done your homework."

Janice Porter
Homeschool Mom Extraordinaire

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