Chinese Law of Abundance Check

The Chinese Law of Abundance check is an ancient concept for helping with your financial abundance.

It's a concept where you use the actual act of writing out a check to help in your visualization of a financial goal.

What you do is take out a blank check from your checkbook, write it out to yourself, and sign it "Law of Abundance".

Keep this check with you at all times, take it out often, look at it and visualize the attainment of your goal.

General Financial Abundance

Now, in the above example, you haven't put a specific financial goal on the check.

I started it out that way because I've heard of it done this way.

The idea is that instead of opening your spiritual energy to a specific abundance goal, you're simply opening yourself up to financial abundance in general.

I've heard stories of people doing it this way, focusing daily on over-all financial abundance, and finding that they receive good fortune in a number of ways.

I've heard of people finding steals on their ideal home after struggling for months to find the right fit.

I've heard of people receiving free items of great interest and passion to them.

Using the Chinese Law of Abundance check concept in this way can bring any variety of financial happiness into your life.

Specific Financial Abundance

Another way to utilize the Chinese Law of Abundance check is to write out an actual dollar amount that you'd like to materialize into your life.

Once again, I've heard of people who have used this type of financial visualization and received the exact amount they had written on the abundance check.

As far as the date, you can date it for today (with the idea that financial abundance is entering your life immediately) or for a specific time period in the future (when you'd like to optimally see the goal materialize for you).

Now, understand, this isn't some kind of magic trick where you write out your check and then just sit lazily back.

It's a very powerful visualization technique but you have to help aid the process.

This could be by purposely meeting new people or entering into new situations. It could be applying yourself more readily in your business.

As you put yourself "out there", visualize through daily review of your check, financial abundance is attracted through your spiritual involvement.

"Visualization and belief in a pattern of reality activates the creative power of realization." - A. L. Linall, Jr.

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