How to Stay Calm
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If you'd like quick tips on how to stay calm, you're in the right place.

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Notice Your Anxiety

Go Deeper Within

A Greater Spiritual Perspective



Do you find yourself consistently allowing anxiety to take you over?

Instead of feeling inner peace, you feel stressed and upset.

Do you allow the actions of others to affect you in a negative way?

Someone does something you don't agree with, and instead of letting it go, you let it get you all upset.

You need to learn to remain relaxed no matter what.

There's no reason to raise your blood pressure over things you have no control of. Learn how to calm yourself and you can handle life with a sense of inner peace.

How to Calm Yourself Tip #1
Notice the Anxiety

how to stay calm

The first step in your quest to stay calm is to consciously notice your feelings of anxiety.

Most of your problem will be solved in this step.

Your whole life you've been allowing the events around you to control the emotions you feel.

When you become fully aware each time you feel the anxiety, you begin to understand in your own way how to achieve stillness and inner peace.

The next time someone "offends" you, stop and listen to the negative voice in your head.

The next time you're stressed over a deadline or a family issue, just listen to yourself.

In the beginning, don't even try to change your thinking. Just be aware. Say to yourself, "There's my feeling of anxiety". And don't judge! Just notice the emotion.

The more you do this, the "noticing" begins to diffuse the anxious or negative human emotions.

You're able to separate the anxiety from who you really are inside and you stay calm. You begin to feel inner peace at all times, not just when things are going well.

Learn To Be Calm Tip #2
Go Deeper When Reflecting Within

Once you get good at being aware, then you can begin taking this idea to the next level.

Some people call this meditation, but it's simply a matter of taking time each day to look within yourself.

Take 15-20 minutes each day to simply reflect on what is stirring within your soul just below the surface.

Tune out the "noise" of life: your activities, the kids, the job, the TV, the noise of traffic, etc.

Someone once explained this idea to me in this way: they said, "Matt, imagine that your at the lake on a windy, rainy day.

Above the surface of the water, there's all kinds of activity and noise. But it you jump in the water and go down a few feet, all is CALM".

It's the same with your soul or spirit.

Beneath the surface of your busy life is a calmness that your can retreat into whenever you feel like it. You can do this in a quiet place at home just as well as on a busy bus.

If you visit this inner place of peace, you'll notice that your entire life begins to feel less hectic and more calm.

How to Calm Yourself Tip #3
Understand That We're One

If you realize that you and those people around you are all part of the same spiritual force or energy, you can let the things they do go much more easily.

Did you know that many things you do naturally irk some people around you? Yes, it's true, you're not perfect ;-)

Seriously, when you look at life from a greater spiritual perspective, who cares if other people don't act the way you always want them to. They're trying to learn and grow just as you are.

When you look at in this way, you're more forgiving.

How to Calm Yourself Tip #4

I personally find the act of reading to be calming. Try it. Get a good book and curl up somewhere comfortable and dive into a new world the author takes you to.

Simple? Yes. But an effective way to settle yourself down, get away from your day-to-day activities, and encourage inner peace.

Go make yourself some tea, start reading, and stay calm.

"I have never known any distress that
an hour's reading did not relieve."

- Charles de Montesquieu

Learn To Be Calm Tip #5

Take a walk when you feel the need to calm down. Again, it's another simple idea but sometimes these simple things in our lives really are the best things in our lives.

Actually, there have been studies done that show if you feel down or upset, taking a walk and focusing on things out in the distance will bring your mood "up".

When walking, you'll find that it's quite easy to "go within" and reflect on your life in a calming manner.

You may even find that ideas just seem to magically pop into your mind that are solutions to issues that may have been causing stress and turbulence in your life.

Take the time to apply the above tips. I believe you'll become a person who has the ability to stay calm and experiences inner peace on a much more regular basis.

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