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Matt ZavadilWritten by Matt Zavadil
Updated January 8, 2015

In episode 10 of MLM Mindcast Nuggets I offer up the audio file of a video I made for my personal downline. I greatly apologize for quality of this audio. At some points it will waver in and out. Again, I really do apologize for this issue but I couldn’t fix it.

However, I believe what I discuss: Consistency in Business, is too important to leave out of this podcast series.

In this podcast, I go over:

  • The issue of jumping from business opportunity to business opportunity…do you do this?
  • If you have done this jumping from deal to deal, how does this affect you?
  • Why people say, “it’s just not working for me”
  • Why YOU are more important than your business opportunity
  • Definition of Character
  • Making excuses and what it does to negatively impact you and your network marketing business

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