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personal philosophy

Today, you’ll identify your personal philosophy.  In Lesson 2, you went to the beginning, reflecting on your inner child.  Lesson 3 had you thinking about the end of your life.  It’s now time to clearly define the values and principles you will live on a daily basis from this point forward… This week, we’re going [...]

thinking about my personal mission statement

Today, you’ll write out your Personal Mission Statement. First, though, let’s consider what you’ve done over the last 4 lessons. You’ve thought about and written down those things you forgot from childhood and what the end of your life should look like. You’ve identified your most important values and principles inside a Personal Philosophy. You’ve [...]

life impact cheers at funeral

As we move into Lesson 3, I’d like to point something out:  Life Purpose University™ is a process. There’s absolutely no way for me to know where your mental state or spiritual awareness was when we started. You may have gone through an amazing breakthrough this past week or you may have very well struggled [...]

You might be wondering how to start a blog & make money with it. I recommend focusing on starting it first. Then, once you’ve started creating valuable content you can move into monetizing it for profit. What You’ll Learn: Two ways you should avoid when starting your blog The one valid way to start a [...]


 Are you interested in increasing your Twitter followers? Ever get frustrated that nothing’s happening over there? Wouldn’t you love to get more leads as you build your Twitter account? I understand the 3 above points. I started my account a few years ago and never did much with it. Just a few months ago [...]

Create a Leadpages Landing Page in 5 Minutes Taking the time to understand Leadpages plans so I could improve my lead generation goals was one of the best decisions I ever made. If you’re like my past self you’re fully frustrated by how to quickly & easily create landing pages to attract more leads into [...]

affiliate marketing explained simply

Affiliate marketing explained simply…you’re in the right place. First thing for you to digest: Successful folks have a long term outlook. They don’t say, “I’ll TRY this for a couple weeks and then quit if I’m not rich by then”. They’re also willing to test different offers, learn new skills, such as how to do [...]

mlm scripts - woman using phone to call prospects

I’ve kept the following network marketing prospecting scripts simple. We can get complicated but why? You’ll never get anywhere that way. Related Reading: How The Attraction Marketing Formula Will Build Your MLM Business My Review Of The Attraction Marketing Formula Why You Shouldn’t Buy Leads For Your Business How to Use the “Reverse Invite Method” [...]