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Updated January 6, 2015

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Can you find financial freedom with network marketing?

I find it interesting that you’re searching for this type of information. I believe you know it’s possible. You probably know of someone who’s attained a walk-away passive income from their MLM business.

What you may lack today is a deep subconscious belief that it can be possible for you.

If so, that’s OK! You’re not alone. I struggled for 20 years myself in and out of company after company until I finally came to believe I could do it…that I deserved it…that my family deserved the benefits.

Once the belief became embedded within my subconscious, infinite intelligence was activated. I started making the right choices & doing the right activities that led to leads, sales & recruits.

Beware Of “Get-Rich-Quick” Thinking

Our industry is often confused with get rich quick schemes.

However, network marketing is an industry of lawful businesses selling genuine products and services.

believe in YOUI encourage you to first develop a deep belief in the validity of your business.

Do you truly want to achieve financial freedom with networking marketing?

Then identify any doubts you probably have about whether this business and industry are “valid”.

I used to have doubts all those years I struggled. I felt silly going to friends and family or using the 3-Foot Rule.

I felt silly because I wasn’t practicing true, targeted marketing. I was talking to folks who had zero interest in my products or business opportunity.

Once I learned how to market correctly it all changed. My belief went through the roof because I felt empowered in my efforts. The same can happen for you.

Possible To Succeed In Networking Marketing?

It doesn’t have to take you years & years of struggle. Or, maybe it does. I don’t know your story. I don’t know how you think. I don’t know how hard you work or don’t work.

Be willing to go through whatever you have to learn.

Just never give up. You have a dream. See it through!

If you fix your belief issues & then use the right approach and tactics in terms of marketing…then you’ll succeed. I believe that with all my heart.

Are You Teachable?

As you work on your beliefs on whether you deserve success, the validity of the network marketing industry, your skill-sets, etc I encourage you to ask whether you’re coachable.

Everyone always says, “Yes, of course I’m teachable & coachable”.

I used to say it too. Finally, after struggling and struggling I one day was on a conference call & I realized how uncoachable I had been. I realized how I had million dollar earners telling me what to do but I had cherry-picked what to pay attention to.

I hadn’t done EVERY step A to Z as they taught me. Once I finally did that I was able to create a large MLM organization.

Take a few minutes & think through whether you’re actually doing everything it takes to build your business big.

Set Small Goals

Cycle of Belief

Small goals? Yes!

You definitely want to set your big Chief Aim (Read Think & Grow Rich). But then it’s essential to set small goals. These will be the small daily tasks that will steer you towards the direction of your bigger picture.

Before setting your goals be conscious of what’s truly achievable in your business. Again, don’t fall into “get-rich-quick”. Too many people venture into network marketing with a false impression about what they can achieve and what’s required to succeed.This often leads to disappointment, fear, anxiety & QUITTING.

Take a long term outlook even with your small goals. Where will you be in 18 months of working diligently on your daily tasks? You won’t change much reading 30 minutes today, tomorrow or even for a week.

Read quality books 30 minutes a day for 18 months? Now, we’re talking transforming!

Get the idea?

Fix your belief issuesGet rid of the “get-rich-quick” mentality. Be coachable. Work your ass off on your daily tasks that lead to massive success.

Do THAT & achieving financial freedom with network marketing will happen.

What’s Holding You Back?

Let me know in the comments below what you think is holding you back. Is it belief systems? Marketing knowledge? Something else? And what are you going to start doing TODAY to change it?

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