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Updated November 15, 2016

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Updated on March 2, 2015

Are you still wondering how to generate quality online leads for your network marketing business?

I’ve recently experimented with how to use my Twitter account for improved lead flow into my home business.

The result? A 250% increase in my lead flow!

Follow along in the video below as I show you how easy it is. Using a simple 10 minute strategy you can start getting 27+ daily leads:

YouTube video

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You’ve heard how great using Twitter for business is, right?

But how can those 140 character tweets really do anything to attract targeted leads for your network marketing business?

That’s what I used to wonder about! Then, I learned how to attract targeted leads on Twitter & it’s now a core part of my business.

Let me show you how to increase your Twitter followers and use the Blue Birdie social platform to attract targeted prospects into your business…

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How To Increase Your Twitter Followers: Be Cool

Be _Cool_ On Twitter

Let’s start the proceedings with a topic that will make all the difference in the world. Be cool!

What I mean is don’t be a spammer. I obviously love network marketing as an industry and network marketers as people. I get that when you’re new it’s tough to figure your way at first.

I was once there…trying to figure out how to get noticed without being “uncool”.

The most uncool thing you can do on Twitter (any social media platform actually) is to use it to spam your affiliate coded links all over the place.

I find many networkers have an issue with how to market with “tact”. They’re either spamming their replicated website or doing this kind of stuff:

Twitter Mistakes

It’s not my goal to embarrass anyone so I’ve taken Bob’s identifiable info off the image. But see what he did here? I asked him how I can help him & he responded back with a request that I visit his company’s replicated website and simply join his business.

How does he know if his business is right for me? What does he know about me? Has he explored getting to know me in any way, shape or form? Has he attempted to teach me a new tactic I might not know about yet?

No, he spams me his link expecting to magically recruit me…LOL

It’s not surprising, though. This is the type of mentality many of the offline “marketing techniques” our companies teach us incorporate, right?

“Everybody’s a prospect”, they say. “Use the 3-foot rule. If they’re alive they’re a prospect.”

I fully understand Bob. For so many years I was that guy. I didn’t understand how to present my opportunity in a way that was attractive to others. I was too forceful. I definitely wasn’t recruiting anyone as I whacked people upside the head with my offers 🙂

But pay attention to what happened after I gave him a soft clue that I might be a source of  help with his marketing methods…

His answer to my offering to give him some better ways to market? Crickets…Nada…Zippo…Never heard from the guy again…LOL

Twitter doesn’t exist for you to spam your replicated site to everyone you come into contact with. Think of your first engagement with anyone on Twitter as a handshake at a social event.

Would you ever consider saying, “Nice to meet you, ready to join my MLM business? It’s AWESOME & you’d be dumb to pass this up!”…


YouTube video

OK, have I hammered this point home well enough? Let’s move on!


I get it that you want more followers. Every training out there about marketing on Twitter focuses on it.

I’m going to focus things down further: you want TARGETED followers.

This is the same mentality that got people in trouble over on Facebook where they were getting 1 cent fans by getting fanpage likes in foreign, non-English speaking countries and then wondering why they couldn’t get any fanpage engagement.

Don’t make that mistake on Twitter!

I’ll take 250 TARGETED Twitter followers over 10,000 non-targeted followers who could care less about my products and services any day.

So How Do You Find Targeted Followers?

Easy…you’re gonna thank me in a second 🙂

Bookmark this page:

Budget in a few minutes a day to go there and begin searching relevant topics.

I’ll give you a couple examples (DISCLAIMER: I’m not involved in any of the companies I mention below…they’re simply examples…apply the strategies to your specific MLM business)

Let’s say you’re in the coffee network marketing company: Organo Gold.

At, start with something like “coffee lover”…with the quotes, that’s telling Twitter you want to search specifically for that term…I suggest you click on Operators for Twitter’s full instructions:

Twitter search

Click on “search all people for…” (see image below)

Twitter search training

There you go! A whole list of possible prospects for your Organo Gold business. Yes, you’ll probably encounter other Organo Gold distributors but you’ll find plenty of people who simply put “I’m a coffee lover” on their account.

Who better to prospect for a coffee business than people who are already telling you they love coffee?

It’s your job to get creative. Try other terms like “coffee addict”, “I love coffee”, etc.

Where else might coffee lovers be hanging out on Twitter? How about Starbucks or The Coffee Bean, for starters? Go to their profiles and click on their followers. There you go! Only a few MILLION people who already love what you sell.

starbucks on twitter

What if you’re in a health and wellness MLM like Plexus, for example? Let’s say your personal story is that your products helped you or someone you love tackle diabetes?

Go back to and type in “diabetes”. When I do that I’m finding people who are diabetes advocates, bloggers, or just people publicly proclaiming they suffer from it.

Make contact with these people. Follow them. When they follow you back, thank them and ask if they’re interested in free info about helping diabetes.

Can you imagine eventually recruiting an influential diabetes blogger or advocate with a huge following of people in your niche?

Make a list of all the other conditions your products help. Go find people with those conditions and make contact.

Take my ideas above for these two companies and apply it to your own network marketing company.

How To Increase Your Twitter Followers: More Targeting Ideas

Who are the leaders/bloggers/authors/advocates in your niche? Go to a leader’s page (like I did with Starbucks above) and follow/target their followers.

What books are relevant to your niche? In some niches, I’ve even seen the actual book titles have their own Twitter accounts and followers…Think & Grow Rich, for example.

How about TV shows, events, etc that make sense to your niche and products?

If you think and get creative there’s no shortage of people you can connect with. These are real people you can introduce your company and products to.

Best of all, they’re already generally INTERESTED in your product area!

I’ll bet no one else in your company is doing this. You want to dominate? Get busy!

Use Twitter Tools To Help Speed Things Up

One tool I use every day is JustUnfollow. They just recently became Crowdfire so you’ll be able to find it at or

In the video above at the very top of this page I give you a strategy I’ve been using to increase my Twitter followers, influence and lead flow. The two areas of the JustUnfollow (Crowdfire) app are these:


You’ll find in the left nav area of your account. With Copy Followers you can insert a name of an influencer in your niche. Using one of my examples from above you could enter Starbucks if your business is coffee related.

Now, rather than manually finding and following coffee lovers you can simply hit the plus sign as you scroll down the page quickly.

In a matter of minutes you can follow dozens or even hundreds of targeted followers in any niche you may be “playing in”…


Using our “diabetes” example from above, you can use the Keyword follow option to target that like this:


Hide Previously Followed Users

By the way, see that green button that says, “hiding previously followed users” in the screenshots above? Extremely valuable!

Once you start following 300, 500, even 1000 people a day (follow less if you want to be a bit more conservative and not get negatively affected by Twitter’s algorithm) you’ll find that 10-20% or so will follow you back.

After waiting a few days or a week go back into your JustUnfollow account and unfollow those who didn’t follow you back.

Over time, you’ll have a lot of people in that group (Starbucks, diabetes, etc) that you’ve followed and then unfollowed. With that green button activated above you’ll be sure you aren’t following, unfollowing and then re-following the same people!

There’s no way you could keep track of that manually…making JustUnfollow an invaluable Twitter tool.

Start Engaging With Your Followers

So you’re getting targeted followers…now what?

Engage in a human way. For example, instead of tweeting them your link to join you like Bob did above try doing what you’d naturally do offline.

Ask about THEM first. Always remember that we think the same way online as we do offline.

What I mean by that is we like people who ask about us and get us talking about ourselves, right? Unfortunately, many people think it somehow works differently online…and that’s where all the spamming comes into play.

I like to say something like this to my new followers, “Hey, thanks for following…let me know if I can ever help you or your biz”..Since I have a solution for network marketers struggling to get leads I like to find out if they have a need here.

Some folks respond that business is great and they don’t need help. Great! Why would I try to force my solution on to someone who doesn’t need it right now. Maybe they’ll like what I tweet over the coming months and eventually become interested.

Questions Work Best

Whatever your niche is ask a question or make a statement just like you would offline to first get to know them.

Questions are much more effective than statements, though. If you ask a question most folks will answer you. It allows you to uncover possible needs you might be able to serve later.

Keep getting to know your new follower. If you truly have a solution, offer it up when the timing is right. If you really don’t see a need for what you offer then don’t try to force it.

Build rapport and establish a relationship. Over time you can come back and see if their life has changed. If so, then it might be time to get serious with offering them the chance to look at your products and/or opportunity.

Let Me Show You a Better Way

Listen, the key to network marketing success is about being strategic in your marketing. Twitter is only one method I use for leads and sales. There’s a strategic way to building your MLM business. With the Internet especially you can put systems in place that take away the constant offline prospecting taught by many home business companies.

I invite you to click the banner below & watch my FREE 2-Part Video Series that will teach you how Networkers Like YOU Are Earning 5 & 6 Figures Monthly without chasing Uncle Bob, attacking folks at Starbucks or spending nights & weekends away from you family.

I’ll see you on the other side…


Home > MLM Training > Your Social Media Plan > Increase Your Twitter Followers

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