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Updated February 5, 2023

Interestingly, I pulled out a couple network marketing success secrets from Jim Carrey’s “Yes Man” movie

First of all, having success inside your network marketing business has everything to do with saying “YES”.

I thought of this earlier today as I was grabbing a snack in the kitchen and saw my wife was watching “Yes Man”.

Watch this short “Yes Man” clip first:

YouTube video

“I’m Just Auditing”

“You can’t audit life, my friend”, says Terence Stamp’s character.

It makes me think of how often I “audited” my various network marketing companies I was in over the years.

These were the years when I struggled. The years I “tried”.

The years when I didn’t go after it with everything inside me. Let me ask you, “are you auditing your business or are you WORKING your business?”

Only you know the answer but I implore you to move into working it hard if you know in your gut you’re not giving it your best.

I think this is one of the most important network marketing tips for beginners. You must come to the day where you stop thinking, auditing or checking things out…

…and you make that decision to put the necessary work in to make your chosen MLM opportunity your personal residual income business

“If The Mole Hill Won’t Come To Terrence…”

“Terrence will come to the mole hill!”

I love that line.

It gives us great life advice but it’s also one of those vital network marketing success secrets.

When I finally went after my MLM dreams with true gusto, that’s when I created an international downline.

I encourage you to “go to the mole hill”. Make it happen.

“You Say No To Life…”

“And that’s why you’re not living. You make up excuses.”

I’m willing to bet that you’re saying “no” to your business success. When you’re tired at night after working your job all day, do you suck it up and watch a training video to improve your skills?

Do you learn successful Internet marketing techniques like blogging & write consistently, no matter what? Even if you’re tired? Even when you feel at a loss for a new idea?

I submit that if you start saying YES more often that your business will start to transform into the one you dream about when you’re feeling good.

I know for me that saying YES during my weak moments…those moments when I feel overtired…like this very moment in time as I write these words to you…that’s when you provide forward momentum in your business. 

Right now I feel a bit tired and the thought crossed my mind to NOT write this blog post. I said to myself, “no, my business will grow to greater heights faster because I put in the time during my “less than stellar” moments.

So here I am sucking it up hoping to inspire you to say YES.

Network Marketing Success Secrets: “Just Say Yes”

Saying “no” is a habit.

Saying “yes” is a habit.

There’s no magic. It’s easy to say either answer when it’s time to work your business.

Try this experiment for the next week: Consciously pay attention to when your natural reaction to do something productive is “no”. 

For example, when you think, “I should probably do some research on how to start my MLM blog” and then decide to watch Netflix instead, that’s saying “no” to your business. 

What might happen if you consciously catch yourself and say, “Oops, I just said no to my future…let me say yes and do something productive”. 

Whenever I know I should do something productive toward my business and I’m lacking motivation, I tell myself that I’ll just do it for 15 minutes. 

Almost never do I stop at 15 minutes. 

It’s amazing how just getting started creates momentum and that 15 minutes turns into an hour. 

One of my mentors once told me, “Thinking about doing something hurts more than just getting it done.”

More Helpful Network Marketing Success Secrets

Well, those are my network marketing success secrets from the “Yes Man” movie. But, why don’t we continue with a few more important MLM tips

Work Hard

Sounds obvious, but one thing I’ve noticed is that some people treat their network marketing business more like a hobby than a business. 

That’s fine if you simply want to make a couple hundred bucks a month. 

If you have bigger goals, then you need to work super hard. This isn’t a business that happens on autopilot. It requires dedication and consistency. 

Even if you’re working it part-time, you need to schedule your work in. 

For example, let’s say you only have 5 hours per week to work on your business. Physically block those hours into time slots on your calendar. 

Doing so will make your work seem “real”. 

Make sure you “work” by prospecting, building your online assets, show the plan to new people, follow up with older leads, sponsor new distributors and help your team. 

Working isn’t organizing your desk or watching training videos. 

Learn The Art Of Internet Marketing

Especially since COVID-19 hit the world, it’s important to learn how to make sales and sponsor new associates without needing to meet in person. 

Imagine how different your MLM business experience will be once you can sell and recruit without bugging family and friends, without doing the 3-foot rule and without dragging people down to a weekly “dog & pony show” opportunity meeting. 

Online marketing allows you to target people who are a great fit for whatever you sell inside your MLM company. 

Instead of looking at every breathing human being as a prospect and shoving your product pics down their throats on your Facebook feed, why don’t you figure out how to attract people who actually want the solution you’re selling? 

For example, if you were a Rodan & Fields rep, you would produce some online content with skin care tips. 

An Herbalife rep would write blog posts with nutrition tips. So would a Jeunesse Global distributor

A Young Living or doTERRA representative would create videos or blog posts about essential oils. 

A Plexus or Arbonne rep would provide tips about health or skin care. 

A Beachbody rep would give people fitness tips. An It Works! distributor would talk about weight loss issues. 

None of these representatives should blatantly talk about their products or business opportunities before they first provide prospects with educational content. 

And neither should you. 

Nobody woke up today wanting to see your business opportunity shout-outs on Facebook. They don’t want to see your product images on Instagram. 

They want solutions to their problems. What problem does your product solve? Put out content that helps people solve those problems and they’ll be attracted to you. They’ll want to hear more from you. 

That’s why they call it Attraction Marketing.

By the way, learn how to handle the “pyramid thing”, such as when people ask, “Is Arbonne one of them pyramid thingys?”

Don’t Freaking Give Up

Too many network marketers give up way too early. They meet some rejection and decide that MLM doesn’t work. 

They mistakenly thought they’d get rich in MLM within a month or two. 

It takes 2-5 years to build a big network marketing business. You’re not going to get rich in 2 weeks and be on an island drinking out of coconuts. 

Nope…it’s gonna require a ton of work. You’re gonna have to show the plan to hundreds and hundreds of people before you find the serious people who are your business-building leaders. 

Commit to being persistent and consistent. 

Work it. 

There will be dark times…times when you wonder why so many other people quit or say “no” to you. 

Fight through those times. Keep working. Eventually, you’ll be earning a residual income and everyone will wonder how you got so “lucky”. 

You’ll tell them luck had nothing to do with it. 

You’ll tell them you worked your ass off and stayed consistent even when you couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

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