Welcome Training: How To Correctly Use The Internet To Build Your MLM Business

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What you’ll learn in this training:

  1. How the Internet works in general to generate leads, sales & reps
  2. I take you on a visual tour of both MLM leaders & individual MLM reps using online marketing CORRECTLY
  3. What you own & don’t own online – VITAL
  4. Why the Internet is different from offline marketing

NOTE: My apologies for my blurry face. I was trying out a new webcam that obviously worked horribly 🙂 Looked good during the editing process but terrible in the finished video. I’ll re-do it later but for now, I don’t want you to wait for this important info.

YouTube video

Training #2″: How an MLM Court Expert Reveals the Shocking Failure Rate In MLM & How You Can Overcome This Sad Fact

Enjoy the intro & watching me act like a jackass LOL

What you’ll learn in this training:

  1. How to use the Internet to get your prospects
  2. 2 things you must avoid. You’re most likely using these 2 concepts, thinking they’re helping you when in reality they’re holding you back in a major way.
  3. How to make “business” FUN & EXCITING

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Training #3: Setting Up Your Marketing Hub & Transitioning To An Effective Online Presence

What you’ll learn in this training:

  1. How to set up your Marketing Hub hosting
  2. How to attach WP to it
YouTube video

Links I reference in the video:

  1. Where to go to set up your Marketing Hub hosting (opens new window/tab so you can jump back to this training)
  2. The written tutorial with 10 extra videos I show you near end of video
  3. In case you forget to pick up Attraction Marketing Formula, click here to get it & read this vital MLM business building document