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Updated February 5, 2023

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Fact: Yes, network marketing online saves time. It helps you reach more people in less time than running all around town looking for prospects.

Cool Fact: It’s also true that the Internet was MADE for MLM.

Unfortunate Fact: Most networkers are taught ineffective ways to use the Internet.

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First Things First: Connect!

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Remember that prospecting or creating leads online for your network marketing business means you’re reaching PEOPLE.

The average networker uses online tools in a way that creates a disconnect from the humans they’re trying to reach.

It’s OK, I get it…

I did the same in the beginning!

We all did.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, lead generation systems, etc…all just tools that help you make a connection with real people.

Instead of tweeting, “We have the best opportunity in the whole world”, say something like, “I used to struggle to make ends meet. I started a home biz & it’s all changed. Ask me how you can do the same”

Instead of going to Facebook & spamming a bunch of people with the “We have the best opportunity in the whole world” nonsense, study their profile and find a real, authentic reason to connect.

Think of it like a cocktail party or networking meeting. Would you walk up to me and say, “Matt, I’ve got a great opportunity for ya, let me explain my hour long presentation right now!”

I’d be like, “get the hell outta my face, dude” RIGHT? 🙂

All day long, MLMers who are thinking that network marketing online saves time are also prospecting in this very spammy, unhealthy way.

Don’t be an uncool networker. Learn to do it right & I promise that you’ll prosper in your home business.

Why Cold Marketing Prospecting is a MUST

Click here for my 10 Simple Prospecting Scripts post.

I was on the phone the other day with a really cool guy who earned $100,000 his first year in network marketing and is now close to hitting 7 figures.

How’d he do that? He came into MLM with a list of quality contacts who trusted him based on past offline business dealings.

If you didn’t come to the table with the amazing list of contacts he did, what do you do? What I did! I didn’t have a list either when I got started. So, I got busy cold prospecting online.

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Simple Way To Cold Prospect Online

Reach out to people every day on social media. Do it right. Study their profiles and find a true reason that makes sense. Then, make contact.

In a coffee MLM? You might say, “Hey, I noticed you love coffee like I do. I’m in a home business revolving around coffee that’s looking to expand in your area. Let me know if you’re interested in simply talking about the possibilities.”

Or you can keep it more general, “The reason I’m making contact is I work for a company expanding in your area. Are you at all open to looking at new income possibilities if it doesn’t interfere with what you’re already doing?”

I understand that fear stops you here. I encourage you to overcome this fear for the sake of your family’s financial future!

Talk to more people – put aside the fear – start, fail, adjust, move forward, adjust based on results, etc.

Remember your posture: You don’t need everybody (just the right ones) & they don’t know what you’re supposed to say anyway, right? Just go for it! Make it happen.

Read my post here with “real life” script

Cold Market Lead Generation

I thought through my online marketing process when I got started. I wanted to do less personal prospecting and more lead generation so folks would reach out to me instead.

I created a blog and created content that fit the niche my network marketing company sits in.

For example, if you’re in a coffee MLM, create a “benefits of coffee” blog. It will attract coffee lovers who will naturally like your product & opportunity.

In a travel company? Create a travel tips blog. It will attract travel lovers who will naturally like your product & opportunity.

In a health & wellness company that specifically helps folks with diabetes, for ex? Create a “how I beat diabetes” blog. It will attract people suffering in this area who will naturally like your product & opportunity.

Gettin’ the idea?

This takes a little time to set up. But once it’s set up, the leads flow in, the requests come in for more info and you’re in business!

How To Get Started

Use my online prospecting tips above to get things moving quickly on social media.

At the same time get your blog or site started so you begin generating leads passively.

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Network marketing online saves you time & effort. You gotta do it right, though. I was new once & took the time to learn the right way.

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