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Network Marketing Success Training – How To Build a Large Organization

network marketing leadership
network marketing leadership

Network marketing success training includes too many factors to list on this one page.

Therefore, I’ll start simply & link you to new trainings as I develop them.

Let’s start with your Invitation

You know, when you’re asking a prospect whether they’d have interest in looking at your products and/or opportunity.

3 Parts To Your Invitation

Step 1) Tell them the reason you’re calling/contacting

Back in the “old days” this all happened on the phone. Today, this step may happen through a Twitter tweet, Facebook message or LinkedIn email.

Calling someone on your warm contact list? You might say,

“The reason I’m calling is I have a quick question for you. I have no clue if it will be a fit for you or not, but would you be open to something outside of what you are doing for income?”

Contacting someone through social media? Same thing except you might just cut to the chase and write,

“I have no clue if it will be a fit for you or not, but would you be open to something outside of what you are doing for income?”

Step 2) Tell/Ask them what you want them to do (after getting a “yes” to question #1)

Let’s say your company gives out a CD as the first contact offline. On the phone you might say,

“I just came across a great CD and I think you’ll enjoy it. What I’d like to do is drop it off so you can take a listen.”

On social media you might say,

“Great, what’s your phone number? We’ll set up a quick phone chat. Mine is (xxx) xxx-xxxx just so you’ll know it’s me calling.”

Step 3) Use a release statement (some folks call this a “take-away” statement)

You must release the pressure here! Say something like

“If you like it great, if not, that’s fine too”

That’s really it. It’s not any more complicated than that.

Social Media Network Marketing Success Training – What To Say?

Once you’re on the phone with your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc prospect (get more leads) you want to simply to build repoire by asking questions.

You have one mouth and two ears, right? Talk less! You do that by asking questions. Get to know your prospect’s career, life situation and goals. Get them talking.

At the appropriate time (usually when you can help identify something they’ve said with what you know you offer) it’s time to set up a time for them to watch your presentation.

Each MLM company is different in terms of how to best introduce your prospect to the products and opportunity. A common thread for most is some sort of online presentation.

Simply ask them if they’re open to watching an online video that explains how your products and opportunity can benefit them. Get their commitment. Set up a followup call to answer questions they may have after watching it.

Keep It Simple!

It’s a numbers game. Some will watch and get back on the phone with you. Some won’t. No big deal.

Your only job is to sift through the ones who follow through and show authentic interest.

Ask Them To Join!

Your second call now has you and your prospect fully on the same page. They know exactly what you offer and the simplest thing you can do after answering a few questions is to ask,

“So, are you ready to get started?”


“Ready to rock-n-roll on our team?”

That’s it…Now, rinse and repeat day after day until you have huge downline and a quality residual monthly check/bank deposit.

Solving An MLM Industry Problem

The above network marketing success training is excellent for what to do with your prospects. The challenge I ran into with my personal team was that our company was teaching us all the great stuff to say but NOT teaching effectively how to FIND those hot prospects.

I’m giving you access to a FREE Download called How to Get More Leads, Sign-Up More Reps, and Make Money from the 90% Who Say No to Your Biz Opp… GUARANTEED!

This is the tool I and my team use to find our best, most targeted prospects. Click here, enter your name & email, and watch the simple 12 minute Video that will revolutionize your network marketing business.

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