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Updated June 3, 2022

A quality network marketing system will help fix an issue I get asked by folks I coach.

“Matt, how do I get leads for my network marketing business without doing anything…you know, push a button and all these leads flow in?”

My answer is, “Ummm, you don’t.”

Well, let me rephrase that: not right away, at least.

If you take a little time to initially set up a network marketing system that leads your prospects respectfully through a sales funnel process and helps them clearly see why they would want to join your business, then eventually, you’ll have leads coming in on auto-pilot.

With that said, what features should your “system” have so you’re successful with MLM lead generation?

Let’s Talk a Little “Reality”

Let me head off a common fallacy circulating throughout the MLM community…

Myth: All I need to do is buy a “guru”-led, Magical Super Duper MLM lead generation system and leads, sales & reps will flow in.

Truth: You need to treat your business like, well….um…a business.

What I’m about to say may piss off a few so-called “guru”, “men on the mountain-top”-types…

…and that’s really too bad.

I’ve been making money online since 2004 so I feel (no, I KNOW) I have a few tips that will help you if you’re a bit newer and wonder about the claims, systems, “rags to riches” stories, etc rolling around the Internet.

My first tip is to let you know that the “magic” system simply doesn’t exist.

If you want to use this tool called the Internet to deposit money into your bank account then you have to work.

Holy crap! Did I say the word “work” alongside Internet marketing? You mean you won’t get rich in 15 days?

LOL…look, all I’ll say is if you have a tendency to fall for that stuff then I suggest you re-think why you’re in network marketing.

Creating Your Own Network Marketing System

Your objective shouldn’t be to find a magical system to do all the work for you.

It should be to learn how people making money online long-term do it. This goes beyond network marketing. It goes to the basic fundamentals of selling anything online.

Folks who are successful…whether it’s in MLM, affiliate marketing or selling their own products/services…it’s because they learned and implemented tried and true marketing methods.

They learned how to create their own sales funnel. They learned how to generate traffic of targeted prospects who already have an interest in their product offering.

It’s really no different from how you make money in a business offline. You market to a selected target market.

And you work your ass off to set it all up. The cool thing about the Internet and systems you can put in place is that after it’s “there” you can sit back and see a residual income stream begin to roll in.

Let me step back at this point and let you know that I’m not saying there aren’t quality systems in place that can make your job easier.

It’s just that you need to have more knowledge than most of the owners of these systems say you need to have.

A Network Marketing System Consists Of Traffic, Leads, Sales

Online Marketing In a “Nutshell”

Attracting leads, sales and reps into your MLM business online is actually quite simple. However, the sheer magnitude of marketing possibilities is what causes it to get confusing fast.

If I had you on one of my phone coaching sessions here’s how I’d break it down for you in a nutshell:

  • Identify the niche you’re “playing” in
  • Start a blog in that niche
  • Identify what problems your product solves & develop quality content consistently to generate quality traffic to your blog
  • Develop a VALUABLE free guide, video or e-course in exchange for email addresses
  • Email your subscribers valuable education with additional tips for solving their problems
  • Position your product and opportunity as the ultimate solution to their problems

That’s the “system” all successful Internet marketers use to make sales and profit.

By the way, if you want to know the super simple lead gen source our team uses to get our presentation in front of 3-5 qualified prospects DAILY (while we teach the above points above for long-term online success), click here (works for ANY MLM business).

Let’s Talk “Tools”

With that in mind, let me mention a mistake I see many people make: running around willy nilly buying up a bunch of on-line tools, such as…

  • a lead capture page system
  • video lead captures
  • email marketing software
  • a list building program
  • buying up bulk leads, etc.

Do you need some of the above tools? Of course. But if you’re buying them up without any type of plan in place can you see why confusion sets in when none of it performs as hoped?

The reason it doesn’t work is because you’re missing the most critical piece of the puzzle:

A way to generate traffic to the videos, lead capture pages or email followup systems

If you feel like you’re flailing in the wind & your dreams are blowing away it’s most likely because you’ve been hoodwinked by a “guru” marketing a Magical Network Marketing System that makes money on auto-pilot baby!

That’s OK! I’ve been there…Finally I learned that I had to take ownership of my traffic generation, lead flow and overall business…

…and you do too.

Why Network Marketing Systems Can’t Possibly Work

So the truth is that lead generation systems promising the moon simply can’t work because they’re all based on an invalid premise.

The premise is always the same…something like,

Join our system. We’ll give you fancy lead capture pages. People love to optin to them, give you their email address and then buy from you after seeing our Magical Sales Video!!!

Let me ask you something and I want you to think long and hard about the answer:

If you have no way of shoveling a ton of people to those magical lead capture pages…then how many people will buy after watching the magical sales video?


The same goes for the replicated website or store your company handed you when you joined.

I’m sorry but those things are junk in terms of traffic generation. Google hates them. Why? Because they’re all the same. So they de-index them and won’t allow them on to their search results pages.

So you’re still back to square 1:

How the hell do I get people to know my replicated website or store EXISTS, dammit???

For the average network marketer the answer is to spam their Facebook friends or Twitter followers.

Let me ask you how many sales you’d make or reps you’d recruit if you walked into the mall with a megaphone screaming, “I have the best product and opportunity in the UNIVERSE & you’d be dumb not to buy and join me NOW!!!!”

How successful would you be?


Well, when you spam your replicated website link all over LinkedIn or Google+ you’re doing the online equivalent.

Ouch! But it’s the truth.

So, we’re back to Square 1:

How the hell do I use the Internet to get leads and sales? Which network marketing system is the best…the one that will work for me??

It Simply Doesn’t Exist

I hope you’re getting my point by now…LOL

If you expect to get a daily flow of 5, 15, 30+ qualified leads for your network marketing business and you expect a magical MLM system to pop up somewhere as the solution, you’re in for a sad awakening.

You’ll still be looking for it next year and five years from now. It doesn’t and can’t exist.

It’s just not how traffic generation works. So, please stop looking for what doesn’t exist and instead (for the sake of your family’s future) start “working” the Internet properly.

Step One Is a Blog

chris brogan start with a blog

If you don’t know who Chris Brogan is, then Google him. He’s written a few lead generation/social media books and is a well respected industry expert.

As you can see, he concurs with my advice: you start with a blog in your niche, then you link all your social media channels back to your blog to pick up your leads, sales and reps.

You can try it some other way but I encourage you not to continue down that road because it’s a road littered with roadkill of all the previous network marketers who came before you who were looking for the easy way out…looking for that network marketing system that would Quickly & Easily bring in the Internet MLM Riches at the push of a button.

Steps 2a and 2b = Traffic & Lead Generation

So you start your blog. Make sure you blog about relevant topics. If you’re in a network marketing company selling a health and wellness product then identify what problems you solve.

For example, does your product help alleviate high blood pressure? Then, your first blog post can be:

“7 Highly Effective Tips For Lowering Your High Blood Pressure”

Offer a few alternative means to help lower blood pressure. Then, position your product as the ultimate and best solution. Offer a free video where you get into further details in exchange for your blog visitor’s email address.

You’ve got a lead! Slap yourself on the back. You can now email followup offers to buy your product or join your business.

You could even email a questionnaire with a promise of a quick 15 minute phone consult.

Now you have the phone number of a qualified lead who WANTS you to call! Calling them is nothing like calling your lazy Uncle Bob or that high school friend you haven’t talked to in 17 years.

This is a person expecting your call. A person who wants to talk about your products and/or opportunity.

Are you getting this? You should be getting excited because this is exactly how I’ve built international downlines in 3 different organizations.

 Change Your Entire MLM Business Experience

  • If you wake up each day wondering who you’ll talk to about your business
  • If you’re frustrated because you know your products are awesome but no one will listen to you
  • If you’re about ready to give up entirely

What will change it all?

Continuing to do silly stuff like calling your friends and family AGAIN, hounding the supermarket cashier to come to the next opp night, or killing yourself trying to round up 5 more 1on1 Starbucks meetings this week?

Or taking the time to learn how to be professional marketer?

Yes, I get it…it will take some time to develop your own network marketing system. It will take some time to blog and generate your first visitors to your blog.

I get it because I was once where you are: frustrated beyond belief, ready to quit and pulling my hair out watching others succeed at this MLM “thing”.

But if you continue doing dumb marketing stuff then in 6 months you’re going to be in the same place. Might as well start positive change NOW.

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” – Karen Lamb

karen lamb quote

Here’s All You Need To Create a Network Marketing System

  • Blog
  • Autoresponder
  • Landing Page Software

That’s it, my friend. Those are the 3 main tools I used to build downlines internationally online.

A Network Marketing System Consists Of Blog, Landing Page, Email List

If you’d like some help, click here to learn how to set up your blog. In that post I give you 2 options: either set it all up yourself or login into a simple blogging system and begin blogging immediately.

Here’s the autoresponder I’ve used for over 8 years now. An autoresponder is simply a piece of software that allows you to accept email addresses on your blog as you build your followup list.

Here’s the landing page software I personally use to create awesome “out of the box” optin pages to build my own email list.

That’s my “network marketing system”. It works because:

  • My blog generates traffic (the right kind of traffic)
  • My autoresponder collects emails as I build my list
  • My landing pages generate the interest so folks actually enter their emails addresses into my autoresponder

Every successful online marketer uses this sequence of events to build their business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling golf equipment or marketing your network marketing business. This is the “system” that has worked since the Internet began and it will continue to work in the future.

You can stop giving slick marketers $100, $200, $500/month for their so-called “magic” MLM systems.

Let Me Show You a Better Way

YouTube video

By the way, if you want to know the super simple lead gen source our team uses to get our presentation in front of 3-5 qualified prospects DAILY (while we teach the above points above for long-term online success), click here (works for ANY MLM business).

I hope I’ve opened your eyes a bit to how all this works. Did you learn something new today? Let me know in the comments below…

And if you really saw enough value to share this post I’d greatly appreciate it!

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