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Updated January 5, 2015

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Before writing my version of the secrets for network marketing success I took a look at what a few other posts on the subject are saying.

What I found confirmed my suspicions that yes, too much MLM training is still stuck in 1985 or even 1999.

If you’re old enough like me to remember a time back before the Internet then you know how much life has changed.

For you youngsters: did you know there was a time when people didn’t have caller ID? Yep, and they actually answered their phones…even if they didn’t know who was calling! Wow! LOL

The hours upon hours that people now spend on Facebook & other social media channels used to be spent WITH people. Yes, people used to get together physically and talk or whatever.

Today’s Network Marketing Prospecting Challenges

challenges of mlmThat’s why I say much of the training in our industry is outdated.

I must say that personally I never enjoyed the old-school stuff about setting up countless coffee shop meetings or trying to invite people to our local group opp meeting. I did it. I did a TON of it. When I put my mind to something I work my ASS off.

However, when I finally learned Internet marketing and online lead generation THAT’S when I built a business 8 levels deep. Within 2 years I had a larger organization and was making more money by prospecting online than I ever had the previous 20 years struggling with all the offline “3 foot rule” nonsense.

Many so-called “secrets” for network marketing success are now outdated in my humble opinion. Things like:

  • Pick the right sponsor
  • Become a master prospector
  • Become a master presenter

Really? Basphemy!!

Well, using the Internet properly I went 8 levels deep without a sponsor interested in building his biz…without prospecting one person…without doing one presentation.

I didn’t chase one person. I didn’t try dragging anyone to a local opportunity meeting. I didn’t do 100 Starbucks meetings trying to find those 3 recruits. I didn’t leave my house!

And I felt empowered the entire time because I had mastered the art of online lead generation, had people ASKING me how to join me in my business & had an organization w/ people from Japan to Australia to Europe to South Africa to Canada to America inside it.

If you’re frustrated by chasing people down and feeling silly using silly prospecting methods, here’s how you can duplicate my success:

Build a Blog

Building a blog is instrumental. This is THE key, my friend. You need what I call a HUB for all your online efforts.

Being on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or whatever new social media channel that comes along is great. You don’t OWN those accounts, though.

Think about it. I’ve had my YouTube channel shut down. I’ve been slapped by Facebook. So have countless others.

But I’ve never had issues with blogging because I can say whatever the hell I want to say on it without worry.

Think of it like owning your own piece of Internet Real Estate. Every post or page you add to your blog is like owning a new McDonald’s on a new corner.

Here’s a “secret” about succeeding in MLM that’s timeless: Start thinking like an OWNER, not a REP for your company.

Use Social Media Channels

With the above said, you’ve GOT to be on social media.

That’s my point from the beginning of my post today. This is where your prospects are. You don’t need to be “3-footing it” at the local mall!

With millions of people on these sites daily talking to friends and looking for things to buy you can use it all to your advantage in network marketing.

If you want to sell, all you need to do is create a profile and start promoting.


I don’t have time here but this is also where too many networkers engage in silliness. Read my Social Media section to learn how to do this properly & without moving dumb “3 foot rule” ideas over onto social.

Use Email Followup

Yes, even today, it’s still a valid and vital practice to build a list by getting subscribers to move from your blog over into your email followup funnel.

Yes, I know some out there say email is dead. That’s because they abused their list with endless promotion and zero valuable content.

Treat your list right and they WILL open your emails. They WILL come to see you as an expert in the  niche your network marketing company places you in. They WILL buy and join your team.

Never Give Up

Another timeless “secret”. But going further, stop jumping from opportunity to opportunity. Pick your spot and work that opportunity over the long haul.

Those who succeed in this industry do so because they think long-term.

They don’t get frustrated because they’re not rich in 90 days.

No matter how hard and challenging things get for you, never give up. Network marketing isn’t necessarily easy and you must be determined to achieve success in order to see results.

Other timeless secrets for network marketing success include

  • aligning your beliefs for great results (use positive books and audios)
  • set goals & have an overall life purpose attached to your business efforts
  • treat it all like a business (not a hobby)…

…most importantly learn how to become a master INTERNET network marketer.

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