More profit…

Isn’t that the result you’re looking for at the end of the day?

Content marketing should be a key aspect to your success with:

  • Increasing site traffic
  • Getting more leads
  • Making more sales

Why aren’t your content marketing efforts achieving your goals though?

If Content Is King, Why Do Most Folks Treat It Like The Joker?

Every business owner knows how vital content is but most try to get it on the cheap. They look for content mill sites where writers are duped into writing for slave wages.

The end result for writers is they must churn dozens of articles a day in order to make a livable wage. The end result for you – the business owner thinking they’re getting content that will get leads and sales – is that you get inferior content that doesn’t do your site any good.

Want proof?

Look at these Google search results:

how to improve social media for your business

keyword research

blogging tips

99% of the posts on Google’s first page have at least 1000 words. Some have 3000 or 5000 words. One even has over 12,000 words of copy! (use this word counter to see for yourself)

These posts take a shit-load of time to work up. Most have excellent supporting graphics or video. They link out to supporting sites when they mention statistics, tests or case studies.

Are you serious about ranking your content? Then, using crappy content mill sites is out of the question.

Need more proof of this? Let’s take a look…

Content Mill Crap Articles

In order to demonstrate, I went ahead and ordered a few articles from a content mill site where articles are advertised for as low as $2 or $3 on up to about $12.

Here are 3 excerpts so you can see how ridiculous this drivel is:

This herb contains mainly ganoderic acids which are similar to steroid hormones, in addition to this, they also contain, polysaccharides such as beta-glucan as well as coumarin among other alkaloids, which are of great benefit to the body. Its ideal for the human body to grow, when you consume the reishi herb, it helps your system produce chemicals similar in nature to steroids. Which implies that, it enables your body to trigger an anabolic state, where your muscles and tissue cells do rebuild themselves. The other surprising property is blood thinning. Which is significant in treating high blood pressure, which claims so many lives annually on scales that you cannot begin to imagine.

Effective business decision making is an essential skill that you should possess as a leader. The decisions you make determines whether the business will prosper or fail. Business decision making can be learnt through development training or even from the past experience. valuation of possibilities which are likely to lead you closer to the goal. Once you have identified the alternative solutions, narrow down on the ones that are likely to bring nearer to the goal.

It is said that leaders are born and not made but the fact remains that developing leadership skills is possible as we are displaying these skills at some time or other in our lives. You can enhance these skills by just taking some simple steps. Have a clear vision. Know where you are, what your goals are and how to reach there. Once your vision is clear, you need to get a buy-in from your team. Ask for their feedback and suggestions. Read them, analyse them and if possible, include them. This is the only way to include your team in your vision. No matter what job you are doing, have true passion for it. Like it completely. This means accepting its pros and cons. Realize that these are sides of the same coin. In case you are faking it, people will realize it soon enough.

This type of nonsense will not help rank your site. It will only serve to frustrate you as you have to basically re-write them to use them. That means you’ve just entered into the $10/hour realm…not the best use of your time.

Plus, most of these are 400-500 words…as we saw above, longer content ranks better today.

Many of these writers use silly spinning tools (like this and this) to come up with this – ahem – content. They copy and paste content from sites found at Google and then the software “spins” that content into drivel that at least passes Copyscape.

By the way, I don’t blame these poor writers for churning out this shit content. I blame the content mill site owners for convincing business owners that they can get excellent content for $11 an article.

Don’t be that business owner who treats their content as the Joker.

Content is KING only if your content marketing strategist knows how to write your content in a way that helps you win the keys to the kingdom…

…in a way that truly connects with your readers and turns them into happy, willing leads and clients.

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