Is it even possible to do network marketing on social media?

I mean, you’ve tried posting product pics…

You’ve told people about the great opportunity you’re a part of…

And crickets, right?

Or, worse, you’ve had social media contacts block you, unfriend you or even tell you outright that they’re tired of your spam.

And even if you could learn how to use social media for MLM effectively, there’s the problem of creating a social media plan for your network marketing business:

  • Which social media platform should you use?
  • Should you focus on one or get them all started?
  • How do you keep track of each account?
  • What are you supposed to do on each platform?

None of these questions have precise “one size fits all” answers. I’ll do my best to bring you guidance, instruction and ideas. Know this though:

Only you can ultimately determine the best course of action based on factors like how much effort you’ll put in and the availability of time & money.

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Stop Shouting Into The Void

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Let me say it straight: 99% of network marketers are absolutely doing it all wrong.

Bold statement? Yup!

True statement, though? Yup!

Why do I say this? Because most folks are basically shouting at their followers.

It’s kind of like going to the mall and shouting, “I have the best business opportunity the world has ever seen, will ever see, and you gotta join or you’re gonna miss the absolute best thing ever…did I say EVER?!!!”

Laughing at the thought of doing that at your local mall?

Yet, you’re likely doing this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Twitter. No worries…I used to do it too!

The problem here is no one cares about you, your products or opportunity…yet. Do it right and you’ll get plenty of people to not only care but seek you out for help.

The Purpose Of Social Media For MLM

If you shouldn’t blatantly promote your products & opportunity on your social media channels what’s the freakin’ point of being there?

The point is to develop relationships & trust. I want you to think about this as if you’re walking around a cocktail party or networking event.

Think about how you’d act and what you’d say to the people you’re meeting. Would you walk up to a stranger and say,

“I know you don’t know me but can I sit you down right now & tell you for the next hour why you’ve got to try my products or join my business? You’ve never seen anything like this. We’re changing lives here! Ready?”

Again, you might be amused thinking how that interaction will go!

You know as well as I do that you must chit-chat, ask questions, get to know a little about the other person and probably never mention your products or business.

You’ll get their business card and then follow up later, right?

You’ll call them back, let them know you genuinely enjoyed meeting them, and THEN ask them if they’re open to new income opportunities…

This is the purpose of social media when it comes to attracting people into your network marketing business.

You’re at a huge networking event & you’re simply helping others see that you’re consistently “there”, offering help, tips and ideas that are useful to them.

After a while your reputation grows in their eyes. They start trusting you. They want to get around you. They begin digging into your other online content. They find out you have a business opportunity.

They contact YOU.

Why a Blog Or Site Is Vital To Your Social Media Plan

Now I come to the true missing link.

Most network marketers are linking their social media fans or contacts over to replicated websites that offer nothing but an impersonal sales pitch to buy some product they’ve never heard of or join some vague sounding business opportunity.

The solution is to build your own blog or website. This is vital if your goal is to become an expert online MLM marketing professional.

Your blog is the HUB. All avenues point to it. Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc profiles & POSTS link back to your HUB.

Your HUB (blog) allows your prospects to get to know your thoughts, teachings, trainings, tips & personality better. They get to read your About Me page & watch your About Me video.

You have the chance to PRE-sell your products and opportunity. You provide general tips inside your niche. You nudge readers toward your products and/or opportunity. You encourage them to contact you for more personalized details.

Isn’t that your biggest problem? You want interested leads ready to talk seriously about your products and opportunity contacting you…yet, are they doing this currently?

No, you’re constantly chasing people down…hoping & praying they’ll show some interest.

A blog fixes this problem. It separates you from 99% of everyone else out there.

It makes you the expert in your field. People come to trust you. They contact you and ask how they can know more about your products and/or opportunity.

Or, better yet, they outright buy or join straight from your blog without even needing to contact you first. Yes, this happens! I went 8 levels deep in my MLM business and the majority signed up with me because my blog PRE-sold it all for me.

You can do the same, my friend.

How Can This Happen?

Let’s say you’re in a health & wellness company and your specialty is helping people lose those last stubborn 25 pounds.

Create a blog where you offer tips and ideas for what to eat, what not to eat, how to exercise, etc. Point your visitors to your products as the final solution to their weight problem. Point them to your opportunity & let them know they can make money helping others with the same challenges.

Let’s say you’re in a coffee MLM. Create a blog about the “benefits of coffee”. This will attract coffee lovers from the search engines & your social media marketing efforts. They’ll be naturally interested in what you offer!

It goes the same no matter your network marketing company…health, legal, coffee, technology, utilities…it doesn’t matter. Your social media marketing plan needs to revolve around the idea that you’ll point them back to your niche related blog.

My assumption is that you don’t want to be seen as a spammer on social media. This is the only way to be seen as an attractive business person who brings real solutions to real people.

“But, Matt, can’t we also use social media to directly message people and contact them that way, too?”

Yes! And, the trainings I’ll be posting to this page that give you specific Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc tips will show you how to do it right. But if you’re going to have any impact you must be methodically building your HUB to point those people to.

It all works together. Do it right & thrive.

Do it wrong & be prepared to be even more frustrated in 6 months to a year than you might already be feeling.

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