This page is meant to provide you a clear vision of where to start.

I’ve found that you most likely fit into one of 3 groups and it’s why you’ve found my blog:

1) You want to build your network marketing business but are frustrated by a lack of results.

You’ve discovered how inefficient creating a warm contact list or bugging friend and family to come to the next “opp night” is. You want to learn how to use the Internet to generate targeted traffic, leads and sales for your MLM business.
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2) You want to build a network marketing income but you’re not sure your current company is the right place.

You’ve lost passion for it and you’re looking for a new business opportunity to sink your teeth into.
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3) You know you want to earn extra income online but you’re not sure exactly how to start.

You hear about people starting online businesses…it sounds cool…but you don’t know anything about it yet (or maybe you’ve tried a couple things without success) and you’re looking for help.
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Hello Network Marketer

You are near and dear to my heart. I was first introduced to network marketing back around 1991…a bit before I moved from upstate New York out to California to become a “rock star” LOL

Anyway, I thoroughly understand your struggles. I’ve been through the hotel meetings, the opp nights, the Starbucks 1on1 meetings, the warm contact lists, the cold calling, the in-home meetings, scouring Los Angeles malls to pick up business cards…

…I’ve done it all!  And failed throughout the entire process.

But there’s hope my friend. All that silly stuff above? It’s UN-targeted marketing. I’ve put together a section for you that details how you can start using the Internet to target the people specifically looking for the solutions your products and company provide.

In some of the posts in this section I also detail a simple system my team uses to ensure we get our business presentation in front of at least 3 to 5 people DAILY (if you want to see that right away, go here).

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Hello Online Business Opportunity Seeker

You’re an intelligent individual. You know there’s power in using the Internet to create residual income streams that roll in while you’re eating, sleeping, traveling, spending time with family, or simply being lazy.

Reality check: Building a successful online business takes hard work, patience and an open mind to learning new skills. It won’t happen “magically” by pushing that magic button get-rich-quick guys tell you about.

You’ll have to work for your passive income. Seriously, if you’re looking for “something for nothing”, don’t read any further.

But! If you’re willing to work toward your goals, then I can turn you on to what works.

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