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Updated July 13, 2015

Updated March 25 2015

Do you ever wonder what is the key to Network Marketing?

I mean, why do we see two sets of network marketers?

On one hand there are those who join their company with a lot of enthusiasm but fizzle out a few months down the line. The second group’s so successful they even quit their regular jobs to focus on building it HUGE.

2 sides 2 every story

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What’s the Difference Yo?

The first group ends up bitter and has nothing but criticism and excuses about why network marketing can’t possibly work.  But the 2nd group has nothing but praise and proof about how MLM is the best thing ever.

This even happens to folks enrolled in the same company plan. What’s going on here?

Dedication to the Business

At first, both groups are enthusiastic about joining. I think what happens to many in the first group is they fall into the “get-rich quick” thinking. They’re sold on the idea that minimal work is required for massive results.

So they sit back and wait for the money to roll in. And that’s a mistake!

Have you ever been guilty of that? I know I have!

While I fully believe in the  network marketing model I also know the time frames and work required to gain momentum.

Folks in the 2nd group commit time and resources to their businesses. They treat their businesses like, well, BUSINESSES. Nothing guarantees success more than a dedicated entrepreneur putting in the time necessary to make their dreams a reality.

It doesn’t even need to be a full-time commitment at first. But these folks master the ART of time management around work, family and other responsibilities.  They understand the Law of Time when it comes to creating successful lives and businesses.

I encourage you to develop this mindset of “where will I be in 6 months?” Or, “where will I be in 18 months?”

Shifting to a long-term perspective immediately calms you…it reveals to your inner spirit that there’s a process to your path to success…

One Major _Key_ To Network Marketing


And so the first group’s results are dismal. They live with frustration. They ultimately quit. We later find these folks complaining about how network marketing is a scam (yet they never looked at it or worked at it as a serious and real business opportunity).

The second group knows that results are directly proportional to the effort and dedication put into their businesses. These are the folks who go on to reap the fruits of their effort and live the lives they envisioned from the start.


reach 4 moonWhich group would you like to be in? Are you ready to be a success story?

Guess what? Even if you’re fully frustrated today you can turn this around.

I was once on the path to being in that first group. For years I struggled with building my business offline.

But I kept at it. I asked myself why I was failing. I learned more people skills. I applied them. I went online and learned online marketing skills. I applied them.

I worked hard. I figured it out. I ultimately created an international downline. That downline crashed when the company got in legal trouble. Had to start over…THAT story is here.

The key to network marketing success is simply to: Keep learning. Keep plugging away. Keep moving forward. Even when adversity hits.

Let’s Move From Mindset to Marketing Strategy

OK, everything I’ve gone over with you to this point is mindset stuff…how to THINK about your business  & success process. But in order to win in network marketing you also must master your MARKETING skills.

Let me boil down what specifically translates to success in MLM from a marketing perspective. You need to master:

  1. Traffic
  2. Leads
  3. Sales
  4. Followup

If You’re Like Me…

If you’re like me back when I was struggling to understand what it took from a marketing standpoint you’re most likely stuck at step 1: Traffic

Most of us have been taught how to build traffic OFFLINE, right? Warm contact lists, scour the local malls, hit up folks at the bookstore, etc.

I did this stuff off and on for over 20 LONG years trying to find my way in the network marketing industry. It was frustrating. It took me away from my family for waaaaay too many nights & weekends. I never enjoyed it. I would sweat picking up that phone to call my list.

Then, when I got online I was taught to basically spam people on Facebook by hitting them up on chat. But that felt exactly the same as calling my old High School buddies: scammy…and it filled me with fear & anxiety.

Are you relating to this? Aren’t you finally tired of working your business this way?

I found a better way to generate traffic to my network marketing business. Traffic that turned into solid leads. Leads that turned into sales & reps.

What If You Could Build Your MLM Biz

A Shift In Mindset

This better way was once explained to me by one of my mentors like this:

“Matt, how long does it take to physically pass out DVD’s around town? Long time! But if you can get folks to watch your video presentation online isn’t that the same as getting them to watch it via offline methods?”

The light bulb went ON in my mind!

Getting 30 people to watch your online presentation is the same as hitting up 30 people OFFLINE to watch your DVD or agree to a phone call. It’s just far less painful!

AND, once you learn how to generate traffic to your online video presentation, guess what? You can get 30 people a DAY to see it in a matter of minutes or hours.

How long would that take you OFFLINE?

I hope you’re getting excited. I hope you’re seeing a better way. I hope you’re seeing the possibilities like I did not too long ago.

Once I understood this concept and implemented a simple online lead generation system I began generating traffic, leads, sales & reps.

It all led to an international downline built from my laptop. It gave me my family time back. It took away my fear and anxiety of feeling like I had to attack folks at the supermarket or Starbucks.

Let Me Show You a Better Way

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