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Updated March 11, 2015

Ever thought that?

You join your network marketing business, you’re excited & you say to yourself:

“This is so AWESOME & I’m gonna get RICH cause people would be stupid to say no to joining this opportunity!”

The company presentation says you just gotta go get 5, they get 5, those people get 5 and soon your organization will have about 5 million people…

…you’ll be sippin’ Margaritas on the beach and doin’ nothin’ all day…

Yeah baby!

Are You Skipping The Hard Part?

be willing to work hard in network marketing

I was watching Top Producer Formula today & the trainer was giving the above example…

…I just started laughing out loud because I remember those days when I thought I’d be rich in 2 seconds.

If you’re struggling in your MLM business today there might be one big reason for it:

You haven’t yet transitioned into accepting that it’s going to be hard before it gets easy.

It’s far easier to move a $15,000 per month income to $30,000 per month than to go from $0 to $15,000 per month.

Heck, it’s freakin’ hard just getting to your first $5,000 a month!

Why? Because you gotta do a lot of stuff on faith. You have no idea if what you’re doing in the beginning is gonna work.

That’s not to say you can’t implement systems and enjoy your business efforts.

And most folks quit because they don’t give their efforts enough time to accumulate into success.  Or you go to your upline and you’re like, “What do I do?”

Your upline tells you that you gotta “follow the steps”

Follow The Steps

In Top Producer Formula we’re told a story of Organo Gold’s Holton Buggs and the time he was talking to about 100 people at a launch meeting. He’s up there training and he says,

“You have to do what I tell you to do. If you don’t I’ll make you leave.”

He tells them to get out their notebooks and one guy doesn’t do it. Holton Buggs looks at him and yells,

“Get up outta your chair now!”

He asks the guy why he can’t follow directions and take notes. The guy gives him some bullshit answer and Buggs asks him why he’s there. The guys says he wants to make more money.

Buggs asks him if he’s ever made $10,000 a month. The guy says no and Buggs tells him that he has and can teach him how to do it, too.

He asks the guys if he’s gonna listen. The guy lets his ego get in the way and gives him another B.S. answer. So Holton tells him to get out.

After that the rest of the group paid attention and followed directions…LOL

And that group went out to produce over $5 million in sales over the coming days.

Holton Buggs earns something like $1 million per month in this industry but this guy didn’t want his advice on following the steps.

Be careful about being “that guy”.

In the beginning you might not know how to:

In Network Marketing you can';t skip the hard part

P90X Is Damn Hard!

In Top Producer Formula we’re given the example of how P90X infomercials tell the audience it’s gonna be HARD.

They say, “this ain’t for wussies. In fact, it’s probably not for you because you’re not gonna work hard enough. This is a hard workout and you’re probably not gonna do it because you’ll give up.”

Basically, they’re saying “Don’t buy this because it’s only for people willing to work hard and feel intense pain for the next 60-90 days.”

“It’s only for you if you’re willing to wake up every morning and not be able to move for the first 30 days!”

Setting Correct Expectations

It’s unfortunate but our wonderful network marketing industry doesn’t always do the best job of setting the correct expectations.

It’s always some variation of “all you gotta do is get 5, they get 5, they get 5 and you’re rich!”

“This is so awesome they’d be stupid not to join you!”


And that’s why I said above that it’s harder to go from $0 to $15,000 per month than $15,000 per month to $30,000 per month.

You need to figure it all out “on the fly”. It might take waaaaaay longer than you thought when you got started.

This might not be for you because you might not be willing to work your ass off to achieve your dreams.

This isn’t a hard business…we’re not digging ditches!

But it takes time to build your reputation and become valuable in the marketplace.

It takes time to learn better people skills and marketing skills.

Stop Getting Upset When They Don’t Join

I encourage you to stop getting discouraged when folks don’t join you right away. Don’t feel despair. Don’t entertain thoughts of quitting.

Instead, focus your mind and ask yourself what you still need to learn.

  • What skills do you need to improve?
  • Must you master your emotions?
  • How can you do a better job of communicating your offer?

Instead of expecting it to be easy, expect it to be hard at first. Expect to work your ass off.

Then, get the hard work out of the way as quickly as possible.

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Then, you can work on creating a team culture.

All network marketing top producers get good at one thing: using tools and systems to help them with lead generation so they can spend their time talking to interested and engaged prospects.

From here you can either create your own tools and systems or you can use tools and systems created especially for us: network marketers. If you’d like to explore that idea then I invite you to watch the short video below and take action.

How To Become An Empowered MLM Professional

YouTube video

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Has This Helped You? Let Me Know!

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