Hey There!

I’m Matt, Lead Strategist & Digital Marketing Coach at Growth Tools.

I’m a believer that life is to be lived, not escaped from.

I believe that you & I should be left alone to live & speak our minds freely, build small businesses, and think spiritually in the manner that resonates with us personally.

Marketing PLUS Mindset Is The Key

You’ll soar in business after you let go of your limiting beliefs and manage your expectations to match the reality of business metrics & time.

After building 1,000+ marketing plans & coaching 1000s of business owners…

I’ve learned that Marketing & Mindset go together.

You won’t build a big business if you only focus on the marketing techniques while ignoring the state of your mind.

I’ve watched clients try to give up on themselves because they didn’t strengthen their personal development & mindset while becoming better marketers.

Don’t make that mistake inside your business!

What My Clients Think

“Matt has the unique capability to see the value proposition in something that may not be apparent right away to others. This is an extension of his natural ability to see the good in something. As a guy I once knew used to say, ‘you know how to eat the hay and spit out the stubble’. Functionally Matt has proven to be able to put handles on concepts through the use of media and technology. He is a good communicator. I believe for most of us, half of that is just showing up and he consistently and enthusiastically shows up. He has a natural ability to motivate others better than most. For me that comes from his ability to listen and be perceived as genuine and honest.”
John B
“Matt has the unique ability to condense, make concise and to the point, complex thoughts and concepts making it very understandable information for many people of all education levels to understand. He naturally understands how to simplify and explain complex concepts. He’s also a very good leader and teacher.”
Brian B.
“Matt’s excellent skills in website coaching and strategies have helped strengthen our company’s website. He’s helped us to discover the right keywords necessary to enhance our online niche, build our site structure, and increase targeted traffic. I highly recommend him for strategies and implementation to boost your online presence.”
Alyssa M.