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I’m Matt Zavadil, Inc 5000 marketing coach, and sole creator of this blog… and thrilled to have you here!

About My Coaching Career

As Lead Strategist & Digital Marketing Coach at Growth Tools (since 2018), I’ve had the pleasure of coaching and building marketing plans for over 1,000 high-ticket coaches, SaaS founders, course creators, and network marketers.

However, my coaching career stretches back to 2010, where I was responsible for completing full website builds for clients at a major website host.

I was in charge of building 20, 30, 50+ page websites.

For over 250 clients, I did the:

  • Keyword Research
  • Content Writing
  • Website Tier Planning & Construction

I then hopped on a call with each client to coach them through how to use their new website. Then, there were several follow-up coaching calls as clients got stuck with their site operations.

Prior to 2010, I did the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a debt settlement company and helped the owner build the business into a 7-figure company from scratch.

About My Network Marketing Experience

I started in network marketing back in 1991 and, like most people in that industry, struggled for many years to create real income from it.

I finally built a 9-levels deep international direct sales organization after developing the above-described coaching, website, blogging, and search engine optimization skills.

Meeting two team members
Meeting two team members who joined from Minnesota

I did it without doing any of the ineffective and hokie so-called “marketing” methods taught in the network marketing industry.

I built my organization 100% through the same Internet marketing techniques used by all successful online marketing businesses.

meeting team from Estonia
Meeting team members from Estonia for the first time

I make no bones about my affection for network marketers who get into this industry to change their financial direction, only to be met with awful advice about bugging family and spamming social media contacts.

And, so a new business was born for me:

Teaching and coaching struggling network marketers to build their business in the same way a high-ticket coach, course creator, SaaS founder, or e-commerce store owner does:

  • Identify their target audience’s pain points, goals, and needs
  • Develop a marketing plan around that knowledge
  • Market to that target audience
  • Attract leads
  • Sell to those prospects who raised their hands & asked for information
  • No friends or family involved whatsoever
meeting new team members on cruise
Meeting team members from Europe, S. Africa, Australia, Japan, the U.S., etc on company cruise (folks who joined because I marketed to them like a professional)

I built an international downline without talking to one friend or family member and now teach others how to do it right:

As a Professional who can stand up proudly and say,

"I'm building a business in an honorable and authentic manner."

It’s fun when you operate a direct sales business by actually marketing to people who have the problem the products you’re selling solve.

To be 100% clear about something:

As a whole, the network marketing industry has a bad reputation in the eyes of many.

100% Deserved.

My mission is to teach direct sellers that you don't need to operate in that ridiculous manner. The goal is to stop talking to friends & family and "hitting up" uninterested people.

Shoe companies don't sell to friends & family. Soda companies, your neighborhood bakery, a course creator, or an e-commerce store owner don't operate that way.

Business owners understand the needs of their customers and advertise/market.

So should network marketers. It's possible to be a professional who sells their product first, without letting the business opportunity get in the way of that problem-solving perspective.

About My Affiliate Marketing Experience

I went on to use my Internet marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and sales funnel skills inside the affiliate marketing industry.

I now earn from a few different affiliate offers and teach others how to do the same on their websites.

My experience has resulted in top rankings with the affiliate offers I promote.


Top 3 rank

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Keeping In Touch

Thoughts, questions, ideas? Feel free to reach out to me directly. Engaging and talking with readers is one my favorite things about my blogging and coaching experience. I’ve made sure to make it easy to reach out to me in multiple ways.

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