Hey There!

I’m Matt, Lead Strategist & Digital Marketing Coach at Growth Tools.

I’m a believer that life is to be lived, not escaped from.

I believe that you & I should be left alone to live & speak our minds freely, build small businesses, and think spiritually in the manner that resonates with us personally.

I also believe ALL the answers are within YOU

Are you living your life or trying to escape from it?

Before we get deep into that, know this:

You have an inner voice

  • What does it say to you?
  • Do you listen to it or ignore it? 
  • Have you ever thought deeply about whether you’re living your calling in life?

Let me tell you a story about a young boy. 

This boy was a shy, introverted kid, with a sort of sixth sense for picking up on the pain of others. 

He had a desire to fix their problems. 

This kid would come home from elementary school and get into deep conversations with his mom about kids in his school he saw struggling. 

He could tell they were unhappy with something in their life & would ask his mom how he could help. 

Eventually, this kid grew up into a teenager and things changed. 

He became aware that being shy and introverted wasn’t going to cut it if he wanted what others seemed to have: a group of friends, a girlfriend, a “cool” life. 

So he changed. 

He shoved down that instinctive inner voice that whispered his calling… a calling that was based on helping others overcome their pain. 

He instead chased after more material goals. 

He learned how to play guitar, grew his hair long, poked his nose with an earring and decided he’d be a rock star. 

  • When that didn’t work out, he decided he’d be a real estate mogul. 
  • When that didn’t work out, he decided to make it big as an investment advisor. 
  • When that didn’t work out, he decided he’d be a stock trading mastermind. 
  • When that didn’t work out, he decided he’d become an Internet marketing rock star. 

Throughout all those years, that inner voice was quietly whispering, “Hey, knucklehead, remember those intuitive feelings you had as a 5 year old kid? Why are you ignoring them? Why don’t you embrace it once and for all?”

And so he finally started on a journey to do just that. 

He looked for an outlet where he could merge that calling with the business and marketing skills his other various, and seemingly unrelated, endeavors over the years had helped him develop. 

And, slowly, life started looking a lot different. 

Once he embraced his calling and stopped focusing on stuff that sounded cool but wasn’t authentically “him”…

Once he embraced his calling and focused on helping others overcome their own feelings of fear, hesitancy and inadequacy…

Life stopped feeling like something to run away from and started being fun again. 

He would have conversations with his wife and get text messages from her and see her say things like, “I loved how happy you sounded on the phone earlier.”

Little comments like that helped him realize how ignoring that persistent inner voice all those years not only had made him miserable, but was making the people he loved most in the entire world feel miserable. 

Instead of helping others he was hurting others, especially those closest to him. 

All because he was afraid of his true calling…something he owned at 5 years old. 

That little boy was me. 

I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of being a bird, of being an eagle. 

Eagle soaring through the air

An eagle has an instinctive inner voice. It knows it must soar high and it simply does this because that’s what it was created to do. 

You know what?

You and I both were created to fly high and soar in life. 

I ignored my calling for over 25 years.

Like me, you may have ignored your calling, looking for answers in all the wrong places. 

So, I ask you again:

Are you living your life or trying to escape from it?

Maybe these questions will help you gain some clarity:

  • Is your need for security sabotaging your happiness? 
  • What do you stand for and are you feeling like you’ve gone against those principles?
  • What don’t you stand for and are you feeling as though you’ve accepted exactly that over the years?
  • What if you could design your life in such a way that you stopped focusing on what’s blocking you?
  • What if you stopped ignoring that quiet inner voice that’s trying to get your attention? 
  • What would it be like to wake up every morning with your heart pounding with excitement?
  • How would you like to feel alive, as if you’re breathing fresh air for the first time?
  • What would it look like if you focused on the possibilities? 
  • What if you accepted into your life that which makes you emotional & brings tears to your eyes because it’s so meaningful to you?
  • What if you accepted your calling? 
  • What if you flew like an eagle?

My friend, you have all the answers. 

It’s all right there inside of you. 

You knew it when you were a child. 

But we live in a world that makes it easy to lose and hard to find again. 

I’d love to help you unlock it once and for all. 

Please Know This:

I’m not a personal development guru.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers.

I’m a student.

I’m passionate about three things:

  • Learning how to more effectively connect with my inner calling
  • Sharing with you how to do the same thing
  • Using that knowledge to build your business

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