One-on-One POWER Coaching + DFY Work

$750.00 / month



What is it?

  • Ongoing 1:1 private consulting via voice memo and email chat every Tuesday and Thursday from 4PM – 8PM EST 
  • “Just in time” support as you navigate the day-to-day and big picture of your business
  • No phone calls required (I’ll coach you asynchronously, meaning you will receive the value around your job & family responsibilities)

What my clients & I work on inside this private strategy consulting environment:

  • Create your Client Avatar Profile. Meaning to get clear on the pain points, goals, and needs of your best-fit customer that you use in all your marketing.

  • Create the marketing copy that resonates with your best-fit customer. Meaning it helps you convert to sales.

  • Compare software to determine which “tech stack” most effectively fits your individualized needs. 
  • Brainstorm the best DM and email messages to prospects. Meaning you’ll communicate with prospects in a non-spammy way that feels authentic to who you are inside.

  • Simplify your product suite to keep your marketing messaging streamlined. Meaning you’ll avoid confusing prospects & “get to the point” in a way that encourages sales conversions.

  • Brainstorm whether you’re at the stage to remain 100% focused on your affiliate marketing or network marketing business, OR if you’re ready to branch your brand out into new streams of income. If so, how to do it.

  • Teach you how to partner with other influencers who already built out email lists with 10k email subscribers or more, or large social media platforms.

  • Create a plan to keep your content creation focused on what’s most important to your needs. Meaning you’ll end the overwhelm and double down on what works best for your individual business needs.

  • Create a converting lead magnet and corresponding sales page. Meaning you’ll have a marketing funnel that converts people to prospects, and prospects to customers.

  • Transition into a long-term blog marketing channel that frees you eventually from the social media hamster wheel of activity. Meaning you’ll create a marketing channel that truly does bring passive income sales while you sleep, eat, or spend time with family.

  • And so much more because 1:1 consulting is personalized, unique, and completely custom to you and your individualized business needs. 

Done-For-You (DFY) work

I craft your:

  • Offer
  • Avatar (pain points, goals, needs of your target audience)
  • Blog Site Concept
  • Keyword Report (75-100 researched keywords)

What can you get coaching on?

Anything you need coaching on:

  • How to leverage AI w/o sounding like everyone else
  • Mindset
  • Identifying your target audience 
  • Sales skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Working social media for prospects
  • Using blogging to generate traffic
  • Copywriting
  • Your sales and marketing messaging

What My Clients Say About Getting Coached w/o Calls:

“Thanks so much for the high praise and quick turnaround. I wanted the resource to be readily understandable by anyone reading it and pretty much say what I do. Having the time to digest your feedback helped me rethink my landing page layout. I’ve included it below…can I also get your feedback on the headline and bullet points?” – Tayo D.

“So helpful! I loved how we pre-framed the conversation so I was clear on exactly what I needed your help with – That you jumped right in and started answering my emails (especially since I was asleep when this session started!) – I loved how I could listen to your response while my baby was still asleep – All your advice was super direct and actionable” – Amber H.

“I loved all of it…this level of support is perfect. Thank you for taking the time to review my avatar profile, give such amazing feedback, and then show me how to correlate that information into my landing page copy…I’m really starting to understand how to “get in my prospect’s head” as you keep talking about. Thank you!” – Cindy B.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this after my initial doubt that I expressed to you…BUT I LOVED this process and prefer it to getting on coaching calls!! It gave me time to process, think through your ideas and outline better questions to ask you next.” – Sam R.