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Life Purpose University

Woman Sitting at Her Peaceful Place

This week, you’re going to find your peaceful place. But, first, let me ask you a few questions: If you strip away all thoughts of the need to make a living, the need to put food on your family’s table… …if you strip away even all your personal relationships (yes, even your parents, your spouse, [...]

be yourself as you search your inner child

Before we look at today’s lesson on how to consult your positive inner child, let’s recap: Last time, you identified your Peaceful Place.  Your quest to discover your Life Purpose is more than finding the right job or the best business to start.  It’s a spiritual growth path… You’re going to find that your Life [...]

Life Purpose University

The idea for Life Purpose University™ started out as a paid monthly membership many years ago. But, now I offer if free of charge right here on my blog. You may or may not know that I invested a few years in sales management and training. I then moved into coaching for one of the leading [...]

personal philosophy

Today, you’ll identify your personal philosophy.  In Lesson 2, you went to the beginning, reflecting on your inner child.  Lesson 3 had you thinking about the end of your life.  It’s now time to clearly define the values and principles you will live on a daily basis from this point forward… This week, we’re going [...]

thinking about my personal mission statement

Today, you’ll write out your Personal Mission Statement. First, though, let’s consider what you’ve done over the last 4 lessons. You’ve thought about and written down those things you forgot from childhood and what the end of your life should look like. You’ve identified your most important values and principles inside a Personal Philosophy. You’ve [...]

life impact cheers at funeral

As we move into Lesson 3, I’d like to point something out:  Life Purpose University™ is a process. There’s absolutely no way for me to know where your mental state or spiritual awareness was when we started. You may have gone through an amazing breakthrough this past week or you may have very well struggled [...]