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Updated April 7, 2024

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"If you feel resistance before you begin, it's usually procrastination and you need to get started. If you feel resistance after you begin, it's usually feedback and you need to make adjustments."

James Clear said that and it applies to my message today about following through as you work toward success in your affiliate marketing, network marketing, or coaching business. 

A fascinating aspect to building an online business is the various techniques, strategies, and methods you can use to get traffic and leads… to get distributors into your downline… to build your email list. 

If you’re like me, it’s easy to say to yourself,

"Oh, I can make a bunch of YouTube videos, or I can post 20 times a day on Pinterest, or I can use Instagram, or TikTok, or write blog articles, or generate backlinks to my blog…"

…there’s SOOOOO many things we get excited about, right?

But what I find is it’s the following-through step that gets lost.

You get excited about the next technique you just learned on a webinar, through a product you bought, a podcast episode, or an article you read. 

It all sounds great, but it’s the following through after the excitement and the emotion of learning about the new method that turns into the big challenge.

Can you relate to what I’m saying?

Following through, sitting down at your computer the next day, and the next day to invest two, three, maybe four hours to implement that strategy…

That’s the hard part. 

It’s the part that successful network marketers, coaches, and affiliate marketers do to achieve transformative results. 

These folks attract dozens or hundreds of daily leads that turn into sales and team members…

They learn what to do. 

They follow through consistently to get it done. 

They see results. 

Their lives change for the better. 

Here’s a tip to use if you’re struggling with following through on what you know you need to do to make more money.

As soon as you learn a new method, something that will get you more leads, help you close people into your business, whatever it is, 

Develop the new habit of doing some kind of action towards that technique immediately after learning it.

Get excited about it. 

Put strong emotion behind it. 

Simply start the process, even if you only invest 10 minutes into the project.

Because here’s the process that goes on: 

In your mind, you get the thought, you get the excitement,

"Okay, I'm going to do this. I'm going to add this little plugin to my blog that generates leads that I saw someone else doing. This is going to make a big difference in my business."

You get the thought, you get the action going, start the process, and what happens?

Your project goes from this nebulous idea you can’t tangibly grasp into something solid. 

Then, more ideas flow in.

The energy behind your creativity expands and becomes bigger. 

You get five more ideas around the original tactic. 

Then, 25 ideas flow. 

Soon, you better have a Google or Notion doc, or a notebook to start writing it down. 

Your excitement about the possibilities builds.

Thought motivates action, remember that.

Thought motivates action.

Quick action strengthens the thought.

Stronger thoughts motivate you into further action. 

So to get success, you want to think about what you want to do, take immediate action, and then you’ll get more ideas and more thoughts begin coming in.

The action increases the energy behind the thoughts, and you start to actually get results from the tactics you’re implementing, okay?

I want you to think about that for the next day or so.

Look for something new to do inside your business and just begin, okay?

Heed the James Clear quote I gave you at the beginning of this video:

"If you feel resistance before you begin, it's usually procrastination and you need to get started. If you feel resistance after you begin, it's usually feedback and you need to make adjustments."

James is so “on it” here. 

I feel the resistance of procrastination constantly and I always find that if I simply start, the energy of the project flows and I get er done. 

Or, I start, and I continue feeling resistance. 

That’s my feedback to say,

“OK, something’s off here. I thought this was what I should be doing, but it’s not. What should I pivot into?”

And, to be 100% upfront with you, I then sit in prayer. I ask Jesus to give me a nudge in the right direction.

Amazingly, he never fails me.

If you don’t have a close connection with the Creator of this world we live in, I encourage you to sit in prayer and talk to Him. He does listen to your pain and worries…and will provide true answers.

Ok, that’s it for this Memo. 

See you in my next Memo with more exploration into the concepts and skills that will drive more leads and sales for your business. 

Helping you build it big,

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