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Herbalife Business Plan: Make Yours Profitable In 2022

Last Updated on December 5, 2021 by Matt Zavadil

Are you looking to build a successful Herbalife Nutrition business?

In this bost, I’ll help you understand the importance of setting up a personal Herbalife business plan for your new or existing Herbalife business.

I’ll talk about the following:

  • Developing the mindset of an entrepreneur
  • How to find best-fit prospects
  • Putting a content marketing strategy in place
  • Using social media properly
  • Improving your sales skills
  • How to close new distributors on your team

I’ve read some of the other posts about an Herbalife business plan showing up in the search engines.

Frankly, I’m appalled at the lack of understanding out there about how to build a successful network marketing business.

Ready to dig in? Here’s what you’ll learn in this post:

An Herbalife Business Plan Requires Proper Mindset

Anyone at any time can get involved as an Herbalife distributor.

That’s a good thing and a bad thing.

Good because you can start your business on a shoe-string budget in MLM (multi-level marketing).

Bad because network marketing attracts get-rich-quick thinkers.

If you think you’re going to join Herbalife and get rich by recruiting three people who each recruit three people, while you sit around doing nothing, then I highly encourage you to re-think the business model.

Selling Herbalife Products Requires Entrepreneurial Skills

You started an Herbalife nutrition business here. You’re not an employee. No one will pay you a salary with benefits.

Your ability to gain a customer, earn money, and create success is all on you.

Develop a tough mindset. Get ready to feel like a failure at times. Get ready to wonder if picked the wrong direction to become an Herbalife associate.

To become a successful Herbalife distributor, commit to expanding your marketing and sales skills.

Understanding Herbalife Nutrition Volume

A quick note about volume before discussing the sales and marketing aspects of a quality Herbalife business plan.

Volume is a key element of the sales & marketing plan and is the base for purchasing, qualifying and working your way up into higher levels.

Each Herbalife product has a Volume Point value that’s equivalent in all countries.

As you purchase products, you accumulate Volume Points applicable to products. These accumulated volume points can form your sales production and are used as compensation or benefit.

Volume is given according to the person who purchased the product, the status of the product and discounts, your status, and other factors.

Refer to Herbalife’s documentation on their website for more about this factor of your business.

How to Find Best-Fit Herbalife Distributor Prospects

Your business plan must include the marketing channels where you expect to pick up new weight loss, weight management, and nutrition customers.

Social media is a great place to start for lead generation.

It gives you insight into how people live their lives. If they’re weight loss or fitness fanatics, for instance, there’s a good chance they’ll love Herbalife nutrition products and the business opportunity.

Don’t Confuse Social Media with Internet Marketing

I’ve seen people ask, “How can I earn income with social media?” That’s like saying, “I want to pay my bills by making phone calls.” You need a business plan.

It’s all about the questions you’re asking and your ability to take action on what you learn from those interactions. If you know how to do that, then you can build a massive list of prospects and turn them into customers, money, and success.

Hone Your Sales Skills With Social Media

I get asked all the time about how to sell on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook.

Here’s my answer: You need to talk about things your followers are interested in!

You might think it sounds simple, but that’s where most people go wrong. They don’t bother doing any research on what their followers are interested in or how to talk about things that hook them into their sales funnel.

Don’t Post Herbalife Products on Social Media

If you post product pictures, you’ll lose product sales. If you post Herbalife international business pack promotions, you’ll lose future downline purchases or any production bonus you dream about.

The reason: your social media contacts will go to Google to investigate Herbalife products and the opportunity.

They’ll then join the company and become a distributor for someone else. They’ll help someone else get a cash bonus or sell weight management products on someone else’s team.

I go into more detail about this problem in this Herbalife article.

Build a Content Marketing Strategy Into Herbalife Business Plan

A content marketing strategy is the foundation of your Herbalife marketing plan. It’s what attracts leads, engages prospects, and results in more customers.

An Herbalife content marketing plan should include:

  • A blog to publish content regularly
  • Infographics to share on social media
  • Other online platforms for sharing newsfeeds or videos
  • Email newsletter campaigns
  • Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Focus On General Content As An Herbalife Distributor

Think about what you can offer future Herbalife customers in terms of:

  1. Health
  2. Fitness
  3. Energy
  4. Skincare
  5. Haircare
  6. Nutrition
  7. Weight management

Consider the valuable content you can offer so people will want to come back to you over and over.

Include These Questions In Your Herbalife Marketing Plan

Consider the following in your content strategy:

  • What content do you have that can be shared on your blog
  • How often will it be published?
  • Will this vary during different seasons of the year (i.e., more frequent posts in January for health resolutions)?
  • Who is responsible for creating such material? You or your staff?
  • What material can be shared on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (i.e., infographics, videos, blog posts)?
  • How often will you share such content?

Improving Your Herbalife Nutrition Sales Skills

As I mentioned above, you’re not an employee with benefits in Herbalife.

Your ability to earn money is directly related to how good you get at selling Herbalife products for retail profit.

It takes professional sales skills to bring new distributors onto your team.

Want more customers, income, and wholesale profit?

Your business plan should include ways to improve your ability to sell new people on the benefits of becoming the next Herbalife Nutrition distributor in your downline.

Get Better At Sales To Drive Your Marketing Plan

Here are 6 tips to help you become a better salesperson:

  1. Remain curious and ask questions
  2. Focus on how Herbalife nutrition products will provide immediate, tangible value to your customer.
  3. Don’t be afraid to hear “no”. Not only does it allow you to not waste your time trying to convince an uninterested prospect, but it saves them from wasting time by continuing that conversation.
  4. Focus on needs over wants
  5. Always ask what their needs are and how your product or service can best help them before suggesting any features of it that might appeal to you personally.
  6. Ask questions about why they want what you’re selling instead of assuming it’s always for positive reasons like status or convenience.

The most important part of sales includes asking questions, listening to responses, and then asking more until you have the information needed about how best to serve them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Herbalife Business Plan

How do I start my own Herbalife Nutrition business?

Connect with your upline for the proper paperwork. Then, develop your marketing plan to find leads who will make product purchases and become one of your next Herbalife distributors.

Can you really make money with Herbalife?

Of course! The key is thinking like a business owner (no employee mentalities allowed). Use your Herbalife business plan to drive Herbalife Nutrition distributors into the business, qualify for the next production bonus, and earn a solid Herbalife profit.

How much does a Herbalife franchise cost?

You’re confusing network marketing with franchise businesses. Franchises typically cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to start. Herbalife isn’t a franchise. It uses the MLM business model. Get started for less than the $100 distributor price, get distributors and retail profit, and the income will flow.

Is Herbalife a good business?

It is. Whether it becomes a good business for you, with retail profit coming in, a new distributor purchasing each week, and a rising income all depends on the type of distributor you become.

Will you become a distributor who expects results without hard work? Or, will you become a distributor who develops the proper business plan and continuously improves their sales and marketing skills?

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Did you know that failure is a sign that you’re doing something right?

It means trying new things and making progress as an entrepreneur.

If you can see failure as something positive instead of negative, then it becomes easier to take risks and learn from mistakes.

Conclusion: Improve Your Success Skills

The only way to succeed is to get online, develop your website, learn the proper social media and sales skills, and never quit until you see a new customer purchase come in daily.

Are you concerned that you don’t know where to start with developing your Herbalife business plan, putting up a website, or convincing consumers into purchasing products that will help improve their lives?

I invite you to grab my free training.