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Updated January 15, 2015

Need a little inspiration as you build your network marketing business?

Sometimes watching & listening to inspiration through video can be incredibly helpful to me personally.

Here are 3 videos I believe will help you in your quest to “build it big”.


YouTube video

Seriously, how can you not start moving with this one?

I often work out to this song. I also play it anytime my spirit needs a lift. I find it helpful for getting my feet tapping, feeling better & coming up with better & more effective ideas for my network marketing business.

Try it! How do you feel now?

Remember, it’s all about how you feel.

Tai Lopez, How To Go From Scarcity To Abundance

YouTube video

I find Tai incredibly inspiring and thoughtful.

I recommend that you not only watch the above video for ideas on becoming more abundant in your life but I recommend going to his site and watching more of his videos.

There’s a tendency for those of us in network marketing to focus only on the recommended resources of our company and/or upline…or the so-called MLM gurus.

I find this limiting. If you focus all your time on personal development material you can potentially become a self help junkie.

What I mean by that is you’re always looking for the next “high” from the next big tip you get from one of the “normal” recommended personal growth materials. If you’re not careful you can get stuck waiting for the next great idea and forget to take action on yesterday’s great idea.

I find Tai’s material helpful for getting me to think “outside the box”.

I’ve discovered that by going outside of the “MLM pool” of material I get ideas that help grow my network marketing business to greater heights.

Try it for yourself.

Perry Marshall, 80/20 Rules of Marketing

YouTube video

I built my international downline by paying attention to the 80/20 rule.

How did I do that?

I blogged. And I encourage you to do the same.


Because while many methods you’re taught (3 foot rule, warm market contact list, etc) are highly inefficient while blogging takes advantage of the 80/20 rule.

By the way, I’ve come to believe (based on real world experience) that most offline methods are plain ineffective & sometimes pretty dumb

When you set up a blog and you write about the problems your company products solve you’ll start attracting people who are laser focused and the precise targeted audience you’re hoping to find today.

  • If your product solves a health challenge like diabetes, start a “beat diabetes” blog
  • If your product is coffee, start a “benefits of coffee” blog
  • If your product is makeup, start a “makeup tips” blog.

Getting the Picture?

Your blog posts get indexed at Google. People LOOKING for that info find your blog. They read your tips. They come to like and trust you.

They decide they WANT to buy from you and join your business.

I don’t screw around with uninterested, untargeted prospects at my local super market.

I spend 80% of my time talking to people who Rack the Shotgun (watch Perry’s vid above for this info) by entering their name and email on my blog and raising their hand saying they want more info.

I mean, if you enjoy doing 100 1on1 coffee shop meetings to find 2 or 3 recruits…

If you enjoy inviting 20 people every week to get 0 to 2 to show up at your opportunity meeting…

Then ignore my advice…LOL

BUT, if you’d like to know how I built an international downline by blogging, then click the banner below to learn.

Til next time!

blog presentation

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