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Updated June 11, 2024

How to build a network marketing business quickly. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to start selling products & recruiting a team instantly?

OK, let’s bring it down for a dose of reality. 

I’m not gonna answer your “how to build a network marketing business quickly” question with:

Grab an AI tool, throw up a couple ChatGPT prompts, and watch it magically grow into $10k months…

…while you sit on the beach with Mai Tai’s as someone oils your feet. 

Sorry LOL

You don’t build your MLM business fast by getting AI to do it for you. 

How do I know that? 

Cause I built an international downline business fast (well, relatively fast, meaning over the course of a few years) via tried & true Internet marketing methods. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll show you how I now use AI tools to speed up the process more. 


All successful MLM reps built teams by using the following tips & strategies.

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YouTube video

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1. How To Build a Network Marketing Business Quickly: Timeframe

Infographic showing how to build a network marketing business quickly

I built a 9-levels deep international MLM business relatively quickly. 


That’s the operative word. 

Relative to what? 

Let me back up a bit. 

I got my start in MLM in the early 90s as a long-haired RnR guitar player. 

I didn’t find “success” with MLM until the 21st Century. 

On the way, I learned to overcome my shy nature as an introvert. 

I learned online marketing, sales funnels, and targeted marketing. 

It took me dozens of years to find MLM success. 


Once I stopped acting like “one of those” MLMers…

…you know, one of those people bugging friends and family…

…or social media pitching badly…

Example of Melaleuca rep posting incorrectly on Facebook. This is not how to build a network marketing business quickly.
Melaleuca rep posting incorrectly on Facebook…this is NOT how to build a network marketing business fast!

…the kind of person I know you don’t want to be…

Once I learned Internet marketing, then the answer to the “how to build a network marketing business quickly” timeframe became 18-24 months.

What follows are many aspects to creating success in the MLM industry. 

I’ve done it. 

It wasn’t easy. 

But it was worth it. 

I encourage you to follow these principles to getting into profit as fast as humanly possible. 

YouTube video

2. Dedicate Time To Build MLM Business Quickly

To create success, dedicate at least 15 hours per week to it. 

People ask me, “Matt, how much time do I need to put in every week?”

Honestly, I have no idea whatsover. 

I don’t know your skills coming into the business. 

SchittsCreek funny gif about skills

Again, I was a long-haired RocknRoll band dude who looked like this at one point:

me playing live in 1992

I had a LOT to learn about business LOL

You might have a huge warm market. 

Maybe you already built businesses outside of MLM. 

OK, then you can get quicker results than those without those contacts or skills. 

But, on average, after working with 1000s of people over the years, committing 15+ hours per week is a great place to start. 


3. Create Positive Habits

Focus on creating positive habits that accelerate growth in the industry. 

These habits include:

  • Time management
  • Skill improvement
  • “Never Say Die” attitude

Do you watch too much Netflix or sports? Stop now. Commit to set number of weekly devoted business building hours and WORK. 

Do you need to improve your sales & marketing skills? Do that here via our free bootcamp training.

Do you know that you will fail along the way? Commit to never quitting until you meet your goals.

4. Prioritize Tasks for Maximum Productivity

Network marketing leaders focus on prioritizing tasks that contribute to MLM business growth. 

Identify any high-impact activity that produces customers wanting your product’s solution. 

These may include:

I can tell you this:

If you want the answer to “how to build a network marketing business quickly,”

It includes eliminating some of:

  • Passive social media time
  • Hanging out & drinking w/ buddies on the weekend
  • Reading positive books

I think the first two are obvious. 

And I’m an avid reader. 

Reading personal development, sales, and marketing books were instrumental for building my skills over the years. 

But, MLM success boils down to:

Marketing, selling & recruiting. 

Don’t allow any passive activity cut into your devoted business building hours that generate residual income.

5. Strategies for Effective Time Management

tips for time management

Focus on getting better with managing time as you learn how to build a network marketing business quickly.

  • Create Daily Goals: Set achievable targets each day and work towards accomplishing them within set deadlines.
  • Avoid Multitasking: Concentrate on one task at a time. Did you know that the average person is productive for only 2 hours and 53 minutes daily?
  • Leverage Technology: Use digital tools like time management apps, project management software, or virtual assistants to streamline processes and stay organized.
  • Budget Breaks: Schedule regular breaks throughout the day to prevent burnout while ensuring optimal performance levels during working hours.

Remember that consistency is key:

Committing yourself fully every day is what separates top performers from those who struggle to make money in this industry.

6. Master Duplication and Automation

The following methods help you work smarter. 

They help you grow your MLM business rapidly while reducing manual effort.

7. Identify Key Processes to Duplicate Within Your Group

The first step in mastering duplication?

Figure out the key processes within your group that you can replicate. 

For example:

Consider creating a standardized sales process for all your team members to follow.

Or, implement consistent training materials for new recruits. 

By duplicating these essential procedures, you can speed up success for everyone on your team.

You’ll help them operate efficiently and cohesively toward common goals.

8. Use Automation Tools

Leveraging automation tools can reduce time-consuming tasks while increasing productivity. 

Popular tools include:

  • Zapier: Automate workflows between various online applications such as email followup platforms.
  • ActiveCampaign: Streamline lead nurturing campaigns with automated emails based on actions taken by prospects.
  • Buffer: Schedule social media posts across platforms simultaneously without having to log into each account.

I made fun of AI above. 

However, I use AI to speed up processes. 

My point above was to make sure you don’t think any “tools” replace your human ability to related to other humans. 

Consider AI tools where they make sense: 

You might use ChatGPT to more quickly hone in your target market’s pain points and goals. 

Example of using CHatGPT to uncover target market pain points

Get that down fast so you know what questions to ask and relate better to your prospects. 

Use AI to write articles faster, put together social media images, or create video content. 

Put out more content faster to attract the best leads faster.

Then, focus more on high-value activities like building relationships with customers and recruits.

9. Personalization = Attraction

How to build a network marketing business quickly?

Personalize everything you do. 

It increases the likelihood of attracting the right people. 

And converting them into customers and team members.

10. Craft Personalized Messages for Different Audiences

When creating your messaging, consider these factors:

  • Demographics
  • Pain points
  • Goals
  • Values

For example, if you’re targeting young professionals looking for additional income streams, emphasize how joining your MLM business can help achieve financial freedom. 

You may also want to share success stories from people in similar situations.

Highlight how they found success inside your opportunity. 

Here are some tips on crafting personalized messages:

  • Use social media: Leverage social media platforms like LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter to connect with potential recruits. Comment thoughtfully on posts. Share insights that demonstrate your expertise.
  • Highlight benefits: Emphasize the benefits of joining your MLM business. Talk about the potential to make money and work from anywhere.
  • Share testimonials: Stories of other successful people in your business will sell for you.

11. Create An Online Presence Now

I built my 9-levels deep, int’l downline because I built an online presence. 

End of story. 

Your blog is the “hub”. 

It remains true to you even if Facebook or TikTok change an algorithm that kills your reach to followers (learn how to post on Facebook correctly).  

12. Build an Engaging Blog

In my opinion and experience, a blog is the most effective way to generate leads for your MLM business. 

Honestly, it baffles me how many networkers fight this. 

It’s not 1985 LOL

Use 21st Century technology if want to compete and learn how to build a network marketing business quickly.

As you build your blog:

  • Learn how to conduct keyword research
  • Create informative content 
  • Include testimonials 

Use clear calls-to-action (CTAs) that encourage visitors to sign up for more information.

Get them on your email list and use email marketing to drive most of your sales. 

13. How To Build a Network Marketing Business Quickly? Keep Learning!

I said it above. I’ll say it again…

Dedicate time and resources to honing your sales and marketing skills. 

One of the lies of this industry is:

“It’s not selling, it’s sharing”

Or, “everyone needs our products….these products sell themselves”


You want the truth, you can’t handle the truth LOL

Seriously, you’re building a business.

To me, trying to get Aunt Bessie to buy your stuff is silly. 

Understand who your target market is. 

Then, market to them by showing how your product solves their problems. 

14. Use Recommended Resources To Build Skills

  • Attraction Marketing Formula: Learn from MLM industry experts how to use social medial & blogging to attract sales & reps.
  • Udemy: Offers affordable online courses on various topics related to direct sales and personal development.
  • Audible: Provides access to audiobooks and podcasts from top experts in the field of MLM.

15. Tips On Social Media Success

using social helps when you want to build a network marketing business quickly. Here is a Guy Kawasaki quote about social media.

Sharing content consistently across social media is crucial for attracting recruits & product sales. 

Here are some tips:

  1. Create informative posts that provide actionable advice. Avoid salesy language.  
  2. Use plenty of pictures, infographics, or videos to draw attention.
  3. Encourage interaction by asking questions, requesting feedback, or hosting live Q&A sessions.

Bonus tip: Never talk about your product or business on social.

And I mean: Never

Value first. Educate. Get them on your email list from social. 

Then sell your product and opportunity. 

Image of Herbalife rep making mistakes on Facebook

16. Leverage Social Media Groups for Curiosity

Creating curiosity is best when you want to know how to build a network marketing business quickly. 

One effective way?

Add prospects to a Facebook group where you welcome them publicly through tagged posts. 

It creates social proof for newcomers usually hesitant about joining initially. 

They’ll feel reassured after seeing other members’ success stories shared within the community.

Want to see it in action?

Join our free Facebook group & watch how we do it.

17. Strategies for Building an Active and Engaged Group

  • Share content: Show informative articles, videos, or tips related to your niche market that will interest group members.
  • Promote engagement: Encourage discussions by asking questions or creating polls that spark conversation.
  • Showcase member achievements: Celebrate the accomplishments of team members in the group as it helps build trust and credibility while motivating others.

Again, watch how we do it in our group.

18. Solid Upline Support and Leadership

Having solid upline support is essential when building an MLM business quickly. 

Don’t have a solid upline to learn from? 

Hey, life ain’t fair. 

I didn’t have one either LOL

So, I learned how to lead my group. 

And, I uncovered people on my team that made better leaders than me!

19. Identify Strong Upline Mentors in Your Group

If you want to build and rank advance, be on the lookout for leaders on your team. 

Usually, your front-line people (your personal recruits) are not strong leaders. 


They will know leaders.

Interesting how that works. 

Tap into those people with leadership skills. 

Empower them to lead your Zoom calls, events, and inside your social media groups. 

20. Implement Leadership Training Programs

  • In-house training: Many direct sales companies offer leadership development programs. 
  • External courses: Enroll in reputable leadership training courses, seminars, or workshops focused on MLM strategies.
  • Mentorship: Work closely with experienced leaders who can guide you into key fast network marketing growth. They can help you generate leads and grow a successful direct sales business.

Ongoing leadership training will not only enable you to build a thriving MLM business…

It will ensure long-term success and sustainability in the industry. 

21. Never Quit

I referenced this above but it’s time to double down. 

You will meet disappointment and frustration while building your business. 

You gotta keep going! 

I spent too much time bouncing from opportunity to opportunity in my past. 

After I decided to stop silly social media pitching, learned “real” revenue generating activities, and stuck to it long-term, I hit $10k months.

Don’t quit and you’ll get there, too. 

Use our video training guide to make it work. 

YouTube video

FAQs: How to Build a Network Marketing Business Quickly

Still have a few questions about how to build a network marketing business quickly? Dive in below to achieve fast growth!

How can I start an MLM business fast?

To start an MLM business quickly, join your network marketing company based on loving the product. Dedicate time to personal growth and team expansion. Focus on prospecting and lead generation. Leverage duplication and automation tools. Create personalized pitches based on prospects’ profiles. Create curiosity by positioning yourself as an expert in your niche. 

What is the fastest way to succeed in MLM?

The fastest way to succeed in direct sales is building an online presence. Start on social media and post content that produces customers wanting your solution. Move to simple social media ads achieve fast growth. Graduate to blogging for long-term lead generation. 

How can I grow my downline fast?

Growing your downline quickly involves focusing on efficient lead generation methods. Personalize presentations that resonate with potential recruits. Network marketing leaders focus on finding mentors to help support them. Encourage duplication of proven systems across your team. Some companies offer fast start bonuses. Join one that fits your needs & help your recruits meet the fast start goals.

How do I develop myself in MLM?

To develop yourself in MLM, attend events or webinars hosted by top leaders within your company or niche. Read books related to salesmanship and personal development. Practice effective time management techniques. Build relationships with successful mentors. The most successful MLM reps built their businesses on the back of personal development.

Bottom Line: How To Build a Network Marketing Business Quickly

There’s no way around it:

If you’re serious about how to build a network marketing business quickly…

…know this:

It requires dedication and focus on revenue generating activities. 

You need to master everything I gave you above. 

The big thing, though?

You gotta focus 99% of your efforts on generating leads and showing them your presentation. 

All the other stuff turns into distractions if you’re not putting your business in front of new people every day. 

What would happen to Starbucks if they didn’t sell coffee every hour they’re open?

  • Nike and its shoes?
  • Facebook and its ads?
  • Netflix and its bingers?

Outta business, that’s what!

This is why so many people end up saying, “MLM doesn’t work”

I’m not trying to be harsh, by the way. 

I want to wake you up a bit if you’ve bought into the, “Building an MLM business is quick & easy”

It’s anything BUT that, my friend. 

I learned to cherish the wins AND the losses. 

It’s like Isaiah 55:11: “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth; it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”

  • Uncover your prospect’s needs
  • Market to those prospects correctly
  • Reap the rewards

Just as God’s Word will never return void, your efforts shall not return void if you learn the correct skills and work your butt off until you reap what you sow. 

Share what you have with right people and it will have effect…it will accomplish what you intend

Believe in that, my friend, and go forth!

Are you wondering:

But, Matt, I’m not sure how to identify the correct pain points and goals of my prospects…

…I’m not sure how to market in a way that is correct. 

I get it. 

I was where you are once. 

Take a peek at this training here

It will solve your marketing issues ????

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