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Matt ZavadilWritten by Matt Zavadil
Updated February 27, 2024

Is your goal increasing productivity in network marketing?

It’s relatively simple actually.

It’s all about focusing your time and energy on putting more people in front of your presentation.

Like any sales business, network marketing is a numbers game. Your goal is to show interested people your business as often as possible.

That’s why I don’t recommend using the 3-foot rule or asking every friend and family member to show up at your next opportunity meeting.

Instead, I personally encourage you to do what some of the most successful network marketers do:

use smart marketing tactics to get their presentation in front of people who are ALREADY INTERESTED in what you have to say.

By the way, if you want to know the super simple system our team uses to get our presentation in front of 3-5 qualified prospects DAILY, click here (works for ANY MLM business).

Simple 3 Step Attack Plan For Increased Productivity in Network Marketing

Step 1: Work on “You”

If you want to be more productive, then you need to work on your thought patterns, your emotional response to crises, and what you believe is possible in life and business.

The first concept I’d like you to consider is that trying to think positively while you’re emotionally stuck in a negative state is counter-productive.

The laws of the universe we both happen to live in state that emotions rule over thoughts.

This means you’ll fail if you try to “force feed” your brain positive thoughts while at the same time you’re feeling “blocked” emotionally. Emotional intelligence is actually the goal…

For example, have you ever tried saying affirmations while you have a heavy or “blocked” feeling in your chest or stomach area? If so, you need to clear out that emotional blockage before you’ll ever see your MLM marketing methods “work”.

You must find a way to BELIEVE that your goals are not “possible” but are already waiting for you! You must figure out a way to RESONATE with the energy wavelengths of those goals.

You must KNOW exactly what attaining those goals FEELS LIKE NOW.

When you keep saying, “I want to be over ‘there’ where I think things will be better”, you’re vibrating in “lack”. You’re not stepping into allowing what you perceive to be “over there” to line up emotionally and become your reality.

There are many ways to move into this type of emotional freedom and power. You might want to start at this YouTube video I found for you.

Step 2: Get In Front of 3-5 Daily

3 to 5 daily for MLM successYou can’t be productive (making sales and growing) if at least 3-5 people aren’t watching your company presentation daily.

It’s that simple. Productivity in network marketing is all about sharing the plan. That’s it!

In the past, this meant running around town trying to get people to sit down with you so you could present, present, present.

That’s where the average networker gets burned out. Saying a presentation over and over 3-5 times daily gets redundant and doesn’t allow for TIME FREEDOM.

Today, with the Internet, you have the ability to put systems in place that help you get in front of the “right” people and allow those “interested” people view a video presentation…

…allow your company presentation to do the work for you.

Your only job is to get folks to say “yes” to clicking a link and watching what you have to offer them.

I encourage you to find a system that allows you to start accomplishing this today, not tomorrow. Here is the one my team uses to help everyone with this goal.

Step 3: Use Online Strategies

What we do is use the system I showed you in Step 2 to get immediate results while we also work on building online platforms that begin to create residual traffic, leads and sales.

On our team we use a simple system and this simple product that teaches what our people need to know to become Unstoppable on social media.

That’s it…that’s all you need on your team to set yourself apart.

So, to recap:

To Increase Productivity in Network Marketing:

  1. Develop authentic belief in “you” and your goals
  2. Get 3-5 people to see your presentation, starting TODAY (use our system here)
  3. Use the Internet for passive traffic, leads & sales (use this platform & this social media training)

increase MLM productivity

Super simple 1, 2, 3 process to building your team, selling more products and increasing your income.

Anything else you spend your time on that isn’t working on “you”, getting people in front of your business, or developing ongoing “get sales while I sleep” online strategies is keeping you from being the most productive “you” possible.

Was this post helpful? Did it help clarify what you should focus on? Let me know in the comments how it helped and what you’re going to start doing TODAY to better your business, life and future.

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