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Elite Marketing Pro is now called

Will it help your MLM business explode? 





Let’s dig in.

Quick Facts About Elite Marketing Pro (now

Founders: Matt Crystal & Tim Erway
Chief Marketing Officer: Ferny Ceballos

Entry Gateways:

1. Attraction Marketing Formula
Cost: $97 (one time) – But I give you a full 72% discount right here!

2. Social Retail and Enrollment Blueprint
Cost: $147 (one time) – But you can pick it up at a 68% discount after buying Attraction Marketing Formula for $5 right here!

Product Type: Online Marketing Education & Coaching For Network Marketers

The fact that you’re looking up an Elite Marketing Pro (EMP) review tells me this:

You’re struggling with your network marketing journey. 

If you were bustin’ out daily product sales or sponsoring new recruits on your team consistently, then you’d simply do more of that. 


Sometimes the truth hits us right between the eyes. 

I used to be where you are:

Wasting time on flaky people who took me away from my family and never converted into customers or team members. 

Even when I had driven two hours in Los Angeles traffic in my beat up old 1986 Honda Accord to meet them. 

With COVID-19 and the Internet today, you’re probably not driving much.


How much time are you wasting with flakes on Instagram or Facebook while your family wonders what the heck you’re doing? 

You heard about this thing called Elite Marketing Pro (EMP) and the Attraction Marketing Formula (AMF) and you’re wondering:

  • Does Elite Marketing Pro (EMP) suck?
  • Is it a scam? 
  • Could it save my failing MLM business?

Great questions!

Here’s where these EMP reviews typically go next:

“And, then I found EMP and the Attraction Marketing Formula and it magically made my business hit seven figures in 2 days!”

Sorry, that’s not where I’m going next. 

Did EMP, AMF and what Ferny Ceballos and Tim Erway teach me help my bad MLM situation? 


This is, after all, an Elite Marketing Pro review and I’m going to encourage you to buy AMF through my affiliate link and use it

But here’s a little surprise. 

I’m gonna tell you NOT to get involved with EMP if you aren’t ready to buy into a concept that drives all entrepreneurial success



Here’s what you’re about to learn:

Yes, I Own Elite Marketing Pro Myself

I’m not a fan of “reviews” that expose quickly that the person reviewing what you want true information about doesn’t own the product they’re reviewing!

Talk about screwy 🙁

Here’s an image of my EMP back office with a few of the Elite Marketing Pro products I’ve bought over the years:

My own Elite Marketing Pro back office

Quick Facts About Elite Marketing Pro (now

Founders: Matt Crystal & Tim Erway
Chief Marketing Officer: Ferny Ceballos

Entry Gateways:

1. Attraction Marketing Formula
Cost: $97 (one time) – But I give you a full 72% discount right here!

2. Social Retail and Enrollment Blueprint
Cost: $147 (one time) – But you can pick it up at a 68% discount after buying Attraction Marketing Formula for $5 right here!

Product Type: Online Marketing Education & Coaching For Network Marketers

Elite Marketing Pro Will NOT “Save” Your MLM Business

EMP is a tool. 

So is the Attraction Marketing Formula

Tools. That’s it. 

Not magical, fantasy land genie solutions. 

Imagine for a moment that you want to clean the grout holding in your kitchen’s floor tiles.

You walk into Lowe’s and the salesperson tells you, “This here is magic grout cleaner. Take it home, put it in your kitchen’s pantry and the following morning you’ll wake up to perfectly cleaned grout.

“This grout cleaner will even magically keep your grout clean and perfect for the next 12 months!”

Walla walla!

Now that’s some damn awesome grout cleaner. 

Sell me some!

Sounds straight up dumb, right? 

Who would fall for that nonsense? 

Hold up. 

People fall for that nonsense every day on the Internet. 

In fact, I used to fall for it

I’m willing to bet that you’ve had money yanked from your checking account, too, when it comes to this line of crap that’s out there:

“Buy my super duper magical network marketing system and guess what, my friend? You’ll have leads and sales streaming in on autopilot and live on an island in no time!”

Jiminy Christmas, enough with this crap. 

Marketing tools

That’s all AMF and Elite Marketing Pro are. 

They aren’t any more magical than a Yellow Pages ad back in the old days…

…or a website host or email service provider in today’s online world. 

Elite Marketing Pro will NEVER work for you if:

You think that it possesses a magic genie and you can sit on your butt while it rakes in daily leads, product sales and team members for you. 

Avoid Elite Marketing Pro If You Think “Get Rich Quick” Is Real

I might sound a little “over the top” so far, but I’m doing it for a reason. 

It’s important to weed out the MLMers who believe that there’s a magical “get rich quick” formula to success. 

Instead, I want to help you if you’re like me and understand that there’s one universal law to becoming successful. 

Success is the result of:

  • Working hard
  • Staying committed to consistently learning about marketing
  • On the way to winning, maintaining the strength needed to get up off the ground as many times as necessary after the market knocks your teeth in a bit

That’s some “truth” there LOL

You’ll never attain success if you believe that it comes from

  1. Using FB bots
  2. Buying the “best” autoresponder, or
  3. Getting involved with Elite Marketing Pro

Again, these are all simply tools.

It’s up to you to use these types of tools and combine it with hard work and consistency. 

Excited yet? 

If you’re the right person, then you’re excited. 

You know that I’m championing the amazing results human beings make when they use their inner will and drive to create cool things and “success”. 

Tools help. 

But, it’s never all about the tools. 

Alright you fantastic and creative human!

Ready to learn about a tool called Elite Marketing Pro that will help you get more leads and sales after marrying it to your own hard work? 

Let’s take a look…

What Is Elite Marketing Pro?

EMP is a few things:

  • Community of over 100,000 network marketing professionals
  • MLM training & education platform
  • Suite of products that provide tools to build your MLM business
  • 1on1 MLM coaching & mentoring services

Important Note:As I mentioned above, I’m an actual EMP customer myself.

Why is that worth mentioning?

Because there is an unethical “review” strategy used across the Internet.

It’s a strategy taught by some companies where they encourage their affiliates to write reviews about every product under the sun…

…and then bait & switch you into buying something other than what you’re interested in reading a real review about.

They don’t own the products they’re reviewing so they have no idea about the “ins & outs” of them.

Not only is this unethical and bad for you (because you’re getting rehashed info they’ve gathered from other reviewers), but it might even be illegal.

If you want to know more about the legalities, this article breaks it down.

If not, you should at least be aware of this Internet problem and make sure that you seek out reviews from people who give reviews after purchasing the reviewed product.

For example, I just found a knucklehead who boasts he’s not an EMP customer, yet wrote a review giving it a 6.5 rating out of 10.

That’s like giving a restaurant a bad rating after not eating their food.


Know what he does next? Tries to get you to buy Wealthy Affiliate, which is the exact target of the article I linked you to above that reveals their dishonest review “strategy”.

I won’t link you to this “yahoo” because that will only help him perpetuate his “gray area” bait & switch on more people who don’t understand they’re getting taken for a ride.

I’ve already been completely upfront above when I told you I’m a customer and an affiliate… and I’ll encourage you to buy EMP based on my actual experience and continuing journey as a customer with them myself.

And, I’ll continue to prove I’m an EMP customer below via internal screenshots, etc.

Bottom Line: Here’s The Big Benefit To Buying Into Elite Marketing Pro

Network marketing is hard. 

Building any business is hard, online or offline. 

Sorry to burst your bubble there LOL

On the other hand, MLM is simple. 

If you attract quality prospects, then you’ll make customer sales and sponsor a large team. 

So, what’s the problem? 

The problem is that too many MLM companies and uplines still teach silly marketing tactics like:

  1. Build a friends & family list
  2. Use the 3-foot rule (anyone within 3 feet of you is a prospect)
  3. Post product pics on social media
  4. Post messages about your opportunity on social media

Doing this stuff leads to frustration, failure and ruins close relationships. 

Nod your head if you’re sick of doing this stuff. 

The truly big problem is that the people you might get lucky to sponsor via these methods DO NOT want to litter their Facebook wall with product pitches either!

Professional business owners don’t do that kind of stuff.

Instead, they use advertising and marketing to target a segment of the population that actually wants to solve the problem their product solves. 

Holy moly!

What a concept LOL

The Attraction Marketing Formula and Elite Marketing Pro teach you how to use online marketing to:

  • Identify your best target market prospects
  • Market professionally to those prospects
  • Turn them into sales and recruits

If that’s what you’re looking to learn how to do, then you might want to consider buying the Attraction Marketing Formula and getting started

Another way to get your Elite Marketing Pro membership started is investing in the Social Retail & Enrollment Blueprint (buy AMF for $5 at this link & pick up Social Retail for 70% off)

Let’s Review The Value Of The Elite Marketing Pro Community

Becoming an EMP customer provides you access to the private Facebook group where we all gather to support one another:

Elite Marketing Pro Facebook Group Community

What happens there? 

You get to ask questions like this one I just answered for someone:

EMP - get questions answered

You get to express your gratitude after learning how to be a better marketer turns into results for you (this is a private group, which is why I’m blacking out last names):

Expressing gratitude in the Elite Marketing Pro group

In the above post, Chris was expressing gratitude for gaining the ability to build a second business she always had a passion for, as a direct result of what Elite Marketing Pro has taught her:

Chris in Elite Marketing Pro group

I love what Chris said at the end of her post to all of us: 

“…focus with blinders on, work on and do everything in the Student Journey Roadmap, keep going!

“Be here now…with these master marketers, right HERE!

“Because you never know where it will take you!”

That’s a big part of the EMP ecosystem…All of the community members helping you get where you want to get to:

Building your network marketing business by learning how to become a master marketer who knows how to:

  • Get qualified leads
  • Sell more products
  • Sponsor more people

You can celebrate your first and future sales with us:

first sale after learning from Elite Marketing Pro

And have your 1on1 coach give you props (more on the 1on1 coaching below):

Coach Jennifer in EMP group

You can get daily and weekly training from our coaches about content:

weekly training in Elite Marketing Pro group

You can get training about closing sales of your MLM products and/or business opportunity:

Elite Marketing Pro training about closing MLM sales

You can learn how to be more productive:

Elite Marketing Pro training about how to be more productive

You’ll even simply get welcomed in!

getting welcomed in to Elite Marketing Pro FB group

MLM Training & Education Platform

You gain access to a wealth of network marketing training and education the moment you become an Elite Marketing Pro member. 

For example, you’ll start with a Training Tour and your Fast Start Training modules:

Elite Marketing Pro Fast StartTraining Library

The Training Library expands upon your Fast Start Training:

EMP Training Library

Some of the titles you’ll discover here include:

  • Launch Your First Facebook Live
  • Launch Your Social Media Strategy
  • Set Up Your Attraction Marketing Website
  • Launch Your Lead Magnet
  • Launch Your Follow Up Sequence
  • Launch Your First Video

The Scheduled Training tab opens up the ongoing weekly training segments, some of which I referenced above when I showed you inside the private Facebook community:

Scheduled Training

Your last training option is the Insider Monthly that’s available for VIP Elite Marketing Pro students:

Elite Marketing Pro Insider Monthly

Some of our recent VIP Insider trainings have included:

  • The Cold Hard Truth About Facebook Advertising
  • How To Use Facebook Groups To Recruit
  • Sales Funnel Mastery
  • Turning Facebook Traffic Into Profits
  • The Automated Sales Blueprint
  • The Perfect Content Marketing Strategy
  • Power Prospecting
  • The 4 Pillars Of a Team Duplication System
  • Double Your Team Using Social Media

EMP Products

  • Attraction Marketing Formula
  • Magnetic Sponsoring
  • Social Media Enroller
  • Social Retail & Enrollment Blueprint

Attraction Marketing Formula


I’ve written a complete review of the Attraction Marketing Formula (AMF) here

Although my review provides details about what you’ll learn inside AMF, I’ll quickly break it down here. 

Bottom line with AMF:

It teaches you the ins & outs of Internet marketing as it applies to building a network marketing business. 

The key?

Applying online marketing to MLM. 

There are specific things that work better online if you’re an online course creator or a coach than they do when building a network marketing business.

AMF takes you by the hand and teaches you what you need specifically as an MLMer to attract leads and sales. 

The overarching concept taught is…

Wait for it…

Attraction Marketing – hence the name: Attraction Marketing Formula 🙂

Attraction marketing is the direct opposite of the standard MLM advice to bug anyone standing 3 feet from you or all your friends and family. 

Instead, AMF teaches you how to market professionally so that you attract prospects who already have the problem that your problem or business opportunity solves. 

How different would your business results be if you had a steady flow of daily leads…

…real people who know they need a solution to a problem you already solve?

A lot different, huh?

Here’s a quick taste of what you’ll learn inside the Attraction Marketing Formula:

  • Using The Internet To Automate Your Lead Generation & Effortlessly Recruit More Reps
  • How To Brand Your Business & Get 1000s Of People To Trust Your Every Word
  • How To Do Your Market Research
  • How To Stake Out Your “Corner” Of The Internet For Generating Endless MLM Leads
  • How To Automate Your Process Via Email Marketing
  • Building Your Marketing Pipeline
  • How To Profit From Your Prospects Even If They Never Buy Your Product Or Join You
AMF Testimonial

AMF Resources:

  1. My complete Attraction Marketing Formula review
  2. The official AMF sales letter (where I give you a nice 72% discount)

By the way, if you decide to pick up AMF, then you’ll also get these bonuses:

  • Free 1on1 MLM coaching from an EMP coach (I’ll talk more about the coaching below)
  • Lifetime access to our private Facebook community (I detailed this above)
  • Lifetime access to the EMP affiliate portal

Social Retail and Enrollment Blueprint

Social Retail and Enrollment Blueprint from Heather Glaze

Do you know the power of video for marketing purposes but:

  • You’re afraid to get on video?
  • Don’t know how to create videos?
  • You need help coming up with video content that sells effectively?

Buy AMF for $5 here & get Social Retail and Enrollment Blueprint at 70% off.

You’ll learn:

  1. An easy 4-step formula for attracting the most-likely-to-join and ready-to-buy prospects via video
  2. How to get the attention of your best-fit leads with “knock your socks off” video topics
  3. The most effective method for establishing your product’s value on a shoestring video budget
  4. The secret to creating rock-solid trust & building unshakable rapport in your videos
  5. 4 specific types of videos that highlight & feature your product in the most effective way
  6. How to start getting red-hot daily prospects & customers even if you’re currently scared or brand new to all this

Bottom line?

The Social Retail & Enrollment Blueprint shows you how to create your own video marketing plan so that you can attract an instant flow of more team members and new customers into your MLM business.

Wendy Gerhardt Social Retail Blueprint testimonial

Check out the Social Retail & Enrollment Blueprint after buying AMF for $5 here if you’d like to start making videos that help market your network marketing business.

This MLM video marketing training is led by Kate McShea.

Kate McShea

Kate grew from “newbie” status in the network marketing world into one of the top experts and trainers in the field…

…and transferred her ability to teach into a 7-figure home based business.

Like most of us at the beginning of her journey, she doubted whether she’d ever “make it” with network marketing.

Using her 7 Minute Retail Method video strategy that you’ll learn inside the Blueprint training, Kate created success for herself and those she taught the strategy to.

People like Michelle Fernandez, who started generating leads and sales within one week of implementing Kate’s simple video strategy:

Michelle Fernandez social retail & enrollment results

Kate used to be a 2nd-grade teaches. She’s now a million-dollar per year earner.

How might your MLM business change if you learned how to do what she used to create that success?

Social Retail Blueprint for network marketing success
use social media and video to build an MLM business

So you know:

Kate packs a ton of training inside this program.

For example:

You’ll learn how to keep your prospects watching every single minute of each video you create.

Guess what?

Some people think they need to create fancy “Hollywood” videos.

Kate educates you that the opposite is true. She teaches you how your videos should actually look so that people stay glued to the screen.

You’ll learn how to expand your reach and social media networks. Kate knows her stuff here. Over 200,000 entrepreneurs follow her on Facebook alone!

A few other power-packed video marketing strategies you’ll learn from Kate inside Social Retail & Enrollment Blueprint:

  • A super short video you must record that gets your prospects ready to buy your product. Kate calls this video slightly weird but the easiest one you’ll ever make…and she calls it amazingly effective, too.
  • Why video quality is not the #1 way to stand out from other videos. It’s something far more simple than that.
  • How to create a simple weekly video plan so that you never feel as though you’re working around the clock.
  • The success of your video plan hinges on something Kate shows you how to do before you ever hit the “record” button.
  • What to do with video descriptions so that you get massive video views.
social retail benefits

Wondering if Kate’s video marketing strategy will work for your business?

I get it.

There’s many types of network marketing businesses.

Kate teaches a method that works for any MLM business, such as:

  • Cosmetics
  • Health & wellness
  • Insurance
  • Travel
  • Personal care
  • e-Commerce
  • Marketing
  • Coffee
  • Fitness

Business niche doesn’t matter.

It’s all about how you create your video content and how you present yourself to your target market.

Get Kate’s Social Retail & Enrollment Blueprint @ 70% off by buying AMF for $5 here

By the way, several bonuses come with your purchase:

Bonus #1: Never Run Out Of Hot Video Topics

Bonus #2: Plug n’ Play Video Scripts

Bonus #3: 30-Day Blitz Formula

Bonus #4: Video HOT SEAT Reviews

Bonus #5: 14-Day Customer Launch Method

Bonus #6: Attraction Marketing Formula

Bonus #7: Free 1on1 Coaching

Bonus #8: Lifetime Access To Our Private Mastermind & Member-Only Community

Ready to get started with Kate’s Social Retail & Enrollment Blueprint or at least find out more details?

Get 70% off the program after buying AMF for only $5 here

Elite Marketing Pro Review:

Get 1on1 MLM Coaching & Mentoring

This is what makes Elite Marketing Pro truly shine.

I showed you the post above, where one of the EMP coaches, Jennifer, congratulated her student for taking action and getting her very first sale.


The Internet is full of information.

Probably too much info, right?

So much that you can get lost in all of it, running from shiny object to shiny object until your head starts spinning.

Wouldn’t it be great to take the information you’ll learn inside the Attraction Marketing Formula or Social Retail & Enrollment Blueprint (get it for 70% after buying AMF for $5) and have a 1:1 coach guide you as you start implementing what you learn?

You get two free 1:1 coaching sessions with one of our expert business coaches when you purchase either of the two programs I’ve detailed out for you above.

Info alone doesn’t translate to success.

If it did, YouTube would have helped you take your business into six figures by now.

Information and marketing knowledge, combined with the guidance of a coach…

…someone who’s been in your shoes and understands how to quickly pick and choose which strategies you need to focus on first, second and third…

…that’s priceless when you take advantage of it.

Not only that, but as you dive deeper into the various 1on1 coaching from Elite Marketing Pro, you’ll gain the ability to hop into weekly mentoring classes, such as this Weekly Traffic Training where we took a deep dive into Facebook ad campaigns for several students:

Elite Marketing Pro Weekly Traffic Training

Are you ready to dive in and take advantage of everything offered by Elite Marketing Pro?

Your entryway in is through either of the products I detailed out for you already:

  1. Attraction Marketing Formula, or
  2. Social Retail & Enrollment Blueprint

If everything is sounding great to you, then buy one of these products and start using them (and your included free 1on1 coaching calls) to begin getting more leads, sales and team members for your network marketing business.

Quick Facts About Elite Marketing Pro (now

Founders: Matt Crystal & Tim Erway
Chief Marketing Officer: Ferny Ceballos

Entry Gateways:

1. Attraction Marketing Formula
Cost: $97 (one time) – But I give you a full 72% discount right here!

2. Social Retail and Enrollment Blueprint
Cost: $147 (one time) – But you can pick it up at a 68% discount after buying Attraction Marketing Formula for $5 right here!

Product Type: Online Marketing Education & Coaching For Network Marketers

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