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Updated June 10, 2024

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How to make money with Monat…

I understand if you’re struggling in this area. 

The training in most network marketing companies leaves a lot to be desired.

If you’ve joined Monat, I’m sure you’ve hit up Google asking how to create your own success within the Monat opportunity

It’s confusing when your company training says one thing, your downline another, and guys like me talk about yet another way (like this one that helped me hit $10k+ months) to finally becoming successful at selling Monat. 

In this blog post I’ll give you some background on the company, help you understand the pyramid scheme issue, and give you a few simple ways to build your Monat network marketing business for long term success. 

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How To Buy Leads For Your Monat Business

What is Monat?

Woman happy with her Monat products

Monat is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company selling hair care and skin care products.

Founded in 2014, Monat offers its Market Partners an opportunity to earn commissions on product sales as well as those of their downline.

The company’s compensation plan rewards you, as a Market Partner, for building a successful team and selling Monat products.

Market Partners can make money through direct sales activities either online or offline. You may also be eligible for bonuses based upon team performance when meeting certain criteria within set timeframes each month.

Additionally , there are incentives available when signing up new recruits into the program too – providing further potential sources of revenue if you’re interested in building a team.

Key Takeaway: Monat is an MLM company offering Market Partners the opportunity to earn commissions from sales of their own products as well as those of their downline. The cost to join Monat ranges from $99-$600 USD per year. Market Partners can make money through direct sales, and team bonuses and incentives for signing up new recruits.

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How to earn with Monat

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What Products Does Monat Sell?

Woman smiling after using Monat products

Monat offers a unique selection of products that helps bring out your natural beauty and glow.

The product range includes hair care solutions like shampoos, conditioners and masks.

You can also sell skin care treatments such as:

  • Serums
  • Oils
  • Creams
  • Anti-aging cleansers & toner

The products are made with natural elements like essential oils & plant extracts. When selling products as a Monat rep, you can feel good giving customers safe alternatives compared to some traditional beauty regimens.

What Ingredients Are Used in Monat Products?

Monat uses safe ingredients in all its products. Its formulas are free from harsh chemicals like:

  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates

Instead, the company uses natural botanicals like rosemary extract to help protect against environmental damage.

Other ingredients include:

  • Coconut oil to hydrate the scalp
  • Aloe vera to soothe dryness
  • Peppermint oil to invigorate the senses
  • Jojoba seed oil for shine
  • Vitamin E for antioxidant protection
  • Pro-vitamin B5 for moisture retention
  • Keratin protein complex to strengthen strands from within
  • Biotin for thicker looking hair

Popular Monat Hair Products

While Monat is one of those direct sales companies offering a boatload of product choices, here are a few of the most popular products to consider selling.

IR Clinical Collection 

With the IR CLINICAL™ System, having strong and healthy hair is within reach. This revolutionary system includes CAPIXYL™ and a unique combination of ingredients that provides your locks with extra fortification to stand up against damage caused by brushing and combing.

IR Clinical from Monat

REVIVE Volumizing System

Transform your limp, fine-to-medium hair with this three-part system! Achieve weightless volume that will last all day.

Revive Volumizing system

RENEW Hydrating System

Rejuvenate and strengthen your medium-to-thick hair with the duo of nutrient-rich REJUVENIQE® and strengthening CAPIXYL™. This system infuses essential moisture to help restore hairs youthful vitality while guarding against free radical damage due to its antioxidant content.

Renew system

Advanced Hydrating System

Hydrate and protect your skin with Hyaluronic Acid Technology. This technology works to replenish moisture levels, shielding the skin from further water loss.

Monat advanced hydrating products

Key Takeaway: As a multi-level marketing company, Monat, offers safe, naturally-derived hair and skincare products free from harsh chemicals. With Monat, you can sell products and earn extra cash in a customer-friendly way. The business model provides customers with a way to nourish the scalp and skin for beautiful results.

Is Monat an Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

Well, what is a pyramid scheme

Simply put, a pyramid is an illegal business system where you’re paid to recruit people into a scheme without a product line. 

Many people call network marketing companies a pyramid scheme, failing to understand that legal MLM companies only pay reps based on sales produced. 

These uninformed people confuse MLM with the infamous Ponzi Scheme. A Ponzi scheme example includes the Bernie Madoff story.

Monat is a legitimate business opportunity.

As one of many Monat reps, you earn money through personal retail sales.

You can also earn money by recruiting new members into your downline.


You don’t earn money by the recruitment effort. Your income comes from an override commission on the sales of the people in your downline.

Hence, legal. 

Run your Monat multi-level marketing business ethically, clearly explaining all elements to new customers and recruits…

…and you’ll do just fine. 

Bottom line:

Monat is not an illegal pyramid scheme.

With the correct mindset and marketing strategies, you can learn how to make money with Monat. 

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How Much Does It Cost to Join Monat?

To build a Monat business, you’ll pay $99 for the Market Partners option.

It includes marketing materials, your online store, discounts of 30% off products, free shipping, and upline support:

Joining Monat costs $99

How Can I Make Money with Monat?

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Market Partners learning how to make money with Monat

Maximizing your profits and learning how to make money with Monat boils down to networking with potential prospects.

Connect with Like-Minded Individuals

Start by finding with like-minded people who share similar interests in beauty and wellness.

Use these communities to build relationships that could lead to new business opportunities.

Leverage Existing Relationships

Reach out to friends, family members, coworkers, or acquaintances.

These people can spark your initial success by trying the products or becoming part of your team.

Approach these conversations genuinely.

Focus on how Monat’s offerings can benefit them rather than simply pushing for sales.

Attend Networking Events & Conferences

Attend industry-specific events.

You might go to beauty conferences or general networking gatherings.

These settings give you an opportunity to connect with potential clients and partners face-to-face.

Bring your Monat business cards. Discuss the benefits of Monat products with confidence.

Partner with Influencers & Bloggers

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool for promoting brands, especially in the beauty industry.

Reach out to influencers or bloggers who align with your target audience.

See if they’ll partner with you with:

  • Product reviews
  • A sponsored content
  • Co-hosting events

Use Your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn can help you connect with potential clients and partners within your niche.

  • Optimize your profile.
  • Highlight your experience as a Monat representative
  • Share relevant content about your products
  • Engage in discussions related to haircare or skincare

Implementing these strategic networking techniques into your Monat business plan will help you maximize profits while expanding both online and offline connections.

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How To Make Money With Monat: Use Automation

Unlock the power of automation to maximize your Monat profits. Automated systems help streamline your marketing efforts as you focus on building relationships with potential customers.

Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing is a powerful tool for promoting Monat products and nurturing leads.

With email marketing automation software, you can set up email sequences that trigger based on specific actions taken by your subscribers.

For instance:

Signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product.

Using best practices with email marketing allows you to send targeted messages at the right time, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Social Media Scheduling Tools

Social media platforms are essential for connecting with potential customers and showcasing Monat’s benefits.

To save time and ensure consistent posting across all channels, use social media scheduling tools like Buffer or Hootsuite.

These tools allow you to:

  • Plan content in advance
  • Schedule posts at optimal times
  • Track performance metrics

Chatbots for Customer Support

Offering first-rate customer service is key to establishing confidence with prospects and sustaining relationships.

Consider building a blog.


Implement chatbots on your website to offer instant assistance to your visitors.

ManyChat and TARS are chatbot platform possibilities to integrate into your Monat business.

These AI-powered tools can:

  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Guide users through product selection
  • Facilitate sales

Automation not only saves time but also helps you deliver a personalized experience for each prospect.

As a result, you’ll see increased engagement, higher conversion rates, and ultimately more revenue from your Monat business.

Feature Download (if you’re a struggling Monat Market Partner):

I’ve put together a free “Monat Quick-Start Video Guide” that shows you How To Attract 3-7 New Monat Customers & Team Members Per Week Without Prospecting A Single Person.

In it, I show you how to intimately know the pains & goals of your prospects so that you attract the BEST leads for your Monat business.

You’ll never have to spam strangers scripted messages OR bug your friends and family ever again…

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Create a Winning Monat Strategy

Develop a winning business strategy to drive more sales, grow your network, and increase your revenue.

Here are some key steps to help you create an effective plan:

Set Clear Goals

Decide the desired results in terms of sales, client expansion and overall profits within certain periods (e.g., per month or yearly).

Having concrete objectives will give you direction and motivation as you work towards them.

Identify Your Target Audience

Understanding who your target audience is vital as you sell Monat products.

Consider factors such as age range, gender preferences, hair types, or concerns they may have about their hair care routine.

Create social media and blog content that helps your audience understand why they should buy from you.

Develop a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Your USP should highlight the unique benefits of Monat products compared to competitors’ offerings.

Focus on aspects like natural ingredients used by the company. Thread your USP throughout everything you do within your Monat business:

  • Diversify Your Marketing Channels: Utilize multiple marketing channels, such as social media, email campaigns, and blogging to reach a wider audience. This can help broaden your customer base and boost the likelihood of making sales.
  • Invest in Personal Development: Continuously improve your knowledge about personal growth and the network marketing industry by attending training sessions or webinars.
  • Create a Supportive Team Culture: Foster a positive environment within your Monat team. Offer support, encouragement, and communicate well. Doing so will build strong relationships with your downline that could lead to greater success.

Incorporating these elements into your overall strategy will set you on the path towards mastering how to make money with Monat.

Increase Your Knowledge of Monat Products

To make money with Monat, you need an in-depth understanding of the products. Expert product knowledge results in effectively promoting and selling.

Familiarize Yourself with the Product Line

Monat offers a wide range of haircare and skincare products. Each works for specific needs or hair types.

Familiarize yourself with the various shampoos, conditioners, styling items, treatments, and supplements.

You need this information to make the right product recommendations for customers.

Understand the Benefits & Ingredients

Next, dive deeper into each product’s benefits and ingredients list so that you can explain how they work together to deliver results.

For example, MONAT’s proprietary Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive™ blend is rich in antioxidants and nutrients. It helps nourish hair follicles while providing hydration for healthier-looking hair.

Other Monat product benefits:

  • Vegan: All Monat products are vegan-friendly, meaning no animal-derived ingredients are used.
  • Cruelty-free: The company does not test its products on animals nor allow third-party testing on their behalf.
  • Naturally-based: Many ingredients found within Monat formulations come from natural sources like plants or minerals.
  • No harmful chemicals: Monat is committed to avoiding harmful chemicals.

Share Your Personal Experience & Customer Testimonials

If you’ve used Monat products yourself or have customers satisfied with their results, share these experiences through testimonials and personal stories.

Potential clients are more likely to trust the effectiveness of each product after seeing first-hand testimonials.

Increasing your knowledge of Monat’s product line allows you to become a trusted resource. You’ll help your customers make better-informed decisions.

The more knowledgeable you become, the greater success you’ll achieve in making money.

How Do Monat Market Partners Earn Commissions?

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Monat Market Partners (MMPs) earn various income streams by learning how to maximize the Monat compensation plan.

Personal Volume Commissions

The primary way to make money is through your personal sales of Monat products. These commissions range from 10-25% depending on the comp plan level you reach.

Work your way through these qualification positions:

  • Market Partner
  • Managing Market Partner
  • Associate Market Builder
  • Market Builder
  • Managing Market Builder
  • Associate Market Mentor
  • Market Mentor
  • Managing Market Mentor
  • Associate Executive Director
  • Executive Director
  • Senior Executive Director


The comp plan pays out various bonuses:

  • 30% retail bonus
  • 15% retail bonus (VIP customers)
  • 3% to 10% personal sales bonus
  • VIP acquisition bonus
  • 3% to 7% Unilevel bonuses

Team Bonuses

You can also earn bonuses as you recruit and build your Monat team. 2% group volume bonuses are available.

Leadership Bonuses

Finally, you can earn additional leadership bonuses by taking advantage of the following:

  • $100 to $20,000 rank advancement bonuses
  • $100 to $500 rank advancement matching bonuses
  • $500 to $1000 motor club bonuses
  • 3% to 4% generation bonuses

FAQs: How to Make Money With Monat

How much money can you make with Monat?

With Monat, your earning potential is limitless.

All it takes to unlock this network marketing opportunity are a few tried-and-true techniques like smart marketing and long lasting relationships with customers. However, it takes dedication and hard work to achieve success. Five figure months don’t happen by accident.

Are people making money with Monat?

Yes, people make money with Monat. Take advantage of the training offered by Monat. Use third-party training like I offer here. Do it right and become successful like this Monat Market Partner:

YouTube video

Is joining Monat worth it?

Whether or not it is worth joining Monat depends on your individual goals. Of course with any service there comes costs that must think about before deciding if it’s right for you. At the end of the day, you will see success if you believe in the product line, work your butt off, look at it like your business, and keep going through the up and down times.

How much does a Monat Market Partner make?

Earnings from Monat vary depending on factors such as rank level and individual effort. According to its Income Disclosure Statement, average annual incomes range from $144 for Market Partners up to $1,291,941 for Senior Executive Directors. How much do you want to make? Learn the compensation plan. Build your business and keep rank advancing into your desire income level.

Wrapping Up How To Make Money With Monat

Monat is an opportunity to start your own business and make money.

The key?

Set your mind on success, make a plan, and stick to it.

Don’t listen to any naysayers in your life.

Most people try to drag you down because your success shows them what they failed to do.

If want to truly learn how to make money with Monat, make sure you don’t rely on “old-school” methods too long.

Otherwise, you’re making a big mistake on your way to the top.

By the way:

There are plenty of mistake myself and other network marketers made over the years.

Would you like to learn how to use the most effective Monat business-building online strategies?

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