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Updated April 23, 2023

Building a website for your network marketing business is an important step to success.

It’s quite simple to create and maintain one, but it does require time and effort, just like anything else inside your MLM business.

The benefits of having a website for your MLM company are many-fold.

You can:

  • Promote products with ease
  • Recruit new distributors
  • Build credibility as an industry leader
  • Demonstrate the quality of your products to potential customers

A website is an extension of your brand.

It provides you with a space to share your experience, knowledge, and expertise, while also providing an area for prospects to research you before buying a product or joining your network marketing team.

My goal here is to help educate you about how you can build a successful network marketing website by following a few simple steps.

How I’ve Laid Out This “Website For Network Marketers” Training

First, you’ll get 11 technical tips about setting up a website for your business.

Second, you’ll find additional marketing tips to help you get traction with your new MLM company website.

I’ll also link you to a separate post I created that takes you through the exact steps for getting your new site, or blog, set up and online.

Why Can’t I Use The Website My Company Gave Me?

Great question!

A replicated website provided to you by most network marketing companies serves as the last place your prospects should go.

You need to build your own network marketing blog that serves as your front-end marketing asset.

It’s designed to attract traffic of people interested in the problem you solve through your products and/or network marketing business opportunity.

Google and other search engines won’t rank a replicated website.

You and thousands of other company reps have one.

It’s nothing special.

If you don’t generate qualified traffic first, then you’ll never sell your products or recruit new reps into your downline through the replicated site portal.

My Company Has Rules Against Marketing Online

Yup, most likely.

However, nothing I teach violates any network marketing company’s terms for using the Internet.


Because you don’t use the company name or products on your blog.

Instead, you focus on the general tips and information of the niche your chosen network marketing company puts you in.

Get leads from people interested in nutrition, legal services, weight loss, fitness, personal development, skincare, essential oils, or whatever it is that you help with.

For example:

If you’re a rep learning how to make money with Herbalife, you can lead with skin care, nutrition, or fitness.

Then, you privately reach out to discuss your company and its products as the solution.

If you spam your company name all over your site and social profiles, then you:

  1. Risk violating your company rules about advertising and marketing
  2. Look like other amateur network marketers giving the multi level marketing business a bad name
  3. Lose sales and recruits because your prospects with any interest Google the company, and then buy or join someone else

How To Create a Website For Network Marketing: 10 Simple Steps

Let’s review the 10 steps to getting a network marketing blog in place:

Step 0: Business Plan for Your MLM Company Website

A business plan is like a roadmap that helps you achieve your goals.

It’s where you outline the specific steps to getting from point A (where you are now) to point B (your final destination).

Developing an effective blog for network marketing requires more than just choosing WordPress and purchasing hosting services.

You need to put a business plan in place.

That means:

  • Having a purpose
  • Defining your target audience
  • Knowing their needs and wants
  • Identifying the blogging features you’ll use to serve them better
  • Etc

Important: I’ve written a separate post that details out how to get your direct sales website in place. I recommend you read the following 10 steps as an overview. Then, go here to get a complete step-by-step tutorial on how to do the steps I outline below.

Step 1: Select The Right Domain Name For Your Network Marketing Website

The domain name is like the street address of your MLM company site on the internet.

It’s how people find you online.

The best domain names are short and easy to remember.

They’re descriptive of your site’s purpose and who it serves (i.e., a business name or keyword that describes what’s on your site).

Step 2: Network Marketers Need MLM Website Hosting

Every website needs a home on the internet.

A host is like a landlord that leases your space to use as the office or store location so you can run and grow your business (that would be your site).  

It provides all of the necessary resources for running and maintaining an online presence, including:

  • Space on a server to store your information
  • Bandwidth for uploading and downloading files, images, etc.
  • E-mail accounts that allow you to communicate with website visitors
  • Customer service support in case of site or technical issues (typically 24/hr)

The hosting company will charge a monthly fee ($20-$200 per month depending on the plan you purchase) to provide these resources every month.

Step 3: Install WordPress On Your MLM Business Website

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) for building websites and it’s free!  

It provides a user-friendly interface that allows even novice website owners like network marketers to get up and running quickly.

What is WordPress?  

It’s an open-source website development platform that uses PHP (the standard programming language for building websites), HTML, CSS, etc., which means you don’t need any special technical skills or training to use it successfully.  

WordPress allows users to easily update their site content, add new pages and features, install plugins to extend the functionality of their website, etc.

Step 4: Customize Your Network Marketing Website w/ Plugins & Widgets

When you go live on your WordPress site for network marketing purposes, it will look like a bunch of empty boxes (called “widgets”) and blank spaces (called “plugins”).

Plugins are like apps that allow you to extend the functionality of your WordPress site.  

For example, they include things like contact forms, image galleries, menus, and navigation bars for better site organization and user experience (UX), etc.

Widgets are boxes with content or features that get dragged onto any blank section of your website.  They can include things like:

  • Social media widgets for sharing site content on social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter)
  • Blogging features that allow you to publish blog posts directly from WordPress
  • Content sliders or carousels
  • Social proof elements such as customer testimonials and video endorsements
  • Newsletters – to help you send regular email updates to your site visitors

Step 5: Get Organized with WordPress Categories & Tags

A category in WordPress is like the file folder system that allows users to organize their website content into different groups, or sections (e.g., blog posts, testimonials, etc.) for easy access and retrieval.

Tags are like the index cards you use to organize your papers in a file folder system (e.g., “business,” “marketing” or “blogging”).

They allow website owners to tag their blog posts, images, and other content with relevant descriptive keywords.

Those keywords make it easier both for the site owner to find the content they need and for search engines to index it so visitors can find relevant information.

Important: I have written a separate post that details how to get your network marketing website in place. After reading these 10 steps as an overview, click here to get a complete step-by-step tutorial on how to do the steps I’ve outlined here.

Step 6: Add a Blog Section w/ WordPress Posts, Pages & Menus

Once you have your website up and running with a home page that features an opt-in form on it (to start building a list), as well as a blog with categories and tags for organizing your content, you will need to start adding blog posts.

A post in WordPress is like an article on a website (e.g., “How To Eat Better” or “5 Tips For Younger-Looking Skin”).  

A page in WordPress is like an “About” or “Contact Us” type of web page that contains static, non-changing content (e.g., text and images).

WordPress menus are like the navigation bars that appear at the top of website pages.  

They allow visitors to browse different sections on your site without having to search for them using a search engine like Google or Bing.

Step 7: Optimize Your Network Marketing Website

Once you’ve completed building your network marketing website, you can then add some plugins to help with SEO (search engine optimization) and other aspects of your online business.

This includes things like:

  • SEO plugins that make it easier for search engines to crawl your site content. You want search engines to index your content in their databases so they know what the pages are about when someone searches a relevant keyword.  A good free example of this is Google XML Sitemaps, which will create sitemap files to help search engines crawl your website more efficiently.
  • Lead capture plugins that allow you to easily integrate lead generation forms. You need visitors to opt-in for access to resources or content updates by entering their name and email address.  
  • Conversion rate optimization plugins that help you test certain aspects of your website to see if they’re increasing or decreasing conversions.

Once these things are in place, you’re ready to start driving traffic to your network marketing site and converting that traffic into leads (and eventually customers and recruits).

Step 8:  Promote To Attract Visitors To The Site

With your blog built and optimized, you’ll now need to start working on attracting visitors who become your next prospects.

One quick way to promote is to use Facebook ads. They allow you to target people based upon their age, gender, interests (e.g., “skincare, fitness, or legal issues”), location, etc.  

Or, you could use YouTube, Instagram, Google, or LinkedIn ads.

Ads cost money, of course, but they help get immediate traffic.

If your budget is tight, then you can hustle your way to attracting targeted visitors with steps 9 and 10.

Step 9: Consistently Post Network Marketing Business Content

Once you’ve built your website, the next step is to ensure you post fresh content consistently.

Google uses many ranking factors and this is one of them.

It wants to benefit websites that provide new and fresh content to searchers.

You don’t need to post like a crazy person every day.

However, you want to post a quality article 2 to 4 times per month so Google doesn’t penalize you for abandoning the site.

Note: In the beginning, you need to post far more frequently. Make a goal to get to 50 to 100 posts as quickly as possible. It will help Google see your site as an authority. Once you get that, Google will send more visitors to you.

Step 10: Perform Proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While you’re adding blog posts to your website, you must optimize them for search engines. You’ll need to include keywords throughout each page of text with appropriate descriptions, headers, meta tags, etc.

Three SEO methods exist:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Technical SEO

On-Page SEO is what we just covered and includes things like optimizing blog posts for search engines by using keywords, meta tags, etc.  

Off-Page SEO is the promotion of your website through online marketing strategies to generate traffic from other websites (e.g., social media engagement or getting other site owners to link back to yours).  

Technical SEO involves ensuring that Google crawls the website properly to index it. It also involves making sure your site speed is fast.

Bonus Step #11: Add a Lead Generation Form

Once your website is up and running, you’ll want to add a lead generation form that captures the names and email addresses of people interested in what you offer.  

It allows people to opt-in for information that gives them instant access to something valuable (e.g., free training, webinar, or report).  

It’s a process for building trust and turning your network marketing website into a 24/7 passive lead generator for your business.

Important: I’ve written a separate post that details how to get your network marketing website in place. Click here to get a complete step-by-step tutorial on how to do the steps I’ve outlined above.

How To Dominate As a Network Marketer

Once you have your network marketing industry website in place, you should know about these home business and direct selling best practices.

Decide which areas you need to improve in as you strive to become the best network marketing trainer in your MLM business.

A benefit of MLM is that you can recruit new MLM sales reps into your downline and makes a profit from the sales made in their business legs.

While some misinformed folks might refer to it as “using” others, the real reason to build a team is that you get rewarded to help out others who succeed.

It’s essential to see your recruiting role as an opportunity to grow into a business coach and leader and MLM trainer.

The focus then is on the good of the people involved in your multi level business and less on you.

Take time to train your team.

Answer their questions. Celebrate their successes and offer support when things get tough.

Remain Genuine As a Network Marketing Trainer

Many direct sales reps use hype and sometimes deception to lure others into the business.

Legitimate network marketing companies want you to remain honest with product and MLM business prospects.

If you love your product, let your excitement shine on your home business site and when interacting with new leads.

However, there’s no need to overstate product benefits or part-time and full time income opportunities afforded to anyone working to build an MLM business.

You’ll make more money within your business if you honestly tell new customers and recruits about the pros and cons of running MLM companies.

Share Your Product/Business Plan Every Day

Most network marketing companies teach reps to share the plan every day.

That’s hard to do if you don’t have your own website.

Most of us don’t have time each day to generate leads manually that allow us to share our products or business opportunities with one new qualified prospect.

You’ll find success faster by building a multi level website as I’ve described above.

As more people visit it over time, you’ll sign dozens, then hundreds, and then thousands of people to your email subscriber list.

The result?

You’ll blow past all the other distributors within your own company and any other MLM companies selling similar products.

Generating MLM interest, getting to success, and making more money within the network marketing industry become easier when your MLM website removes any need for manual prospecting.

It’s how you share the plan every single day on autopilot.

Learn Marketing To Find Direct Selling Success

MLMers typically use the three-foot rule (everyone within three-foot of you is a prospect ) and other traditional non-targeted marketing techniques.

MLM companies do a disservice to their business reps when providing so-called MLM training around this stuff.

Sales and marketing success comes after you advertise to people who want to solve the problem your MLM business product solves.

Creating a network marketing website automatically puts you on the road to learning how to market to people who research online and social media

Don’t Barrage Your Friends and Family

As I just finished talking about, your job is to reject the common MLM training.

No more bugging friends and family, or ramming your product pics down the throats of your social contact.

Learn how to market as a professional using tried and true online marketing methods.

Only then will you run a successful network marketing business.

Identify Your Target Market

If you sell skincare products in your multi-level marketing business, then you’re in the skincare niche.

If you sell legal services, then that’s your niche.

If you’re a fitness coach inside your network marketing business, then you’re in the fitness niche.

That may sound obvious, but I need to overcome the crazy MLM industry nonsense of teaching people how everyone’s a prospect.


Identify your niche and your target market, or “best fit” client.

Then, put your network marketing website into gear to attract that best-fit client through proper keyword research.

MLM Website FAQ

How do I find network marketing leads?

Many theories abound around this topic. Most MLM training tells you that your close contacts equal the best prospects.

It’s simply not true.

It’s ludicrous to think that your Mom, Aunt Mary, best friend, or Uncle Frank want to buy your nutritious shake simply because they know you.

You need to finally build your network marketing website, build pages based on the keywords your target market uses to find the solution your product provides, and then use proper online marketing techniques to find success in getting MLM leads.

You can also use social media, but only if done correctly. Learn how to use social correctly here.

How do I recruit online for network marketing?

You’ll succeed with network marketing recruiting by offering useful information on a well-constructed website.

You need to attract people already looking for an opportunity.

The best way to build your team at a low cost to you is through blog content that educates potential customers and recruits why your business opportunity is valid for their personal goals.

Attract leads with your content, educate them further via email marketing, and benefit from an endless stream of new reps month after month.

How do I invite strangers to network marketing?

To attract strangers into your network marketing opportunity, you need to focus on educating them first.

Build relationships by creating blog content that teaches tips and strategies.

For example, if you sell financial products, write articles about how to build a budget and achieve specific personal finance goals.

Use keywords that attract your target market so they find the content on Google.

For example: “How To Gain Financial Freedom With A $500 Budget” would be an educational article teaching people with their own money problems how to gain freedom.

Avoid the common mistake of just inviting them to your business opportunity without first demonstrating why you’re a solution provider.

Once you build a little trust through your content, invite those strangers to join your email list. Educate them further that way until they’re ready to hop on a call with you.

By passing on knowledge and remaining patient throughout the recruiting process, you’ll turn strangers into friends on your team.

How do I recruit on Facebook network marketing?

Avoid doing what most companies teach if you want to use Facebook to bring in new MLM reps.

Build a relationship first with each social media contact.

Connect after researching them a little.

Gain an understanding about them. Find where a true connection between your business and what they have an interest in exists.

Most MLM companies turn you into a pushy person sending off random Facebook messages.

People are tired of that approach.

Make a new friend first. Gain authentic knowledge about them as a person.

Then, you can tell them about what you do and see if they’d like to discover more about it.

How do you create network marketing content?

It’s simple really. Focus on your niche and the tips a person needs to know about what your product solution is.

For example, create content around makeup tips if you sell makeup.

Or, create content around workouts if you’re selling fitness products with your network marketing opportunity.

Organize your information in an easy-to-follow way, and make it simple for people to pick up what they need from the page.

Don’t overcomplicate anything or try to trick anyone into buying something by making it too complex. Keep things straightforward…and helpful.

More MLM Business Training

If you still haven’t created your new network marketing blog, then go here to get that set up.

Setting up your website is only the beginning of your journey toward using online marketing, social media, and finding the success you crave.

If you want to make more sales, hit your next rank, and earn the money your family needs, then get on a success path where you discover the best MLM training available.

I’ve put together training designed to help you understand the network marketing industry better, generate quality leads, make product sales, and build a large team.

Go here and let’s help you build a business that makes a difference for your family.

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