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5 Best MLM Leads Lists: Proven Leads For 2022 MLM Growth

MLM Leads - Promote Your Multi Level Marketing Business Worldwide

Last Updated on May 28, 2022 by Matt Zavadil

So, you want the best MLM leads?

Consistent lead flow is the key to building a successful network marketing business.

Question: What defines “best” with MLM lead generation?

Answer: The best leads are folks furthest along the Buying Cycle…they’re ready to either:

  • Buy your product right now
  • Start a new business right now

To succeed in MLM marketing you need a steady supply of network marketing leads.

There are two ways to get MLM leads:

  1. Buy real-time leads
  2. Generate your own network marketing leads

What follows is a list of my list of the 5 best sources of MLM leads when you need to get your network marketing business off to a fast start.

Best MLM Leads Company



Rating: 5 out of 5.

LeadPower has the best “success call” training,
the most up-to-date MLM leads,
and gives you 10 FREE leads (no credit card required).

YouTube video

Who Has The Best MLM Leads?

Here are my top picks for the best network marketing leads:

1. LeadPower

Rating: 5 out of 5.

LeadPower is my top pick for the best source of MLM leads.

It gives you quality real-time MLM leads, phone-interviewed leads, and local leads for your network marketing home-based business.

In business since 1998, LeadPower has already given qualified network marketing prospects to almost 200,000 network marketers. Why not become one of their next MLMers to benefit from one of the top one-stop shop MLM lead companies in the industry?

Other key features include:

  • Quality, up-to-date MLM leads
  • Outstanding customer service when you have questions
  • “Live Dial” training for success calls

That last bullet point is key.

With LeadPower, you’ll not only get all the exclusive leads you can handle, but you’ll also benefit from their staff’s MLM leads training sessions.

YouTube video

Inside these quality MLM training calls, you’ll learn from seasoned pros about how to contact new prospects and aged leads in a way that helps you successfully convert each lead into your personal downline.

MLM leads training for Legalshield
Shaklee network marketing leads training

Pricing packages:

LeadPower offers you several pricing options:

  • Basic – $78 (200 real-time short forms, 15 daily leads, free live training)
  • Advanced – $89 (200 fresh, telephone-interviewed leads, 15 MLM leads daily, free live training)
  • Professional – $97 (600 real-time short forms, 30 daily leads, free lie training)
  • Elite – $135 (600 fresh, telephone-interviewed leads, 30 network marketing leads daily, free live training)

You’ll get 10 “free” leads when you try LeadPower.

Feature Download: I’ve put together a free “Quick-Start Guide” that shows you how to implement the theory this post explains to you.

This collection of MLM guides shows you step-by-step how to get set up so you’re ready to start getting quality prospects for your MLM business.

You’ll learn 5 Simple Steps to More MLM Leads: How to Recruit with the Push of a Button”, plus 5 Bonus Trainings that teach you:

  • How to use Facebook
  • How to use LinkedIn
  • How to use the “Reverse Invite Method”
  • The problem with social media for prospecting
  • 3 strategies for more MLM leads

So you get more prospects WITHOUT the rejection.

Click here to grab it all

2. LeadFuze

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

LeadFuze uses an AI-powered proprietary system that lets you dial into the best-qualified real-time leads for your specific home-based business opportunity.

Using artificial intelligence, you’ll get email addresses, phone numbers, and social profiles for network marketing leads in real-time.

Combined, the LeadFuze team brings a track record of over 100 years of sales and marketing experience to help you find all the MLM leads you need to dramatically improve your network marketing business results.

Other key features include:

  • Build unlimited MLM leads lists
  • Export all the leads to your computer
  • Advanced search filters for finding exclusive leads
  • List-building automation tools

If you’re looking for quality business opportunity leads interested in a network marketing home business, LeadFuze will simply give you the best leads to contact for immediate MLM downline growth.

One reason I love LeadFuze is that they also provide content about how to best use the network marketing and business opportunity leads they give you.

You can either buy your quality MLM leads right away or ask to see their demo first.

Usually, LeadFuze gives you 25 free network marketing leads when starting your free trial.

However, I’ve worked with them to give my blog readers like you an extra 25 free MLM leads to start with when you simply start your free account.

Yes, that means you’ll get 50 exclusive leads for your MLM home-based business for free.

You’re welcome 🙂

Follow this link to get your first 50 free leads from LeadFuze.

3. MLM Lead Specialist

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Try MLM Lead Specialist if you’re looking for various MLM lead packages that give you flexible ways to secure responsive business opportunity leads.

Their customers report getting some of the best network marketing leads in the industry.

MLM Lead Specialist gives you the following types of leads for home business:

  • Real-time double-opt-in leads
  • Real-time telephone-interviewed leads
  • Redirected business opportunity leads
  • Bulk email leads
  • Local area MLM leads
  • Aged leads

Other key features include:

  • Lead management tools
  • Automated follow-up option
  • Free MLM leads training via weekly sessions
  • Award-winning lead generation closing script
  • Bad leads guarantee

You’ll get the option to control your monthly lead flow, quality customer service, and a contact manager to help as you work on building your home business.

Pricing info:

Visit the MLM Leads Specialist website for its pricing information. Multiple plans exist. Pricing ranges from $28 to $750 depending on lead quality and the number of network marketing leads purchased.

4. Network Leads

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Network Leads offers quality prospects for your network marketing downline.

You’ll discover some of the best home business opportunity leads at an affordable price.

Choose from a full range of leads who will become genuinely interested in your business:

  • Opt-in email leads
  • Telephone verified opt-ins
  • MLM leads looking to work from home

Other key features include:

  • Online contact manager
  • Recorded training calls for higher conversion rates
  • Lead capture sites
  • Motivational movies
  • Network marketing lead capture pages

Network Leads gives you a lead management system to keep track of prospects, as well as traffic packages.

Pricing packages:

  • Quadruple Combo 1 – $119.95 (50 phone verified leads, 500 MLMer/business opp leads, 35 ads, 1,000 site visitors)
  • Quadruple Combo 2 – $200 (100 phone verified leads, 1,000 MLMer/business opp leads, 35 ads, 2,000 site visitors)
  • Pre-Paid Quadruple Combo 1 – $500 (500 phone verified leads, 8,000 MLMer/business opp leads, 35 ads, 2,000 site visitors)
  • Pre-Paid Quadruple Combo 2 – $1,000 (1,250 phone verified leads, 20,000 MLMer/business opp leads, 35 ads, 2,000 site visitors)

Click the blue button below to visit the Network Leads site, then click on “Leads & Traffic” from their navbar.

5. Custom Leads

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Serving its customers since 2005, Custom Leads holds a solid track record for being a one-stop shop for the best business opportunity leads for the money.

It’s one of the top MLM lead companies that guarantees current contact information so you can close product sales and add people to your team.

Custom Leads specializes in three types of MLM leads:

  • Telephone verified
  • Local area MLM leads
  • Real-time MLM leads
  • Aged leads

Pricing info:

Visit the Customer Leads website for company pricing information. Multiple plans exist. Pricing ranges from $35 to $175 depending on the type of leads you’re looking to buy.

Generate MLM Leads Using An MLM System

What if you don’t want to buy MLM leads and call them?

Well, you could use a network marketing system to generate warm leads through the process of attraction marketing.

What Is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing is a strategy that uses storytelling and social media to connect with people on a personal level.

It helps you build trust, credibility, relationships, and eventually leads as your followers become prospects ready for nurturing.

What Is a Network Marketing System?

A network marketing system is a piece of software, combined with provided training from MLM specialists, that helps you attract qualified MLM leads through your very own attraction marketing sales funnel.

What Are The Best Network Marketing Systems?

Here are my top three network marketing/attraction marketing systems to help you generate MLM leads who ask you about how to buy your products or join your business.

1. AttractionMarketing.com (Formerly Elite Marketing Pro)

AttractionMarketing.com, which used to be Elite Marketing Pro, is a full suite of MLM training, coaching, and education.

It’s a network marketing system that teaches you how to attract all the business opportunity leads you can handle without facing rejection from new prospects.

You’ll learn from a personal network marketing leads specialist how to bring in local leads, real-time leads, and phone-interviewed leads without paying 3rd-party lead companies.

Instead, you’ll put your own online network marketing system into place and bring in new MLM leads via social media, blogging, or paid Facebook ads.

Key features include:

  • Community of over 100,000 MLMers
  • Top-notch weekly MLM training
  • Accountability to keep you on track
  • Pre-built MLM marketing funnels
  • 1:1 business opportunity coaching

If you’re genuinely interested in gaining 100% control over your ability to dictate how many network marketing leads you to generate each month, AttractionMarketing.com (formerly called Elite Marketing Pro) is the best network marketing system on the market today.

I wrote two reviews to help you understand this MLM system and how to create your own real-time leads with it.

  1. AttractionMarketing.com/Elite Marketing Pro Review
  2. Attraction Marketing Formula review

Getting a copy of the Attraction Marketing Formula is the way to get inside the AttractionMarketing.com/Elite Marketing Pro system.

2. My Lead System Pro

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) is a home-based business lead system that works when building a network marketing business or any other type of business opportunity.

It’s an amazing network marketing system.

I know the people who run it and they’re good people.

I rank it second to Elite Marketing Pro only because it’s a bit more complicated.

MLSP gives you several different types of online sales funnels.

You can use them to build a network marketing business opportunity, an affiliate marketing offer, or any other type of home-based business.

Key features include:

  • Pre-made sales funnels to attract MLM leads
  • Industry-leading home-based business training
  • CRM software included
  • 1:1 business opportunity coaching
  • Community area

Since it’s not dedicated only to network marketers and it’s not as simple to operate, I recommend going with AttractionMarketing.com/Elite Marketing Pro first.

However, check out My Lead System Pro (MLSP) here and make your own decision about using it for your business opportunity leads!

3. Rocket Recruiting App

The Rocket Recruiting app is another excellent way to generate your own network marketing prospects.

You’ll use the app to show real-time leads why they’ll benefit from joining your business opportunity.

Key features include:

  • Simple dashboard
  • Prospecting training
  • Accountability
  • Recruiting videos
  • Sales funnels
  • Lead management system

Does Buying MLM Leads Work?

In the first section above, I offered you the top 5 companies for buying exclusive leads at an affordable price for your MLM home-based business.

Good situations where cutting your teeth on purchased business opportunity leads makes sense include:

  • You’re scared to talk to friends and family
  • Your warm contact list has been exhausted without much result
  • Your phone skills need a lot of help
  • You want to jump-start your results as you’re learning how to generate your own quality leads

Important Notes About Buying MLM Leads

Calling phone-interviewed leads from purchased lists doesn’t mean you’ll get automatic sign-ups or sales.

Go into each call understanding that these leads have no idea who you are. They don’t have any reason to trust you yet. They’re business opportunity leads who have previously shown an interest in network marketing.

This means you need to start slow and move them through your process properly.

Start by building some rapport and then quickly getting to the point. Find a question you like that helps to uncover whether they’re genuinely interested in building a home-based business or not.

Example Question For Leads“The reason I’m calling is I see you’ve recently expressed an interest in starting a home business opportunity. Have you found your solution or are you still looking for a way to earn income from home?”

If their response is positive, then move them into the next step, such as watching your company presentation. If they aren’t interested, let them go. There’s no use in trying to turn a lead around when they don’t want to talk more. Move on to the next person.

Personal Or Local MLM Leads

I know you’re most likely reading this because you’re already beyond frustrated with your company or upline telling you that a warm contact list is the fastest way to success.

I still want to quickly cover it because it’s important to understand when it typically works and when it doesn’t.

Personal or local MLM leads are usually great for people who already have a track record of building trust in the business community. I’m talking about people like:

  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Local politicians
  • Prominent local teachers
  • Accountants

These folks can build an entirely different type of warm contact list than the average person. Most of us don’t have the same credibility with our contacts as lawyers or doctors do.

That’s why trying to jumpstart your home-based business with warm contacts usually ends in frustration.

Your friends & family don’t see you as an entrepreneur or business person. They won’t encourage your new direction and may even laugh at you because of this.

This Leads Your Company Or Upline To Give Dumb Advice For Getting Personal Or Local MLM Leads

I’m sure you like your company and probably respect your upline.

With that said, their advice most likely includes the following ways to generate network marketing leads:

  • 3-foot rule
  • Scouring your local mall
  • Cold calling resume lists
  • Inviting cold prospects to weekly opportunity meetings
  • Putting on hotel meetings
  • Shouting to leads on Twitter about how you have the best products EVER!
  • Shouting on Facebook about how you have the best home-based business EVER!
  • Spamming your company’s replicated site or store on Instagram

On the surface, using the 3-foot rule, cold calling, or talking to social media contacts seems to make sense.

But here’s the interesting thing:

What if you were going to invite your Aunt Martha to your wedding?

Which method would you use:

1) First you verify that she’s interested in coming to the wedding. Then, ask her or your mom for her address and send her a self-addressed stamped envelope with an invitation to attend.


2) Take $10,000 out of your bank account and get a local printer to make 10,000 copies of the invitation. Then, spend more money to hire a pilot to fly over the city your aunt lives in and randomly drop invitations. Your hope is that Aunt Martha will magically see one of the invitations dropped in her yard.

Let me guess:

You’d choose option #1.


Most network marketing leaders would choose option #2 when it comes to advising you on how to build your business.

Is that crazy or what?

We all “get” that targeted marketing is the best way to invite folks to a wedding, but when it comes to building an MLM business opportunity, we resort to “shotgun” marketing.

We shoot buckshot randomly and hope/pray it hits the “right” people who will join us or buy from us.

If you think that’s a silly way to generate personal or local MLM leads, well…

…you’d be right!

Before we move on, allow me to further drive this point home:

Why Hotel Meetings Or Business Overview Invites Just Don’t Work…For Most Networkers…And What To Do About It

What does your company or upline tell you to do with the people you find via the 3-foot rule, scouring the local mall, or cold-calling resume lists?

Get them to local meetings where you share the company with them.

One of the meetings typically encouraged is hosting a hotel meeting, where you would:

Set the date…

Look at other important events in your area. Make sure yours doesn’t clash. While there’s never a “perfect” date, the idea is to pick one that seems to work best for a majority of people.

Talk to your upline and see if he or she will host it. Having someone with more info and status than you is supposed to help get more people motivated to join your business.

Decide where to host the event…

You want the venue to be comfortable for everyone so they’ll listen to what you have to share.

In addition, it might be a good idea to serve snacks and drinks. Make sure food and drinks are acceptable at your venue (and make sure you have the money for this in your bank account).

Choose a venue that fits fewer leads than you invite. They won’t all show up anyway. You want to create an appearance of a full house.

A general rule is to invite enough people where 10% of all the leads will fit in your venue. If 20 people will fit comfortably, invite 200.

Invite 200 People?

And here lies the problem:

Most folks I’ve worked with over the years do not have a quality list of 200+ local MLM leads to invite.

Do you have a list of 200 local leads who know you?

If not, and to be blunt, offline MLM marketing is not the best business opportunity success strategy. You have to be willing to use the 3-foot rule, cold calling or mall stalking to generate your prospects.

Sounds like fun, huh?

No, Generating MLM Leads Offline Is Not Fun…You Know It, I Know It & Your Downline Team Knows It

Deep down you know it’s true:

Even though company trainings revolve around these offline methods…

…we all know that most people you successfully recruit do not want to contact their friends & family…

…or cold call the phone book…

…or scour the local mall…

…or hit up prospects when their family is out to eat…

If your team doesn’t want to do those old, outdated, miserable things…how is your business going to grow?

Using Social Media To Generate Effective MLM Leads

OK, offline methods are:

  • Largely ineffective
  • Bring in leads that aren’t “targeted, already interested” prospects
  • Most people don’t have the will-power to keep doing them

The next logical step for most of us is to jump online and use social media.

Unfortunately, most MLM reps use the Internet the same ineffective way they use local offline methods: Bugging folks and turning most people off.

The reason is that most people use social media to post product pics or yell about how great their home business opportunity is.

Spamming your Facebook network with endless pitches about how great your skin care or legal products are is annoying. Pitching folks on Twitter about your wonderful juice goes ignored.

Bad Examples Of MLM Social Media Posts

Can you identify why these social media posts are bad examples of finding exclusive leads?

Bad example of social media for network marketing leads

This Avon example is ineffective and annoys people because it comes off as an infomercial. This person isn’t relating to people in a way where she first finds out about them, or even considers whether this message will hit on people already expressing the desire to build their own businesses.

Generating leads for MLM isn't going to happen this way

Again, an annoying message because the poster assumes all her social media contacts have an interest in losing weight. It’s a blatant infomercial and not helpful to anyone at all.

Good Examples of What To Post On Social Media

better way to get network marketing leads
This post leads readers to an article with helpful tips without pushing annoying product pics in front of them.
education works best to get network marketing prospects
Notice this post actually got engagement because it’s helpful, general information. There is not one mention of which “super duper” MLM company is being hawked…

The 2 above posts were done by people who understand how to generate MLM leads correctly. They’re starting off by offering general tips that will attract people who are actually interested in being healthy.

There’s no mention of company names, product names, company replicated website store links or business opportunities. That type of stuff is too soon when building relationships with people.

You must become a person known for providing excellent tips and helpful information if you’re seriously interested in generating the best MLM leads possible.

How You Will Create Quality MLM Leads

If you get anything out of my words today please understand that the quickest way to destroy your chances for success in network marketing is to refuse to learn how to become a professional marketer.

If you want to generate MLM leads who have a true interest in what you offer you must be willing to learn and implement the best of what the Internet provides us.

  • I created an international downline without doing one 1on1 Starbucks meeting or dragging anyone to a local opp night.
  • I didn’t ever use the 3-foot rule as I did errands with my family.
  • I didn’t buy any leads.
  • I didn’t shout about my business on Twitter or Facebook.
  • I did none of that stuff I see 99% of networkers doing.

And, yet, I grew an international downline with folks from America, Australia, Canada, S. Africa, Europe, Japan, etc on my team.

How is that even possible, you might be wondering…

What I did is create my own marketing HUB where the people already interested in my products and their solutions easily found me through Google…

But First, Your Mindset Regarding MLM Lead Generation Must Shift

I’ve detailed why offline methods and bought leads don’t work for most folks.

But there’s more to this story:

In the end, the only thing that will guarantee you success or failure is YOU and your EFFORT and your ability to MARKET in an intelligent way.

You must be willing to become excellent at MARKETING.

There’s a big difference between marketing & prospecting.

Marketing means:

  • learning how to use the Internet to identify a niche
  • putting together quality content that meets the needs of that niche
  • having a long-term outlook
  • diligently moving more people from that niche over to digesting your trust building content

If you’re not willing to work hard at becoming a better network MARKETER, then of course you’re going to struggle and get eaten alive by folks who know how to market efficiently.

The good news is you can learn how to market in a way that attracts quality MLM leads into your funnel and into your business.

The key to marketing online boils down to 3 things:

  • create value
  • PRE-sell your market
  • offer solutions that make sense to that market

There’s no other way to do it.

Yet network marketers are notorious for doing nothing but SHOUTING about their great company, product or opp.

It just doesn’t work because nobody cares until they know more about you.

Look at the size of your business…has it worked for you to yell on social media, use the 3-foot rule or do endless 1on1 coffee shop meetings?

OUCH, I know…

…I once made that same realization…

…that’s why you’re here searching for an answer that works.

When you take the ACTION STEPS I outline below, you’ll provide the upfront value that’ll PRE-sell your visitors on how cool you are & how much you know about helping them with their problems…

…and when you position your product and business as the ultimate solution to their problems, they’ll LISTEN.

They’ll contact you.

Isn’t that different from what you’re currently experiencing as you constantly chase folks down?

YouTube video

Feature Download: I’ve put together a free “Quick-Start Guide” that shows you how to implement the theory this post explains to you.

This collection of MLM guides shows you step-by-step how to get set up so you’re ready to start getting quality prospects for your MLM business.

You’ll learn 5 Simple Steps to More MLM Leads: How to Recruit with the Push of a Button”, plus 5 Bonus Trainings that teach you:

  • How to use Facebook
  • How to use LinkedIn
  • How to use the “Reverse Invite Method”
  • The problem with social media for prospecting
  • 3 strategies for more MLM leads

So you get more prospects WITHOUT the rejection.

Click here to grab it all

YOU & Your Blog Generate Your Best MLM Leads

It’s time to become a true entrepreneur. In doing so, where should you start in order to generate targeted MLM leads…prospects who will most likely want to buy from you and join your organization?

I’ll let a person who is very good at social media and blogging, Chris Brogan, help us with that:

chris brogan start with blog

Isn’t that interesting? Did you ever think of a blog as “social media”?

But in fact, it’s the most important piece of Internet real estate you can ever put in place. Blogging expert Michael Hyatt says it this way:

“You wouldn’t build a house on a rented lot, right?”

What both Chris and Michael are referencing is the fact that your social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn…they’re all “rented lots”. You don’t own them. If you do anything against their Terms of Service you’ll wake up one day to dead, cleared out accounts.

Your blog? Entirely different story. As long as you don’t use a freebie entity like Blogger, Weebly or Tumblr then you “own” it. You can say and do as you like. You can link anywhere you want (take THAT Facebook!).

And, it’s a proven fact that your blog will increase your lead generation and sales.

Blogging Creates Trust In The Market

Having a blog immediately separates you from all other networkers doomed to the family and friends nightmare. It makes you a trusted advisor to your potential leads and clients. Read my blog post for more about the importance of being a trusted advisor.

It also allows you to set up a residual lead generation machine that brings leads into your business 24/7 while you’re eating, sleeping or spending time with your family.

I see desperate MLMers typing these kinds of phrases into Google:

  • MLM business lead
  • targeted MLM leads
  • MLM lead program
  • exclusive MLM lead
  • opt in MLM lead
  • network marketing leads
  • free network marketing leads
  • MLM lead generation company

The truth is that you are your own MLM lead generation company. You are the best source for exclusive MLM leads.

You want leads that are yours and yours alone? Then, think like a true entrepreneur and generate those leads on your own blog. These will be prospects who recognize your name, they know who you are, they trust you because you gave them valuable content…

They WANT to talk with you!

It’s also interesting to note that your future customers are 60% more likely to buy from you when they’ve sought out your blog content.

What Do You Blog About?

You blog about your niche. Meaning this:

No matter what company you’re in, you’re in a niche. Let me show you:

  • Organo Gold: coffee, skincare, travel services & personal care
  • Plexus: health and wellness
  • Young Living: essential oils
  • Jeunesse Global: anti-aging
  • Forever Living: aloe vera
  • Arbonne: health & wellness
  • Rodan + Fields: skincare
  • Beachbody: fitness & nutrition
  • doTERRA: essential oils
  • It Works!: weight loss and personal care
  • FGXpress: medical devices for pain
  • Herbalife: nutrition & weight loss
  • Le-Vel: health and wellness, weight management
  • LegalShield: legal services
  • Isagenix: personal care, skincare & weight loss
  • Melaleuca: nutrition, beauty, essential oils & household products
  • ACN: TV, Internet, identity theft, gas, electricity services
  • Thirty-One Gifts: Bags, totes & thermals

There are thousands and thousands of companies. The point is your company places you in a niche. This means your best MLM leads will come from targeting people in that niche.

  • Organo Gold rep? Target people who are ALREADY coffee lovers
  • Plexus rep? Target folks who ALREADY want to help their diabetes, high cholesterol, etc
  • Young Living rep? Target people ALREADY interested health and essential oils
  • Arbonne rep? Target people ALREADY interested in losing weight or skincare
  • Rodan + Fields rep? Target people ALREADY interested in skincare
  • Herbalife rep? Target people ALREADY interested in nutrition & weight loss
  • Jeunesse Global rep? Target folks ALREADY interested in anti-aging products
  • Beachbody rep? Target folks ALREADY interested in fitness & losing weight
  • doTERRA rep? Target folks ALREADY interested in essential oils & health
  • It Works! rep? Target folks ALREADY interested in weight loss and personal care
  • Legalshield rep? Target folks in need of attorney services
  • Isagenix rep? Target folks ALREADY interested in weight loss or skincare
  • Melaleuca rep? Target people ALREADY looking for help with skincare, environmentally favorable products and nutrition
  • ACN rep? Target people ALREADY searching for ways to save on their TV or Internet services, or who want help with identity theft services
  • Thirty-One consultant? Target people who love bags, totes & thermals and show them how yours improve their tailgating, school, beach, picnic, etc activities

And so on, and so on (just fill in your company and product line)

That’s what any intelligent businessperson does. A smart entrepreneur doesn’t wander the malls hoping every person they happen to bump into “might” be interested!

Yet, MLM company after MLM company is teaching this stuff as “marketing technique”.

You, as an intelligent marketer will blog about the problems your company products solve.

So, if you’re in Organo Gold you’ll have a benefits of coffee blog. If you’re a Plexus rep, you can build a blog about beating diabetes. If you’re a LegalShield rep you’ll build a blog about how to avoid negative legal issues.

You simply provide your readers free tips and then offer your products as the logical “best” solution to their problems that they…

…and here’s the kicker

…that they have told you they have by searching in a search engine (like Google) for ways to alleviate the pain your products solve.

You already know how to blog about this because I know if you and I were sitting at Starbucks you’d be able to tell me all about how you and your company…

…so, simply blog as if you’re talking to me at a 1on1 meeting and tell me all about it!

If I have the pain you help solve (and I would, because I found your blog typing in keywords around that pain/problem) I’m likely to become your “lead”.

That’s how all the big network marketing leaders are able to recruit 2-5 people EVERY SINGLE DAY. They’re prospecting 24/7 and using the Law of Large Numbers (the Internet) in their favor.

How a Blog Leads To MLM Lead Generation

Proper Use of Blog for Best MLM Leads

Proper Use of Social Media

Proper Use of Social Media

Read my blog post about how to use social media w/o spamming

Can You Advertise MLM On Facebook & Other Social Media?

I want to handle a question I get a lot: Can you advertise MLM on Facebook & other social media?

You can if you don’t mention network marketing in any way.

This may seem impossible.

How can you advertise MLM on Facebook and other social media if you can’t mention it?

You do it the same way I’ve described above:

You focus on offering general tips and information. Then, you send people from social media over to your blog to read more about it. You’ll then pick up your leads from your blog readers.

You see, Facebook doesn’t allow you to send traffic straight to a company replicated website. Your ad will get deleted and your entire ad account itself will get shut down if you mention MLM or include the link to any landing page Facebook doesn’t like.

Do what I’ve been teaching you in this post and the problem is solved.

How To Increase Sales By 47%

Once you have your blog set up, you’ll be able to link your blog readers over to your company replicated website or store and pick up sales.

The best method, however, calls for linking your blog readers to a way for them to become your best MLM leads.

You’ll need 2 simple pieces of software:

  • Landing Page Software
  • Autoresponder

Landing page software allows you to set up “pretty” pages that encourage your readers to enter their email for more info from you. Bingo! You’ve just created a lead.

Your autoresponder is the software you’ll log into that allows you to write an email to all your leads and offer them further great content or directly invite them to buy from you or join your downline.

This is called followup. Yup! Even your followup becomes automated when you get good at this 🙂

And consistent followup has been proven to increase your sales by 47%.

Here’s the landing page software I use and the autoresponder I use.

If you’d like to read more about how getting good at email followup will increase your sales, this is a quality white paper about it.

And Hubspot has excellent stats on all this, including how more landing pages = more targeted leads.

Ready To Generate The Best MLM Leads?

OK, so are you ready to start generating the very best quality network marketing leads for your home business?

Let me recap the steps and offer more advice I learned from Chris:

  1. Avoid “junk” lead sources like biz opp or Co-registration leads
  2. Make sure any company you buy leads from won’t get you in legal trouble
  3. Stop thinking like a “rep” for your company
  4. Start thinking like a “real” entrepreneur
  5. Take the advice of Chris Brogan and Micheal Hyatt: start a blog (by the way, MLM industry leaders like Ray Higdon, Eric Worre, Melanie Milletics & Sarah Robbins blogged their way to superstardom)
  6. Blog about the problems your products solve
  7. Attract readers already searching for those solutions
  8. Invite your readers to become your prospect w/ your landing pages & autoresponder
  9. Use social media to bring more attention to your blog

That’s it! That’s all I do and it’s all any successful online business owner does to create 2-5 sales or reps per day.

One Last Tip For Getting The Best MLM Leads

One last tip from Chris, who I quoted above as saying:

“No matter what, the very first piece of social media real estate I’d start with is a blog.”

He goes on to teach that we should all keep it simple (especially in the beginning) in terms of social media promotion of our blog content.

This means that after you’ve set up your blog, then decide between the Big 3 in terms of how you’ll promote your business further:

Choose ONE. Use it religiously. Then, select one or two other social channels to build a community on.

I recommend either Twitter or Instagram, as they’re arguably the easiest to build quickly.

That’s the plan, my friend.

By the way, it’s possible you think the above is too much work.

All I can say to that is this: If you’re like I was a few years (beat up and tired of failing) & you’re ready to start running your business like a true entrepreneur then I want to say this to you:

You have all it takes inside you! You can do this. Work it one step at a time.

Be easy on yourself as you go through the learning curve. Allow yourself to feel frustrated once in a while and overwhelmed. That means you’re learning new stuff…a good thing!

Here are some resources I’ve gathered to help you learn this process.

What To Say To Your MLM Leads

Once you start to generate leads for your network marketing business, the next question becomes:

What do I say to my MLM prospects?

If you’d like examples of what to say to your prospects, I’ve written an entire post about this, where I give you dozens of network marketing scripts.

Ready To Put This All Into Action?

Well, I’ve given you a lot of information to chew on in this post.

If you’re ready to put this into action and start generating network marketing leads online, then I encourage you to pick up the free gifts I’ve put together for you:

Feature Download: I’ve put together a free “Quick-Start Guide” that shows you how to implement the theory this post explains to you.

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  • How to use Facebook
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  • The problem with social media for prospecting
  • 3 strategies for more MLM leads

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Did you enjoy today’s post? Learn something new about generating the best MLM leads? How will you start using this marketing knowledge in your home business? Let me know in the comments below…

By the way, click here for an excellent way to Recruit Rejection Free, without wasting your time chasing deadbeat leads & prospects.

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