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How To Make Money With Herbalife In 2022

Last Updated on December 5, 2021 by Matt Zavadil

Frustrated with your inability to make money with Herbalife?

What if I told you that there’s a way to earn from home or anywhere in the world, without having to get up from your seat?

Interested in learning more about that?

That’s what smart Herbalife distributors do.

I say “smart” Herbalife distributors because, unfortunately, most distributors don’t know how to make money with Herbalife effectively.

You don’t have to worry about getting out of your seat because you can sell your Herbalife products comfortably online.

In this article, I’ll help you explore how you can leverage MLM as a business system and how it can help you make money with Herbalife.

How To Succeed Making Money Selling Herbalife

The first step to making money selling Herbalife is to think like an entrepreneur.

Network marketing is a business system where you sell products and services to customers, regardless of whether they’re from your social circle or not.

In this way, it’s similar to online businesses that leverage platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc.

In this article, I talk more about entrepreneurial thinking while developing your Herbalife business plan.  

Your Warm Market May Or May Not Work

One mistake new Herbalife distributors make is trying to focus on selling their products to their family and friends only.

Although it’s ideal if your close network is interested in the products you’re selling, this isn’t always the case. You can still profit with Herbalife even if they don’t want to purchase anything from you.

For example, let’s say you have a friend named Jane who wants to lose weight.

Although she’s not interested in buying supplements from me, you can still help her by providing a fitness routine and healthy recipes. In exchange for your free services, Jane would promote your business to other people who want to make money by building an Herbalife business of their own.

In this case, you’d make money from your friend Jane by helping her achieve her fitness goals.

In another scenario, let’s say you have a relative named John who’s into healthy products.

You recommend that he purchase the Herbalife starter pack so you can start sharing the products with him.

The starter pack includes a set of body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. This might be great for John because he often forgets to buy his usual products at the supermarket.

In this case, you can make a retail profit by helping John purchase something he normally buys anyway.

As you can see, there are many ways to look at making money selling Herbalife to friends and family.

However, what do you do after you join Herbalife as an independent distributor and you can’t get your warm market to listen?

You go to social media, right?

Not so fast!

Biggest Mistake Herbalife Distributors Make On Social Media

Too many Herbalife distributors make a mistake on social media.

They hurt their ability to sell herbal supplements or wellness products by mentioning Herbalife specifically on Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter.

Mentioning the Herbalife compensation plan on social media kills your chances of selling the Herbalife MLM opportunity.

First of all, it’s annoying.

It’s what gives all MLM companies a bad name.

But, it goes deeper than that.

When you show Herbalife products, such as dietary supplements, nutrition products, or skincare products, you will definitely lose money.

Let’s dig into this…

Stop Posting Pics Of Herbalife Products On Facebook Or Instagram

For example, let’s say you want to promote your Herbalife business on Facebook.

Often, Herbalife recommends selling on social media. It’s a common MLM industry mistake that reveals to me how little most Herbalife reps understand about basic marketing.

What happens when you post a picture of yourself drinking Herbalife products like a vanilla shake?

I know… it’s your attempt to show how delicious it tastes.

You’re hoping a Facebook contact sees it and becomes one of your next potential customers.

However, if you’re trying to sell Herbalife supplements or promote your business on Facebook, this is where it can get tricky.  

When someone sees that picture of you drinking the vanilla shake with Herbalife written on the bottle, what will they do if they have any remote interest in the product?



Yup, exactly!

They go to Google to investigate Herbalife.

It’s the same with posting info on Tik Tok or Instagram about the Herbalife business opportunity. Your social contacts go to Google or YouTube to look up the company.

You’re Losing Herbalife Compensation Plan $$$ By Posting On Social Media

As soon as your active social media users go elsewhere to investigate Herbalife, you’ve lost all hope to sell Herbalife’s products to them.

You’ve lost your chance to bring them in as one of your next Herbalife reps.


Because they’ll likely end up on another Herbalife rep’s website who’s learned what we teach you here.

They’ll either buy from another Herbalife distributor who educates them about a specific Herbalife product or business model after bringing them in as a “captured” lead…

…OR, your lost prospect ends up on the corporate Herbalife website and buys there.

Wonderful…you just gave Herbalife another free sale.

You’re not recruiting distributors…you’re giving Herbalife corporate free distributors who join Herbalife without crediting any specific rep.

Oops! Ouch!

How can you expect to earn money if you don’t take the time to learn the marketing skills that translate into generating retail sales and downline sales?

If you’re tired of wasting your time attempting to sell Herbalife products on social media, it’s no wonder why.

“Correct” Way To Use Social Media For Herbalife

Do yourself a favor…stop posting pictures of yourself drinking shakes or eating protein bars on Facebook and Instagram. Doing so may seem harmless, but it’s hurting your ability to sell Herbalife.

Instead of posting pictures on social media that show how delicious the products are or where you can find them, post other things instead.

Post Information About The Health Benefits Of Herbalife Products

It’s possible to post educational information about the benefits of Herbalife supplements.

However, you must do it in a way that doesn’t mention your personal business or any other MLM company by name.

Your social media posts should educate the reader about health, skincare, or nutrition.

For example, offer general weight loss tips. You could post 5 ways to lose weight without exercise.

Or, you could post about the benefits of aloe vera juice for healthy skin and hair.

Your potential social media followers are looking for educational content that’s related to their interests, not you pitching Herbalife products or a business opportunity.

If they want more information, encourage them to post “more info” in the post.

There you go! Now, you have a real prospect you can talk to privately about Herbalife and nurture into the sale.

If you’ve been struggling to bring in new Herbalife reps because of a lack of exposure, it’s time for you to start learning about marketing on the internet the right way.

Learn how easy it is to build an online presence through my free training where I explain how you can generate a targeted, qualified list of prospects on demand.

How Much Money Can You Make With Herbalife?

The Herbalife compensation plan is designed to reward you for your hard work.

Did you join the business opportunity because you want to lose weight?

Or, did you become a distributor for the initial discount?

Or, maybe you joined for an additional income source as you work to build your own distribution network of MLM members.

Either way, several ways exist to pocket money with Herbalife.

If you join the business, you’ll make money when your customers buy Herbalife products and if they, in turn, refer new Herbalife distributors.

The compensation plan is designed to give everyone an equal chance at earning a substantial income by selling good nutrition worldwide through its multi level international company system.

Why Network Marketing?  – It’s one of the best ways to make money because it has unlimited earning potential with no limits on how much money you can earn. You also have a low startup cost compared to other businesses, which makes it accessible for anyone looking to work from home either part or full time.

How much can you make specifically with Herbalife?

Approximately half of all Herbalife reps earn $200 to $3000+ per month in commissions.

You should focus on building a strong foundation through product sales and downline sponsorship that will help you earn residual income long-term, or even make it your full-time gig.

Increase Your Potential For Full-Time Herbalife Income

A word of caution: Don’t strive to become “average”.

Just because the average Herbalife rep makes a part-time income doesn’t mean you can’t earn a full-time income.

MLM success is a matter of “working” the numbers.

It’s similar to sales. In sales, your income is dependent upon how many offers you make each month.

If you’re not making the money you want to make with Herbalife, it doesn’t mean it’s a scam or a pyramid scheme.

It simply means you need to make more Herbalife offers to more people each month.

You’re in control and it starts by learning how to become an improved marketer.

Grab my free training here so you can learn this vital skill. It will teach you how to increase your profit margin, sell at retail price, and recruit a larger Herbalife team.

3 Ways To Make Money Selling Herbalife 

There are three main ways to earn with Herbalife. They include:

  1. Retail Profit  – You can earn money when you sell Herbalife products to the public. Using social media, people can learn about your business and make a purchase with just one click of their mouse or phone screen.
  2. Downline Commissions  – When new reps join under you as part of your downline team, you’ll earn money on their sales. Even just one sale of $50+ qualifies them for commissions
  3. Sponsoring  – When new reps join under your sponsorship and make at least one retail purchase with Herbalife products in a 30 day period, you can receive up to $2000 from Herbalife.

What’s great about the Herbalife comp plan is that it doesn’t matter which one you focus on first, or even all three of them at once.

You can do whatever makes sense for your life and business right now because every distributor has the same opportunity to earn money through retail sales commissions, downline commissions, and sponsoring.

Five Tips For Succeeding As An Independent Distributor

Here are five quick tips to help you succeed with Herbalife.

  1. Create Your Social Media Platforms  – The best way to share content about Herbalife is through social media. Create a Facebook account, Twitter profile, or Instagram account that relates to your business as an Independent Distributor.

    Remember what I said above about not posting the Herbalife name on social media! Learn how to use social media properly as an Herbalife distributor here.

  2. Blog On Other Sites To Gain Traffic And Customers  – Use other websites and blogs you follow as opportunities for sharing your content. If you want to make money with Herbalife, the best way is through social media exposure for your business as a distributor.

  3. Focus On Building Your Downline Team  – If you don’t have many people on your team, that’s okay! You can still do well by focusing initially on building up just two or three people in your team. You can do this by hosting a Zoom meeting or sharing your content on social media.

  4. Set Your Monthly Goals  – Whether it’s building your downline team, making a certain amount of sales per month, or creating content for growing traffic to your social media profiles.

    Setting goals is important so you know what needs to get done each month. For instance, if you join with the goal of sharing five posts on Facebook every day, you can easily track your progress.

  5. Focus On Your Why  – The reason why you want to join Herbalife as an independent distributor is up to you! If the only goal is for money, it may be difficult to stick with the business long term. You should have goals that are meaningful and align with what’s important to you in your life.

Be sure to also promote all of these ideas with your downline team, as well. Show them this free training so they learn on their own and become independent from you.

Is Herbalife a Pyramid Scheme?

Ah, the ridiculous pyramid scheme question.

No, Herbalife isn’t a pyramid scheme. I’m aware that various court cases have fought over whether Herbalife (or MLM in general) is a pyramid scheme.

I’m passionate about this because I see the claims made by sour grape folks who say things like:

  • Well, I joined MLM and lost money
  • It’s a scam because the money you make is gross profit (it doesn’t include expenses)
  • I couldn’t get it to work

And the list goes on with the excuses.

I even see people Googling things like:

  • MLM jobs
  • Herbalife jobs
  • How much does an Herbalife employee make?

Herbalife Isn’t a Job

See the problem?

This ain’t no job, folks.

It’s a business.

Do you want some real numbers?

  • First, 90% of businesses fail (half in the first 5 years) 
  • 70% of businesses fail to sell (many of these close down within a year)

Behind each of these failures lies:

  • Broken families
  • Failed dreams
  • Health challenges
  • Financial devastation
  • Sometimes, even suicide.  

And, yet, plenty of people have gone online in the last few years tearing down MLM as a scam or pyramid scheme.

MLM Attracts Get-Rich-Quick Folks

Where’s all the outrage about other types of business failure?

It’s not there because most people never try another type of business. They get brought into multi-level marketing because the business model is accessible to anyone.

You don’t need capital (real capital, not a few hundred or thousand bucks that these complainers say they lost in their lawsuits).

Understand this: MLM attracts a ton of get-rich-quick thinkers.

The scam is that these people think they’re going to magically make money.

You need to work hard to make money with Herbalife.

If you’re not ready to work, then quit now.

People lose money with MLM because they quit after their first disappointment.

It’s the people who refuse to learn new skills that lose money and go sue a company.

These people aren’t real business owners. They attacked Herbalife and the MLM system with an employee mentality and they got what they deserved because of that fact.

It’s like Alex Hormozi says in his book, $100 Million Offers:

You will fail. You must fail into success. If you’re not selling, it’s not because you suck. It’s because your offer sucks. Fix the offer until it starts selling.

Want to know how to get better as an online marketer, offer Herbalife correctly, and make money? Click here to get trained on how to become an Herbalife entrepreneur by real, proven MLM entrepreneurs.

Other Ways Herbalife Distributors Can Make Money

Once you learn how to become a real Herbalife entrepreneur and sell legitimate health solutions, you can add more income channels to your business owner’s path.

You can:

  • Start a blog and sell other health-related affiliate offers
  • Sell health coaching services and show clients how to purchase Herbalife products
  • Earn from ads on your blog’s traffic

Think like an entrepreneur inside your Herbalife journey and watch how many new doors open to you!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you get paid from Herbalife?

You sell Herbalife products (shakes, supplements, etc) to customers and then get a commission check every month. You also can earn income by building your downline team of distributors who do the same thing you’re doing – selling products. It works like an affiliate program where people order through your link and you get a commission on the sale.

How much do you earn as a Herbalife distributor?

It depends on how hard you work at it. Some people make very little, some make $500 to $2000 every month, and others make a full-time income. As I mentioned above, this is a business. Develop authentic entrepreneurial skills and the sky’s the limit inside a business model that’s existed since 1980.

What’s the difference between Herbalife and Arbonne?

Although similar, they’re two completely separate MLM businesses. Learn more about Arbonne here.

How To Make Money Selling Herbalife: Quick Summary

Network marketing is a great business system you can use to make money selling Herbalife products.

To get started, focus on making product sales at the recommended retail price and downline commissions by sponsoring new distributors who will do the same thing under your leadership.

The opportunity for residual income exists with this type of online business.

As I’ve mentioned throughout the post, the key to your success is to eliminate any tendency to think like an employee.

That’s hard in a world where we’re all raised to think like worker bees.

Want to learn how to break that conditioning and brainwashing, and instead learn how authentic business owner entrepreneurs create big-time businesses?

Click here to get your free Herbalife training.