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Matt ZavadilWritten by Matt Zavadil
Updated January 8, 2015

In episode 11 of MLM Mindcast Nuggets I offer up the audio file of an excerpt from a series of Napoleon Hill webinars I did. In this excerpt I also reference the book, The Magic of Thinking Big, by David Schwartz.

In this podcast, I go over:

  • How you think determines how you act
  • How you act determines how others react to you
  • Why people ask, “Why do bad things happen to me? I didn’t put out any negative thoughts.”
  • How you might possibly feed into the negativity of others
  • Questioning how you come across to others from a vibrational standpoint
  • Questioning whether you think you’re worthy of success…and how that affects how others react to you
  • How sincere are you in life?
  • How sincere are you in your network marketing business?
  • How sincere do others see you?
  • An exercise you can use to become more sincere in life & business

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