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Updated February 29, 2024

Why start an affiliate marketing business

Short answer:

To add new income to your budget. 

Long answer:

There are several reasons…

In this post, I’ll dive into the essentials you need to know about profiting from this rapidly-expanding way to make money online. 

You’ll get the lowdown on everything from picking a profitable niche to to affiliate programs to crafting content that converts.

With global online spending expected to hit $8 trillion over the next several years

…there’s never been a better time to jump into an affiliate network to promote big brands as one of their affiliate partners. 


There are nuggets you need to know so you can build a business that serves you and your family for years to come. 

I’ll show you how to start with minimal investment and grow your income month by month, year by year. 

Why start an affiliate marketing business?

In a nutshell:

Because you can focus on getting good at one thing: marketing

You don’t need to build a product or service. 

Learn a few simple marketing techniques, put them to use, point your new audience to other people’s products, earn quality commission rates, and rinse and repeat. 

Ready to become one of the top affiliate partners for products you believe in?

Let’s get started. 

Table Of Contents:

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a strategy where businesses pay you (via their own, or 3rd-party, affiliate programs) to create sales from your marketing efforts. 

As an affiliate marketer, you have one job and one job only:

Put these companies’ products in front of the people who want the solution offered by those products. 

It’s like referring a friend to a wonderful movie because they want entertainment…

…or a loved one to a restaurant because they’re hungry or want to impress their spouse. 

You don’t need to build a product and spend thousands or millions to test it in the market as a small business. 

You don’t need brainstorm a winning service and fulfill on it. 

All you need to do is:

  • Identify the pain points of people who want to buy the product or service you choose to promote
  • Help them buy through your unique affiliate link
  • Get the commission

And let someone else fulfill on product delivery or the service. 

Why start an affiliate marketing business?

In my mind, it’s the “cleanest” path to online income because you simply promote products you think have quality without dealing with customer service or investing money testing unproven ideas. 

The companies I promote through each affiliate program I use hand me the landing pages and offers they’ve already spent millions of dollars testing.

I put those landing pages in front of the right people, those people buy, and I get paid.

I’d love to show you how you can build a solid online business doing the same. 

Is Affiliate Marketing a Reputable Online Business?

woman at her computer building an online affiliate marketing business

One of the most compelling reasons to start an affiliate marketing business lies in its endorsement by numerous reputable companies

Unlike other online earning strategies that might seem a bit “scammy” or unstable…

…affiliate marketing stands out because literally thousands of established & trusted brands list products inside an affiliate program via this business model

This not only adds legitimacy to the practice but also opens up a plethora of opportunities for you as an aspiring Internet marketer.

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Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

Why Start an Affiliate Marketing Business? Big Names Approve

OK, Matt, which big reputable names use affiliate marketing to sell their products?

How about Amazon? 

Via its Amazon Associates affiliate program, people like you and I can earn commissions by promoting the affiliate marketing program’s vast range of products. 

Software companies such as Adobe, offer lucrative affiliate programs that reward marketers for bringing new customers to their digital tools and platforms.

CJ Affiliate is a large affiliate marketing program

In this blog post, I explain how over 20,000 companies attract affiliates to sell for them inside the CJ affiliate program. 

These companies include:

  • Home Depot
  • Walmart
  • Skype
  • Quickbooks
  • Starbucks
  • Wall Street Journal
  • DirecTV
  • Adidas
  • Priceline

ShareASale is another powerful affiliate network to look into. The platform includes hundreds of thousands of merchants looking to pay affiliates like you.

Diverse Opportunities Across Industries as an Affiliate Marketer

Why start an affiliate marketing business? 

Well, another beauty of affiliate marketing lies in its diversity. 

Whether you’re passionate about technology, fashion, health & wellness, or any other niche, there’s likely an affiliate program that aligns with your interests to establish and affiliate partnership. 

This variety allows you to choose products you genuinely believe in and would recommend even without financial incentives—creating a more authentic connection with your audience.

  • Tech Enthusiast?: Leverage programs like Microsoft’s or Best Buy’s to promote gadgets and software solutions.
  • Fashion Influencer?: Gain access to countless high-end clothing lines offering commission on sales generated through your referrals.
  • Health Advocate?: Partner with supplement brands or fitness equipment manufacturers looking to reach wider audiences.

Earning Potential Tied To Performance

Beyond accessibility and diversity, what sets affiliate marketing apart is its performance-based earning model. 

As an affiliate, you’re compensated based on actual sales made through your marketing channels & affiliate links—a clear incentive structure that rewards effective content creators and hard work. 

Why start an affiliate marketing business?

Because you can join an affiliate program and take the business as far as you want to take it. 

Just need an extra $2500 per month? Grow your small business to that level and focus on something else. 

Want to leave your full-time job? Get your affiliate marketing business to $10,000 per month and quit!

Have a dream to get to mid-level six-figures or even a 7-figure income? This business model doesn’t include an income ceiling. 

Learn the proper affiliate marketing strategies, work hard on your business, track your sales, and keep growing your income until you’re satisfied. 

Main Takeaway: 


Affiliate marketing pays you for your efforts in driving sales or traffic using tracked links. It’s booming globally, and reputable businesses ranging from Nike to Rubbermaid to Sony to Starbucks, use the business model to promote what they sell. Why not build your business by partnering with companies people recognize?

3 Benefits of Starting an Affiliate Marketing Business

I encourage you to take time to absorb the benefits of becoming an affiliate marketer. 

Compare those benefits to other options that require you to become an excellent marketer AND fulfill on the backend for clients. 

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9-to-5 Alternatives

1. Enter a Proven Business Model

Affiliate marketing stands out as a beacon for you, the budding entrepreneur, especially when considering the balance between investment and return. 

The allure here isn’t theoretical. 

It’s grounded in solid numbers. 

For instance, 31% of Internet-based small businesses highlight the affiliate channel among their top three income avenues. 

If one-third of all content marketing experts use affiliate marketing channels to earn top-dollar income…top-name brands are selling over half their products by affiliates like you and me…

…consider the untapped opportunity for you to become great at marketing campaigns and point your audience to high-converting sales funnels top-level brands already tested for you. 

Venturing into affiliate marketing means moving into an already proven industry.

2. Low Start-Up Costs

Why start an affiliate marketing business as a beginner?

You don’t need tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in a small business. 

There’s no need to get a business loan. 

Your barrier to entry is low. 

Invest in a domain name, hosting for your blog, and maybe a quality course that teaches you how to start your affiliate business…

…and you’re in business with only $100 to $500 to $1000 in startup costs. 

Compare that to investing in a franchise ($100,000 to $1 million plus).

Compare that to taking out a huge business loan to buy a local business. 

You can start an affiliate marketing venture with minimal financial outlay. 

Your primary investment? 

Time and effort directed towards strategic planning and execution.

3. High ROI Potential

I’ve said it above, and I’ll say it again:

As a one-person, solopreneur, you don’t need much startup capital and you don’t need to sink any funds into creating products. 

By focusing all your efforts on effectively using marketing software, you can achieve a high return on investment (ROI) compared not only to other forms of digital advertising, but also more traditional retail models.

Think about it:

You can start for a few hundred or thousand dollars (depending on how much you invest into your education upfront)…

…and build that investment into consistent $500, $1,000, $5,000, or $10,000+ months that grows year by year. 

As well, the growth trajectory for affiliate marketing globally underscores its viability as a long-term business strategy. From $8.6 billion spent worldwide in 2017, expenditures are expected to soar past $15 billion by 2024…

…a testament to both growing acceptance among small businesses across all industries and evolving consumer behaviors favoring online transactions.

Main Takeaway: 


Dive into affiliate marketing to enjoy low start-up costs and a quality ROI. With 54% of marketers placing it in their top three for customer acquisition, it’s both effective and profitable. Minimal financial investment needed—just your time and strategic effort.

6 Effective Promotion Strategies for New Affiliate Marketers

You’ll find plenty of available advice that teaches you how to attract your target audience for your affiliate offers.

1. Blog To Make Affiliate Marketing Sales

My favorite way to attract customers for my affiliate offers is blogging.

Be careful that you don’t fall into this trap:

“Blogging? I don’t know how to write!”

Blogging as a business is different from old-school 2001 blogging. 

I’m not talking about telling your readers about the time you woke up today. 

Blogging as a business simply means to structure content in a specific way. 

You don’t need to write any of it either. 

You can hire a writer or use an AI writing tool like Content At Scale so you can start generating targeted online traffic without writing a word. 

And plenty of blogging platforms exist to make it easy to get started.

The bottom line is a blog will provide daily, ongoing traffic once your content gets ranked.

2. Leverage Social Media Platforms

Using social media wisely is a game changer for breaking into affiliate marketing. 

Crafting content that enriches your audience’s experience rather than merely scattering affiliate links across the internet is essential. 

Regularly share high-quality content that aligns with their interests while weaving in relevant offers naturally. 

Whether you’re a budding content creator or an established influencer, direct access to engaged followers through platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter (X), YouTube or Facebook provides a unique opportunity to build brand awareness, show social proof, and drive traffic back to your affiliate products.

Remember, every post should offer something of value—be it tips, insights, or entertainment—that ties back to your niche without coming off as overly promotional. 

I think social media is a fine way to begin as you wait for your blog content to rank in Google.

3. Video Content

People love to read blogs. 

They also love watching videos. 

I encourage you to consider YouTube as a big part of your affiliate marketing strategy. 

You’ll attract visitors from both YouTube and Google. 

As well, embed your videos on your blog to enhance the effectiveness of your written content. 

4. Email Marketing as an Affiliate

Use email marketing tools to keep the conversation going with followers eager to hear more from you…

It reinforces that bond. 

You can automate personalized communication flows that nurture leads through your funnel towards making a purchase.

Bottom line?

Everyone is bombarded with countless daily advertisements in today’s digital world.

Traditional promotional techniques often fall flat. 

Use email to drip & mix stories, testimonials and promotional content to subscribers as your work to become a successful affiliate.

5. Paid Ads

I recommend moving to paid ads AFTER you’ve honed in your messaging via free methods. 

Use your blog, social media, video content, and email marketing to figure out what headlines and content resonate best with your prospects and customers. 

Then, use that knowledge to attract a larger audience via Google Ads or Meta (Facebook) Ads. 

6. Cultivate an Engaged Audience Through Content

You most likely get the idea based on what I just said above.

But let me double down:

As an affiliate marketer, you don’t need to fulfill on product needs or customer service after making the sale.

So become an expert at delivering content with the time you don’t need to invest in product delivery. 

It’s creating winning content that separates affiliate marketing amateurs from those earning six-figure incomes.

Crafting content isn’t merely about distribution.

It’s intricately weaving narratives that connect deeply with your audience, fostering confidence, and positioning you as a leading figure within your specific niche. 

The approach turns casual visitors into loyal followers more likely to click on your affiliate links.

Your content should answer questions and solve problems for your readers. 

When people find solutions on your site or platform, they come back for more—and bring their wallets with them.

Why Start an Affiliate Marketing Business?

Because you can hit your income goals by simply discussing topics you naturally enjoy.

Focus on delivering valuable insights instead of hard sells through your chosen channels…

…be it blogs for deep dives into topics or Instagram stories for quick tips…

Create a quality connection based on mutual benefit rather than transactional interactions alone.

Main Takeaway: 


Create killer content to build trust and authority, turning visitors into loyal fans ready to click your affiliate links. Engage with value-packed posts and smart email strategies to drive sales and foster a community that benefits both you and your merchants.

Choosing Your Niche in Affiliate Marketing

Unearthing the perfect niche transcends mere passion pursuit.

It’s an art of identifying where your interests intersect with opportunity. 

You want to spot where demand meets low competition, offering you a clearer path to success. 

With nearly 19% of affiliate marketers earning less than $20k annually, selecting a profitable niche isn’t just advisable…

…it’s essential for breaking away from the pack and moving into the six- and seven-figure earning spot.

Picking a Profitable Niche

A key step involves evaluating market trends and identifying gaps that you can fill with your unique insights or products. 

This could mean diving into emerging markets or focusing on evergreen topics where ongoing interest is guaranteed. 

Use tools like Google Trends, Ubersuggest, or Mangools where you’ll gain valuable insights into what people already search for. 

The information gives you an edge in making an informed decision.

Niches That Drive High Conversions

Certain areas consistently show higher conversion rates due to their nature of solving immediate problems or catering to passionate audiences. 

Here are examples:

  • Health and wellness
  • Wealth building through investing or saving money
  • Technology gadgets
  • Hobby-based niches like photography

The effectiveness of these high-conversion niches lies not only in their appeal to the people you’ll aim your marketing to. 

Your success is determined by how well you understand customer pain points, goals, and needs. 


Because crafting content that resonate with these challenges & goals…

…markedly increases the likelihood of your audience converting to sales.

Main Takeaway: 


Finding a profitable niche in affiliate marketing means balancing passion with market demand and low competition. Use tools like Google Trends to spot opportunities and focus on niches that solve problems or ignite passions for higher conversions.

FAQs: Why Start an Affiliate Marketing Business?

Why do you need to start affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing lets you earn passive income while partnering with brands. It’s flexible, scalable, and requires low upfront costs.

Is it worth it to start affiliate marketing?

Yes, given its impressive ROI potential and minimal startup expenses. Plus, it offers a way to make money around the clock.

Is affiliate marketing a good business to start?

Absolutely. It fits various lifestyles and goals, making it an ideal choice for many entrepreneurs looking for flexibility and growth.

Why do people choose affiliate marketing?

Folks dig the freedom of working from anywhere, the low entry barrier, and the chance at earning substantial commissions through sales.

Final Thoughts: Why Start an Affiliate Marketing Business?

Jumping into affiliate marketing opens doors. 

Doors to:

  • Passive income
  • Quality ROI
  • A world where your marketing efforts bloom into real profits

Why start an affiliate marketing business? 

Remember the flexibility and low startup costs.

Don’t forget about the ability to focus on improving your marketing skills with the time saved due to passing off product delivery to the merchants you sell for.

Your keys to success:

Think strategy. 

Use social media wisely.

Pick your niche with care. 

Content is king – make it engaging, trustworthy.

Why start an affiliate marketing business? 

The business model let’s you write your own income-level ticket.

Now go forth and build something great!

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