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Updated April 4, 2024

Need better network marketing training because you’re tired of spinning your wheels in your business? 

You’re not alone. The struggle is real and I’ve been there too. The awkward conversations, the relentless chase for leads… 

Exhausting, right?

Would you reconsider if I said you can access network marketing training that provides a simpler approach? 

Yes, you can run your MLM business without chasing uninterested family and friends or recruiting unsuspecting waitresses.

In this MLM business training guide, I’ll unveil proven strategies to transform your direct selling approach. 

From mastering network marketing social media tactics to handling difficult sales situations – you’ll gain practical skills to elevate your game.

By the way:

This isn’t just about making quick wins; it’s about building long-term relationships and creating sustainable business success. It’s the path I took here to hitting $10k+ months in MLM.

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Network Marketing Training: What Is It?

Infographic with top network marketing training tips: Learn sales, use online marketing and technology

Network marketing training, as the name suggests, gives you essential trust-building skills to thrive in your network marketing business

It’s not just about selling products or recruiting team members. It involves a whole lot more.

The correct type of network marketing training or course gives you tools for building a successful MLM business. 


Learning how to communicate effectively and present your ideas convincingly


Understanding market research, marketing on Facebook, TikTok, and other social media, etc.

All these elements come into play when running an MLM business successfully.

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I get it…without proper guidance, direct selling is challenging. 

I was lost when I started my MLM journey.

But I found one network marketing course…

Then, another network marketing course…

And I kept learning until I understood how to analyze my competition…

…and made informed decisions that helped me stand out.

Apart from understanding your competitive environment better, you might be like most new networkers who need help with efficiently managing time.

It’s a critical skill set that helps minimize stress while enhancing productivity.

Tell me the truth:

Are you a bit like me with a tendency to Netflix or Amazon binge instead of doing my direct selling business work? 🙂

cat binging with chips and soda
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Best Network Marketing Course:

(Meaning: Best Network Marketing Training)

The Attraction Marketing Formula is the most effective network marketing course I found.

It’s a network marketing course that holds you by the hand…

And teaches you exactly how to build your MLM team without bothering friends and family.

You’ll learn how to sell your product without bugging people on social media.

The big benefit?

You’ll become a “professional” marketer who’s proud of how they operate the business.

  • Attract people who want the solution your MLM product solves.
  • No more rejection.
  • No more feeling “sleazy” or “icky” as you go about making sales and building your downline.

Watch my Attraction Marketing Formula review video below or visit my review post here to read more about this powerful network marketing course.

I Bought This, Then Built a 9-Levels Deep Int’l Organization (click “play” to see details in Review Video below):

YouTube video
YouTube video
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1. Network Marketing Training: Sales Is Vital

As you journey into the realm of direct sales, it’s crucial to equip yourself with proper training

Why, you ask? 

Because without the right network marketing training tools and knowledge at your disposal, navigating through this field can feel like trying to decipher an alien language.

2. The Art & Science Of MLM Sales Communication

Sales communication is both an art and science. 

It demands both finesse and strategy. 

Effective communication isn’t just about speaking well.

It’s also about listening actively—something emphasized during accurate network marketing training sessions.

An integral part of your training must include teaching techniques for handling difficult conversations confidently—an aspect most beginners struggle with initially.

Heck, I’ve built a 9-levels deep, international MLM organization…

…and I still need ongoing improvement in this area!

Ever been stuck in a conversation that feels as tricky as solving a Rubik’s cube? 

You’re not alone. 

In fact, difficult conversations are a common occurrence in MLM.

The good news?

With adequate training these challenging interactions become opportunities for growth.

Training equips you with strategies to handle such situations effectively. It’s like being given a cheat sheet for acing difficult dialogues – now who wouldn’t want that?

The other Good News can help too.

4. Learning the Language of Sales

Sales isn’t just about persuading someone to buy what you’re selling.

Work to develop convincing arguments.

Present them in an engaging manner. 

Imagine walking into an art auction knowing nothing about art.

Without deep industry knowledge, how can you competitively bid based purely on its aesthetic appeal?

Immerse yourself in MLM training that teaches sales terminology.

It enhances your selling skills while giving you confidence when dealing with potential clients or team members.

Yes, it takes time to benefit from comprehensive network marketing.

Block by block, though, your training helps build trust between you and your prospects.  


Rome wasn’t built in a day…neither was any successful network marketer.

5. Network Marketing Training Programs: The Types

There are various types of training programs that can give you an edge.

6. Traditional Approach: In-Person Seminars & Workshops

In-person seminars and workshops have long been favored by many MLMers. 

Gatherings of this kind offer more than just education. They provide a chance to network, swap stories, and benefit from one another’s experiences.

However, they’re not always practical due to our increasingly busy lives.

7. Online Network Marketing Training Courses

The best network marketing course provides the best of both worlds:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Effectiveness

For example, online courses like Attraction Marketing offer an excellent solution. This kind of learning platform allows you to access materials anytime, anywhere, enhancing the overall learning experience.

To dial intensely into the correct form of online marketing as a budding MLMer, consider enrolling in something like the Attraction Marketing Formula course. It’ll help you build your marketing skills and show you how to become a leaders without bugging friends & family.

Remember: choosing the right type of training depends on several factors including individual preferences and availability. 

Each approach has its own strengths. Feel free to explore different options before deciding what suits best for YOU. 

Happy Learning.

8. Network Marketing Training: Leveraging Social

Using social media as a part of our everyday routine is now commonplace. 

Have you ever considered utilizing social to upgrade your MLM abilities? 

That’s right. 

Platforms like Facebook are not just for sharing cute cat videos. MLM Facebook posts like these will help you sell professionally on the platform.

According to recent statistics, social media is the #1 activity on the web, surpassing even Google traffic.

9. Social Media Training = Power Of Networks

Platforms like Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram are the best places to start when building a new MLM business. That said, proper social media training is essential for the successful use of these networks.

This training teaches you how to use little 15-second videos to sell MLM on TikTok, IG, and other networks.

10. The Power of Peer Recommendations

People trust recommendations from their friends on social more than traditional advertising methods. 

​Over 80% of people have purchased products straight from social media content. 

This makes social platforms perfect for promoting products or your MLM business opportunity.  

11. Power of Social Proof

Testimonials, before-and-after pictures, and success stories go over well on social.

Don’t directly sell or recruit on TikTok or Instagram. Instead, post social proof to demonstrate the results of your products or opportunity. 

Here’s an example of the wrong way to do this:

Herbalife makes a mistake on Facebook by showing product
She’ll do better to talk about results while leaving “mystery” about her method so people contact HER, not go to Google & she loses sales.

12. Network Marketing Training: Common Mistakes

Watch out for those sneaky pitfalls that can trip up even the most dedicated network marketer. 

Here is some network marketing training to avoid common missteps I made on my way to building a large downline.

13. Treating Multi-Level Marketing Like a Hobby

The first big mistake is treating your MLM business like a hobby instead of a real job. 

Consistency and dedication are key ingredients for success. 

This isn’t about dipping your toes. It’s time to dive right into this pool of opportunity. 

Need help avoiding such blunders? I highly recommend going through our 5-Day Bootcamp. These video micro-trainings offer free and invaluable insights.

14. Neglecting Personal Development

Another misstep many budding MLMers make is neglecting their personal development. 

In an industry as dynamic as multi-level marketing, staying stagnant is akin to moving backward. 

Don’t just learn how to sell products.

Hone your leadership skills. 

Get better at time management. 

15. Bad Communication Skills

The third error I often see involves failing at effective communication.

But let me tell you something funny: 

Folks tend to get tangled up trying to sound smart when simplicity wins every time. 

It’s all about relating with people on a human level, sharing stories from your heart that resonate with others.

16. Not Leveraging Business Technology

There are still MLM leaders stuck in 1986 when it comes to building a network marketing team and selling products. 

They only teach warm market methods. 

This type of network marketing training is like trying to start a fire with sticks. 

You can. 

But why would you when better options exist?

Any network marketing training program you decide to invest in must teach:

  • Online marketing methods
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Website/blogging techniques
  • Sales
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

Big Tip: Don’t become AI-drunk. You can use stuff like ChatGPT as tools to speed up your marketing tasks. Never use it in replacement of your human touch.

17. Learning from Successful Network Marketing Leaders

The journey to becoming a successful network marketer is often filled with twists and turns. Though it may be challenging, success in direct sales is achievable with the right guidance. Books written by successful MLM leaders can give you the roadmap you need.

In these books, industry leaders share their success stories—failures turned into lessons learned—and provide insights that might just save your business some serious growing pains. After all, there’s nothing like learning from those who’ve already walked the path.

18. Deep Dive Into Their Journey

You’ll find yourself immersed in tales of resilience and innovation as they recount how they started off as newbies before making it big. They faced rejections, battled skepticism, but persevered because of their unwavering belief in this business model.

They didn’t start out as leaders. They grew into that role through hard work and commitment

This gives hope…that one day you too can share your story on the big stage.

19. Golden Nuggets Within Their Words

No two journeys are identical.

Each leader brings something unique to the table—their style of communication, negotiation skills or even social media strategy. 

These real-life examples are much more impactful than theoretical knowledge.

Picking up tips from these narratives can significantly improve your marketing and sales skills while also helping avoid common pitfalls along the way.

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Network Marketing Training: FAQs

Still have a few questions about network marketing training? 

How can I learn MLM?

You can become excellent at direct sales by joining a reliable MLM company, attending training programs, and learning from successful leaders in the field.

What are the 7 skills of network marketing?

The key skills include prospecting, inviting people to presentations, presenting your product or service, following up with leads generated, closing sales, getting new members started right and promoting events.

How to learn network marketing for beginners?

A beginner should start by understanding basic concepts like multi-level structures. Next steps involve practicing communication techniques and mastering sales language. Sales and marketing training courses are vital.

How can I get into MLM with no money?

If you’re strapped for cash but keen on starting out in MLM business, I recommend you get resourceful. Truthfully, entering the MLM business world is cheap…$100s of dollars compared to the $1000 required for traditional business. Still don’t have the money? Drive for Uber or Lyft. Deliver for Shipt or Instacart. Make it happen, my friend. 

Network Marketing Training: Final Thoughts

Let’s face it, starting in MLM is tough. Still, with the correct network marketing training, you can convert that struggle into accomplishment.

You’ve learned how essential communication is in this industry. It helps build trust and navigate those difficult conversations we all dread.

We dived deep into social media’s power for your business growth – because who wouldn’t want to leverage the #1 activity on the web?

The role of learning a bit of tech was also spotlighted as a way to compete.

Practically, though, how do you access the best network marketing training?

I recommend starting with this community and training that directly resulted in my $10k per month downline.

If you’re not ready to dive into this network marketing course, then learn more about how it can help you enroll 3-7 new customers and team members each week by entering your info below.

You’ll get a 5-day video training all about how to market professionally as a network marketer:

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