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MLM Facebook Posts That WORK In 2023 (41+ Post Ideas)

Last Updated on January 1, 2023 by Matt Zavadil

Let’s talk about MLM Facebook posts.

First of all, stop doing this type of stuff immediately (if you are):

Example of bad Facebook post
This network marketing distributor is trying. The sad thing? No one taught her the proper way to use Facebook & other social media platforms 🙁

Network marketing Facebook posts like that are exactly why MLM gets a bad name.

This MLM rep is:

  1. Annoying her social media contacts
  2. Losing sales!

I’ll explain in more detail as you dive into the rest of my post below.

Suffice it to say that you’ve come to the right place 🙂


Because I built a large downline by using MLM Facebook posts that created curiosity and got people interested in me. 

I also happen to be head marketing coach for a large Internet marketing agency, where we teach course creators and coaches how to get more leads & build sales funnels.

Is that important? 

I would think so if I were you…

…so you know you aren’t learning online marketing methods from someone who started doing this stuff yesterday LOL

Unfortunately, we don’t help network marketers there. 

I, however, first being exposed to MLM back in 1990 and building teams over the years, have an understanding for the pitfalls, frustrations and despair that most people in network marketing eventually fall for and feel…

…after trying to get their friends & family to buy or join and getting laughed at or even worse.

Been there, done that!

I’m here to help you understand which types of MLM Facebook posts work, why they work and how to build your network marketing business without losing sales to other reps or annoying the crap out of people.

Sound good?

Let’s go!

Here’s what you’re about to learn:

terrible Isagenix MLM Facebook post
You’ll learn why this Isagenix rep is making a HUGE mistake…HUUUUUGE!

Facebook Post Success Tips

Your goal when creating MLM Facebook posts is building:

  1. Credibility
  2. Authority
  3. Influence, and…

…getting your audience to know, like and trust you.

It’s vital that you’re perceived as a person of value. 

That’s when your business blows up…when you can make offers that people take advantage of (because they trust you).

Question: Do you think it’s easier for a person to get results (yeses) if they’re perceived by people on Facebook as a leader… as someone who shows up & who’s passionate about impacting the lives of others?

As opposed to the person who rarely shows up and looks like an amateur?

The answer is obvious.

I’m gonna show you how to post so that you look like a leader and as someone who’s to be followed and taken seriously. 


Your income is a direct relation to the influence you create and the value you’re providing the marketplace.

If you’re posting as an amateur and providing zero value to your best prospects, then you’re going to have a tough time building your business, making money or sponsoring a team.

Becoming Valuable Takes Time When Posting On Facebook

This isn’t a “get rich quick” tutorial. 

Don’t be surprised or upset if you use these MLM Facebook posts tomorrow and don’t get immediate results. 

You won’t get much engagement yet.

“Yet” is the word here. 

Do this consistently and it will happen for you!

Optimize Your Facebook Profile (Or Else)

People check your timeline out when you make a “friend” request. 

You need to make sure the timeline is attractive…

…and people don’t think they’re going to get hit with annoying pitches from an amateur MLMer.

Profile Pic Tips

It’s gotta be “you” and you alone. Not your dog or your kids or your spouse with you.

Smile in it 🙂

This is business.

Pay attention to the vibe you’re giving out.

It doesn’t need to be a slick or professional pic.

A selfie is just fine…be real and make it inviting (smile).

Cover Photo (Choose Carefully)

Do this right and get people liking and trusting you immediately. 

A fluffy, woo-woo personal development quote here screams, “I’m a marketer!”

Use this area to translate a bit about what’s important to you and who you are.

You might use a nice pic of you and your family, or you alone sitting in nature, or you traveling, etc. 

The Intro Area

You might put where you went to High School and where you live.

By the way, ladies especially, list a near-by big city if you happen to live in a small town…far safer.

If you have a business page, you could link to it from here.

You can also link to other social profiles here. 

But no MLM company links! It’s just spam (more about spam below).

Noone goes on FB to buy products. If they see your spam, they won’t take you seriously as a leader, etc.

Hobbies go here, too, such as camping, hiking, knitting, traveling….whatever lights you up…because this helps create connections with others who have similar interests.

Use a nice featured image underneath the hobbies section. 

And, no, I don’t mean a bunch of selfies with duck lips 🙂

I’m sorry, but that doesn’t present you as a professional. 

FB throws random pics in the image area. Be strategic and position yourself well. Delete any image that pops up here and doesn’t present you in a good light. 

Use event images, pics with your team, etc, but be careful that your MLM company name isn’t too prominent.

Final Facebook Profile Thoughts

I get it if you’re afraid to post pics of yourself (like your profile pic) or posting selfies. 

But it says that your confidence is so low that you won’t post about yourself 🙁

Remember, leaders exude confidence. Do they have that at the beginning? Of course not and you can grow into it. 

But setting up your profile in a way that says, “I’m not serious, I might even be out of my business in 2 weeks, etc” isn’t going to cut it.

No profile pic or weird cover photo makes people think:

Fake account

You might as well not use any of the MLM Facebook posts I’ll show you below if your account looks fake. 

Don’t use a filtered profile pic.

Show the “real” you. When they see you on a video later and you look 100% different as the “real” you, red flags go up for people.

Just be you…be real…and you’ll do just fine.

Facebook Profile Homework:

Clean up your profile…

Again, remove ALL posts with your company name, product pics, or yelling about this great biz opp you want them to join instantly (I’ll get into more detail about “why” below).

Watch this short video clip to learn why posting professionally to Facebook is vital for making money:

YouTube video

By the way, I’ll give you the full 5-Day Challenge that this video clip came from for free when you pick up this Attraction Marketing resource (that goes into even more ways to use the Internet to build your MLM business!)

You’ll get the answers to these additional questions on Day 1 of the Challenge:

  1. Should I remove my Shopify FB fan page from my FB profile?
  2. Why shouldn’t I add links to my MLM replicated store?
  3. Do you recommend leaving business references out of the cover photo?
  4. Do I need a fan page?
  5. Do I need to pay for ads?
  6. How do you delete the photos you don’t want showing up?
  7. What do I do about family members who see my MLM Facebook posts?
  8. How often should I promote something on my timeline?

In the challenge, you’ll also see a “live” FB profile review where we reveal an account w/ a ton of MLM spam & what to do about it.

MLM Lifestyle Facebook Posts

These types of MLM Facebook posts are critical for developing your personal brand and getting people excited about joining you.

Do this right and you’ll inspire others to reach out to you and ask about your products and business.

By the way, you’ll want to know what to say after these posts get leads coming in. I wrote an entire post giving away 31+ network marketing scripts. Read it here.

One big reason for Lifestyle posts:

Get people to know, like & trust you quickly

Revealing your lifestyle gets people to relate to you & want what you have.

No, you don’t have to be a millionaire nomad traveling the world!

Are you a stay-at-home mom with 3 kids?

Do you think there are other moms like you who need your inspiration to see that they can join you and make money while taking care of their kids from home, too?

They’ll see your lifestyle posts and say, “I want to do what you’re doing!”

Reveal facts about yourself like:

  1. You’re at home with your kids
  2. The biz lets you go to yoga every afternoon
  3. Hiking is your fun activity
  4. You live on a goat farm
  5. You’re a single dad
  6. Cooking is your jam
  7. You’re a go-getter 22-year-old

The real you (even if you think it’s boring) is what works on Facebook.

Saying something as simple as, “I just made my 2 kids sandwiches and now it’s time to go teach my team something” is an example of a quality lifestyle Facebook post!

You don’t need to be a six-figure earner yet to make this work, so get those types of thoughts out of your head 🙂

MLM Lifestyle Facebook Post #1

You’re at the park with your kids. Go “live” and tell a story while you’re there:

I’m at the park with Amy & Brian and Brian just said (insert the fun thing your son said).

Make it into a story and mention that you’re able to do this because of your home business (without revealing the company name):

The kids wanted to hit the playground so I’m at the park with them because I had the freedom to drop everything because I work from home…I’m so grateful!

MLM Lifestyle Facebook Post #2

You’re out for dinner…take a selfie and tell a quick story about it.

MLM Lifestyle Facebook Post #3

Dinner at home:

Go “live” and show your audience what you’re making, talk with your spouse and kids as you do it and show yourself having fun with the family.

MLM Lifestyle Facebook Post #4

Hanging in the backyard with the kids in the morning when everyone else is slogging their way to work…take a selfie and talk about it.

MLM Lifestyle Facebook Post #5

Talk about how long you’ve been doing yoga and how it has affected your life while sitting on your mat at home.

MLM Lifestyle Facebook Post #6

“When things go wrong” posts. 

Don’t clean up the mess when you spill wine on the rug or your daughter throws her bowl across the kitchen. Take a pic or do a FB Story and tell ‘em all about it.

There are people in your audience who will relate!

By the way, I’ll give you the full 5-Day Challenge that this video clip came from for free when you pick up this Attraction Marketing resource (that goes into even more ways to use the Internet to build your MLM business!)

The Challenge teaches you 10 more examples of lifestyle posts “live” on video and how to create exciting stories around seemingly boring, everyday occurrences.

You’ll get the answers to these additional questions on Day 2 of the Challenge:

  1. What should I do with Facebook Stories?
  2. How do I best make use of Facebook “lives”?
  3. What’s the most effective way to space my FB posts out?
  4. Is there a way to navigate family members seeing my lifestyle posts?
  5. Can I do more Stories than regular timeline posts or is that a “no-no”?
  6. Is it possible to boost my posts for free?

MLM Product Facebook Posts

Get excited because we’re going to touch on psychology & human nature here.

Learning this skill results in people sending you FB messages asking for more information about your products.

It also improves how you interact in all of your personal relationships. 

Pretty cool, huh? 🙂

Let’s Revisit Spam MLM Facebook Posts

Remember, you don’t want to ever do this:

Image of bad pic

Social media network marketing spam includes any post consisting of:

Pics revealing product or company name…

Three reasons this is bad:

  1. You’ve turned yourself into an infomercial & it doesn’t attract sales (it repels people)
  2. You’re losing sales

If I know the name of the product you’re selling and I’m interested, then I don’t need to go through you anymore.

I might go on Google, search it, research it and buy from a different company rep or straight from the company website.

People aren’t doing this maliciously to hurt you. It’s simply human nature.

3. Here’s the 3rd reason:

Best MLM Facebook Posts Use Curiosity

The solution to Facebook spam posting is curiosity marketing

The mistake most network marketers make is telling what the product “is”.

You need to tell what your product “does”.

There’s an old marketing adage that says:

Noone buys a drill because they want a drill. They want a hole.

The lesson is that you don’t lead with info about a product. 

Instead, you show people how your product solves their problems.

Talk about the hole they get, not the super duper drill motor or its warranty!

If you sell a product or service, you should lead with information about solving problems, not information about the product or service itself.

Perry Marshall explains this further in this extremely short post (by the way, he refuses to help network marketers, but I’ll show you how to set up a marketing system designed exclusively for MLM, like the one he discusses in his post).

Tap Into Your Prospects’ Feelings

Share the end result of using your product in your Facebook posts and you’ll make sales.

For example, people don’t care about the process of losing weight.

They care about the feelings that losing weight gives them:

  • Sexy
  • Healthy
  • Confident
  • More energy
  • Better sleep

People want to feel good about themselves after shedding those extra pounds.

They could care less about your product packaging, the ingredients made in a recently discovered rain forest — c’mon man 🙂 — or whatever silly thing your company tells you to talk about.

Women want their husband to look at them like he did when they dated (men want the same thing from their wives, by the way). 

They want their girlfriends to say, “Damn, you’re looking hot!”

Feelings…tap into the feelings & your Facebook posts change into sales-generating posts.

MLM Product Post Example For Facebook

I became so tired of looking at myself in the mirror and feeling disgusted at what I saw…being ashamed at myself. It was ruining my relationship with my partner because I had 0 self confidence…so I finally decided to DO something about it!

Anyone who needs to lose weight can relate to those feelings. 

Although you’re telling them your story, you’re also telling them their story and it hits home, they relate to you and they’ll want to know how you’re doing something about it.

That’s how you sell products on Facebook (or Instagram, etc).

Problem, Agitate, Solution (PAS)

PAS is a marketing process that you need to know about.

Bring up problems, agitate them and then provide a solution. 

It taps into human nature and sells far better than saying the typical MLM nonsense like:

I found the best weight loss system on planet Earth! It’s patented in 19 countries, it has vitamin 12 and rare sea algae, blah, blah, blah…and it’s on sale this week only…


You’ll never make sales like that. 

You’re repelling people. 

You sound like an infomercial and you haven’t tapped into any feelings that get people emotionally involved to the point where they see benefits to buying it.

Sorry, just bein’ real with ya 🙂

Your MLM Product Facebook Posts Must Inspire People

Other niche examples if you’re selling:

  1. Makeup: Tap into helping women feel more confident.
  2. Credit repair services: Talk about the pain of not being able to buy the house or car you wanted. The anxiety it caused and the problems in the marriage.
  3. Life insurance: Tap into the feeling of not providing for your family when you’re gone…how crappy that is to do to the ones you love.
  4. Fitness: Bring up feelings of insecurity when your body isn’t the way you want it. Agitate the feelings of being embarrassed to undress in front of your spouse.
  5. Skincare: Tap into the negative feelings that looking older creates in most people and how looking younger again feels so good.

Visual Examples of Facebook Posts For MLM Product Sales

By the way, I’ll give you the full 5-Day Challenge that this video clip came from for free when you pick up this Attraction Marketing resource (that teaches additional methods for using the Internet to build your MLM business!)

The Challenge teaches you 3 more examples of MLM product posts “live” on video and we showed how to create posts “on the fly” around various network marketing products like:

  • Bath & body
  • Nutrition for kids
  • Life insurance
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Pain relief services
  • Skincare
  • Menstrual pain
  • Jewelry

Day 3 of the Challenge also answers these questions:

  1. How can I use videos that don’t show the company or product name?
  2. Can I use Facebook Stories with this method?
  3. How do I incorporate before & after pics w/o being spammy?

MLM Business Facebook Posts

First, a business post you don’t want to use:

I need 10 new people on my team. Message me!

People who do this sound like infomercials. It’s spammy, salesy, all about them & this stuff simply doesn’t work on social media.

Nobody goes on social media to buy products or join a business.

They’re bored and want entertainment.

By now, you might wonder:

How do I get people into my business if you’re telling me I shouldn’t mention the company on Facebook?

A quality business social media post is one that plants seeds of curiosity about the fact that you have a home-based business.

But, they must contact you in order to find out which business it is.

Keep this in mind if you want to use Facebook to sponsor a big team:

Example Of a Business Curiosity Post For Network Marketing

I remember dropping my son off at daycare. He was crying & clinging to me and didn’t want me to leave. Broke my heart. I cried all the way to work. I knew right there that I had to find a way to stop working a job and be home with my son. I didn’t want to live with regret that I let someone else raise him. I’m so grateful that I was introduced to the home business industry. 

From there, if you still have your job, you can add that you’re working your way out of it so you can be home with your son. 

Or, “I’m so grateful to be home with my son full-time & still contribute to my family financially”, if you’re already working from home.


You’re gonna have folks reading that and feeling some emotion about their own lives, right?

There’s no need to say that “ask me how” nonsense either. 

Although every once in a while you can use a call-to-action like, “If you want a way to stay at home with your children, I can show you what I’m doing.”

Don’t do it all the time. It’s not needed.

Notice you didn’t mention your company name once.

Get creative with these business posts. 

You can even do a “shout out” to one of your teammates.

Don’t have a downline yet?

Do a post where you recognize a sideline member of your company (without naming the company) and congratulate them for rank advancing, how that’s exciting because their income level went up, etc. 

You just planted a seed to your audience that you’re in a home business.

MLM Business Facebook Post Example

mlm facebook post example for the business opportunity

So simple and you planted the seed without being an annoying infomercial.

Other ideas:

  • Make mention of why you joined the home business industry
  • Explain why working at home is the best option for you
  • Go “live” and tell the story of what brought you in
  • What you love most about the home business industry
  • How you’ve grown as a human since coming into the industry
  • Train your team on this stuff and tell your FB contacts you did it on your timeline

You’re not talking about your company but the right people in your audience will resonate and contact you.

By the way, I’ll give you the full 5-Day Challenge that this video clip came from for free when you pick up this Attraction Marketing resource (that teaches additional methods for using the Internet to build your MLM business!)

The Challenge teaches you 5 more examples of business posts “live” on video.

We also created “on the fly” MLM business posts about different types of home-based situations, such as:

  • Retired & baby-sits grandchildren in 2 states
  • Aerospace/defense engineer
  • Homeschooling parent
  • Empty nester w/ 2 kid in college
  • Person struggling with not enough needed overtime at work
  • Wife home w/ 5-year-old, retired her husband & raising goats
  • Single mom raising 3 kids
  • Woman who had to stay-at-home because of extreme allergies
  • Man spending time between Asia & Scandinavia
  • Woman couldn’t work for 5 months & her biz paid the bills
  • Teacher needing to supplement pension & wants to leave a legacy to grandkids

So many stories & examples!

Quick Facebook Tip: Sunday night is a great time to go “live”.

MLM Story Facebook Posts

Using the MLM Facebook posts I gave you so far helps you put out the valuable content that gets people following you.

They’ll fall in love with you for your stories.

Ever heard this:

Facts tell, stories sell…

It’s true. That’s why people can’t stop watching movie after movie or Netflix series after Netflix series…

How To Tell a Story

Tell where you were at and where you’re at now.

Story post examples of where you were at: 

  1. I was broke and struggling
  2. I had to put my kids into daycare

Then you go into:

So I went into the home business industry because I was desperate for a way out. I was sick to my stomach at putting my kids in daycare. I was filled with anxiety. My first home business experience then sucked because I didn’t know what to do at first.

Remember the PAS formula I mentioned in the product post section?

  1. Establish the problem
  2. Agitate it 
  3. Give the Solution

Watch this quick excerpt about PAS:

Story-Based MLM Facebook Posts Need 2 Things

1) Emotion is critical. Use it in your stories.

2) Use a hook in the first sentence or two of your post or video.

You have a couple seconds to hook them in or they won’t continue reading the post.

Take time to learn basic copywriting skills (Google it) because you’ll stink in the beginning like I did 🙂

You’ll get great at it if you commit to doing this for the next year (and you can be making money a month or two from now).

I Don’t Have Any Stories To Tell

Yes, you do!

This exercise will work: 

Commit 30 minutes to thinking through your entire life from your first memories up to today and you’ll find dozens of stories.

I did this and was amazed when I recalled memories like:

–> The time I moved from upstate NY to Canada at age 19 for recording school & was in a bar drinking a beer after the first day at school because 19 was their drinking age…and I thought I was soooooo cool LOL

That’s a fun story I’ve told over the years and found it helped people relate to me.

–> Or the time I moved with my brother to Hollywood to go to music school and then play in LA rock bands.

–> Or the time when I was 5, turned on the signal blinker in my Dad’s Jeep, couldn’t get the damn thing to turn off and thought I broke the car 🙂

You have dozens and dozens and dozens of stories to tell that are sad, funny, exciting, etc.

These simple activities can get turned into effective MLM Facebook story posts:

  • Going to the park
  • Visiting your grandkids on Halloween
  • Eating at a restaurant
  • Shopping at Trader Joe’s
  • Going on a bad date
  • Taking a walk around the block

While I’m not making a full-time income, my business is growing month to month and I’m able to help put food on our table.

By the way, I’ll give you the full 5-Day Challenge that this video clip came from for free when you pick up this Attraction Marketing resource (that teaches additional methods for using the Internet to build your MLM business!)

The Challenge teaches you 6 more examples of business posts “live” on video.

We also created “on the fly” MLM business posts about different types of home-based situations, such as: