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Matt ZavadilWritten by Matt Zavadil
Updated December 31, 2023

Any attempt to give you every single step you need for achieving network marketing success in one blog post is going to fall short.

Let’s just get that out of the way first…LOL

There are many factors:

  • marketing skills
  • people skills
  • and your level of confidence not only in the MLM industry, your company/products/opportunity but also about who you are as a person.

As you seek answers to winning in MLM I encourage you to give yourself permission to be patient.

Be patient in your learning.

Learn a new social media technique, then implement it.

Then, work it consistently for months, not a couple days.

Learn how to become your prospects’ trusted advisor.

Then, refine that skill until you become a true influencer (more on this below).

Here’s what we’ll cover in this post:

Let’s explore 3 specific areas I’ve found are critical for achieving success in network marketing:

  • Stop Resisting
  • What If…
  • What to “Worry” About

3 Critical Areas To MLM Success

Network Marketing Success = Stop Resisting

I often find that resisting success is our #1 enemy.

You’ll find doors opening up after you learn to be more “open” to all that’s available as you create your way in the industry.

  • You’ll find it easier to find prospects.
  • You’ll find your prospects opening up to you more easily.
  • You’ll see sales flowing in.
  • You’ll experience an effortless flow of new reps into your downline.

say yes to network marketing successAlways Say “Yes”

Say “yes” to creating that video you’ve been thinking about making.

Say “yes” to starting your podcast.

Say “yes” to reading 30 minutes a day.

Say “yes” to investing productive time on Twitter.

Say “yes” to drinking enough water each day. Say “yes” to starting your blog.

It’s easy to say “yes” to each & every step/task you know will bring you closer to your ultimate Chief Aim.

It’s also easy to say “no”, isn’t it?


Every time you say “no” to your next step, it’s a sign of resistance.

I encourage you to dig deep when you’re met with these feelings. Explore your true feelings.

Why, if you say you want to build a massive MLM business are you avoiding the very actions that will bring this into existence?

THAT’S the question you must answer. It’s more important than working on your next marketing strategy. More important than how many Pinterest followers you have.

What’s going on inside you that’s causing you to resist saying “yes” to your ultimate success?

I’ve seen it time and again: folks work to learn all the latest and coolest ways to market but they never say “yes” to implementing even one of those awesome strategies.

That’s sad because you’d win if you’d simply implement.

If you’re resisting in this area it’s likely you need help with your subconscious mind’s programming.

Up to this point in your life you’ve developed “blocks” about something, whether it’s money, relationships, your ability to sell, your ability to recruit, etc.

Two effective resources to help in this area are:

  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, by Dr. Joseph Murphy
  • The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons, by Napoleon Hill

If you don’t fix these resistance issues from the inside out I’m afraid MLM success (and life success in general) will elude you.

What I find really “cool” is that when you stop resisting you’ll also find it far easier to develop your “why” (another vital piece of this overall “success” puzzle).

What If…

The phrase “what if” is dangerous.

  • What if I can’t find anyone to join my business?
  • What if I’m not good enough?
  • What if my friends laugh at me?
  • What if my spouse gets upset because I’m spending so much time working on the business?

If you’re not careful you’ll “what if” yourself right out of the industry!

This game being played between your ears must be won over with positive reinforcement that “you’re going to make it happen, that’s it period”.

Asking yourself all these potential scenarios reflects limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs about the network marketing industry…your company…the products…the opportunity…who you ARE as a person, etc.

Your lack of belief in yourself and/or your business opportunity are deadly to network marketing success.

Asking “what if” means you’re unclear about what steps to take in order to build a large business that takes care of all your family’s needs.

Think about it

…if you were clear about what steps to take, then you’d never ask “what if this or what if that”.

Your focus would be on fulfilling each day’s micro-steps that add up to massive success in the long-term.

Asking “what if” leads to inaction because you’re focused on the potential pitfalls.

You can’t move forward because you’re focused on every negative possibility inside the act of taking action.

Look, you’re going to get judged in life no matter what you do. You might as well get judged doing what you love doing and what you do well.

Right? LOL

  • How much would you love to find success inside your MLM business and make all the doubters “eat crow”?
  • How much would you love to see pride in your spouse’s eyes because they know you did what it takes to win?

Then, freakin’ get busy learning everything you can about how to win. Commit to acting on that knowledge.

Remember this: Knowledge absolutely does NOT equal Power. Only knowledge acted upon equals true power.

Let me be up front for a second…

If you stopped whining about “what if INSERT YOUR NEXT EXCUSE” & started focusing on what you should really be worrying about, you’d achieve success so quickly it would absolutely shock the livin’ hell out you!

Don't Ask _What If_ You Fail...Ask _What If_ You Don't Do What It Takes_

What To Worry About When You’re Serious About Network Marketing Success

Instead of worrying about “what if Uncle Bob laughs at me” or “what if someone on Twitter calls me a bad name” or “what if I recruit someone and they end up quitting”…

You should be worrying about this: “what if I continue making excuses & my family doesn’t make it financially?”…

Here’s where I’ll lose a few readers because it’s put up or shut up time.

Most folks want to be massaged all day long with (imagine that whiny, “massaging” voice here), “Oh it’s OK, I understand you’re afraid…it will all be OK…”

I’m here to tell ya that, “No, it ain’t gonna be OK if you don’t eventually fix what’s causing your resistance to success. It ain’t gonna be OK if you keep making excuses & allowing yourself to put off the simple, small daily steps that will lead you to the promised land.”

I encourage you to make a commitment right now

Not tomorrow…

Not next week…

Not when you “feel like it”…


Make a commitment to invest time on YOU, the person inside…whatever baggage you’ve brought to this party…

…commit to rooting it out and getting busy on what you should truly be worrying about…

  • Worry about finding targeted leads.
  • Worry about sponsoring your next team member.
  • Worry about how to use social media effectively.
  • Worry about your next product sale.

Worry about becoming so damn valuable that people can’t stop themselves from following you on your journey to the top of the mountain!

And making it to the top of the MLM mountain isn’t as hard as you think it is.

It’s quite simple:

Increase your value to the marketplace.

This allows you to attract loyal followers on your social media and blog.

It allows you to fill up your lead flow with semi-interested tire-kickers who are feeling you out.

That, my friend, allows you to Rack the Shotgun.

Racking the Shotgun allows you to find the 20% of your prospects who will buy your products, join your business and ride with you all the way to the Promised Land of Network Marketing:


Your Value In The Marketplace

Let me give you a vital piece of the “secret to winning in network marketing”:

Stop Worshiping MLM Gurus

You know what I’m talking about…the authors, the creators of “systems”, all the BIG guys in the MLM Industry.

I didn’t say stop listening & learning from them…

…I said stop worshiping them…

…huge difference.

Are you really, really, really serious about achieving network marketing success?

If you’re serious about it, then I encourage you to make another vital commitment. Again, not tomorrow, not next week…right now.

Commit to becoming more valuable in the marketplace.

Make a commitment so that YOU become the so-called “guru” to all those people waiting for you to emerge as a leader.

Do you have any earthly idea how many people need you to live out your full potential? You have gifts no one else on this planet possesses.

You have a way of reaching people that’s so unique and special.

Your current hangups, “what if” limiting beliefs and feelings of resistance are robbing those people of all the value they need from you.

Hmmm…now that’s a different way to look at it, huh?

It’s true, too.

Keys To Your Network Marketing Success

You Already Know The Answers To Network Marketing Success

So, stop looking to “gurus” to “show you the way”.

I promise you something:

you know exactly what to say and do to create the life you only allow yourself to currently dream about.

What do you you think about and dream about when you’re alone?

When you allow yourself to gain a brief glimpse of your inner giftswhen you allow yourself to dream about doing something GREAT…

What does that look like?

Whatever THAT is…whatever gives you goosebumps when you allow yourself to mentally get out of your own way and DREAM…that’s what you need to move toward.

Use That In Your MLM Marketing

You shouldn’t be getting on social media and blasting about your great products or opportunity.

Nobody gives a crap about that stuff. Seriously that’s what everybody else in this industry is doing.

What people CARE about…what they CONNECT with…is YOU.

You & your story. They want to know about why you’re the person they should follow and listen to.

If you took the time to craft your story and wrapped up your knowledge about your MLM company’s products and the solutions inside that story that’s when you’ll start getting people to identify with you.

Go read Winning the Story Wars: Why Those Who Tell – And Live – The Best Stories Will Rule The Future, by Jonah Sachs or The Impact Equation: Are You Making Things Happen Or Just Making Noise, by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.

Highlight Your Past Struggles

You want folks to see the struggles you had to overcome. It provides them inspiration that if they join you they can do the same thing in their lives.

Don’t talk about any crap you’re currently going through.

Work your ass off to overcome it. THEN talk about it.

For instance, I talk about the time back in 2010 when I lost a $200,000 job in the blink of an eye. I talk about how foolish my wife and I were back then to not have enough savings set aside to handle that blow.

I talk about how I was reduced at the age of 39…a grown man with a family…to asking my parents for a very sizeable loan to make it through for a while.

I talk about how I’m a person who hates to ask for help and how being reduced to that was detrimental to my mental health and spirit at the time.

I talk about how I used to dread the mailbox because of the bills piled up in it. I talk about being afraid to look my wife in the eyes and tell her just how bad it really was…how much that hurt me and my sense of manhood.

I talk about the struggle of working myself out of that nightmare.

How I had to dig deep and learn to slay fears about myself, about money, about who I am as a person that I had never dared cope with until that time in my life.

I talk about how that devastating time in my life made me ultimately realize just how powerful I could become if I got out of my own damn way and went to work.

And you know what came out of all that hurt & pain?

A story others could identify with…a story that moved them enough to want to join my team, lock arms with me and go to work with me.

Your MLM Business Will EXPLODE

After Your Story…

The two books I gave you above will help you think about your story.

After you’ve worked on your story, started killing off the old demons inside, started becoming clear on your life purpose and mission, started your way to stopping the horrible resistance habit…

You then must learn how to weave that story throughout your marketing.

My suggestion is that you pick one or two marketing methods and “work ’em until you master ’em”.

There’s not enough time in the day for you to become the master of Twitter, Facebook, blogging, Pinterest, Instagram, paid media, YouTube, etc all at the same time.

Pick two that resonate with you and master them. Later, as you gain experience you’ll feel ready to add in more marketing channels.

But a confused, cluttered mind makes for non-productive action.

Pick two and then use MASSIVE ACTION.

chris brogan start with a blog for network marketing success

Your first channel isn’t an option, though.

It must be your blog.

Your blog is the HUB for all your marketing.

It’s your home on the Internet.

Any paid advertising or social media activity you do will point back to your home baseyour blog.

It’s where you can tell your story just like I’m telling my story to you here on my blog.

Final Thoughts On Achieving Network Marketing Success

I’ve given you a lot to chew on in this post. I’ve encouraged you a bit. I’ve challenged you a bit.

Let me end by telling you what I truly believe in my heart.

YOU, my friend, have what it takes.

If you’ve read this entire post you’ve already set yourself apart from those who can’t make it through long enough to even read about what achieving network marketing success is going to take, let alone take action on it.

You’re different.

You’re obviously as driven as I am to create lives of destiny, happiness, wealth and above all: Influence

how to shine for mlm success

As you go forth in your business I want you to think about the incredible Influence you can have on others inside your MLM efforts.

But you must take the reins and run with it.

You’re at a crossroads. You can either decide right now to start doing the work required or you can decide to leave this page and allow your life to remain as it is.

If you fail to start doing the work then your destiny toward success and influence will die.

The Universe will step in and award that life to someone else who’s willing to do what it takes.

I encourage you to be that person who makes their dreams come true.

You can do it. I believe that with all my heart.

Was this information helpful to you? If so, let me know in the comments below. Let me know what one specific action you’re committing to starting today in order to move you one small step closer to a life of Destiny & Influence.

Let Me Show You a Better Way

One common theme I hear is

“Matt, how can I prospect in a way that feels more authentic? Or, I’m introverted and don’t feel comfortable hitting up people at the bookstore. Is there a better way?

There is in fact a better, more strategic way to building your MLM business than hitting up your lazy Uncle Bob for the 8th time.

Here are a few resources to get you moving in that direction:

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