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Updated March 9, 2024

Before taking you through this Attraction Marketing Formula review…

…I’m wondering if the following questions sound familiar to you:

  • Where can I learn how to generate leads for my network marketing business?
  • What are the best ways to generate leads online for multi-level marketing?
  • What is the best website to buy MLM leads?
  • Is there a better way to grab people’s attention?

Attraction Marketing Formula Review In Video

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Attraction Marketing Formula Facts:
Author: Ferny Ceballos
Cost: $97 (one time) – But I give you 72% discount here
Product Type: Ebook
Pages: 185

The #1 issue I hear from MLMers is this:

“I need leads…

“…I created the warm market list my upline told me to put together…

“…It hasn’t resulted in anything except frustration as the people I know either laughed or said they aren’t interested.”

Sound familiar?

The #1 reason for failure in network marketing is running out of leads.

Running out of money to pay for simple lead generation is problem #2.

Attraction Marketing solves these two target audience challenges.

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Is Attracting 3-7 New Customers & Team Members Weekly Possible? Watch As I Explain:

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Quick Facts About Attraction Marketing Formula:

Author: Ferny Ceballos

Pricing: $97 (one time) - But I give you a full 72% discount right here!

Product Type: Ebook + Video Training

Pages: 185

Video Training: 

1. Attract, Influence & Enroll Workshop (3 Modules)

2. Niches to Riches (1 Module)

3. Become a Lead Magnet (1 Module)

4. Attraction Marketing Formula "Live" (10 Modules)

What Is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing is a marketing method that allows you to identify, attract, and create emotional connections with people who are already looking to buy what it is you sell. Attraction marketing strategies represent the polar opposite of bugging, begging, chasing or convincing people to listen to you. Attraction Marketing allows you, the network marketer, to save time as you automate the process for prospecting your ideal customer.

It solves issues like these:

“What’s the best way to help my new downline members get the results they want?”

“What can I do to ensure that my downline members don’t quit?”

Important Note:  I actually own the Attraction Marketing Formula product.

This isn’t a Fake Review. I bought this product personally (as I’ll prove below through screen shots & excerpts) & used it to build a 9 levels deep international MLM business.

If you need info about “real” vs “fake” reviews, SiteSell did a great piece on it here.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside my Attraction Marketing Formula Review:

A simple Attraction Marketing definition, as well as how the Attraction Marketing Formula will help you:

  • Understand how to use a marketing campaign that attracts MLM sales
  • Implement Internet methods like blog posts & content marketing for unlimited daily lead flow
  • Brand yourself and create a unique business around your MLM business
  • Earn income even when some folks don’t join your main MLM opportunity
  • Use an automated way to build relationships and trust (Frees up your precious time so the only people you talk to are just about ready to buy or join)
  • A couple negatives to the Attraction Marketing Formula (and how to overcome them)

Imagine this:

1) Every day, people who are already interested in what you offer reach out to you with requests about your products, services and business…

2) Every day, hungry prospects are flooding into your Facebook inbox (or other socials) with a desire to start a conversation with you about your MLM business opportunity…

3) No longer do you chase, beg or convince un-interested folks about the greatness of your products or business.

Remember this:

The best product or business in the world doesn’t help anyone when you don’t know how to attract qualified, new leads every single day into your “world”.

Attraction Marketing Formula Review Testimonial
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Attraction Marketing Definition

Attraction Marketing is a marketing technique where the result is that prospects reach out to you. The stress of initiating contact with prospects is eliminated when you learn how to use Attraction Marketing.

It’s a process where you provide valuable content first. This Attraction Marketing process fosters trust. It eliminates the need to convince uninterested people into your business opportunity.

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Let’s take a step back:

Many network marketers don’t know they are actually in the online business marketing industry. The successful people come to the table with an attitude of “I need to keep an open mind and learn everything I can about inbound marketing.”

They say to themselves, “I need to learn the basics of copywriting… how to articulate to others both in writing and verbally.”

Learning an Attraction Marketing strategy to use inside your own business is the best way to find the MLM success you’re looking for.

What Attraction Marketing Is NOT:

I have seen blog writeups where the author tries to convince us that there’s something wrong with Attraction Marketing.

Let’s discuss this quickly just in case you run across these folks.

Bait & Switch Tactics: Some people lump Attraction Marketing in with bait & switch fake review tactics. They have a valid point about bait & switch but are misguided in thinking that myself or others like Ferny Ceballos inside the Attraction Marketing Formula are teaching this.

I mentioned Fake Reviews above. Mostly, these are bait & switch. The blogger will write a review about Company A’s Product, making you believe they’ve used it and are giving you an actual accounting of how the product works.

Instead, they piece together some fluff they found on other sites about Company A’s Product and then try to switch you over to buying something else (Company B’s Product) that they are an affiliate for.

They bait you with a promise to review a product you are searching for but then switch you over to the other product. This is not only unethical but could be illegal (see the SiteSell Fake Review writeup I linked you to near the beginning of this page).

True Attraction Marketing has nothing to do with this. At the core of the correct strategy is a process of delivering useful content to your audience. This allows your audience to see that you are not only helpful, but trustworthy.

As we’ll see later inside my Attraction Marketing Formula review, this process is not only ethical and effective, it’s exactly how ALL SUCCESSFUL online businesses operate.

What Is Attraction Marketing Formula?

The Attraction Marketing Formula is a marketing course created by Ferny Ceballos & Elite Marketing Pro.

Delivered as a 185-page ebook, it teaches network marketers how to attract potential customers via online marketing techniques. It’s intent is to help networkers who have run out of warm contact leads to set up an Attraction Marketing system that automates lead generation.

The result of using the Attraction Marketing Formula? A business that is far more fun because you invest time speaking only to people already interested in your products and/or business.

What’s So Great About the Attraction Marketing Formula Product?

Are there other resources that teach Attraction Marketing? Of course.

So what makes this particular product stand out above the others?

I’ll work through those details as we go along… but let me point out two main factors:

1) Cost: I’ve seen other people charging for coaching or other “special” training with the promise that you’ll learn Attraction Marketing. They’ll charge upwards of $5000 for this info. With the Attraction Marketing Formula, you get the training for a one time cost that an SUV owner dumps into their gas tank weekly.

2) Bonuses: There are a few bonuses I’ll show you later on. One of them is a personal coaching session that comes with the course.

Learn How To Use Attraction Marketing For Online Lead Flow

The BEST thing about this is that your lead generation efforts become automated.

Attraction marketing

Don’t misunderstand what I mean by this. Network marketing was and always will be a people business. People only buy from and join people they know, like and trust.

With that said,

the biggest time sucker in MLM is prospecting.

Using the 3-foot rule, calling a warm market list, prospecting people at Walmart, etc… this is all a “time suck” because 99% of all those people have ZERO interest in what you’re talking about.

What if you could cut all that time sucking activity out of your life?

You can…if you use the power of online marketing correctly.

Your online entities do the sorting for you.

On a regular basis, they attract real people with a genuine interest in solving the problems your products and business solve.

When you do talk to someone, you’re doing it the right way…

…you get better results because you’re no longer speaking with someone who needs convincing.

Your online presence has already done 99% of the educating. That last 1% may only take a simple phone call…

…a relaxed, easy going, non-painful phone call because the person WANTS to actually talk with you about how to proceed.

Big difference from hearing your Uncle Bob say, “What a crock. Gonna get rich, huh? Whatever…” (as he sits on the couch drinking his 5th beer of the night)

Attraction Marketing Formula Teaches You How To “Do” The Internet Right

In fact, it’s right in Chapter Two:

Attraction Marketing Formula Review - Chapter 2 Heading

How does this benefit YOU?

Benefit #1: Saves your time

Benefit #2: Removes frustration, guilt and stress…

…frustration that time is taken away from your family, that a lack of results means lower quality of life for your family…

…guilt that you’re investing too much time away from your family trying the time sucking prospecting methods…

…stress that comes from missing important family time and not providing a better quality of life…

…it’s like you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t, right?

The SOLUTION You Get From The Info Inside Ch 2 Of Attraction Marketing Formula:

More quality of time with family as automated leads roll in…qualified leads (the best kind)…

…common questions answered through automation…

…a relaxed, “winning” feeling because you see the business growing as you spend time only with people “right” for your business and products…

…less time spent on the business but the results are ten-fold…

…money rolls in so you get to enjoy that quality of life the money provides for your spouse and children

Secondary Benefits: a more relaxed family…

…better relationships with your spouse and/or children…

…less stress means a more healthy “you” and family. This means less doctor visits. Less missed time at work and school. More time with children to teach them life lessons.

…you feel in control, powerful, inspired, successful, proud, etc.

…You gain extra time to invest in the lives of others, as well.

Attraction marketing formula works well

Let’s Hammer This Idea Home

I want to ensure I do a proper job of explaining how critical this step is.

Here’s an excerpt directly from Chapter 2 of my personal copy of Attraction Marketing Formula:

Potential Concern You May Have: What if I don’t have time to be teaching a bunch of people what I know? I have a full-time job, I have to show the plan, follow up, and more!

The answer comes in 2 parts:

1) By continuing on the path you’re on now, you’ll be spending more time prospecting and building your downline inefficiently – and getting no-where fast.

2) The good news is that with our help we can do most of this training and credibility building for you…and quickly get you set up with your 24/7 recruiting system.

  • The Internet has given us new abilities as network marketers and allows us to leverage technology to build better, faster and easier than ever before.
  • You can make money and get new customers at the click of a button with email marketing… getting your message to thousands of people for free.
  • You can use Google, Facebook and other platforms as your personal mind-reading machines so you can target people looking precisely for what you have.
  • You can turn into a global empire in months with international advertising.
  • People in other countries may not be able to join your opportunity, but they can still use your expertise and are willing to pay to learn from you.
  • This is called monetizing your list. We’ll talk more on this later.
  • You can educate and continue building your customer list 24/7 even while you sleep.

[End of excerpt]

Getting excited yet?

I hope so because using Attraction Marketing is how I built one of my downlines internationally… a downline 9 levels deep with people from all over America, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia, etc.

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You’ll Learn How To Brand Yourself & Create a Unique Business Around Your MLM Efforts

The broke network marketer thinks that their business revolves around their products and opportunity. They focus on how “great” their products are.

The wealthy network marketer understands this:

The real business asset that you possess is not your product or company…

…Your real and most treasured asset inside your business is YOU.

It’s all about your brand:

Your face, your enthusiasm, your confidence, your vitality and your overall solution.

Through Attraction Marketing, you’ll learn how to serve your target market first, solve problems for people first, build relationships first…

…and provide ongoing value.

This all adds up to a situation where you are seen as a highly valued person people WANT to buy from and join in business.

Chapter 3 inside the Attraction Marketing Formula teaches you the value behind this way of doing business.

btw, I wrote another post about attraction marketing that may fill in the gaps. Feel free to click here (will open in a new tab), read it and then come back here.

Building Your Brand Solves The Inherent MLM Flaws

I’m going to teach you something here that most people in the industry try to gloss over and hide from you.

While network marketing is an amazing business system, there are flaws in it.

One of the biggest flaws is something Perry Marshall brought to my attention a few years ago.

He said that network marketers are told how important duplication is. But in reality, says Perry, duplication is a very bad thing in marketing.

He made a great point when he said that anyone doing very well in MLM is doing well because they are not doing what everyone else in the company is doing.

They are successful because they are not duplicating. They are UNIQUE.

He didn’t call it Attraction Marketing, but what he was describing was exactly that…

…the fact that the successful MLMers have a unique energy, voice and story to tell.

Inside the Attraction Marketing Formula, we are taught exactly how to present this unique voice and story.

Attraction marketing formula helps your brand

You’ll Learn How To Earn Income Even When Some Don’t Join Your MLM Business

Chapters 3 & 4 inside the Attraction Marketing Formula give you excellent foundational information that readies your mind for what follows inside Chapter 5.

Chapter 5 is where you learn exactly how to implement your Attraction Marketing system. The art of Attraction Marketing helps you:

  • Find people already interested in what you offer on a daily basis
  • Provide them a piece of upfront value to get the conversation going
  • Build a relationship with your prospects
  • Offer solutions to the problems they have (your MLM products, opportunity, or even other affiliate link offers you can earn money with)
  • Collect money from your sales and insert your prospect back into your pipeline for future sales (increasing your income exponentially over time)

The marketing blueprint laid out inside the Attraction Marketing Formula is the same one used inside any 6 and 7-figure business you may marvel at.

Want to grow a successful MLM business?

All you need to do is implement this same system in order to get the same successful results.

Here’s a snapshot of this concept from my copy of AMF:

Attraction Marketing Formula review marketing profile

The real key to this strategy is learning how to earn income even when new people aren’t quite ready to buy your main MLM products or join your business.

This strategy is taught inside the Attraction Marketing Formula and it solves 3 huge issues:

1) A potential future company shut down

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid and become naïve to the realities of network marketing. Sometimes, these businesses get shut down by regulators.

It happened not once to me, but twice! That’s right, two former MLM companies I was a part of were shut down.

Many people lost out big time.

But because I was using Attraction Marketing messages and had created trust with my prospects…

…I was able to shift gears and continue on.

If it happens to you, which group do you want to be in?

The group that did the traditional convince and beg marketing method, and now has nothing to show for all their effort?

Or, the group that learned the concept of Attraction Marketing…

…And now has a large group of interested people that know you, like you and trust you enough to build with you somewhere else?

2) The need for immediate cash flow through quick sales

As the Attraction Marketing Formula’s Chapter 5 teaches you how to earn money BEFORE anyone joins your network marketing business, you’ll benefit from gaining the ability to bring quick cash flow into your bank account.

One of the hidden costs to the MLM form of marketing is customer acquisition.

Even using free methods like social media posts have a cost (time).

How much is your time worth?

Remember the benefits listed above regarding time back with your family?

Remember the benefit of releasing any guilt feelings or frustration over not being with your family because it’s sucked up when using traditional prospecting methods?

Learning the system taught in Chapter 5 is the easy way to the quick cash needed to pay for the next cost associated with customer acquisition:

3) How to find money to invest in proper paid advertising for your primary MLM biz

This is huge.

The basic principle of Attraction Marketing is a system that, in essence, results in prospects paying you to become a lead for your primary network marketing business.

Once you buy the Attraction Marketing Formula and go through Chapter 5, you’ll gain an unfair advantage.

You’re going to know exactly how to accomplish something most people in network marketing companies never learn…

…something that keeps them broke and unsuccessful…

…you’re going to learn how to:

  • attract people already suffering from the problems your primary business and products solve
  • offer them small priced products (related to your primary business and easy to sell because of the small investment)
  • use these immediate profits to scale your advertising
  • build a huge pipeline of these already interested BUYERS
  • build a relationship and trust with these interested BUYERS
  • convert a high percentage of these BUYERS into your primary business after trust is established

Chapter 6 even goes into more detail about how to research where you’ll find these already interested prospects who willingly buy from you…

…not just buy from you once…

…but multiple times over the next few weeks, months and years…

Chapters 7 and 8 take you by the hand and teach you…step by step…how to set up your Internet empire…

The start of your Internet empire is what I call your Homebase.

Without a Homebase that you OWN & CONTROL, none of the Attraction Marketing methods work.

Specifically, this means you’ll set up your website (or blog, whichever term you want to use).

Chapter 7 details this setup but it’s not without a flaw.

I’ll cover a couple major negative issues you need to know about the Attraction Marketing Formula, so don’t skip that part below.

Chapter 8 of the Attraction Marketing Formula details how to setup a very important piece of your blog, long-form content, YouTube video content:

–How to capture the email addresses of your prospects so you can begin building your international prospect list.–

Let’s move into why this is important to your success as a network marketer…

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You’ll Learn How To Use Email Automation To Grow Your List, Relationships & Bank Account

Pay close attention here…


…THIS is where your money is!

90% of all the money you’ll earn inside your online network marketing efforts are going to come through the followup.

All throughout this Attraction Marketing Formula review, I’ve alluded to the importance of building relationships and helping a customer feel trust toward you.

Email marketing automation is where the money is because approximately 10% of all your prospects are ready to buy immediately upon finding you.

Yes, even though Attraction Marketing is an effective way to attract people already interested in what you offer…

…a good 90% will need a bit more info, relationship building or trust building before making their final decision to move forward with you.

By paying close attention to Chapter 9 inside your copy of Attraction Marketing Formula, you’ll become a professional network marketer…

…a pro that finally slays all the dragons keeping you from being happy.

Imagine this:

1) Every day, you have targeted leads flowing from search engines into your MLM funnels

2) Every day, you have immediate upfront profits…a % of these profits power your bank account and another % of these profits power your online advertising

3) Your email automation system follows up with each prospect individually while you’re working at your job, eating dinner, spending quality time with your family, or sleeping

All of the above adds up to a lifestyle upgrade, where you have quality time with your family, building the best life possible for your loved ones.

In the end, you get what you really want:

  • no more guilty feelings…
  • no more frustration…
  • a feeling of satisfaction and elation as you see the look of pride in the eyes of your spouse and children at what you have done for them

THAT’S what it’s all about, right?

What Does Your New Email Automation System Solve Inside Your MLM Business?

It solves all of the following:

1) Remember when I told you above that Perry Marshall pointed out some real negatives regarding the network marketing system of doing business?

Another of the negatives I didn’t mention above is this:

Inside your MLM business, you actually don’t own anything at all.

Yes, I know that your company may have sold you on the idea of being your own boss and all that, but please realize that you don’t own anything when you are a rep for a network marketing company.

Read your agreement you had to agree to in order to sign up.

They can take your downline away any time they think you may have done something outside the boundaries of their terms of service.

And if that business gets shut down by regulators (remember, it happened to me not once, but twice!), then you lose that entire line of business you thought you “owned”.

Building your own list the way Chapter 9 teaches ensures that you are building the most important business asset of all and you OWN IT OUTRIGHT.

It’s all yours!

2) Your email marketing automation efforts give you complete control over your income inside your primary MLM business and outside it.

You’ll have complete control because you’ll never wake up and wonder who you’ll talk to today about your business.

You’ll have an ever-increasing prospect list that builds itself on autopilot, builds relationships on autopilot, and makes sales for you on autopilot.

3) Exponentially allows you to increase your income because the possibilities here are endless:

  • Increase your cyber real estate (YouTube channel, blog, etc)
  • Affiliate marketing sales (reselling the products others have created)
  • Coaching
  • Someday, you might even create your own product
  • etc.

This way of doing business allows for even more residual cash flow above and beyond the MLM stuff.

Do you want more freedom and money for better quality of life and time with family?

This is how to accomplish it in a way that puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to owning your income streams.

Are There Any Negative Aspects To The Attraction Marketing Formula?


And in my mind, they are glaring negatives and must be fixed in order to ensure your success.

1) Researching Your Niche

Chapter 6 inside the Attraction Marketing Formula is all about market research.

It show you how to find your angle inside the niche your MLM company naturally places you in.

The information is GOOD. However, I think it can be BETTER.

I think it can be explained more clearly.

This is why if you buy AMF through the affiliate links you’ll find inside this review, I’ll point you to a resource that does a far better job with teaching you how to research your niche

2) Where’s the Social Media Education?

Another flaw I’ve identified is that the Attraction Marketing Formula doesn’t tie social media into the mix as well as it could. Once you purchase, I’ll provide you solutions for this.

3) The Piece Of The Internet That You Own

What it does do, is ensure you create the hub (that you own) to help power your social media efforts.

This is accomplished inside Chapter 7, which is all about setting up the system…your online homebase. Again, excellent explanation on why you need this inside your online lead generation & sales process…

…but it could be simplified and streamlined so that you’re set up more quickly. Once you purchase through the affiliate links on this page, I’ll send you a solution to this flaw.

By the way, I’ve mentioned above that purchasing through the affiliate links on this page gets you additional bonus resources you won’t find anywhere else.

Yes, Ferny will send me a few bucks for helping educate you about AMF (not enough to go to Maui but enough to take my wife to Applebee’s).

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ Section

FAQ #1: I found another guy online saying this stuff won’t duplicate & I’ll lose my team to the technicalities. Any truth to this?

With all due respect, this “other guy” is simply wrong to make a blanket statement like that. In my personal experience, do you know what we lose the most people to inside the network marketing industry?

We start losing most of them at the very point where they realize they need to start contacting everyone they ever knew and try to sell them.

We lose more people in our downlines after they make contact with the first few people on their warm contact list and realize people won’t magically buy or join as they were led to believe at the company opportunity meeting.

They realize that the products are NOT right for everyone and not EVERYONE wants to buy into an MLM business.

Back to your original question about duplicating:

Go back to where I mentioned Perry Marshall above and his comments on duplicating. One of the big negatives to MLM is that you have thousands of reps inside your company doing the same things to get noticed in a busy world.

They are all chasing people down with the same company pitch. It’s bad locally when done offline but it’s exponentially bad online when your Facebook feed is littered with the same, “You got to check this out! It’s the best thing since sliced bread! You’ll lose out if you don’t join NOW!”

Ugh and yuck.

Think about this critically and you’ll see that no one responds to this stuff. Actually, some people do:

the get-rich-quick crowd does… the people who don’t want to work inside a real business.

You can’t build a real business with people like that.

Using Attraction Marketing and creating a personal, UNIQUE brand online is the way to do it differently from all the people inside your company yelling and screaming the same, tired stuff that isn’t effective…

…it’s not effective because they aren’t creating TARGETED leads…people already interested in what you offer.

YOU will create those targeted leads inside your Attraction Marketing system (and you’ll teach your downline how to do the same with THEIR own unique voice).

So, the answer is: you don’t want to duplicate. You want to stand out as the go-to-person in your industry.

And the “technicalities” are all things that anyone with the willingness to learn will learn. It’s not that hard to get an online presence up and running today. Five years ago? Maybe, but today the tools are pretty simple to use.

FAQ #2: If I teach my downline how to create an online presence, am I then creating competition within my own team?

Excellent question. The answer is “no” and here’s why:

Every niche is large enough to accommodate multiple, multiple marketers. Every niche selection course out there says it’s wise to enter a market where people are already “there” making money.

The key is how you create your own unique angle.

For example, let me pick an MLM company out of hat…let’s say Arbonne, for example. Arbonne has three main product lines: makeup, nutrition and skincare.

Let’s say you joined Arbonne because you’re excited about makeup and what they offer there. So, you create a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) around how to teach women in their 40’s and 50’s how to apply makeup, how to buy the best kind, etc.

One of your downline members is 22 and decides she’ll build her blog around teaching younger women the “ins & outs” of makeup. Not only does she sell a bunch of Arbonne products through Attraction Marketing on her blog, but she also becomes the next makeup YouTube star…selling even more Arbonne product (that you override!).

You are both Arbonne reps. But you’re both getting a slice of the makeup market that is unique and different.

Other people in your downline might go this route in the nutrition or skincare niches.

The possibilities in ANY niche are ENDLESS in terms of drilling down to a smaller part of the niche, where you become the expert to a specific group of people.

The problem in network marketing is that everyone is told to use the same company replicated websites.

THAT’S where everyone is competing against one another.

Using Attraction Marketing in the way I’m talking about helps you and all your downline members carve out their own unique slice of the market.

I mean, heck, just look at how many “gurus” there are in the MLM niche itself: Ferny Ceballos, Tim Erway, Ray Higdon, Brian Fanale, Mike Dillard, Matt Morris, Lawrence Tam, Eric Worre, Todd & Lea Rae, Jackie Ulmer, Todd Falcone, Michelle Pescosolido, Layla & Toby Black, Rob Fore, Adam Chandler, Tracey Walker…

…I could go on and on with names…the point is that all of these people (and more) have carved out their own slice of the market inside the niche of network marketing training.

If you apply the same marketing methods taught inside the Attraction Marketing Formula to the niche your company has placed you in… well, then it’s all over in terms of dominance for you and your people.

FAQ #3: My company won’t let us use the company name or product names online. So, this means I can’t do any of this Attraction Marketing stuff you’re talking about, right?

And you would be wrong…thankfully! 🙂

Don’t forget that the key principle behind Attraction Marketing is that you are first leading with value BEFORE you start spouting off about how great your products or business are.

Let’s say you’re in LegalShield, for example. Your blog and accompanying social media satellites will NOT scream about how great LegalShield is. Remember, that’s the crappy (and unsuccessful) way your replicated website does it.

Instead, you’re going to educate your market first. Your market is people needing an attorney. Your content is going to provide general tips about how to select an attorney, how to interview a lawyer, etc.

Attraction Marketing works because you’re ATTRACTING people already looking for what you offer, then educating them on some aspect of your niche, and THEN inviting them to contact you…

…through a form on your blog, to sign up for your email newsletter, to call you, etc.

If your company doesn’t allow you to use the company name online, it DOESN’T MATTER ONE BIT because you shouldn’t be using your company name even if it’s allowed.

You are leading with YOU, your unique angle, and free education first. This is what builds the relationship and trust you need to build with your prospects.

THEN, privately (through email marketing or through a private phone call), you start educating these people — who have come to know you and trust you — all about your company products and opportunity.

FAQ #4: Will this really work for me?

Yes. Attraction Marketing is a fancy name for how every single successful online marketer sells ANYTHING.

In a nutshell, the system is:

  • Attract (people already searching for the solutions you provide)
  • Teach (educate them about a tiny slice of your niche, which builds trust)
  • Monetize (when they reach out to you, you educate them about why your product(s) and/or opportunity is their best option)

Make no mistake:

This system isn’t just for MLM. It’s how everyone online is making their money. Pick any type of product being sold online and watch how the most successful people are doing it and you’ll recognize Attraction Marketing at work.

So, yes, it will work for you as long as you study the Attraction Marketing Formula, put the strategy to work, and then continue “working” that strategy over time.

FAQ #5: Is there any cold calling involved with Attraction Marketing?

Have you read ANY of this Attraction Marketing Formula review? LOL



When you use this type of marketing as taught inside the Attraction Marketing Formula, you will never, ever need to worry about where your next product sale or downline member will come from…

…let alone need to cold call anyone (or use the 3 foot rule at the local mall).

When done properly, you’ll get many sales and signups from your online presence before even speaking personally to anyone.

And for those who need a more personal connection with you before buying or joining, the phone call is a HOT call. Not cold, not even warm. It’s HOT because you’ve already built trust and a relationship through your free online education this person has consumed prior to your phone call.

FAQ #6: Is the Attraction Marketing Formula worth the money?

I mentioned above how other resources teach Attraction Marketing for huge costs… some as high as $5000 and up.

I wrote this Attraction Marketing Formula review because I personally own the course and used the information inside it to build a 9 level deep international downline.

When you consider that your only investment is a one time cost that equals what the owner of an SUV dumps in their gas tank every single week, yes it’s worth it.

I can tell you that while I built that 9 level deep business I silently thanked Ferny Ceballos many times over as saw the results pile in.

FAQ #7: I see it’s worked for you & the others I giving testimonials below, but will it work for ME?

I understand why you may ask this. At the same time, I always wonder about this question.

I wonder because this process ALWAYS works when done correctly. “When done correctly” is the operative phrase.

The question isn’t whether the education you’ll receive inside the Attraction Marketing Formula will work. The question you must ask yourself is whether you’ll take the time to put in the work to allow it to work for you.

If you don’t, it won’t work.

If you do, it will work.

FAQ #8: Is there a guarantee?

There is a 30-Day Guarantee.

You have a full 30 days to consume the information and start putting it into action. If, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied, simply contact the Support staff and they’ll issue you a full refund…no questions asked.

Quick Facts About Attraction Marketing Formula:

Author: Ferny Ceballos

Pricing: $97 (one time) - But I give you a full 72% discount right here!

Product Type: Ebook + Video Training

Pages: 185

Video Training: 

1. Attract, Influence & Enroll Workshop (3 Modules)

2. Niches to Riches (1 Module)

3. Become a Lead Magnet (1 Module)

4. Attraction Marketing Formula "Live" (10 Modules)

Attraction Marketing Formula Review: The Testimonials

I’ve told you already about how the Attraction Marketing Formula helped me grow a 9 levels deep international business.

But am I the only one helped by this info?


Cesar Rodriguez, 11 Year MLM Veteran Discusses Importance of Attraction Marketing Formula:

emma_jones - attraction_marketing_formula_review

More Attraction Marketing Formula Video Testimonials

Let’s Recap This Attraction Marketing Formula Review!

Who Should Buy The Attraction Marketing Formula?

You should only buy this resource if your goals are to:

  • use the Internet to automate your lead flow
  • avoid the pitfalls inherent in MLM lead flow methods
  • spend your precious time talking only to folks already interested in what your company offers
  • feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as your loved ones see how you’re improving their quality of life through smart business building
  • invest less time on prospecting & more time enjoying passive lead flow and income

Here’s a screenshot from my copy of Attraction Marketing Formula, where Ferny shows us the traditional sales pipeline process.


The traditional offline way of building means a huge amount of your time is spent personally making the prospecting phone calls to first get a prospect.

Then, your time is spent personally educating your prospect on why they should trust you and buy or join.

Then, your time is spent personally investing hours upon hours following up in order to close the sale.

Learning Attraction Marketing allows these steps in the process to become automated. If that’s what you want to set up, then you are a good candidate to buy the Attraction Marketing Formula and end up happy with your decision.

Who Should NOT Buy The Attraction Marketing Formula?

If you don’t want to invest time learning Internet marketing and then apply it to your network marketing business, then don’t buy this resource.

Some folks want to continue building an offline list and inviting prospects to local parties or opportunity meetings. They enjoy the 1on1 interaction with others, the prospecting in person and following up on the phone.

If that’s how you want to build (and there’s nothing wrong with that!), then the Attraction Marketing Formula is useless in terms of teaching offline marketing methods.

If AMF sounds like the tool chest you’ve been searching for, then Visit my AMF discount page

…grab your copy & pick up the Fast Action Bonuses as well, including the LIVE Kickstart Training, FREE coaching Sessions & Lifetime Access to Private Member-Only Community…

Quick Facts About Attraction Marketing Formula:

Author: Ferny Ceballos

Pricing: $97 (one time) - But I give you a full 72% discount right here!

Product Type: Ebook + Video Training

Pages: 185

Video Training: 

1. Attract, Influence & Enroll Workshop (3 Modules)

2. Niches to Riches (1 Module)

3. Become a Lead Magnet (1 Module)

4. Attraction Marketing Formula "Live" (10 Modules)

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