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Updated January 27, 2024

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The LegalShield MLM business opportunity. 

Is it right for you? 

Your ability to sell LegalShield depends on several factors. 

#1: You need to overcome why most people fail in MLM in general, and LegalShield specifically. 

#2: Will you quit if it gets tough? 

#3: Are you patient enough to put a few online assets in place that generate quality LegalShield membership leads for your business? 

There are other factors but we’ll get to all that below. 

Here’s my point:

To sell LegalShield memberships, there are steps to follow. 

There’s bad advice to avoid…

...LegalShield corporate and your upline are most likely feeding you bad marketing advice…

…so, are you open to going against the grain if it means becoming successful with selling LegalShield? 

I explain it all below & then give you a specific action step to take. 

It’s up to you to take that action. 

Related Bible Verse: Numbers 6:24 The Lord bless thee and keep thee.

Commentary: Translated from the Hebrew text, "bless" in this passage means to transfer prosperity in the sense of the financial, material, and physical. 

The word "keep" is correctly translated to mean "guard," as in guarding us from straying from the Word after prosperity & abundance become potentially dangerous distractions.

Lesson: Pray to God for help with your business and finances. He will answer. Once blessed, remember the Source of your financial abundance and keep walking with Him.


Here’s what you’re about to learn: 

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How To Buy Leads For Your LegalShield Business

LegalShield MLM Failure Is The Norm

The majority of LegalShield associates make less than $100 per month in commissions. 


What’s the point of joining the LegalShield business opportunity if that’s the fail rate? 

The reason you shouldn’t shy away from your goal of selling LegalShield memberships is because it’s not the network marketing business model that stinks. 

What stinks big time is the ineffective “marketing methods” taught inside the industry. 

I put “marketing methods” in quotes because doing the following has nothing to do with being a professional marketer:

  • 3-foot rule: Otherwise known as bugging anyone within three feet of you
  • Calling people off your friends & family list
  • Posting endlessly on your social media accounts

Absolutely silliness!

It might seem as though I’m being harsh, but I need to shock you a little so that you’ll stop listening to any of this marketing “advice.”

Let’s dig into why these methods don’t work. 

YouTube video

Selling LegalShield MLM Associate Or Customer Plans Mistakes

Bugging Friends & Family To Sell LegalShield? 

If you’ve put together a friends and family list and started making contact, then you’re probably online searching for a better way to find LegalShield membership leads because you’ve discovered how frustrating the process is. 

Stop listening to LegalShield MLM training or upline advice if they’re pushing this dated method from 1987. 

It’s like taking legal advice from your brother-in-law who works at Burger King.

Let’s look at it this way:

If you started a brick & mortar business with a flower shop, would you make a friends and family list…

…and then bug the hell out of them to come buy flowers every week? 



Because that’s a stupid way to build a business. 

You’d advertise!

Your marketing efforts would target real potential customers that need to buy flowers for specific occasions, such as birthdays, parties, anniversaries or dates. 


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Posting Endlessly On Social Media To Sell LegalShield MLM? 

Another ineffective way when learning how to sell LegalShield memberships is posting about how great LegalShield is on Facebook or other social media platforms. 

Again, it’s a shotgun method like the friends and family list is. 

You’re not reaching people actively searching for legal solutions

Instead, you’re turning people off who want to look at cat pics, talk to family members or argue about which politician can save the United States. 

Now, there IS a “correct” way to use social media, where you effectively position yourself as someone offering a real solution to legal challenges.

I go into great detail about that here.

Using Resume Sites Like Indeed & Monster For LegalShield Membership Leads

Some LegalShield uplines tell their associates to use and other such sites to find people looking for jobs. 

This is your classic bait and switch tactic that is, in my humble opinion, unethical at best. 

You find people looking for jobs on these sites and bring them in for interviews. 

They want a job and you’re offering a business opportunity

First of all, you’re reaching people who need and expect immediate job income. 

Second, most of these people don’t want to run their own business. 

For the most part, you’re wasting your time here. 

Sure, you may get someone “in” but how effective is it when they’re desperate for cash now?

You’re also being unethical with those poor people who need to feed their families right now, not wait to get business systems in place. 

Stupid Methods For Getting LegalShield Membership Leads

I’m going to double down on the idiocy of the above methods for getting membership leads for your LegalShield business. 

But, it will be humorous 🙂

Can you imagine walking into a local networking meeting where people gathered to network and share prospects together and do the following…

Just as you step through the door to the meeting, you start shouting:

Hey!!!! Everyone!! Listen up!! I’m a LegalShield associate and do I have a DEAL for you guys!! Step right up. I’m going to sell each of you the BEST legal plan you’ve EVER seen. C’mon, I got the signup sheets right here. Better Business Bureau certified. Plus, are you ready for this? I’m gonna sign you up as a LegalShield associate, show you the best way to sell LegalShield memberships and legal plans…we’re gonna get RICH together!! Let’s go! Let’s do this right now folks!!!!!

Ludicrous right? 

You’re probably rolling around on the floor right now picturing this scene LOL

But, that’s what it feels like to people when you post crazy stuff out of nowhere on your social media account… or call your friends and family out of the blue to try and turn them into one of your LegalShield membership leads. 

They aren’t ready.

They aren’t in the frame of mind to listen. 

And, that’s why you get rejected and feel like LegalShield doesn’t work and is too hard

These traditional multi-level marketing tactics fail to do one simple thing:

They don’t attract quality LegalShield membership leads or prospects (but this method we teach right here DOES attract quality leads). 

What’s a quality prospect? 

Great question!

Let’s now dig into how to successfully sell the LegalShield business opportunity and membership accounts. 

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I’ve put together a free “LegalShield Quick-Start Video Guide” that shows you How To Attract 3-7 New LegalShield Customers & Team Members Per Week Without Prospecting A Single Person.

In it, I show you how to intimately know the pains & goals of your prospects so that you attract the BEST leads for your LegalShield business.

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How To Sell LegalShield MLM Successfully

5 tips for selling the LegalShield MLM opportunity

Winning at the LegalShield opportunity isn’t rocket science. 

If you generate a high number of LegalShield membership leads every day, then you’ll sell daily memberships. 

That’s the bottom line. 

  1. Leads = Sales.
  2. Sales = Revenue.
  3. Leads = New sponsored associates. 
  4. Sponsored associates = Override commissions. 

Stay away from people telling you to go after vanity metrics like social media shares, likes, upvotes or whatever. 

Who cares about that stuff? 

Focus on activities that produce new leads so that you can make sales and build your team

LegalShield Membership Leads: What Kind Do You Need? 

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Attract prospects who actually want legal assistance. 

Yes, you can always find sales by educating people who don’t have an immediate legal need and should buy a LegalShield membership ahead of time. 

However, that’s a longer-term play. 

You should also create content online that captures the attention of people going through specific legal challenges right now. 

For example, 1600 people search the phrase “best lawyer for car accident” on Google every month:

Legalshield MLM car accident searches

Imagine if you had a blog post, for example, that showed up on the first page of Google when those people searched? 

Your blog post educates those visitors about the ins & outs of connecting with one of your provider law firms. 

Then, you tell them that LegalShield is their best option because of the price and ease of use. Link them to your pre-existing condition FAQ page and get them started!

Pretty cool, huh? 

Instead of calling your Aunt Betsy for the 17th time trying to convince her that she needs access to Legalshield provider law firms…

…you found one of the best LegalShield membership leads out there:

Someone in big time need of you and your solution. 

You might ask:

But, Matt, doesn’t it take some time to get a blog up and running and start ranking at Google? 

Yes, it does. 

While you’re getting that going, you can get quicker results by putting a simple little Facebook ad together and driving immediate traffic to your solutions. 

Instead of aimlessly bugging the crap out of your social media contacts, though, you’re using Facebook’s amazing ad targeting abilities to reach your target market. 

My point is that you can do several things to talk to your best target customer and stop bugging people who will never buy from you. 

How much more will you enjoy selling LegalShield memberships when you’re attracting people actively searching for your product’s solution to connect with law firms? 

Look at what you help people with:

Legalshield Common Uses
  • You could target new real estate owners and make sure they use a LegalShield membership for their important paperwork. 
  • Or, you might advertise to other home business owners and show them how important it is to have a business attorney in their back pocket. 
  • The possibilities are endless if you learn this process!

Date LegalShield Membership Leads Before Getting Married 🙂

Sales requires patience, especially in today’s world where hard-selling tactics don’t work well

That’s why what I’m teaching you here works so well for the LegaShield MLM opportunity. 

You first educate. 

Then, you sell. 

You don’t yell and scream about the great law firms you can show them. 

In fact, you don’t even mention the word LegalShield until after you’ve educated through quality content such as a blog post, video, social media DM, or email communication. 

You instead focus on those legal issues I talked about above. 

Get people into your sales funnel that actively need your legal help. 

Educate them about that topic, then sell them on the benefits of LegalShield. 

It’s similar to falling in love. 

First, you date. 

Then, you ask someone to marry you. 

And, you’ll never, ever get in trouble with the LegalShield MLM marketing police because you’re not leading with their brand name.

Don’t Let Your Mind Go “Screwy” Here 🙂

Be careful here if you get scared as I talk about creating content. 

It’s easy to say:

  • But, I’ve never done that before
  • This sounds difficult
  • I’m not sure I can do that

Stop making excuses. 

Don’t let your mind go down that path. 

Do you want to be a true entrepreneur and become a LegalShield MLM leader or not? 

I know you do so gather up your courage and let’s do this together 🙂

The reality is that “creating content” is nothing different from what you already do. 

It’s the same thing as when you share a great movie or book with someone. 

The difference is that now you’re about to get strategic about it. 

Get strategic in a way where you learn how to market professionally so that you’re attracting targeted LegalShield membership leads…

…real people with real legal challenges that need your help. 

Most importantly, people who will listen to you and pay attention to your sales messages. 

You already share content and there’s no need to think you need one ounce of experience. 

Here’s why:

Journey Approach To Generating LegalShield Membership Leads

The Journey Approach is one where you learn a little bit about each legal issue that you can help as a LegalShield associate. 

Instead of setting yourself up as an expert, you simply tell people you’re on a journey to learn more about these legal issues. 

Your content creation revolves around telling others about what you’re learning. 


You don’t lie. 

You stay authentic. 

You give yourself time to learn as you educate others along the way about why a LegalShield membership will help their situation. 

Rather than pretending to be a “guru”, you’re letting people know that you’re on a journey of discovery about how to best handle legal situations. 

Let your audience know that you’re excited about the journey.

Make it a part of your story and invite them to come along. 

You’ll post additional info as you continue learning and they learn with you. 

Research the legal situations you can help:

What does your audience need to know about these issues? 

What are their fears?

What do you know that they don’t know? 

Use your LegalShield training and simple Google research to educate your prospects. 

See what’s happening? 

You’re now a trusted advisor, not another one of those annoying network marketers posting silly product info on Facebook. 

Before going into detail about how to get all this ramped up for your business, I first need to share the dangers of thinking that you’re simply a LegalShield MLM rep. 

Feature Download (if you’re a struggling LegalShield associate):

I’ve put together a free “LegalShield Quick-Start Video Guide” that shows you How To Attract 3-7 New LegalShield Customers & Team Members Per Week Without Prospecting A Single Person.

In it, I show you how to intimately know the pains & goals of your prospects so that you attract the BEST leads for your LegalShield business.

You’ll never have to spam strangers scripted messages OR bug your friends and family ever again…

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Dashed LegalShield MLM Dreams Start With This

The benefits of network marketing are plentiful:

MLM Also Has a Terrible Flaw

There’s absolutely nothing different about you and the next few thousand LegalShield MLM reps. 

All other businesses work hard to differentiate themselves from competitors. 

An e-commerce business or blogger does it. So does a local attorney or financial advisor. 

Podcasters and Youtubers work hard to create a unique online presence. 

What do they teach network marketers like you to do? 

They teach you to become a LegalShield MLM drone that markets themselves the exact same way as every other company associate. 

The shame in this is that the odds are stacked against you.

Failure is far more likely than success as you’re all competing for the best LegalShield membership leads. 

The solution? 

You must figure out how you’re going to differentiate yourself from all other LegalShield associates so that there’s a reason for prospects to buy specifically from you

It’s OK if you’re not sure how to sell LegalShield in this way yet. 

Get excited. 

I’ll show you how to do it. 

The other major MLM flaw? 

You DO NOT Own Your Own Business

I know you’ve been told that getting involved with LegalShield allows you to own a business. 

Read your LegalShield Broker/Agent Agreement

The company owns your book of business. If you leave or get terminated for violations, you can’t take your customers with you. 

They own your LegalShield business in all reality. 

There’s nothing wrong with this.

You can use this business as a stepping stone to multiple passive income paths…but it’s good to understand going in.

The Next Multi-Level Marketing Lie

I’m 99.99% sure you’ve been told pie-in-the-sky numbers when it comes to sales conversions. 

You know the drill:

  1. Recruit 3 associates.
  2. They’ll recruit 3 more.
  3. Those people recruit 3 more. 

Next thing you know:

You’re all rich and sipping cocktails on your private island. 

This “get rich quick” stuff is nonsense. 

I understand sales conversion numbers. 

The truth is that you’ll typically average 3-5 product sales or associate recruits per 100 qualified prospects. 

I go into more details about the numbers of running a business online in this Memo.

Do you now see why posting unrelated social media messages or trying to “hire” unqualified people looking for a job isn’t your best path forward? 

You don’t physically have enough time in your day to work, spend time with family, eat, sleep AND talk to enough prospects every month to convert the sales needed to earn $5,000 or $10,000+ per month. 

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Crap! What’s the LegalShield MLM Success Solution Then? 

Excellent question 🙂

The solution is to start learning all about online marketing

Commit to becoming better at it over time. 

Here’s the key:

Stop thinking of yourself as a LegalShield MLM rep. Instead, start thinking of yourself as an independent entrepreneur. 

You must become unique and different when compared to all the other LegalShield reps out there…

…if you expect to dominate and make your income goals come true inside multi-level marketing. 

Ask yourself this:

What do you do when you need to find out about anything important in your life? 

Most likely, you go to one of these places to start digging around:

  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Pinterest

Well, guess what? 

That’s exactly what your best LegalShield membership leads do…the people who would be perfect to buy a membership through you. 

As you’re reading these words, they’re at Google typing in stuff like this:

  • Can you warn a thief that you have a gun in California?
  • I need a car accident lawyer
  • Importance of estate planning
  • Do I really need a real estate attorney?

Are you positioned to be found by these people? 

If you’re not, someone else is. 

Can you see how much different your LegalShield business experience would be if you had an online asset, such as a video or blog post, that these people landed on? 

It would build trust with them and they’d be contacting you right now for more information. 

Your Prospects Don’t Know Who You Or LegalShield Are

Here’s another important point:

Your prospects didn’t wake up today wondering how to find you or thinking that they needed to buy a LegalShield membership. 

Instead, they woke up thinking, “I have a legal problem. I’m worried. Where do I get proper legal service for my legal issue? What if I need trial defense help?”

If you had already taken my advice, learned what I’m teaching you and put it into action…

…then you’d already be seeing these people come in as leads when they search for legal issue solutions!

By the way, this blog post I wrote will teach you what to say to your prospects

Doesn’t all this sound waaaaaay better than posting aimlessly on social media or getting rejected once again by your Uncle Dave? 

Successful businesses in our modern world don’t make friends and family lists or post annoying stuff on social media. 

Instead, they learn how Internet marketing works and post helpful content.

Then, you’re positioned well with your legal services offered. 

That’s when you’ll finally enjoy this process to become your own boss and take the best advantage of the LegalShield compensation plan

Here’s How To Get Started Making Real Money With LegalShield MLM

If you’ve read all the way to the end here, then I’m thinking that you’re tracking with what I’m talking about…

…and are probably getting excited about the possibilities for your MLM business and how to sell LegalShield memberships successfully.

At the same time:

This is where your mind might stop all your momentum.

It’s easy to get excited and then start saying this to yourself:

“I know this could work but now I need to learn new skills and ideas. And I’m afraid of the unknown.”

You should know that this perfectly normal.

Humans don’t like change.

We resist learning new things, for some weird reason.

Our brains start thinking about all the “what ifs”, too.

I can’t “make” you learn these new skills and do what’s necessary to grab online LegalShield membership leads after your online marketing efforts start working.

I can simply lead you to the “success training and info”.

I encourage you to block any negativity or fears.

Overcome that crap 🙂

Get excited that there’s a better way!

Here’s your next step if you’re ready to learn all this cool Internet marketing info and start finding quality LegalShield membership leads:

Grab my FREE Quick-Start Video Guide and let’s getcha going!

Feature Download (if you’re a struggling LegalShield associate):

I’ve put together a free “LegalShield Quick-Start Video Guide” that shows you How To Attract 3-7 New LegalShield Customers & Team Members Per Week Without Prospecting A Single Person.

In it, I show you how to intimately know the pains & goals of your prospects so that you attract the BEST leads for your LegalShield business.

You’ll never have to spam strangers scripted messages OR bug your friends and family ever again…

Click here to grab it all.

Excited about what you’ve learned here? If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below…

And if you feel others on your LegalShield team can benefit from this info, I’m sure they’d greatly appreciate it if you shared this post with them!

Quick Legalshield Review (PrePaid Legal)

Legalshield (formerly PrePaid Legal) is a multi-level marketing company that provides a better option for most people needing legal advice. At an affordable monthly price, potential clients can get legal assistance, document reviews, or have phone calls made on their behalf.

As an MLM company, each Legalshield associate can sell personal plans or plans for small businesses. The direct sales model allows associates to earn commissions as well as residual income.

Selling personal Legalshield plans and small business plans lets anyone get help from each provider law firm. Instead of dealing with expensive independent attorneys, small business owners and regular folks access legal helps for a small monthly fee.

Other perks include will preparation, family law, traffic violation defense, identity theft plans, trial defense services, and answers to most legal questions or legal matters.

Legalshield associates can provide good service while earning a passive income via an online business hybrid of affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing.

The company used to call itself Pre-Paid Legal Services. It’s not a pyramid scheme. Selling legal plans at an affordable price makes it one of the legal MLM companies. It doesn’t use deceptive advertising. It offers solid legal plan coverage.

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