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Updated June 4, 2024

Did you join the Herbalife business opportunity as a proven way to build an income?

Now you’re frustrated because you’re finding it hard to find retail customers or international business pack distributors.

With the right mindset, you can hit your goals to become one of the most successful Herbalife distributors.

The key to building a part-time income that turns into full-time revenue is to stop doing what your fellow reps do.

Most Herbalife Nutrition distributors struggle to get past $200 or so in monthly income because they don’t understand the opportunity.

They also don’t understand:

  • How to do winning online marketing
  • What it means to be their own boss
  • The required mindset to build out business opportunities

The business opportunity provided by Herbalife has helped many people earn their dream income.

Do you want more people to buy Herbalife products from you?

Do you want more people to join you as the next Herbalife Nutrition independent rep on your team?

You’re about to learn how! Here’s a quick view of what you’ll learn in this post:

How Does The Herbalife Business Opportunity Work?

You’re working within the network marketing industry model when starting an Herbalife business.

Here are just some of the benefits of becoming an Herbalife distributor:

  • You’re joining a proven way to build an income on your own terms
  • You can gain flexibility in your schedule while building a self-employed career

The Herbalife compensation plan provides two main ways to earn your income.

The first way is by selling Herbalife products directly to friends, family, and other contacts.

Or, you can become a master marketer and target people you don’t know who want the benefits provided by your Herbalife products, such as:

  • Good nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Skincare
  • Fitness training
  • Haircare support

In addition, you can earn more income when the independent distributors in your downline make a sale.

Listen or watch how to stop doing hokie, silly & embarrassing Herbalife marketing stuff:

How to earn with Herbalife
YouTube video

Go here to get the extra training I mentioned in the above audio and video trainings.

Six Areas Paid By Herbalife

If you’re starting as a new distributor, you might not know that you get paid in six areas with an Herbalife business:

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Wholesale Profit
  3. Royalty Overrides
  4. Monthly Production Bonus
  5. Annual Bonus (Mark Hughes Bonus)
  6. Promotions

Make sure you check out the official Herbalife documentation to understand how you earn money in these areas after bringing in new customers or new distributors.

Start Your Own Business (Sort Of)

You’ll hear most distributors advertise the Herbalife Nutrition business opportunity as a chance to run your own business.

Make sure you understand the network marketing business model before thinking you own a business with Herbalife.

Technically speaking, Herbalife owns your customer base.

Herbalife distributors don’t truly own a company. It’s similar to an affiliate who sells products for others.

You’re selling Herbalife products for a chance to earn a percentage of the retail price, as well as a commission on any products sold by an independent distributor in your downline.

You don’t have true ownership, though. If you do something that violates the Herbalife agreement, you could potentially have your distributorship taken away.

How To Take More Ownership

Don’t let that scare you.

The Herbalife business opportunity provides you and all Herbalife independent distributors the chance to learn vital business skills.

Here are some of the benefits to becoming an MLM rep:

  • Personal development
  • Networking
  • Leadership training
  • Management skills development
  • Mindset techniques
  • Time management
  • Sales skills

As you learn, brainstorm ways to advance what you’re learning with Herbalife International into business owner situations.

For example, you could start a blog and sell other health-related products or show ads to diversify your income.

Later, you might even become a health coach and charge people high-ticket prices to work with you.

Over time, you could build your own brand and own a true business.

The average Herbalife Nutrition independent distributor doesn’t think this way. Set yourself apart by developing a long-term business plan for greater success in the future.

Herbalife Independent Distributors: Develop Your Marketing Skills

The best way to compete against health industry competitors and other independent distributors is to develop expert marketing skills.

Most Herbalife independent distributors focus on the old-school method of using a warm contact list.

Big mistake.

The reality is that none of the MLM industry leaders got there this way.

At some point, they learned how to market correctly online. You must learn marketing skills such as:

  • Online marketing
  • Paid ads
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing

Your journey inside the Herbalife business opportunity will go better after you find Herbalife prospects you don’t know yet.

You need to market to find and talk to those people.

Ways To Sell Herbalife Products

As an Herbalife Nutrition independent distributor, your job is to market the products and the business opportunity.

Here are some ways to get the attention of prospects you don’t know yet.

  • Use social media properly
  • Build a blog about nutrition, fitness, skincare, or weight management blog
  • Start a content marketing strategy
  • Follow up with email marketing methods

Use Social Media Properly

It’s a mistake to post Herbalife product images on your social media profiles.

It’s more effective to teach people how to improve their lives through diet and exercise, for instance.

Then, you can position your Herbalife products for weight loss or wellness purposes after they show interest.

Provide helpful content on your social media profiles instead of product promotion posts. Post tips about motivation, nutrition, weight loss, wellness, and fitness.

Your goal is to build a following and lead people into meaningful conversations.

Build a Blog

If you haven’t started one already, start an online blog about nutrition, skincare, weight loss, or fitness.

It should have at least 15 posts to begin generating traffic from search engines like Google.

On your blog, post tips about losing weight or improving nutrition.

Use Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of creating content to get your website ranked high in Google.

It’s a long-term process that starts by creating the right type of blog posts and building links from other websites over time.

Employ Email Marketing Methods

Use email marketing techniques with your list of prospects who sign up for updates about what you’re doing online.

Send them helpful content regularly to build trust and establish yourself as an expert.

How Much Money Can You Make With Herbalife?

According to the income disclosure Herbalife gives you, the top 10% of Herbalife independent reps earn $3300 or more per month.

That means the average Herbalife Nutrition distributor is making $200 to $3000 or so per month.

Some people use this information to make uneducated claims that there’s something wrong with Herbalife or that it’s a pyramid scheme.

Here’s my thinking on that:

Striving For Average Results = Employee Mentality

I’ve never started a business opportunity to generate “average revenue”.

Anyone using that as their goal is working with the wrong mental attitude.

Employees think that way. They want to punch a clock for eight hours, get what the boss says they’re worth, and start over the on the hamster wheel tomorrow.

Didn’t you join Herbalife to get out of that rat race?


Commit today to becoming a top Herbalife Nutrition distributor.

Don’t shoot for the top 10% either! Shoot to get into the top 1% to 5% of all Herbalife distributors earning six figures with the business opportunity.

“Correct” Mindset Drives Herbalife Business Opportunity

I told you above about improving your marketing skills.

You gotta that.

But it won’t do any good if your mindset is “off”. It’s not good enough to overcome an employee mentality of “punching the clock”.

You need to dig deeper and develop the mindset of a true entrepreneur if you expect the Herbalife business opportunity to take off for you.

Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur

Want to see people moving into an international business pack with you each day of the week?

Increase your expectations about how you can find thousands of customers to sell products or the business opportunity to with Herbalife.

You’ll reach the gold standard in direct selling after taking on as many entrepreneurial characteristics as possible.

Here’s a list of top characteristics of top entrepreneurs:

  • Self-motivated – takes initiative to get things done
  • Results-driven – achieves goals and objectives that are set for themselves
  • Determined – does not give up easily, focuses on overcoming obstacles and challenges
  • Successful track record of sales/marketing success in a business or professional capacity
  • Knowledgeable – Understands the products they’re selling
  • Creative thinker – able to generate innovative ideas for their own business
  • Adaptable – can quickly adapt to new information, processes, procedures, etc.
  • Adept at networking with others – know how to build relationships that lead to sales opportunities
  • Knowledge of the marketplace in which they operate (competitors, products, etc.)

Identify any of these characteristics you need to work on. Commit to improving so you can become a top direct selling rep within your Herbalife business opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Herbalife business opportunity?

It’s a business opportunity that lets you earn income from home.

You can sell products or become an Herbalife Nutrition distributor and promote the business opportunity in your spare time to build residual income on the way to financial freedom.

What are some benefits of joining Herbalife?

There are plenty! Some important ones include earning extra money working part-time that you can use to pay off:

  • Debt
  • Make home improvements
  • Save for retirement

Work your own hours and set your schedule promoting good nutrition to Herbalife customers.


Are you ready to become the gold standard MLM rep?

The key is focusing on improving your sales and marketing skills.

If you’re feeling lost in this area, I invite you to pick up my free Herbalife training.

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