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How To Sell Herbalife Online & Profitably In 2021

Are you interested in learning how to sell Herbalife in a way that’s easier than the awkwardness that comes from hitting up friends and family…

…or trying to recruit the waitress every time you and your family go out to dinner?

If you’re anything like me and many others who struggled initially to make sales in network marketing, you’re probably starting to ask the question:

Is selling Herbalife worth it?

Most of what you’ve been taught so far hinges on prospecting people that have no interest in what you sell.

A new issue?

COVID-19 has made it hard to prospect offline anyway 🙁

I’m sure you’re feeling frustrated about it all.

There is a far more effective way to build your Herbalife business…

…in a way that allows you to target people who don’t know you yet, but they are definitely interested in solving the problems that you and your Herbalife products solve.

What You’ll Learn Today:

Sell Herbalife? Getting To The Point…

I know life is busy.

It’s not easy to build your Herbalife MLM business while dealing with:

  • Working from home
  • Working around family

It’s a lot, huh?

If you’re busy and need to bookmark this post to read it in detail later, then I want you to know about the Feature Download in the blue box below.

I’ll send you a “Quick-Start Guide” in bite-sized info-segments over the next few days via email so that you learn without feeling so overwhelmed:

Feature Download: I’ve put together a free Quick-Start Guide” that shows you how to implement the theory this post explains to you.

In it, I show you step-by-step how to get set up so you’re ready to start getting quality prospects for your Herbalife business.

I also give you the chance to grab a free MLM Scripts Guide, an audio, a downloadable worksheet & email templates to use in your prospecting AND I give you 2 ways to handle the dreaded “What Is It?” question. Click here to grab it all.

You Can’t Sell Herbalife Online By Duplicating Dated Offline Methods

I imagine you’re here with me because you’re beyond frustrated with the results you’ve seen so far inside your Herbalife business.

You’ve listened to your upline tell you about the path to success:

  • Use the 3 foot rule
  • Make a list of friends & family
  • Use Facebook chat (and other time consuming social media tactics)

Recent feedback I received from someone reaching out to me for help:

My top 3 frustrations are:

  1. I feel like this is way harder than it should be.
  2. I’m getting nasty comments after posting Herbalife products on Facebook.
  3. It seems like I’m also losing friends and family because I keep asking them to look at my business.

The interesting thing to me about these methods is that they have nothing to do with “marketing” at all.

Back in 1985, this may have made sense because the average person didn’t have access to the type of money it took to advertise on TV or radio.

Today, with the Internet, there is no reason for you to hit up friends & family who have no earthly interest in buying your Herbalife products or joining your business.

As more people go online to find Herbalife prospects, it has only resulted in the average Herbalife rep getting the same results as they did when prospecting offline:

Big fat rejection.

This is because the normal advice, for example, is to go on social media and post pictures of you and your Herbalife products.  

This is NOT the way to sell Herbalife
This is NOT the way to sell Herbalife. It simply annoys the majority of your social media contacts who have no interest whatsoever…there is a better way to do this.

Ouch! Big mistake…

The reason this doesn’t work is because it goes against how successful Internet marketing works…

…so, in order to teach you how to sell Herbalife online, I need to first show you what it looks like to sell anything online successfully.

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Why Most Fail At Selling Herbalife Products Online

Imagine this for a moment:

You walk into a networking event where people have gathered to get to know one another and possibly exchange business cards.

For some reason, you decide it’s a great idea to start shouting at the top of your lungs:

“I’m in a really awesome company called Herbalife! We have the BEST products to have EVER been produced!! On top of THAT, we have a fantastic business opportunity where you can come in and make a TON of CASH…as a matter of fact, it’s the BEST business opportunity to have EVER been invented!!!!”

I’m sure you’re having a good laugh thinking about doing this.

You wouldn’t ever dream of doing something so ridiculous and obnoxious, right?

But This Is One Way People Are Taught To Sell Herbalife Online…

Often, we’re told by company training and our upline that the way to move our businesses forward is to go on social media and advertise our products.

For example, use Instagram to post pictures of ourselves with our products.

Or go on Facebook and talk about a great way to start making extra money.

This is the equivalent of going into the room and screaming at the top of your lungs how great your business is.

It’s just too soon in the relationship you’re trying to build with your prospect.

If you wouldn’t do it inside a 1on1 conversation because you know it feels weird and pushy, why do the same thing on the Internet?

Using Internet Marketing “Best Practices” Is Always Best In Your Quest To Sell Herbalife Online

“To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.”

Charles T. Munger

The best way to alienate your prospects offline is to use the 3 foot rule & “hit them up”…or to bug friends & family with a product line they aren’t currently looking for.

A great way to alienate your prospects online is to jump on social media and basically yell about your products and biz opp that no one is actively searching for.

I encourage you to stop listening to what your company is telling you because what they are training you to do is asking for the sale way before you deserve it.

It’s a better idea to think of yourself as an entrepreneur…

…not as an Herbalife rep.

Network marketing companies across the board teach hokey ways to “market”.

You’ll be better served to think like an entrepreneur and learn everything you can about educating first and selling second.

In fact, I go into great detail about this process in this video training:

Feature Download: I’ve put together a free Quick-Start Guide” that shows you how to implement the theory this post explains to you.

In it, I show you step-by-step how to get set up so you’re ready to start getting quality prospects for your Herbalife business.

I also give you the chance to grab a free MLM Scripts Guide, an audio, a downloadable worksheet & email templates to use in your prospecting AND I give you 2 ways to handle the dreaded “What Is It?” question. Click here to grab it all.

Want To Know How To Sell Herbalife Online? Build Value, Solve Problems & Serve Others

The first step to selling Herbalife professionally is to ask what problems your products solve for others…

Generally speaking, you’re helping people improve the nutrition they’re getting into their bodies and helping those needing to lose weight to successfully drop the extra pounds.

Inside all your online marketing, this is what you need to focus on.

Internet marketing is sort of like dating. Instead of asking someone to marry you as soon as you meet them (showing your products on Instagram), ask them to go on a lunch date first.

If your passion is talking about the weight loss aspects of Herbalife, then focus on providing helpful tips and strategies around how to lose weight.

The result is that you’ll attract people who are actively searching for how they might finally lose weight.

Who is a better Herbalife prospect?

The cashier at your local supermarket (just because she’s 3 feet from you), your co-worker John (just because he’s on your friends & family list)?

…or a person searching right now for a legitimate way to drop their weight?

You are in the weight loss niche with Herbalife.

Market accordingly by becoming the trusted advisor of your prospects…it’s really that simple.

How Your Brain Starts Playing Tricks & Tells You This Can’t Work

Except that it isn’t really that simple because it’s easy to tell yourself that marketing online is too hard.

It’s easy to tell yourself that creating content that builds value and helps your prospects solve problems takes too much time.

But is it really too hard or take too much time?

Think about it for just a moment:

You create content all the time when you try to tell others about Herbalife, why you love it and why the products will help them.

It’s just that you’re talking to the wrong people…people who aren’t interested in any of it right now.

It’s like trying to tell a vegan all the benefits of eating meat. No matter how great your argument is, it’s falling on deaf ears, right?

As you enter the world of Internet marketing and apply it to your Herbalife business, you’ll take the stuff you’re telling people now and archive it on a blog post, a YouTube video, or a social media post…

…you’re just putting it somewhere else and putting it in a place where people who are searching for ways to be healthy and lose weight want to find it and learn from it.

The next way you might convince yourself that you can’t learn these online marketing steps is to say, “Well, I’m not a nutrition or weight loss expert, so why would anyone listen to me anyway?”

No worries…

Take the Journey Approach…

The Journey Approach to Successfully Selling Herbalife Products Online (without the Home Parties!)

The Journey Approach is simply this:

You’re excited about nutrition and losing weight…

Tell others what you’re learning and they can come with you as you learn more…

That’s it!

Don’t set yourself up as an expert if you aren’t one. You don’t need to be an expert. Be honest and tell people that you’ve learned a few things that have you excited, you’re committed to learning more, and you invite them to join you on your journey as you learn more.

Take some time to research the problems that people have around the topic of nutrition and weight loss:

  • What do they want to learn?
  • What do they want to know how to do?
  • What problems do they have?
  • What worries them?

Now, offer offer tips and ideas that help them overcome these problems

…but independent of selling Herbalife at first.

Don’t mention Herbalife yet. Don’t mention the products. Don’t mention the compensation plan.

First, offer general tips, ideas and solutions inside the industry Herbalife has put you in: health, nutrition and weight loss.

The people finding your online content will see you as a helpful person, not some weirdo trying to “get” them into “some deal”.

See the difference?

Once you build that trust and your prospects want more information about the full solution to their problems, THEN you slide Herbalife products in front of them and position them as the solution.

Before I help you with your next steps that will get all this in place for you, it’s important that I warn you about why seeing yourself as only an Herbalife rep will derail your efforts…

Why Your Efforts at Selling Herbalife Online Are Hurt By The General Dangers of Network Marketing

There are pros and cons to MLM:


  • Gets you started in business
  • Exposure to personal development ideas and books
  • Learn how to handle rejection

The Big Con:

The biggest problem is that there’s no uniqueness between you and other Herbalife reps.

Everyone in Herbalife (and every MLM company actually) is being told to do the same thing. Everyone in Herbalife has the same replicated website store.

This means there’s nothing different about you and the thousands of other Herbalife reps running around screaming on social media about how great it all is.

You are in competition with all the Herbalife reps posting the same obnoxious social media posts about how great Herbalife is!

Marketing success comes from being unique, from branding in a unique manner.

Using online marketing allows you to be creative in how you sell Herbalife.

As long as you aren’t the “get rich quick” type and don’t try to cut corners, you will make this work.

Learn how Internet marketing works and apply it to building your own unique way to selling Herbalife.

The Solution To This Basic MLM Flaw

The solution to this is to simply set up your own online platform and sell Herbalife from it.

One of the easiest ways to get this started is to build a blog and then allow all your social media accounts to revolve around that blog.

You bring up nutrition and weight loss on social media (not Herbalife).

You point your social media contacts back to your blog for the solutions and more helpful tips.

Your blog allows your visitors to opt-in as email leads in exchange for further helpful tips and info.

You now have real people to contact and sell Herbalife to.

The process I just took you through is how every successful online business operates. There really is no secret.

You need traffic (people) that are interested in solving the problem that your products and business solve.

You need to those people to come to your blog and start to feel as though they know you, can trust you and become receptive to your product recommendations.

You might now say, “But Matt, I see a lot of people using social media as their “home” on the Internet.”

Yes, many people use social only.

And, it’s a mistake because you don’t “own” any of your social profiles. If you ever violate the terms of service on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media platform that becomes the next big thing…

…they can shut your account down…

…and poof!

All your fans and traffic are gone.

I’m not saying that social media isn’t important. I’m saying that social should revolve around an online asset you DO own: your blog.

Building your online presence on social media only is like building your house on sand. Building your online presence on your own blog is like building your home on bedrock.

Your Bedrock Online Presence Solves Every Problem You’ll Encounter When Selling Herbalife

Using the process I’m detailing out for you solves all the problems of network marketing and your ability to successfully sell Herbalife.

1) You own your online work

One time, I had my Youtube account shut down (thankfully, I got it back). I’ve seen others have various social media (like Twitter, Facebook, etc) get shut down and never get them back up.

2) You create uniqueness

Once you move into building your own blog and creating unique content, no other Herbalife distributors will be able to compete with you.

There is only one YOU.

While other reps are basically doing silly infomercials on social media, you’ll be educating and attracting real prospects who come to love your message…

…and they’ll start buying from you.

3) You create additional sources of income

When this really gets exciting is when you discover that building a nutrition or weight loss blog allows you to sell other stuff, too.

Remember, you own the traffic from your blog and the resulting email subscriber base that it builds for you.

So, you can expand beyond only selling Herbalife and become a true entrepreneur if you want to.

Even if you don’t want to do it right away, it sets you up to add in these other income streams whenever you want to:

  • Ad income
  • Amazon products
  • Other affiliate offers besides Amazon
  • Create your own products and keep all the profit
  • Create a coaching program

You can get creative and do whatever you want to and expand your potential for revenue exponentially over time.

I Go Into More Details In This Video:

Feature Download: I’ve put together a free Quick-Start Guide” that shows you how to implement the theory this post explains to you.

In it, I show you step-by-step how to get set up so you’re ready to start getting quality prospects for your Herbalife business.

I also give you the chance to grab a free MLM Scripts Guide, an audio, a downloadable worksheet & email templates to use in your prospecting AND I give you 2 ways to handle the dreaded “What Is It?” question. Click here to grab it all.

Did you learn something new today? If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below…

And if you feel others on your Herbalife team can benefit from this info, I’m sure they’d greatly appreciate it if you shared this post with them!

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