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37 Simple Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts – 2023 Update

Last Updated on January 1, 2023 by Matt Zavadil

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I’ve kept the following network marketing prospecting scripts simple.

We can get complicated but why? You’ll never get anywhere that way.

Your Only Goal w/ MLM Prospecting Scripts

Your only goal is to get their phone number. Business doesn’t happen by throwing links everywhere.

But, Matt, I see you have links all over your blog and social media profiles promoting your “stuff”.

Yup, but I’m talking about MLM prospecting scripts when making PERSONAL connections. Lead generation is an entirely different “head space” from personal prospecting.

When you’re prospecting offline or online your only goal is to get a phone number so you can have an effective conversation at the appropriate time later on.

mlm scripts - woman using phone to call prospects

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Should I Use a Network Marketing Invitation Script Offline or Online?

network marketing prospecting scripts in use

Personally, I found MLM success after I focused entirely on online lead generation and prospecting.

I’m not going to tell you not to use offline methods…

…but I built an international team by building an MLM website and focusing my efforts on “fishing” through the Internet.

With that said, the following network marketing prospecting scripts will work offline and online.

I encourage you to avoid overthinking the process as you learn how to invite strangers in network marketing.

People think the same way whether you meet them offline or online.

Sounds obvious, right? But folks seem to forget this when prospecting online.

You’re not talking to a machine when using your MLM scripts. You’re talking to a PERSON on the other end of that machine…always keep this in mind and treat each person with respect and dignity.

In fact, I go into detail in this video about how to set up your business so that prospects see you as a trusted advisor and want to buy from you as a result:

YouTube video

Network Marketing Prospecting Scripts That Work

“I don’t know if it will be a fit for you or not but would you be open to something outside of what you’re doing for income?”

“Have you ever thought about finding a way to earn part-time income to supplement your job?”

“Do you keep your options open when it comes to earning income?”

“Do you have an interest in learning how to make money in a home business?”

“Would you be interested if you could start a home business part-time and work toward replacing your full-time income?”

“Have you ever thought about starting a home business if the right coach came along?”

“Have you ever thought about the money you can save on taxes by simply starting a part-time home business?”

“I run a business that’s currently expanding in your area. Are you open to a new career opportunity?”

One of my personal favorites is Ray Higdon’s standard: “Would you be at all open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with you’re currently doing?”

Indirect Approach: “I’m sure you’re happy with your career but who do you know that might be interested in adding a new income stream into their life?”

How To Invite Strangers In Network Marketing

All of the above scripts are perfect for inviting strangers into your MLM business.

However, one thing to keep in mind:

Focus on using break statements in your short conversations with strangers so it doesn’t seem so abrupt when you pull out one of the above scripts.

First, find something to build quick rapport with.

For example, if you’re in the bookstore and they’ve picked up a Napoleon Hill book, say something like: “Hey, Napoleon Hill. I love his books. Which ones have you read so far?”

Discuss that a bit and then use a break statement…something like:

“Hey, I gotta run… I need to pick my kids up (Or, I’m about to get to a meeting). But if you’d like, I’d love to get your info & meet up for coffee sometime down the road. How’s that sound?”

Or, you might be very direct with:

“Hey, I always love meeting people of like-mind and I’m actually looking for sharp people in the area because I’m building a business. I’d love to talk with you about it but I gotta pick up my kids in a few minutes (Or, I gotta get to a meeting that’s coming up, or I need to meet with my spouse, etc). Why don’t I grab your info and we can catch up at another time?”

The key here is you don’t want to get into anything at all about your business. Keep it casual and light.

Get their followup info so you have a lead to call and inviting prospects that started out as strangers into your network marketing business will soon feel natural.

Step 2: Get The Phone Number

All you’re looking for is a positive answer. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at this person offline or if you’re chatting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.

If they say, “yes” in any fashion: I think so, Maybe, Sure, Definitely, What is it?

You say,

“great, what’s a good number for you? We’ll set up a quick chat. Here’s mine so you know who’s calling: (xxx) xxx-xxxx”

If you’re offline, a good thing to say before this is,

“Great, I have a meeting to run to so what’s a good number for you? We’ll set up a quick chat.”

This ensures they know you don’t have time to get into it right now. It also ensures you don’t start blabbering a bunch of stuff too soon.

Online, you want that number. Nothing significant happens if you can’t connect on the phone and get to know one another.

How to Appear Busy in Person

I briefly mentioned the importance of not saying too much above. This is vital. Let’s discuss it more.

It’s psychologically attractive to appear busy. People are more attracted to this. They like dealing with people who have stuff to do.

Especially when prospecting in person, your prospects will respect you more, respect your time more, and ask fewer questions when they feel that you’re in a hurry because you’ve got business to conduct.

As an aside, your personal goal should always be to place productivity ahead of merely being busy.

Here are a few network marketing prospecting scripts that will help:

“I don’t have a ton of time at the moment, so let’s exchange numbers and talk later.”

“I’m happy we connected, but I need to get to an appointment…”

“Right now isn’t the best setting to get into all this & I need to run, so let’s connect later.”

When Your Social Media Prospect Balks

First of all, remember that your only job in network marketing is to find open people.

That’s it!

If you gotta convince someone to simply have a normal business discussion about improving their financial situation you’re wasting your time.

When you’re on social media, such as Twitter, if they ask what it’s all about or to send them a link you can do a couple things…

Option 1) Ignore their request and simply type back to them asking again for their phone number so you can have a legitimate business conversation.

Option 2) Ease any tension by typing something like, “Explaining your income options in 140 characters is impossible, right? What’s your number? We’ll set up a quick chat.”

If they continue to balk, you can simply say something like,

“Sounds like you have no interest in making more money or changing your life, no worries. I’ll take you off my list & won’t contact you about it again. I wish you the best at all you may try.  If I’m wrong, let’s schedule that phone chat.”

Take it away and move on!

They’ll either leave it at that (meaning they weren’t ever serious to begin with) or they’ll say something like, “No, I want to know about it…my apologies…here’s my number.”

Take the correct posture with your prospects & you’ll convert more people.

Be professional but firm.

Your job is to find the interested person who will agree to a legitimate business call.

That’s it…eazy peazy

Respect & Dignity When Using MLM Scripts

I mentioned treating your prospects with respect & dignity above…vital when using network marketing prospecting scripts!

One of the best ways to do this is to compliment everyone you talk to. Be sincere here but if you can find a way to appear complimentary, it’ll go a long way to getting into a meaningful discussion.

Cold market:

“Wow, you’re a sharp person. Do you keep your career options open?”

“Wow, you’re a sharp person. What kind of work are you in?”

“I’ve enjoyed dealing with you & appreciate your service. Have you ever thought about moving into working for yourself?”

Warm market:

“You’re one of the most intelligent people I’ve known over the years & could use your opinion on something.”

“I’ve always noticed how open-minded you are about new ideas & would like to run something by you. “

“I’m looking at a new business & since you’re already a successful businessperson I’d love if it you’d give me your take on it.”

“I’ve always appreciated your support over the years.”

“You’re always so positive.”

“I know you’re ‘business smart’ and can find the holes in any opportunity. Can I discuss an opportunity I’m looking at with you?”

“I’ve always admired how sharp you are & how you seem to see what others don’t.”

Network Marketing Text Messaging Scripts

Don’t be afraid to incorporate text messaging into your network marketing prospecting efforts. Texting is a normal, accepted business practice…especially with Millennials.

The goal with network marketing text messaging is exactly the same as with your social media prospecting: to get an appointment (phone, Zoom, in-person, etc).

You obviously can’t text someone until you have their phone number. This means you’ll use this method with your warm contact list.

Or, with people you’ve previously prospected and you’re at the point where you have successfully obtained their cell number.

Why MLM Text Messaging Works…

  • The #1 reason is because very few people answer their phones anymore.
  • People are busy. Responding to a text is fast.
  • Texting is an accepted business practice. Many businesses, ranging from mechanics to doctors, use text messaging to set/remind about appointments, ask for referrals, ask for ratings, etc.
  • Your new MLM distributors may see phone calling as painful at first. Showing them how to text message their warm market breaks down any initial barriers to prospecting.
  • Building upon the last point: Developing phone or Internet marketing skills takes some time. Texting doesn’t require any skill at all. This method won’t create the ultimate success you want but it can helps your new reps get momentum quickly.

Network Marketing Text Messaging Examples

So great meeting you last week! Let’s grab a coffee & talk. Mon or Thurs?

Hey! Where you been? Let’s meet & catch up…coffee?

Great “meeting” you on Twitter! Let’s talk this week. How’s Tues or Thurs?

I’ve run across something really cool. Haven’t seen you in a bit…let’s meet up for lunch this week

MLM Scripts For Facebook

MLM Facebook Product Scripts

How do you perform network marketing Facebook prospecting to get people asking you for information about your products without coming off spammy?

Spam = Posting product pics with your company and product name easily identifiable.

That’s bad because people can hit Google, do some research and buy your product without you.

A better way to perform network marketing prospecting on Facebook is using curiosity.

  • Bad = Telling what your product is
  • Good = Telling what your product does

For example, do people care about the process to lose weight? Nope!

They care about the benefits:

  • feeling sexier
  • sleeping better
  • having more energy

The key is being strategic about who you use an MLM Facebook script with because you can’t talk about the general benefits of your product unless you know the person you’re using the script with actually wants those benefits.

How do you find out this important info?

Go into relevant Facebook groups and find people posting about the problem that your product solves.

Let’s say your product helps women lost weight.

Look for groups where they’re talking about this issue. Find someone complaining that they can’t lose the weight. Become friends.

Then, you would use this type of MLM script for Facebook when your FB messenger chat gets to the point where it feels right:

By the way, I saw what you were saying about having trouble losing those last few pounds. You’re not alone…I can relate. I struggled so long with it. In fact, I finally solved it when my husband and I were no longer intimate. I just couldn’t live that way anymore and got it done! What’s happening with you? Anything I might help with?

See how these types of social media prospecting scripts are personal and don’t say anything about a product yet?

Here’s another idea if you’re selling makeup with a company like Melaleuca, for instance:

You see someone complaining in a Facebook group that their mascara makes their eyes water.

Don’t hop in and say, “I sell X mascara from X company and it’s better!”

You are now spam 🙁

And even if they’re interested, you just gave them all the info they need to go buy it without you.

Instead, say this:

Oh my God! I went through so many mascaras before I found one that stopped making my eyes water. I might be able to at least point you in the right direction. Message me if you want to know more about my story.

Obviously, do this if the story is true.

The point is that you need to look for people talking about problems that you, your truthful story and your product can help them solve.

You’re not using canned Facebook Messenger scripts in this case. You’re meeting the needs of future customers, getting the conversation started and then privately showing them where they can buy from you specifically.

Facebook MLM Business Scripts

First of all, don’t do this kind of network marketing script on Facebook:

Hey Joe, I’m looking for the next 5 people to add to my team. Hit me up and join me!

That’s spammy, especially since the person you’re saying that to knows you’d recruit the next 500 people who hit you up if you could LOL

It’s also how about you, right? Not about the person you might help.

Here are three MLM scripts for Facebook to try:

How’s it going Bill? I realize this is a bit out of the blue, but I thought I’d keep you in the loop and let you know I just got started in a new side hustle. I love helping people who want (better credit, to look younger, legal help, to lose weight, etc). I don’t know if that may interest you as well, but if it does, I’d love to show you some details. If not, absolutely no worries!

Yo Mary! Been thinking about you…how’s it going? This might sound a bit odd but when I’ve been thinking about people I know who might be interested in a new biz I’m working on, your name kept popping up in my head 🙂 I’m working with a product that I love because it helps people (get out of debt, lose weight, look younger, get better credit, get more financially healthy, etc). No idea if it’s a good fit but I’d love to send you a little info if you’re open. No worries at all if not.

This next one is meant to get a conversation going first inside Messenger.

Hey Jill how’s it going? I just realized we haven’t talked in a bit as I was scrolling through my friends. Watcha been up to lately? (let them answer you and reciprocate appropriately) So happy we connected again and I’d love to catch up more soon…by the way, I’ve been working on a side project and I thought of you right away because (add in your reason). Don’t know if it’s a good fit but are you open to watching a quick video with details? In not, completely OK!

BONUS: Eric Worre Network Marketing Invitation Script: “If I, Would You?”

If I gave you a video presentation to watch, would you watch it?”

If I gave you a sample, would you give it a try?”

If I gave you access to a short recorded message, would you listen to it?”

When you’re on the phone and it’s time to move them to your official presentation, use the “if I, would you” formula.

See how there’s no begging here? You’re in control. You’re simply asking for an exchange of value. Humans are hard-wired to respond to this positively, too. They want to reciprocate.

It reveals that you have value but that you won’t release it to them unless they agree to do something on their end.

This is a powerful followup to all successful MLM prospecting scripts that get your prospects on the phone.

In this video, I get you thinking about 3 important questions you’ll want to answer truthfully as you’re working hard on building a big business:

YouTube video

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I give you the chance to grab a free audio, downloadable worksheet & email templates to use in your prospecting AND I give you 2 ways to handle the dreaded “What Is It?” question. Click here to grab all of it (I give you 2 ways to handle the dreaded “What Is It?” question).

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