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How To Advertise Melaleuca On Facebook In 2022

Last Updated on December 7, 2021 by Matt Zavadil

The best way to get Melaleuca leads and sales advertising on Facebook is by using both organic strategies and paid ads.

You can start with a few organic posts that you create in advance, then use an ad to promote them later.

This will help you avoid paying for wasted impressions when your post doesn’t have enough engagement on its own.

When creating a post, think about the type of audience that would be interested in viewing it:

  • What are their interests?
  • What do they care about?
  • The more specific the better

Most Melaleuca reps struggle to make money inside their network marketing business because they post or advertise on Facebook incorrectly.

Don’t be that person who posts product pics or screams into a vacuum about how great the Melaleuca business opportunity is.

The key is learning expert marketing strategies that create a bond with your prospects and lead to:

Let’s dive in…

Don’t Ever Mention Melaleuca On Facebook

While it’s tempting to talk about your business every chance you get, that won’t help you sell Melaleuca products.

Instead, focus on providing valuable content and building a community of people around the values your brand represents.

People follow brands because they have something in common with them, not because they want to get constantly pitched about products or your Melaleuca business opportunity.

Here’s the key:

When you post product pictures showing the Melaleuca name, you’ll end up losing sales.

People who see your posts with any level of interest will go to YouTube or Google, do some research, and end getting lost with blog posts or videos from other Melaleuca reps who learned proper marketing strategies.

They’ll buy from those people.

You’ll lose the sale.

No one gets added to your organization.

You must instead create posts about health and wellness, in general, to pique interest and keep your prospects engaged with you.

Posting Melaleuca Product Pics Screams “Amateur”

Finding success in MLM requires a willingness to learn marketing.

Posting product pics or mentioning the Melaleuca business on social media represents the opposite of quality marketing.

Doing so lumps you in with all the other amateur people in network marketing. It can also lead some to ask, “is this company a pyramid scheme?

Here are four solid reasons to never use product pics or say things like, “You need to look at the Melaleuca business opportunity!”

  1. It repels people
  2. It’s the least effective way to build your Melaleuca business
  3. It won’t build a contact list of prospects or customers
  4. You won’t look professional

Avoid Spam When Advertising On Facebook

Yelling and screaming on Facebook about your Melaleuca products is looked at as spam.

So is going on your profile and saying spammy stuff about your Melaleuca business opportunity.

For example, you don’t want to say things like this on your profile:

“I’m in an awesome business opportunity called Melaleuca! Are you ready to make a bunch of cash from home?”


“I’m looking for 3 people to join my Melaleuca business this month! Join right now and get a free sample while we make money together. Message me for details!”


You’ll never build a contact list of authentic prospects who will set appointments with you doing this.

Again, you must avoid saying anything about the company.

You’ll need to share information and tips that help people learn something about health and wellness.

Act like a real person who talks about the benefits of getting healthy and then provide the solution on the backend to people who respond to your marketing messaging.

Know Your Target Market To Sell Melaleuca Products

When you know your target market, it’s much easier to create non-spammy posts that will appeal to your best-fit customers.

For example, if you’re targeting stay-at-home moms with young children, you might want to post helpful tips about the importance of:

  • Using healthy cleaning products in the home
  • Giving their children healthy supplements
  • Eating better foods than what they find in stores

Or, you might teach them about the horrific ingredients that exist in most of the products they expose their children to.

The possibilities are endless when posting tips and solutions about what’s important in their lives.

A Network Marketing Business Myth: Everyone Is Your Prospect

Too many network marketing companies teach their reps to use a friends and family list or the 3-foot rule.

They tell you, “All people who see or are connected to want our products and are your best prospects.”

Think for just a second and you’ll realize how silly that is.

Just because you and I might be friends doesn’t mean I care about health and want to buy stuff from a company you happen to find exciting.

A big reason most people in network marketing, and inside the Melaleuca business specifically, struggle to make money is because they don’t know pro marketing strategies.

You don’t have any business trying to advertise Melaleuca on Facebook until you you commit to learning how to market like a pro.

You must understand that you’re in a wellness company.

Your only prospects are those people who already want to learn about health and wellness.

Stop trying to convince people just because they’re your friends or happen to be family members.

Waste of time…

Focus On Health And Wellness When Posting On Facebook

The fact that you joined Melaleuca means you entered into the health and wellness niche.

Once you decide on your best-fit clients, such as stay-at-home moms, single dads, married couples, etc, make sure you post or place ads that speak to their need to live healthier lives.

For example, you could share images of happy, healthy people and provide health tips that teach your social media contacts how they can look that way.

You could also share information of you or others talking about your experiences with getting your family into a healthier state.

The bottom line is that you never post anything about your specific products or the Melaleuca business opportunity.

You do post or advertise about health and wellness as your topic.

Create Engaging FB Posts That Appeal To Your Audience

It’s not enough to simply stop posting product pics or yelling about your Melaleuca business.

To get leads and sales from Facebook, you need to use posts and ads that appeal to the needs and wants of your audience.

Use images, videos, and text that teach interesting tips or share information that speaks to how you can solve problems for your best-fit customers.

For example, if your target market is stay-at-home mothers with young children, you might want to create a post that includes information about how getting healthy makes their lives better.

Or, you could post a funny video that will make them laugh while showing how eliminating toxic chemicals can help improve their life.

The point is to create posts that are interesting, helpful, and engaging…not annoying, boring, or coming across as another spammy MLM person.

Use Paid Ads To Increase Reach And Engagement

Don’t run ads on Facebook until you have your target audience nailed down.

You’ll lose money in your Melaleuca business if you run ads that don’t target your specific best-fit customer.

However, once you’re ready for ads, they can definitely help you make more product sales and build your wellness company team.

Here are some tips to help you run paid ads on Facebook:

  • Use Facebook’s ad planner to find the right people for your target audience
  • Get them on a FB Messenger list so you can personally engage them
  • Point ads to a network marketing website to get prospects on your email list
  • Always test different ads to see which ones get the best response.

FAQs About Melaleuca

How do I get people to join Melaleuca?

Learn expert marketing skills. Remember that you’re in a health and wellness company, meaning you must advertise your business in the only way that works: Talk about how you can solve problems for your best-fit clients. The most effective way to get people to join Melaleuca is by focusing on their needs. Then, you can sell products and build your team.

How do I make my Melaleuca business faster?

You’ll build your Melaleuca business faster by slowing down.

Stop for a second and ask yourself what you want to get out of being in the company. Stop the hokey 3-foot rule or posting product pics on social media.

Define your best-fit avatar and focus only on what those people care about.

Build a blog. Use it to attract those people. Point your social media activity back to that website to get leads on your list.

That’s how you’ll sell more products, build a large downline, and rank up in the company.

How To Advertise Melaleuca on Facebook…

Key = Getting Better As a Melaleuca Marketer

I know you’re trying to improve the results inside your Melaleuca business when you’re searching for tips about advertising on Facebook.

The key taking it one step at a time with your knowledge about advertising and marketing.

Most of us (myself included) were taught the employee path in school and by our society.

The entrepreneur path is different.

It requires different skills to use social media, blogging, list building, and other marketing tactics.

That’s why I created a special Melaleuca Quick-Start Training to help you learn all this.

I encourage you to grab that training here.