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How To Sell Melaleuca Online In 2023: #3 Is Shocking

Last Updated on January 1, 2023 by Matt Zavadil

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Make More Money w/ Melaleuca

Wouldn’t it be great to know how to sell Melaleuca online? 

I’m willing to put my neck on the line and assume that this happened:

You joined Melaleuca because you love the products…

…you thought everyone you shared them with would love them too…

…and you figured they’d get excited about joining your team so that you could all make money with Melaleuca together. 

There’s most likely one big problem:

It’s harder than you thought, and now you’re typing this kind of thing into Google:

How to promote my Melaleuca business…

Add in COVID and it’s really tough. 

Nobody wants to meet with you when they’re afraid about that situation. 

I have two pieces of good news.

  1. Offline marketing methods don’t work anyway (funny bald-headed Englishman story about that)
  2. Learning how to sell Melaleuca online works even better now

What you’ll learn today…

Sell Melaleuca? Let’s Get To The Heart Of The Matter…

You’re busy in life…fully understood. 


The entire family is home. 

There’s too much to do. 

Too many distractions. 

You’re researching everywhere to find out how to sell Melaleuca online successfully

Overwhelming. Argh!

If you feel a little rushed at the moment, need to bookmark this post and come back later to read it, then I want you to know about my Feature Download in the blue box below.

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Illegal To Sell Melaleuca Online? 

Don’t Let Naysayers Stop You From Making Money With Melaleuca

Be careful who you listen to when it comes to virtually building the Melaleuca business opportunity.

Don’t listen to uneducated people claiming Melaleuca as a pyramid scheme.

Some people see these warnings from the head office website:

sell Melaleuca on FB live blocked

And get scared about using the Internet to find customers and Marketing Executives. 

Yes, you need to follow all company guidelines around the Melaleuca business opportunity. 

Don’t let that stop you from being a leader and entrepreneur, however. 

There are several successful strategies to sell Melaleuca online without violating any company terms of service. 

Keep reading because I’ll get into these details below. 

Silly Attempts To Make Money With Melaleuca

A big reason most Melaleuca members struggle to sell goes back to the silliness taught inside the network marketing industry. 

Some “gurus” make it sound like the Internet is a “get rich quick” path to MLM success

They sell “magical” network marketing systems where you supposedly push a button and:


You’re rich LOL

Sorry to burst your bubble. 

That nonsense is… well… nonsense. 

The next reason most Marketing Executives struggle when it comes to how to sell Melaleuca online is because there’s a “strategy” taught that goes like this:

Post your product pics or Melaleuca business opportunity pitches across your social media profiles and hope for the best. 

Wrong way to post about Melaleuca on social media

The result?

People get turned off when they see all those Melaleuca bottles on your Instagram or your “Let’s get rich!” Facebook posts. 

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Before you attempt to sell Melaleuca online, ask yourself if you’d ever walk into an offline networking meeting and say this:

“Hey all you PEOPLE! I’m a Melaleuca rep and do I have a DEAL for you!! Step right up so I can sell you a bunch of cool stuff. Discounts! Deals! C’mon, I need to make some money selling this Melaleuca stuff and I need you to buy right away. Oh, by the way, I’ll sign you up on my Melaleuca business opportunity team, too. That way, we can all get Rich, RICH, RICH together!!! Let’s GO people!”

Ridiculous right? 

You’re probably rolling on the floor laughing if you picture that scene in your mind. 

It IS pretty funny. 

But, that’s how you come across posting crap on social media. 

You’re making yourself look like a talking, breathing infomercial if you’re doing that. People see you “pushing” stuff they don’t want (even if it would benefit them if you sold it more effectively to them). 

Step #1 for learning how to sell Melaleuca online is to stop doing that nonsense immediately. 

By the way, in the following video you’ll learn 3 vital questions to ask that help build your Melaleuca network marketing business:

YouTube video

How To Sell Melaleuca Online: 

It Requires a Basic Understanding For Selling ANYTHING Online

“To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.”

–  Charles T. Munger

Put the above quote near your computer and follow its advice throughout your entire Melaleuca business opportunity career

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a network marketing business or an online crafting course. 

All successful online marketers figure out how to become valuable to their target market and focus on providing real solutions throughout their selling journey. 

I encourage you to think of yourself in this way:

I’m not a Melaleuca Marketing Executive. Instead, I’m an entrepreneur.

Can you immediately feel the difference inside yourself when saying, “I’m an entrepreneur”, as opposed to acting like you work for Melaleuca? 

It’s a 180 degree difference in the way you:

  • Think
  • Talk
  • Walk
  • Act

This is super important!

If you gloss over what I’m saying here, get impatient and say, “C’mon Matt! I just want to know how to sell Melaleuca online. Get to the point and show me how to make money!”

Then, you honestly should stop reading and go find someone else to listen to. 

However, if you stop and ponder this idea of being an independent entrepreneur for a moment or two…

…then you’re already well on your way to building a huge business for your family. 

Business success never goes to people who want a quick buck.

This is especially true in network marketing where you’re one of thousands of Melaleuca drones acting and selling the same way. 

Do that at your own peril and don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

Sell Melaleuca (A TON) By Providing Valuable Solutions To Your Prospects

Think about why your customers want your Melaleuca products.

You need to understand the problems you’re solving in order to think about this correctly. 

You have the opportunity to sell within six main categories as a Melaleuca representative:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Medicine cabinet
  3. Beauty 
  4. Household
  5. Bath & Body
  6. Essential Oils

Let’s say that you love the Household line of products because you use them and love their environmentally-safe aspects. 


Sell Melaleuca Mistake: Posting Product Pics On Social Media

Do not…I repeat:

DO NOT hop on Facebook or Instagram, start posting images of your EcoSense Clean Home Pack and yelling about how great it is for your home’s environment. 

Melaleuca EcoSense Clean Home Pack

Have you ever gone out on a date? 

What would you say if your date said this two minutes into it: “I LOVE you!! Let’s get married right now!”

You’d bolt, right? 

Freak! LOL

Online marketing is like dating. 

Posting product pics on Facebook or screaming about the money to be made with Melaleuca on Twitter repels people. 

You’re asking to get married before you’ve dated. 

Here’s how you date as you sell Melaleuca online:

Sell Melaleuca Online By Becoming a Problem Solver

Offer helpful tutorials, tips and solutions around the products that you sell. 

If you love Melaleuca’s household line, then that’s your niche. 

If you love the Bath & Body line, then that’s your niche. Is it the Beauty line you fell in love with? Then, you’re now in the Beauty niche. 

Here’s what you do:

  • Offer tips and helpful content around the dangers of chemicals in the home (example).
  • Show your prospects the benefits to using natural ingredients and solvents in their laundry and household cleaners. 
  • Help them see how chemically-polluted household products cause health challenges for their loved one. 
Example of helpful blog post
Example of a helpful blog post


Yet, not easy. 

It requires a little thinking and effort. 

This video training goes into detail about solving problems for your Melaleuca customers:

YouTube video

Feature Download: I’ve put together a free Quick-Start Video Guide that shows you how to implement the theory this post explains to you.

This training shows you step-by-step How to Use The Internet To Get MELALEUCA Leads & Sponsor a Team.

It works PERFECT in a Post-COVID19 World, too

Your prospects aren’t comfortable meeting in person & you’re being taught to do absolutely ANNOYING nonsense on social media.

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Will Fear Stop You From Using Successful Strategies To Sell Melaleuca?

I almost let my fears get the best of me back when I first learned what I’m sharing with you. 

Create content? Share tips? Teach? 

Your brain might go: “I can’t do that.”


You create content all the time. 

Yes, really LOL

Have you ever told someone that you loved a movie? 

Or a restaurant? 

Then, you know how to do it in a way that helps you sell Melaleuca online. 

“Creating content” is simply passing info along to others with similar interests as you. 

Here’s another area where your brain and fears might get the best of you:

“But, I’m not a household products expert.” 


  • “I’m not a beauty expert”
  • “I’m not a nutrition expert”
  • “I’m not an essential oils expert”

“What happens if I start teaching tips about this stuff and people think I’m a fraud?”


Stop “what iffing” yourself to death, OK?


The only way people would do that is if you act like something you’re not. 

That’s not what I’m telling you to do. 

Instead, do this:

Use The Journey Approach To Sell Melaleuca Online

Here’s what the Journey Approach is:

You love the Melaleuca line of household products. These products have genuinely helped you and your family. But you’re not an expert in the field (yet). 

So, get on the Internet and say something like this:

“I was concerned about the chemicals in many of the household and laundry products my family used to use. I’m on a journey to find alternative products that don’t include the dangerous chemicals. I’m gonna research it more and tell you about it as I do. How would you like to come on the journey with me? I’m not sure where it all leads, but I’m excited about it and would love to share what I learn.”


You’re being yourself. 

Real and authentic.

You aren’t lying or propping yourself up as an “expert” about anything. 

Guess what I’ve learned? 

People love following real people, not fake gurus who “fake it til they make it”. 

You’re gonna make a lot of money with Melaleuca if you don’t overcomplicate this online marketing “thing” and just be yourself

Quick recap:

Decide which line of Melaleuca products you’re most passionate about and ask yourself what others need to know about that topic (beauty, household, oils, nutrition, etc):

  • What do they need to know? 
  • What do they worry about? 
  • What problems do they struggle with? 

Offer them ideas, strategies and tips for solving those challenges. 

Instead of fumbling around in the dark, posting silly Facebook product pics or “get rich quick” nonsense on Twitter, your prospects see you as a helpful resource

You’ve created a fun, positive learning environment (dating your prospects) and they’ll now listen as you transition into selling (marriage). 

Quick Example Of How To Sell Melaleuca Products This Way

Look at what people search for on Google:

Chemical free search
Baby safe laundry product search
essential oil search

How would your life change if you stopped annoying family or social media friends and instead started using successful strategies to sell Melaleuca?

Strategies like attracting people searching for:

  1. chemical free cleaning products (480 monthly searches)
  2. safe laundry detergent for babies (880 monthly searches)
  3. best essential oil for stress (480 monthly searches)

That’s 1,840 people looking for your solutions every month from only 3 Google searches!

Attract those people and watch your ability to sell Melaleuca online skyrocket.

By the way, this process is called Attraction Marketing. You might enjoy reading my review of a resource that teaches more about how to attract “best fit” customers like this.

How Network Marketing Itself Might Derail Your Ability To Sell Melaleuca Online

Here’s what I wish someone showed me back when I was new to the network marketing industry:

MLM is a great marketing system, with benefits such as:

  • Improving as a person via personal development
  • Helping others win at their goals
  • Learning marketing and sales goals
  • Increasing your income

Network marketing also has pitfalls, such as:

Absolutely No Uniqueness

The very nature of standard MLM marketing training means thousands upon thousands of network marketing reps mindlessly compete against one another. 

It’s bad enough that hundreds of companies exist and teach people to hold home meetings, drag people to weekly group meetings and post annoying product pics and business opp messages on social media. 

You’re competing with all that but the worst part is you’re competing against every other Melaleuca rep if you drink the standard MLM “marketing” Kool Aid…

…spewing the same awful cesspool of Melaleuca product pics on your “walls” and getting blocked from annoyed friends and family. 

Your opportunity for successfully making money with Melaleuca comes after you get serious about creating your own unique selling proposition

Don’t be the person who cuts corners. 

Learn successful strategies to sell Melaleuca & become a marketing pro

You’ll blow past all the other “me too” marketers who can’t figure out how to sell Melaleuca online. 

By the way, is Melaleuca an MLM?

And, is Melaleuca a direct sales company?

Your Solution To This MLM Flaw

Build your online presence. 

Become unique by setting up your blog and point your social media accounts back to it. 

That’s the key. 

That’s the “secret”. 

Although there isn’t any actual secret!

It’s basic marketing and math. 

You need online traffic that consists of people already looking for the solution you provide via your products and Melaleuca business opportunity. 

I say there’s no secret because this fact plays out no matter what anyone sells online, whether it’s coaching, physical products, a course or a Melaleuca business. 

Generating online traffic is this:

You need to attract real, live human beings who desperately want their problems solved…

…to visit your social media platforms and blog where you’ve provided helpful tips and info. 

You “date” them as a helpful resource so that they come to like and trust you. 

Doing that makes them receptive when you finally place your Melaleuca products in front them as their ultimate solution. 

One more thing:

Don’t Focus ALL Attention On Social Media When Selling Melaleuca

You don’t own any social media platform. 

You “rent” space when operating on YouTube, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. 

Those accounts get deleted if the OWNERS of the platforms disagree with what you say or do. 

Accounts running great today…

Poof! Gone tomorrow. 

Deleted from history in an instant. 

I’m not saying NOT to use social. 

But use it wisely by pointing your social media activity over to your own website (blog). 

Your blog stays up forever as long as you continue paying your hosting fee (that fee is the price for conducting “professional” business on the Internet). 

  • Social media = Building a business on Sand
  • Blog = Building a business on Bedrock

Use The Blog/Social Media Combo To Solve All Problems When Selling Melaleuca

Building your Melaleuca business opportunity on bedrock brings these benefits:

1) You “own” your online presence

I’ve seen friends of mine get their Facebook or Twitter accounts deleted. I woke up one day to find that my YouTube channel had disappeared overnight (I got it back but it was a hassle). 

Don’t underestimate the dangers of relying 100% on “rented” social media. 

2) You’re unique

Once you learn how simple it is to start a blog, then you’re immediately setting yourself apart from all other Melaleuca Marketing Executives

You’ll become unique.

While all the other folks act like human infomercials on social media and cry about why no one pays attention…

you’ll attract raving fans that appreciate how you’re focused on first solving their problems before throwing up all your product sale material on them LOL

3) Create even more income!

Guess what? 

After you create your nutrition blog, or beauty blog, or a blog that talks about environmentally favorable products…

…know what happens next?

You add more ways to monetize the traffic above and beyond Melaleuca. 


Because you OWN that traffic and can make additional revenue via:

  • Ads
  • Amazon products
  • Affiliate products

Heck, maybe you’ll grow into offering 1:1 coaching or your own beauty course down the line. 

Note that I didn’t say build a Melaleuca blog. 

This keeps you in complete compliance with all Melaleuca rules about marketing online. 

I know that the company has its own website vendors to build you a Melaleuca-specific website. 

That’s great! Use it if you’d like. 

But those kinds of sites aren’t effective at generating a swell of traffic like building a general topic blog is

Use your independent blog to attract visitors looking to solve the problems you’re writing about and then point them back to your Melaleuca site to buy products or join your team. 

Keeps it all in compliance 🙂

Ready To Sell Melaleuca Online In This Manner? 

You’re still with me! 

You read this far so I must assume you’re downright serious about making money with Melaleuca in a way that overcomes all the frustration of:

  • How do I get leads?
  • Why doesn’t anyone pay attention to me?
  • What scripts do I use to properly close into sales?

If you’re like me when I first learned all this was possible, then you’re most likely excited. 

You also might be just a bit worried that all this takes too much time or that you can’t learn it…

Not true. 

You’re an amazing human being and all human beings are capable of ANYTHING they put their minds to!

I’ve put together a Quick-Start Guide that consists of a series of micro-lessons that I’ll shoot over to you throughout the next few days. 

Take your time. 

Learn it. 

Then, implement and go, go, go as we turn you into a mighty force that can sell Melaleuca online like a pro 🙂

Grab my Quick-Start Guide that shows you how to implement successful strategies to sell Melaleuca. 

Feature Download: I’ve put together a free Quick-Start Video Guide that shows you how to implement the theory this post explains to you.

This training shows you step-by-step How to Use The Internet To Get MELALEUCA Leads & Sponsor a Team.

It works PERFECT in a Post-COVID19 World, too

Your prospects aren’t comfortable meeting in person & you’re being taught to do absolutely ANNOYING nonsense on social media.

Get my Quick-Start Video Guide and learn how to marry MLM with Online Marketing so you get more MELALEUCA prospects WITHOUT the rejection.

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Did you learn something new today? If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below…

And if you feel others on your Melaleuca team can benefit from this info, I’m sure they’d greatly appreciate it if you shared this post with them!

By the way, click here for an excellent way to Recruit Rejection Free, without wasting your time chasing deadbeat leads & prospects.