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I understand that you’d love to sell Thirty-One Gifts products. 

Mind if I make an assumption? 

You’ve joined Thirty-One because you’re excited about the products and see a great opportunity to build a business around them. 

I mean, cool bags & totes are your thing!


But, there’s a big problem.

You started doing what Thirty-One and your upline told you to do, like making contact with friends, family or social media contacts…

…and all you’re experiencing is rejection or even negative comments. 

What the heck!

You love these products and can’t understand why others don’t see the vision that you do around the Thirty-One business opportunity. 

  • Wouldn’t it be great to put this frustration behind you and learn how to sell Thirty-One successfully?
  • Or, how about understanding the concepts needed for how to sell Thirty-One without parties in a post-pandemic world? 
  • Can you make money selling Thirty-One or not? 

Great questions!

Yes, you can make this work. 

Let’s get started with what you’re about to learn:

Sell Thirty-One? Let’s Get Right To It

Look, I know you’re busy. 

We live in a busy and crazy world. 

Plus, there’s so many people working their jobs from home and even afraid to communicate in-person due to COVID. 

You’re probably in that same boat with kids at home while you’re working, making meals, taking care of everyone. 



So if you’re lean on time and it’s easier to bookmark this page & come back to it later…

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Of Course You Can Sell Thirty-One Gifts Products…

And, Don’t Let “They” Tell You Any Different!

Some people might discourage you from using the marketing strategies I’m about to tell you about because “they” don’t understand the full perspective. 

They’ll tell you that you can’t deviate from the “friends & family” plan or the posting of product pics on social media. 

Or, they might say that marketing yourself as an entrepreneur (in the way I’m about to describe) violates the Thirty-One terms.

First of all, those people are wrong 🙂

They’re wrong about a lot of things. 

“Those” people telling you that the success path for how to sell Thirty-One without parties is by posting product pics or business opportunity messages all over your social media profiles…

…well, let’s just say they’re setting you up for a massive amount of:

  • frustration
  • no results
  • a boatload of rejection, and
  • possibly even lost friends

That nonsense doesn’t work because it violates every best practice of Internet marketing. 

It repels people. 

While it’s true that you want to direct visitors to your Thirty-One replicated website for making the final sale, it’s also true that you need a better plan for how to attract prospects actually interested in buying those products. 

It’s a fact that you can build other online assets (such as your own personal website, for instance) without violating one marketing rule set up by Thirty-One’s corporate officers. 

Don’t worry. 

I’ll go into more detail about this below. 

For now, just know that you can sell Thirty-One Gifts products without being a social media weirdo!

By the way, I get you thinking about 3 important questions in this video that help you know how to build your network marketing business:

YouTube video

You Might Fail To Sell Thirty-One Successfully & Here’s Why

The mistake made by many unsuccessful network marketers is falling for this incorrect belief:

Somehow, the rules of business don’t apply on the Internet. 

People who fail think there’s a “magic button” you push and suddenly the leads, sales and success roll in…

…without investing serious time on the business. 



That is NOT how winning at Thirty-One Gifts works 🙂

Another issue is the terrible advice provided by too many uplines where they tell you to hop on social media and scream on Instagram or Facebook about how awesome your business opportunity is. 

Or, to post product pics and blast the Thirty-One brand everywhere possible:

You can't sell Thirty-One Gifts this way
I have no desire to embarrass anyone so I will always black out identifiable aspects of examples. The key is learning how to market more effectively so that we can bring more respect to the network marketing industry.

Guess what? 

That turns people off big time. 

If you’re doing this stuff, then you’re not going to get leads and sales. 

Instead, you’re going to meet rejection and feel frustrated. 

There’s a better way and it starts by asking yourself this:

Would I do any of this stuff offline if I was talking to someone face-to-face?

Let me put it this way.

Would you ever consider walking into work or a networking meeting and start screaming at the top of your lungs:

Hey all you people!!! Have I got something you gotta see. I joined Thirty-One Gifts and you need to buy some stuff, let me tell you. These are great products! Step right up, don’t worry about the details and just hand me some cash!!! I need to make dough like anyone! Let’s go people!!!! By the way, I’ll sign you up as a consultant so we can rich, rich, rich, together! C’mon, let’s go!!!

Laughing yet? 


Sounds crazy, right? 

But if you’re posting product pics on Facebook, then you’re doing the equivalent! 

Stop doing that because you’re making yourself look like a walking, talking infomercial and nobody cares. 

You’re pushing people instead of attracting quality prospects

Perception is reality, right? And, people perceive you as an annoying “pusher” when they see that nonsense. 

The Better Way To Sell Thirty-One Is To Learn “Correct” Online Marketing Strategies

“To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people.”

― Charles T. Munger

Put that quote someplace where you’ll see it every day. 

Providing real value to others is an Internet marketing “best practice” that you can’t violate…

…unless you like losing…and I want to see you WIN!

All successful online marketers do it, whether selling parenting courses, coaching CEOs or building an MLM business via the Internet. 

The key is becoming valuable to others… specifically, what’s called your “target market”. 

Give them solutions to the problems they have, not infomercials on social media that make them angry. 

Here’s another thing to put next to your Munger quote:

I’m not a Thirty-One consultant. Instead, I’m an entrepreneur. 

I’ll dig deeper into this concept below. 

For now, ponder it. Why is that important? 

It’s vital that you “see” yourself as an independent entrepreneur because you’ll think differently and you’ll never do dorkie & ridiculous network marketing stuff ever again 🙂

If you intend to remain just a Thirty-One consultant inside your mind, then it’s going to be difficult for you to act on what I’m about to show you.

This is an important fork in the road when it comes to your success. 

I hope you choose the best path that leads to gaining the ability to sell Thirty-One Gifts professionally and successfully. 

How To Sell Thirty-One Well? 

Become Valuable To Others By Solving Their Problems

Why would your prospects want to buy Thirty-One products?

Well, ask yourself why you bought them and what got you excited. 

Dig deeper and ask yourself what problems get solved by buying totes, bags, wallets, thermals and all the other options in your arsenal of products? 

Let’s brainstorm a bit because this is the stuff I love!

Who wakes up saying, “I can’t wait to buy a thermal today?” 

Nobody does. 

They wake up saying things like:

  • “It would be great to hit the beach today”
  • “Who wants to go on a family picnic?”
  • “Honey, let’s spend the day on the boat”
  • “We need to take some food over to Mary & talk about her upcoming surgery”

Your Fresh Market Charcoal Crosshatch Thermal solves a problem these people need: Keeping their food or drinks warm or cold.

Thirty-One Fresh Market Thermal

Take a look at how many people are searching for “cooler with handles” and “bag for shopping”:

cooler with handles - Good for a Thirty-One consultant to target
bag for shopping - Good for a Thirty-One consultant to target

Why go on social media and annoy people when I’m showing you how many people are actively searching to buy your thermal??!!

Those 22,410 people are your target market. 

Can you imagine if you had online assets (like a blog post, for instance) that:

  1. Attracted your “best fit” prospects in on autopilot
  2. Educated them a bit
  3. Invited them to enter their email or phone number for more info

So that you can then contact them to present your Thirty-One product as their best solution? 

This is called Attraction Marketing (Read my review about that here)

Apply the same process I just went through to your other products. Here’s how many people are searching for the following items every month:

  • “Cute tote bags” 4,400
  • “best beach bags” 3,600
  • “Backpacks for girls” 49,500
  • “school backpacks” 49,500

Again, I ask you:

Why bug friends and family or social media contacts about this stuff when they aren’t targeted prospects? 

Why not attract into your sales funnel the very people who are searching for your products and their solutions on Google, Pinterest and YouTube? 

Start creating content around the problems your products solve. 

It’s really that simple. 

Watch this video where I go into more detail about solving your customers’ problems:

Feature Download: I’ve put together a free Quick-Start Video Guide that shows you how to implement the theory this post explains to you.

This training shows you step-by-step How to Use The Internet To Get THIRTY-ONE Leads & Sponsor a Team.

It works PERFECT in a Post-COVID19 World, too

Your prospects aren’t comfortable meeting in person & you’re being taught to do absolutely ANNOYING nonsense on social media.

Get my Quick-Start Video Guide and learn how to marry MLM with Online Marketing so you get more THIRTY-ONE prospects WITHOUT the rejection.

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How Can You Make Money Selling Thirty-One If Your Fears Stop You?

OK, here’s where I lose some folks LOL

I know you see the value in what I’m saying but then the fear sets in. 

“Matt, I can’t create content! I’m scared about putting myself out there.”

Perfectly normal reaction. 

I had the same thoughts when I first learned this online marketing stuff. 

Here’s what you can’t do:

You can’t let it derail your dreams for building a large Thirty-One network marketing business

That’s absolutely not OK. 

You’re an amazing human being who constantly creates content. 

You do it when you tell someone about a great:

  • movie
  • book
  • restaurant, or
  • recipe

All you do now is take your ability to tell others about the benefits of something and get strategic with it. 

Offer them tips and helpful information. 

Tell stories about how you or other people went to the beach and were thrilled with the way your Fresh Market Thermal kept the food cold. 

Tell people about how your kids love their Lunch Buddy Thermal. Wrap it up with an example of the lunch you fit inside it. Tell a fun story. 

Have fun with all this and attract “best fit” customers in the process. 

Here’s another way your mind could go all “negative” on us 🙂

“Matt, I’m not an expert at all this. I don’t know how to tell a story around my products.”


“What if people don’t like what I say?”

I’m not telling you to set yourself up as an expert.

That wouldn’t be authentic. 

Instead, you’re going to use the Journey Approach

How To Sell Thirty-One Gifts Products With The Journey Approach

You’re excited about Thirty-One, right? 

Great! Then, all you need to do is go online and say something like:

I’ve found some amazing and fun products that I absolutely love. Cool bags for all types of occasions, wonderful thermals, etc. And I’m going on a journey to help women like me have some more fun in life amidst the craziness our world is going through right now. I’m not sure exactly where it’s all going but I’d love to invite you on my journey and we’ll all have fun together.

Something along those lines. 

Just be you. 

Use your own story. 

Why are you in Thirty-One to begin with?

Tell folks about it and invite them on the journey. 

We all love following those types of stories. It’s more inspirational than going to a stale corporate website, that’s for sure. 


Focus on the problems or experiences your products help with. 

  • How do they make going to school more fun?
  • How do they help make that picnic more enjoyable? 
  • How did you put it to use tailgating at the game? What happened there?

Nobody cares about a bag, per se. They care about the experiences they’ll have using it!

They also want tips about its features and how/when/where they can use it. 

If you offer these tips, stories and experiences, then you’ll elevate yourself above the average Thirty-One consultant who’s annoying her friends and family as she acts like a living infomercial on Facebook. 

Remember when I told you above about the importance of not seeing yourself only as a Thirty-One consultant? 

Let’s now dive into those details. 

MLM Pitfalls & How They’ll Stop Your Efforts To Sell Thirty-One Successfully

Network marketing is a great marketing system that provides us personal development material, sales training and the ability to increase our incomes. 


It also has a few pitfalls that can derail your MLM journey and take you down Frustration Trail. 

No One Is Unique

Man, I wish someone pointed this out to me when I was new to network marketing. 

All the other Thirty-One consultants are your competition. 

You’re all being taught to market in the same way. 

The result? 

A cesspool of Thirty-One products getting pushed on social media without much result for anyone. 


Successfully selling Thirty-One without the parties and other nonsense (any product actually) requires brainstorming your USP (unique selling proposition). 

Online marketing levels the playing field and lets you sell Thirty-One uniquely. 

If you do it correctly, of course!

Don’t be the person who cuts corners and takes shortcuts, trying to make a fast buck. 

Care about your customers. 

Use the Internet intelligently to solve their problems so that they see you as the unique Thirty-One consultant amidst all the robot consultants doing dumb “marketing” stuff. 

Solving This Network Marketing Flaw…

It Simply Requires a Unique Platform To Sell Thirty-One

What’s a unique platform? 

Simply put:

It’s just a blog. 

It requires some thinking and some marketing education, but it’s really not that difficult. 

All you need to do is be yourself and let your special, unique personality shine through. 

There’s no secret to MLM success as a Thirty-One consultant. 

You need to attract prospects who already have a general interest in what you sell. 

Insert your unique way of communicating, share tips and ideas, be helpful and watch your leads and sales go up consistently. 

That’s how you sell anything online. 

There’s no secret that others know and you can’t figure out. 

Remember the Munger quote I gave you above? 

Solve problems for others, care about people and you’ll get everything you want in the process. 

A blog works great because you put content on it once…

…and generate passive online traffic (real people interested in your products) forever. 

Read those last two lines again. 

Isn’t that exciting? 

I have blog posts I wrote several years ago that still attract targeted leads into my business today. 

I did the work once and every month it attracts money I use to sustain my family because I solve problems for others. 

Wouldn’t it be great if your Thirty-One business worked that way? 

I think so!

Social Media Is Another MLM Pitfall

You don’t own any of your social media platforms. 

Try doing something on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube that those guys don’t like. 


Your account is gone. 

It’s happened to many people over the years. I remember back when I lost my YouTube channel because I talked about MLM too blatantly for their tastes. 

Luckily I got it back after fighting for it. 

It’s not fun. 

You’re renting your business property. 

Am I saying not to use it? 

No, but make sure you use social media only as “satellites” that revolve around your real online asset: Your Own Blog. 

You can say whatever you want on your blog as long as you pay your hosting fees (which are extremely reasonable and just the cost of doing business online). 

By the way, don’t use free blogging platforms like Blogger or whatever. They’re like social media and can shut you down if you violate their Terms of Service. 

Remember it like this:

  • Building a business on sand is using social media exclusively.
  • Building your business on bedrock is using a blog (with social media pointing back to that blog to attract leads and sales). 

Yes, You Can Legally Sell Thirty-One On Your Own Website

Don’t let people scare you into thinking that Thirty-One doesn’t let consultants use their own blogs. 

They don’t, actually, if you show your products pictures and use the Thirty-One name on your blog. 

I’m not talking about that. 

Remember my examples above where you attract people looking for you “generally”, with search terms like “cooler with handles”?

Thirty-One can’t do anything to you if you attract people to a blog that talks generally about bags and totes. 

Attract those targeted visitors, invite them to give you their email address in exchange for a free resource, and then have a private Thirty-One Gifts conversation afterwards. 

You’re not an infomercial, remember? 

Market professionally and this gets fun!

Summing Up The Benefits Of Selling Thirty-One This Way

1) You actually own your business

2) You set yourself up as a unique consultant

Learn a few tips about how to set up a blog, start the process and soon you’ll position yourself differently from all the other Thirty-One consultants. 

You’ll make sales while they’re on social sharing product pics and wondering why this MLM “thing” is so hard. 

3) Create more revenue streams

Guess what else you can do on your blog? 

Sell other stuff!

  • You could use Amazon’s affiliate program or one of the other dozens of affiliate networks to sell other stuff related to bags, totes and thermals. 
  • You could make some money placing ads on your website. 
  • Or, you might graduate to creating your own products. 

The sky’s the limit as you diversify beyond Thirty-One as your only source of income. 

Let’s Get You Started So You Finally Sell Thirty-One Successfully

Don’t let your fears stop you here. 

It’s normal to wonder if you can do what I’ve taught you in this post. 

I wondered the same thing. 

I wasn’t born to build this blog. I learned it from scratch!

You can, too. 

You’re a human being with an unlimited supply of creativity. 

Use it to support your family!

You can do this. 

I’ll show you all the training you need to accomplish your Thirty-One business goals. 

Do this next: Go pick up my Quick-Start Guide where all this gets explained in detail. 

Feature Download: I’ve put together a free Quick-Start Video Guide that shows you how to implement the theory this post explains to you.

This training shows you step-by-step How to Use The Internet To Get THIRTY-ONE Leads & Sponsor a Team.

It works PERFECT in a Post-COVID19 World, too

Your prospects aren’t comfortable meeting in person & you’re being taught to do absolutely ANNOYING nonsense on social media.

Get my Quick-Start Video Guide and learn how to marry MLM with Online Marketing so you get more THIRTY-ONE prospects WITHOUT the rejection.

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Did you learn something new today? If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below…

And if you feel others on your Thirty-One Gifts team can benefit from this info, I’m sure they’d greatly appreciate it if you shared this post with them!

By the way, click here for an excellent way to Recruit Rejection Free, without wasting your time chasing deadbeat leads & prospects.

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