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Is The Arbonne Pay Scale Fair?

Last Updated on November 2, 2021 by Matt Zavadil

Are you wondering about how the Arbonne pay scale works?

We’ll need to set a few definitions as we discuss the topic because “pay scale” makes me think you may believe Arbonne pays a salary of some kind.

Arbonne offers a business opportunity to independent contractors called Arbonne Consultants.

As an independent contractor, you aren’t guaranteed a salary and instead earn commissions from your product sales. It’s commission-based income.

To be clear: The only way to make any type of income with an Arbonne business opportunity, and all other types of network marketing opportunities, is through commissions on product sales.

In this article, I’ll go into detail about how you earn money as an Arbonne consultant and dispel some myths about pay scales in the process.

Is There a Pay Scale in Arbonne?

By definition, there isn’t any sort of pay scale with Arbonne.

I understand why an independent consultant joining Arbonne, or any other network marketing company, might describe the Arbonne compensation plan as paying out Arbonne salaries.

Most people come into network marketing opportunities without any experience operating as an independent contractor businessperson.

If that’s you, then I humbly suggest you’re asking the wrong questions about Arbonne when using terms such as:

  • Average income
  • Salary information
  • Jobs
  • What’s the average Arbonne pay?

These words are the vocabulary of an employee. An employee expects to put in a certain number of hours and receive compensation based on that time.

Joining Arbonne Doesn’t Guarantee Actual Salary Figures

The Arbonne opportunity is just that: a business opportunity.

It has nothing to do with guaranteed income or a certain amount of pay provided in exchange for hours worked.

The words of an independent businessperson look more like this:

  • Commissions
  • Marketing required
  • Compensation equates to skills developed
  • No such thing as average incomes
  • Investment required
  • No benefits provided

Arbonne International doesn’t guarantee that you’ll achieve ranks such as Regional Vice President or National Vice President.

It doesn’t guarantee any independent consultant a certain average salary. It doesn’t guarantee money or earnings of any kind to a consultant working within the Arbonne business opportunity.

Employees Don’t Exist in MLM

I’ve read articles and watched videos of people slamming network marketing companies because the average compensation of reps comes to an average of only a few hundred or thousand dollars per year.

Except they keep saying that the “salary” for these MLM “employees” isn’t fair, or something misleading is happening.

An MLM company never promised to pay an average salary to anyone since the day the business model began decades ago.

That’s why average Arbonne salaries don’t exist.

It reminds me of the Uber and Lyft lawsuits from a few years ago where some of the drivers wanted to get themselves classified as employees.

What they didn’t realize is that getting called employees would ruin the opportunity part of the gig. Those gigs were never meant to be jobs.

A ridiculous law in California was passed around that time because of the Uber and Lyft lawsuits. It said that a freelance writer couldn’t write more than approximately 30 articles for one company within a one-year period.

A good writer can do that and more in one month or less. All of a sudden, freelance writers in California lost their ability to earn their income because other people wanted a guaranteed salary with benefits.

Fortunately, that nonsense was overturned.

It shows us, though, that most people don’t understand how a business opportunity provides freedom and unlimited income possibilities.

You don’t have a job in Arbonne. If you want a job, there are plenty of those out there. If you want a business opportunity, then you’re in the right place with Arbonne and its compensation plan.

You’ve started a new business. You didn’t get hired by Arbonne International to put in a few hours and get a guaranteed, or even an average salary.

All MLM Companies Work This Way

That’s the nature of all network marketing companies.

There are no actual salary figures to show you that relate to Arbonne International and its independent consultants. There isn’t a job title to attain.

You don’t get paid by the hour as an employee would.

An individual business owner never gets guaranteed income, and neither does someone working with any network marketing opportunity.

The only way to make money with Arbonne is to become your own marketing department and get good at selling Arbonne products.

Then, you need to build your people skills so you can recruit other consultants. Even though you aren’t starting your own company, you need to think as if you are.

Build your marketing skills, share the Arbonne business opportunity with others, and then enjoy earning commissions or bonuses on the products those folks sell.

It’s really very simple, but it takes a lot of hard work to see success in any MLM company.

Again, the pay scale in Arbonne doesn’t exist because there isn’t one. No salary information. Only commissions and bonuses for independent contractors working the Arbonne compensation plan.

How Do Arbonne Consultants Make Money?

An Arbonne consultant makes money through the sale of products and by earning a commission on those sales.

Independent consultants have three options for their business:

  • Retail
  • Preferred customer
  • Wholesale customer

The difference between each option is how much discount a customer receives on products. The independent consultant working hard to get the Arbonne compensation plan to work for them can decide what part of the plan to focus their time and attention on.

It’s your choice to build a business that focuses more on your customer base, recruiting a team, or doing a combination of both.

How Does The Arbonne Compensation Plan Work?

Arbonne offers a compensation plan that is based on a breakaway plan and percentages.

It’s similar to how an affiliate program works, where you earn commission percentages on your sales. Unlike most affiliate payout structures, you can earn a percentage of your personal sales or the sales your team produces.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Sales/Commissions (15%-35%).
  • Earn bonuses as a manager or RSVP
  • Override/Leadership pay

Product Sales

You’ll earn 35% on full retail value sales and 15% on preferred client sales.

Manager Bonuses

District manager bonus = $200/Month with $5000 Group Volume + 5 NEW Independent Consultants with $150 PRV order in their start month in your CENTRAL District.

Area manager bonus = $400/Month with $20,000 Group Volume + 10 New Independent Consultants with $150 PRV order in their start month, in your CENTRAL Area

Regional Vice President bonus = $600/month with $60,000 + 30 New Independent Consultants with $150 PRV order in their start month, in your CENTRAL Region.

Mercedes Benz Cash Bonus

• RVP = $800/month with 40K in Central Region.

• NVP = $1,000/month with 160K in Central Nation.

Consultant /PC RSVP Bonus

$50 for every RSVP you sell personally.

• District Manager RSVP Bonus – $25 for every RSVP that is sold in your CENTRAL district (this includes the ones that you sell personally…you make an additional $50, for a total $75 bonus)

Overrides/Leadership Pay

Override Commission:

  • Paid on 65% of retail volume
  • The closer your volume is to you, the BIGGER the percentage.
  • You collect override pay as deep as you are wide…this encourages stability.
  • You get paid on 6 generations of NVP’s deep.
  • You get paid on your width as wide as you want to grow your business.

How Much Money Can An Arbonne Independent Consultant Make?

According to the income disclosure on Arbonne’s website, a typical Arbonne International consultant compensation sits somewhere between $120 and a bit over $500 per year.

The top 50 consultants average an income of over $2,600 annually. A review of the top 50 District managers sees that income move to $16,000+ per year.

Remember, we’re not looking at a salary here. These are people who get involved with Arbonne and start taking compensation possibilities a little more seriously.

The top 50 Area managers see their compensation move up into the range of almost $47,000 per year.

Again, not a salary here… this is income that results from working the business more efficiently and expertly. Even the median Area manager brings home a part-time income that averages about $1,000 per month.

The top 50 Regional Vice Presidents hit six figures, seeing their compensation rise into an average full-time income of over $134,000 annually.

The income disclosure review shows that the top 50 National Vice Presidents in Arbonne earn more than $706,000 annually each.

Again, you must remember that these aren’t people getting paid Arbonne salaries. Instead, they’re averaging over $58,000 every month with the company because they started working the Arbonne compensation plan consistently.

RVP and NVP do not represent a job title. These are people who joined the Arbonne company and decided to find a way to work themselves out of their previous job that probably didn’t pay the salary they hoped to earn.

The average SVP earns over $250,000 per year with Arbonne. These people decided that they wouldn’t earn that type of income as an employee in jobs with other types of companies.

Why Is The Arbonne Business Model Better Than A Salary?

Only you can answer for yourself whether you consider a business opportunity better than getting a salary from a company that wants you to work a specific shift.

You might love the security of a salary. Or, you might hate trading your time for whatever salary figure the company you work for says your position is worth.

If you value your ability to create more than enough income to support your family by working inside the Arbonne business, working hard to get to Area manager, where the average consultant earns $1,000 per month part-time, then go for it.

Why settle for being average, by the way? People who bag on network marketing do so with an “average” mentality. Why not shoot to get into the top 50 categories of Arbonne income and replace your current salary as an employee somewhere you don’t enjoy working?

The only limit to how much money someone can earn in their business is themselves because they set the standard of how much they’re willing to work for.

Work Toward the Bonus Structure

Arbonne offers a bonus structure that can help people earn even more money.

An individual who reaches the level of Ruby gets a $500 monthly bonus on top of their commission earnings.

Those who reach Sapphire get an additional $1000 per month in addition to what they have already earned as a consultant.

Additionally, Arbonne independent consultants who get to the Emerald level receive a fully paid cruise every year, which is worth around $2500.

Maybe You Value a Flexible Schedule

An individual working as an independent contractor with Arbonne has more freedom because they aren’t tied down by any hourly restrictions and can set their own schedule.

They also have more flexibility when it comes to where they work because they can run their business from anywhere.

An Arbonne consultant can promote a product that aligns with their values and beliefs, which makes them feel great about what they are doing for others.

The independence of working as an independent contractor helps people stay motivated and succeed because they are their own boss.

People who work as independent contractors with Arbonne can earn more money than working for someone else, which is why it’s important that anyone interested in becoming a consultant needs to understand how the pay scale works.

But What About The Arbonne Income Disclosure?

I went over the income disclosure above and I don’t see any problem with it.

A review of the Arbonne income disclosure looks pretty “in line” with most things in life where a person needs to work their butt off to make it work.

Plenty of people go to college, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt money, and end up working for minimum wage once the four years of fun ends.

I don’t see anyone clamoring to shut down the universities around the country because it’s a scam that all these people are now in debt for decades without the means to pay it off.

Over 90% of all companies go out of business, no matter the type of industry. Where’s all the uproar about the “unfairness” about that?

Most diet plans leave people in worse shape than when they began, or they “yo-yo” back and forth with their weight issues.

Look, life ain’t fair. Get over it. If you want to look at the Arbonne income disclosure with a negative slant, cool.

Or, you can look at it like I always look at the opportunity: What do I need to do to get into that top 10% winner’s circle?

Life is all about choices. No one will hand you a cushy Arbonne salary. It doesn’t exist.

However, if you educate yourself about how to become a top online marketer, then you arm yourself with the knowledge and skills to sell Arbonne products on demand…

…and build your team as large as you want to.

And, if you’d rather keep your current job’s salary while working Arbonne one step at a time, you can do that.

Work it, get better, earn an extra $500 to $1,000 per month to pay your car loan or sock money away, and put yourself in a position to eventually hit an Arbonne rank that helps you go full time.

As well, if you learn how to build Arbonne online, you can move up in rank while also adding other profit centers that augment your Arbonne business.

It’s all up to you.

Don’t let any other people who have a different view on life, network marketing, the Arbonne compensation plan, or the Arbonne income disclosure keep you from doing what’s necessary to make yourself happy.