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Updated June 5, 2024

Did you join Arbonne with huge dreams to make money via retail sales & building a big team of active consultants?

two women toasting about joining Arbonne

Now, you’re having trouble making sales & building a home based business seems a long way off.

I know you might not think this yet, but there IS a way to make money with Arbonne.

I’m going to share how you can turn your enthusiasm for Arbonne products into cash cash bonuses.

I’ll give you the quick and dirty on what it takes to make a substantial income inside your chosen MLM company.

As well, I’ll get into the basics of recruiting and qualifying prospects via an Arbonne MLM biz.

We’ll also discuss ways you can use social media along with blogs and podcasts to create whatever side income or full time income you want while striving to make money with Arbonne.

Finally, we’ll talk about some tips for making sure that all those hours spent working the Arbonne compensation plan don’t feel like work at all!

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OK, if you’re not that frustrated yet, keep reading this post 🙂

First, the TLDR Version

Short on time? Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll learn below:

Listen or watch how to stop doing hokie, silly & embarrassing Arbonne marketing stuff:

How to earn with Arbonne
YouTube video

Go here to get the extra training I mentioned in the above audio and video trainings.

What’s An Arbonne Downline & How Do You Build One?

A downline refers to the Arbonne consultants in your organization. To build a downline, you need to find people interested in using a multi level marketing company like Arbonne to reach their income potential.

Joining Arbonne is only the beginning.

Your job is to motivate your independent consultants to sell Arbonne with you.

You’ll effectively create product sales by finding other like-minded people interested in offering skincare products to others.

One way to recruit your team of Arbonne consultants is by meeting with your “warm market”.

Start working through the people in your neighborhood, at your kids’ school or in your social circle.

I understand that you might hate this process. Don’t worry! I’ll get into ways to expand past a warm contact list.

It’s absolutely possible to make money with Arbonne downline by using online marketing methods. More on that below…

What Do I Do When Someone Asks Me About Arbonne?

So someone just asked you about Arbonne. You’re probably pretty excited because this is your opportunity to shine!

What do you say?

First, thank them for asking and then give a brief overview of what you know about Arbonne’s products and business opportunity.

If they seem interested, ask if they want more information or want to set up a consultation. It’s inside a consult where you should go over products, value packs, or how to make money with Arbonne .

Get their phone number or email address and follow up with them later that day or the next morning.

In your email or text message, tell them you’d like to connect to share more about the Arbonne business opportunity products.

How To Offer a Consultation & Demo as An Arbonne Independent Consultant

Let’s talk about what to cover during the consultation.

A consultation is typically 30 minutes and consists of sharing more information about how Arbonne distributors can sell Arbonne products, create retail sales, and build out average annual earnings that change lives.

During a demonstration you’ll show the products in action so your future Arbonne independent consultant can see how they work.

If someone’s already interested in selling Arbonne, a demonstration is a great way to break the ice and welcome them in as one of your next independent consultants.

Or, they might become one of your next preferred clients. Either way works to get you into the mode of making money with Arbonne.

You’ll want to schedule these in advance: at least 2 weeks before the date and time you pick.

How Can Arbonne Consultants Recruit Prospects?

Recruiting a new Arbonne consultant is one of the most important and difficult aspects of working inside an MLM company like Arbonne.

You can recruit new Arbonne consultants in-person or online.

1) In Person: Always have a list of warm market Arbonne contacts handy so when you meet someone new, it’s easy for you to connect with them later! Include no more than 10 names per sheet so you have room for notes on each person.

2) Online: The best way to recruit is by using online methods because people go to the Internet for information. Whether people contact you via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, there are ways to stay connected with them.

Here’s a quick summary:

a. Use your personal email address when getting in touch with Arbonne prospects and clients so you don’t miss any replies.

b. When sharing information on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, make sure to go through your personal account. If there’s a comment section for the post, answer any questions that prospects ask.

c. Send personalized private messages to when recruiting your next independent consultant. Ask them if they know anyone who might benefit from Arbonne’s products. If they’re not interested in becoming an Arbonne consultant themselves, encourage them to at least share the message with their friends and family.

d. Create an email signature that contains your contact information so when people email you, it’s easy for them to discover your team name and your unique Arbonne International website link.

Qualifying Your Arbonne Consultant Prospects

Qualifying prospects is important for reps of MLM companies. It helps avoid wasting time with the wrong people who think it’s a pyramid or don’t want to run a business and never turn into an Arbonne consultant on your team.

Here are some simple ways to qualify them:

If they don’t know about Arbonne (or any other MLM companies) before your conversation, make sure to ask questions to find out whether they’re interested in earning extra money.

Don’t talk about Arbonne right away. Don’t sound like you’re in a cult. Get to know them as a person before jumping in to “grab” them as one of your next preferred customers.

I teach your specific scripts to use in this post.

Use Questions and Stop Sounding Cult-Like

You do this by asking questions. Get them talking. Stop yelling about how great Arbonne is (again, it sounds like you’re in a cult when you do that stuff).

You and I know you’re not in a cult.

You’re in one of the world’s best network marketing companies selling valid products and a successful business model.

However, many consultants start sounding like members of most MLM companies that give out the wrong impression. They go crazy talking about the recruiting aspect of the business or talk about the average income of a National Vice President.

It all comes off sounding odd when you lump yourself in with reps of most MLMs that talk about how to make money too soon.

You must sound calm and credible or people get the wrong impression when you start gushing about:

  • Cash bonuses
  • The compensation plan
  • Training materials
  • The MLM model
  • Average earnings
  • Email marketing
  • Sales funnels
  • Product sales volume
  • Suggested retail price
  • The benefits of selling Arbonne products
  • Regional Vice President salaries
  • The welcome kit
  • How to make money with Arbonne
  • How Arbonne International started
  • How to purchase products
  • Initial rank rules
  • And other things they can’t comprehend yet

Instead of jumping straight into how a National Vice President level can create an amazing full time income, start slowly so you don’t sound like you’re pitching one of those “pyramid schemes” they’ve heard about.

Ask open-ended questions that require more than just “yes” or “no” answers.

You’ll get better insight into what they’re looking for.

Some examples:

  • “How much time would you like to dedicate to a business?”
  • “Do you have a clear vision in mind of how you want your life to look like 5 years from now?”
  • “What’s important to you when analyzing any business opportunity?”
  • “What are some other companies you may have looked at?”
  • “How much thought have you put into possibly building an online business?”

(Notice I’m not saying anything specific about Arbonne yet?)

If they express that they’re interested in looking at a new business, ask them if they can commit to watching a short presentation about how to earn money.

Send them your Arbonne MLM presentation after getting their commitment and setting up a time to discuss what they think after seeing the info.

If you run into any “no’s” while networking, don’t get discouraged.

Keep your chin up and don’t stop until you find your Arbonne dream team! There aren’t any successful Arbonne consultants on planet Earth who didn’t hear more “no’s” than “yeses”.

Most Arbonne Independent Consultants Use Social Media Incorrectly

Social media is a great way to recruit new people into Arbonne.

Here are some easy ways to begin using social media:

  • Create a Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account, LinkedIn account, etc
  • Invite current customers and followers on each platform
  • Don’t mention that you’re an Arbonne consultant
  • Don’t post any Arbonne product pictures.

Instead, share content that your followers would find interesting.

Let me double down: DO. NOT. MENTION. ARBONNE.

Share interesting content about skin care, nutrition, healthy living…

OR, that generally-speaking, you LOVE working from home and that it’s possible to make money with online marketing.

(don’t get into too much specifics about how you make money or make any weird and misleading income claims)

Say NOTHING about Arbonne International or the Arbonne MLM opportunity.


Because your prospects have something called Google and YouTube.

They’ll search the company name and either:

  1. Get the wrong idea
  2. Join someone else

You’ll miss out on recruiting your next set of Arbonne consultants.

All because you didn’t learn how to use social media correctly.

How To Make Building Arbonne Feel Like Fun, Not Work

Come up with a fun name for your team!

For example, I saw someone calling their team the Purple Diamonds, or something like that.

Find something related to your Arbonne MLM business or products to create an interesting name that people can remember and resonate with.

Create swag like t-shirts or hats that represent your team. This will encourage people to show off their Arbonne pride and get them more excited about finding out what your team is all about.

Have fun with the name and design of your swag to make it feel like a community project rather than working. Keep the Arbonne International name out of it so people can’t Google it.

Surround yourself with people who support you and take into account that not everyone will fit in or want to feel included as Arbonne members.

Create a private Facebook group for your team to communicate with each other.

Schedule fun activities that you can all do together like hopping on Zoom and giving out team awards each month.

Use a Blog For Your Arbonne Marketing Strategy

Blogs are a great way to build your credibility as an expert of the Arbonne products or business. Here are some guidelines on blogging:

Create content that’s helpful and useful for your followers, not overtly promotional of Arbonne International itself. This will encourage your Arbonne prospects to become customers on their own, rather than feeling like they’re being sold something.

Hold giveaways or contests to encourage interaction between your followers and your blog.

A strategy like this will increase brand awareness and visibility because more people are likely to visit your site and follow you on social media after hearing about a fun giveaway.

Remain consistent with creating new content so that people will want to check in with you regularly.

Stay reliable and trustworthy in everything that you post so people know they can trust what you have to say, even when it’s about Arbonne or becoming an independent consultant.

Start a Podcast to Attract New Prospects Into Arbonne

Additionally, consider starting a podcast that you can share with your followers on social media.

A podcast results in audio content that your future Arbonne independent consultants can listen to while driving, running, doing housework, or taking a walk.

It gives you a chance to get into the minds of your prospects, talk about the value of anti-aging or skincare products, and how building the right business results in a nice side income or full time income.

Encourage your Arbonne prospects to call in or email questions that they would like answered on the podcast. Simply have fun with the process as you create content that attracts new Arbonne independent consultants into your business.

Become a Guest On Other Podcasts

You can also go on other podcasts and have someone else interview you. It gets you in front an entirely new audience and furthers your efforts to make money with Arbonne.

During the episode, encourage the listeners to go back to a page on your website where you give away a valuable free gift. You might give away a free report about the five mistakes women make when selecting their skin care products, for example.

Those listeners will visit, enter their email addresses for the report, and then you can use email marketing techniques to follow-up.

Your follow-up email messages will encourage your subscribers to set up a consultation for you to talk about the products or discuss how to make money with Arbonne.

Throughout the entire process, remain relatable and let people know your unique expertise about skincare, makeup, and/or nutrition. When they trust you, they’ll become more likely to take advantage of what you have to offer!

How To Come Up With Arbonne Blog Content Ideas

As you work to make money with Arbonne, there are countless ways to create the blog content prospects will love. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Create how-to guides that walk people through the steps of applying makeup. The more specific, the better.
  • Include pictures alongside your blog posts so that people can see exactly what you’re talking about.
  • Include questions at the end of your blog posts for people to answer and comment on. You can then reply and start a conversation or follow up with them if they seem like good Arbonne International prospects.
  • Offer free samples to prospects on your blog. Get them to opt-in as subscribers first. Doing this lets them see how your Arbonne products work on their own skin.

Another way to brainstorm blog content is to ask yourself, “What is everyone talking about?” and then create an article about it.

Pop culture is a great place to start.

For example, if the new movie Wonder Woman were coming out this weekend, why not create a blog post about how getting your makeup perfect makes any woman feel as powerful as Wonder Woman?

You can dive into the fun of finding new makeup, applying it, and how it feels when it comes out perfect. Talk about how you feel so confident using some new makeup you just found (of course, it comes from Arbonne International, but you won’t mention that just yet).

Maybe you use a title like this for your blog post:

5 Makeup Tips For Strong, Confident Women To Feel Like Wonder Woman On Their Next Date

In your post, you might say, “Get free shipping on your order by using the promo code ‘WONDERWOMAN’ at checkout until the end of the month.”  

This is just one quick idea. You might love it or hate it.

The point here is that you can have fun as you market Arbonne, create sales of your nutrition, makeup, or skincare products, and become successful selling Arbonne.

How To Generate Online Leads for Arbonne

One of the best ways to create Arbonne leads as you work to make money with Arbonne is using the idea I gave you above:

Create free resources to give away on your blog, podcast, or social media profiles.

Think about the problems you solve inside Arbonne and brainstorm free resources that your best fit clients care about. For example:

  • Create a cheat sheet of makeup tips
  • Write a free report about nutrition tips
  • Make a 5-minute video explaining 7 skin care mistakes most women make

Use Your Own Facebook Group

You can also generate leads online by creating a Facebook group and encouraging people to join it.

Create and share content on your profile wall that encourages prospects to check out the private Facebook group. Say things like:

  • “Looking for ways to earn more?”
  • “Interested in making some extra money?”
  • “Want to learn more about nutrition?”
  • “Let’s discuss the best makeup tips out there!”
  • “Looking for better skincare options?”

These types of questions will encourage people who are already interested in the topic you choose to create the Facebook group around to join in.

Keep track of who’s joining your Facebook group so that you know who to follow up with when people express interest.

By the way, you can use this to build your email list, too. Ask for their email address inside one of the three questions Facebook helps you create when inviting people into the group.

How To Use Pinterest to Gain Arbonne Leads

Pinterest is a great way to attract new Arbonne leads because it’s such a visual platform and there are thousands of possibilities for images.

Create Pinterest Boards

Without blatantly putting the Arbonne name in front of people, you can create boards that demonstrate the value of using a business opportunity to meet financial goals.

That will attract the correct type of person who’s likely to get excited about joining Arbonne as you follow up with them.

Build Your List With Pinterest Giveaways

Host giveaways on Pinterest to encourage engagement between your boards and other users.

It’s a great way to increase visibility and awareness, making your business more likely to stand out from the crowd.

Reps of most MLMs don’t know they should use giveaways. They certainly don’t know that doing a giveaway correctly will increase their email subscriber list.

You have a great opportunity to gain an advantage over your competition by using a giveaway.

Other Arbonne Tips For Pinterest

Post quotes that resonate with your ideal audience so they can undestand the value of your business.

People are more likely to engage if they’re able to identify themselves in what you have written/said.

Answer questions you know most people ask about skincare, makeup, and/or nutrition.

Do the same for questions about sales and direct sales in general.

This will encourage conversation, allow you to share your personal experience, and show that you’re an expert.

Make it easy for people to contact you by including your phone number, email address, or Skype handle on your page.

Stay relatable so people can feel comfortable engaging with you, even if they don’t want to buy or join your team immediately.

Nobody likes feeling like they’re being sold to, so if you show that you understand their struggles and concerns, you can establish great relationships that eventually turn into sales or independent consultants.

Encourage prospects to contact you so they feel valued and respected as individuals. You’ll get more leads this way as your contacts experience a greater connection with you.

How Do I Promote to District Manager Arbonne?

The requirements to become an Arbonne District Manager are as follows:

  • A minimum of $2,500 wholesale volume per month
  • A minimum of 2 personally sponsored Arbonne representatives. (PWR is required and can be checked by logging into your Arbonne account)
  • A minimum annual commissionable sales volume total of $50,000

There are also other qualifications that are important, but these are the main ones. You can read more here.

The best way to promote to District Manager is by sponsoring representatives!

If you have your own Arbonne business, then you will have the added benefit of generating extra wholesale volume in addition to your personal sales.

If you need help promoting your Arbonne business to achieve your dreams, we can help you generate leads here.

Final Word On Making Money With Arbonne

Arbonne is a great company and has so many fantastic products to offer.

It’s also an opportunity for you to make money by selling your line of beauty, health, and wellness items.

I hope these tips will help you in your journey with Arbonne!

If you’d like to get your hands on specific training about how to get more leads for your Arbonne business, then grab my Quick Start Guide that helps you do just that.

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