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Updated February 5, 2024

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Have you gotten excited about the Jeunesse Global compensation plan and are looking forward to your Jeunesse MLM career? 

Have you also started working on your warm contact list or done a little Facebook posting and become frustrated that more people aren’t paying attention? 

You’re not alone! 

This is a common theme across all network marketing companies, not just your Jeunesse Global business opportunity. 

While building my network marketing business, I ran into the same issues.

I was fortunate to find the knowledge that solved that frustration.

Related Bible Verse: Numbers 6:24 The Lord bless thee and keep thee.

Commentary: Translated from the Hebrew text, "bless" in this passage means to transfer prosperity in the sense of the financial, material, and physical. 

The word "keep" is correctly translated to mean "guard," as in guarding us from straying from the Word after prosperity & abundance become potentially dangerous distractions.

Lesson: Pray to God for help with your business and finances. He will answer. Once blessed, remember the Source of your financial abundance and keep walking with Him.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this post to help you fix any problems you’re having at generating qualified leads and turning Jeunesse into a “real” business:

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In it, I show you how to intimately know the pains & goals of your prospects so that you attract the BEST leads for your Jeunesse business.

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How To Buy Leads For Your Jeunesse Business

Jeunesse Global & Its Annual $1.5 Billion In Sales

It’s pretty amazing that Jeunesse Global generates approximately $1.5 billion in annual sales, isn’t it?

I’m sure you were told about this when you decided to join.

The most important aspect of this annual revenue number is how much of that is going into your family’s bank account.

If you aren’t seeing a substantial return on the work you’re putting into your Jeunesse MLM efforts, then it’s hard to stay excited about those billions of dollars the home office is raking in.

The first step toward fixing the problem is deciding to take a long-term approach. Focus less on “get-rich-quick” ideas and spend more time on strategies that will lead to quality prospects and substantial sales.

Select a Jeunesse MLM Starter Package

You probably picked one of the many Jeunesse Global Enrollment Packages when you got started. These packages range from around $200 up to about $2,300:

  • Basic Package: $199.95
  • Basic Plus Package: $299.95
  • Supreme Package: $499.95
  • MX12 Package: $639.95
  • 12 Combo Package: $899.95
  • Ambassador Nutritional Package: $999.95
  • Ambassador RVL Package: $1,029.95
  • Ambassador Plus Package: $1,999.95
  • Ambassador Platinum Package: $2,299.95

Some negative folks might try to tell you that it’s too much to invest in these packages.

Are they really, though?

How much does it cost to start a franchise?

Some franchise opportunities cost between $10,000 to $15,000. Others cost more than $100,000.

The nice thing about the Jeunesse MLM opportunity is that you can get started for a low fee and then start building your business.

You’re now in the direct sales industry…

…an industry where many people have made a fortune.

You should take time to learn as much as possible about direct sales, as well as Jeunesse Global:

All of this sounds great…

…but what if you’re still not making any money with Jeunesse Global?

YouTube video

Why Most Fail at Making Money in Their Jeunesse MLM Business

There are two main reasons:

  • Building a warm contact list & expecting those people to become the base of a business
  • Using social media to get awareness out about your Jeunesse business

If you really want to learn how to get leads for and make money with Jeunesse Global, then you need to question the two above ways at going about it. 

A warm contact list is typically a source of frustration because those people probably aren’t super interested in buying personal care and nutrition products from you. 

Just because I might be your family member or friend doesn’t mean I want to buy anti-aging products, right?

And that’s the inherent flaw in the “friends & family” list…you are NOT targeting a list of people who are already interested in your products. 

The same goes for social media…and it gets worse when you follow the crowd & post Jeunesse products on your Facebook or Instagram accounts…

Posting on Social Media Will NOT Help You Move Up The Jeunesse Global Compensation Plan

Posting product images or shout-outs about your Jeunesse MLM business opportunity is a plan for failure.


Because it’s like shouting at me at a local event. 

Can you imagine walking into a local networking event and yelling this the moment you enter the room:

“Hey all you people! I’m a Jeunesse Global rep and we have the BEST personal care and nutrition products in the entire UNIVERSE! It helps stop aging!! You gotta come over here so I can sell you some great stuff. And then you gotta join my Jeunesse MLM business opportunity so we can get RICH together!!!”

Are you laughing? 

Yes, it’s pretty hilarious thinking about doing that. 

But, it’s not so funny if you realize that what Jeunesse or your upline tells you to post on social media makes your social media contacts to wish you’d just go away. 


Is that what they really think?

Pretty much.

Think about it:

  • How many people have blocked you?
  • How many simply don’t engage with you anymore?
  • How many social contacts might have even told you outright that they don’t want your MLM crap? 

Do you cringe every time you hit send on that stuff? 

Most importantly, how many sales and new reps are you getting doing that stuff?

You’re most likely frustrated with the whole thing and that’s why you’re searching the Internet for an answer.

I’m excited to show you how to fix this, get a bunch of qualified leads for your Jeunesse MLM business and start moving up that comp plan!

Example of a rep posting annoying Jeunesse MLM Facebook post
This Jeunesse MLM distributor is losing sales.

Want to Know How to Sell Your Jeunesse MLM Products & Business Opportunity?

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You do it by creating value, solving problems & serving others. 

The best Jeunesse Global marketing plan is one where you make a commitment to attract people who have problems you and your products solve. 

What do you and your products help people with? 

  • You help people look and feel younger
  • You help people feel better about themselves
  • You help people look at life in a more positive manner when they feel more confident. 


You can expand on those 3 points and build out all the reasons why your products are a perfect match for your best target customer. 

The next step isn’t to shout on Facebook about how great Jeunesse and the products are. 

That’s for amateurs and you’re ready to become a professional network marketer!

The next step is to date your prospects before getting married. 

Date Your Jeunesse Prospects Before You Ask Them to Marry You!

You need to put out content that teaches your prospects something valuable before you ask for the sale. 

You wouldn’t ask someone to marry you before dating them first, right? 

Same thing applies to sales

Teach and educate prospects first (date them) before asking them to buy your products or join you in the Jeunesse Global business opportunity (marry you)

  • Give them wellness tips.
  • Teach them about how the body works and what nutrients it needs in order to look younger.
  • Provide them general beauty tips. 

You should not ever come close to mentioning the Jeunesse name as you do this. 

You’re in the health, beauty and wellness niche.

That means you need to teach tips around those ideas so you attract people actively searching for that information. 

Guess what happens next?

When you teach, you gain trust. Then, when you put your Jeunesse products out as the ultimate solution, you’ll get sales from people actually interested in health, beauty and wellness. 

Isn’t that a far cry from blasting your Aunt Martha or social media contacts with how great your products are when they don’t care about health and wellness? 

Feature Download (if you’re a struggling Jeunesse distributor):

I’ve put together a free “Jeunesse Quick-Start Video Guide” that shows you How To Attract 3-7 New Jeunesse Customers & Team Members Per Week Without Prospecting A Single Person.

In it, I show you how to intimately know the pains & goals of your prospects so that you attract the BEST leads for your Jeunesse business.

You’ll never have to spam strangers scripted messages OR bug your friends and family ever again…

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Don’t Let Your Mind Trick You Into Thinking You Can’t Do This…

You might stop yourself from getting started after hearing me say “create content”. 

Your mind might say to you:

  • “That sounds hard”
  • “I can’t do that”
  • “What does Matt mean?”
  • “I’ll just go shout some product stuff on Instagram and keep hoping someone magically buys”

Please don’t let your mind get in the way here! You “share content” all the time and you don’t realize it. 

When you get excited about anything and tell people about it, you’re sharing content. 

Telling someone about a great book or movie is “sharing content”. 

You just need to start looking at it from a business perspective and get strategic. Stop thinking of yourself of a Jeunesse Global rep who mindlessly follows the herd. 

Instead, think of yourself as an entrepreneur who will learn how to market professionally in a way that gets results.

I mean, do this only if you’re serious about making $1,000, $2,000, $5,000+ per month inside your Jeunesse Global business. 

You share content all the time. Now, you’re going to get strategic by archiving it properly on a blog and your social media accounts. 

Don’t convince yourself that you’re not good enough, don’t know enough or need to be an expert to do this. 

Not true!

Feature Download (if you’re a struggling Jeunesse distributor):

I’ve put together a free “Jeunesse Quick-Start Video Guide” that shows you How To Attract 3-7 New Jeunesse Customers & Team Members Per Week Without Prospecting A Single Person.

In it, I show you how to intimately know the pains & goals of your prospects so that you attract the BEST leads for your Jeunesse business.

You’ll never have to spam strangers scripted messages OR bug your friends and family ever again…

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Use the Journey Approach to Sell Jeunesse Global Products (Without Home Parties or Running Around Town!)

The Journey Approach is simply this:

  • You get excited about health, beauty and wellness.
  • You start learning more about it. You pay attention to Jeunesse training on it.
  • You Google it.
  • You take notes and gain just a little bit of knowledge. 

Then, when you post tips and ideas about it, you simply tell people that you’re excited about it, that you’re learning more about it and that you invite them to come along with you on your journey. 

As you learn more, you’ll post more, and they can learn with you. 

You aren’t propping yourself up as some “guru” or expert. You don’t need to do that nonsense. Plus, it’s not authentic anyway. 

Research problems people have around your niche of health and wellness:

  • What do they want to know more about? 
  • What don’t they know and need someone to teach them? 
  • What problems led them into wanting to explore anti-aging solutions?
  • What are they worried about? 

Now, offer them education and tips, based on what you just recently learned via Jeunesse trainings or simple Google searches. 

You’re now revealing yourself to be a trusted advisor and not another annoying MLMer posting infomercials over on Instagram LOL

Before I can show you how to get this process put into motion for your Jeunesse MLM business, I need to show you why it’s so important to avoid buying into the lie that you’re just another Jeunesse Global representative. 

Doing What All Network Marketers Do Will Absolutely Kill Your Jeunesse MLM Business Efforts

There are some good aspects to network marketing:

There is one major flaw to the network marketing model:

There isn’t anything unique about you and your offer. 

In any other business model, the goal is to figure out how to become unique against your competitors.

A flower shop has to figure out what makes them unique to other flower shops in town. 

  • The best mechanics do this.
  • So do the best Amazon sellers.
  • So do the best blogs.
  • So do the best podcasts.
  • So do the best lawyers. 

What do they tell you to do in network marketing, though?

They tell you to post mindlessly on social media with the same damn pictures as every other Jeunesse Global rep!

How dumb.

Not you, them!

For teaching you something designed to fail. 

You need to figure out what makes you unique so that I have an actual reason to buy from you, as opposed to any other Jeunesse MLM rep I might know.

This is so important to your future success and I hope you’re starting to get excited about learning more!

Network marketing also has other inherent flaws to be aware of.

You don’t own your business.

I know you may have been told the opposite, but you don’t own anything with MLM.

Read the contract you signed when joining. Jeunesse Global owns your prospects and customer base. If you leave the company, you can’t take that base of business with you. 

They don’t teach you the numbers properly.

The recruiting meetings use “pie-in-the-sky” numbers. You recruit 3, they recruit 3, they recruit 3 more, and then you’re all magically rich.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but here are the true numbers:

  • On average, you need to talk to 100 people in order to get 3-5 customers or 3-5 recruits. 

That’s why mindlessly posting on social media or using the offline 3-foot rule is a recipe for failure. You simply don’t have enough time to work, spend time with your family, sleep AND find 100 qualified prospects that way. 

Learn how to master this process for expert lead generation.

I sometimes get messages from network marketers asking me about other types of businesses I run. 

A common theme I hear is, "I wonder if there's a better business opportunity for me in this recession?"

So I made this video with my opinion about starting businesses during recessionary times:
YouTube video
Here's the info I mentioned at the end of the above video about how to most effectively learn about running an affiliate marketing business.

Learn affiliate marketing with our 15-Day Challenge here.

Not ready for specific action yet? 

No worries! Ready my blog post that introduces you the topic of Affiliate Marketing.

If MLM Has These Flaws, What’s the Solution to Your Dreams of Jeunesse Global Business Success? 

I’m happy you asked 🙂

Your solution is to get good at Internet marketing basics

Marrying the best of Internet marketing methods = Excellent network marketing results. 

Your job as a Jeunesse Global business rep is to start thinking like a true entrepreneur.

Figure out how to become unique to not only other Jeunesse reps, but all other health and wellness network marketing company reps. 

Think about it like this:

What do you do when you want to learn something new? You go to Google, YouTube or Pinterest and search for answers.


So do your best Jeunesse prospects!

Right now, they are typing this stuff into the Internet to try and find answers that could be provided by YOU:

  • How can I make my face look younger?
  • How can I look younger naturally?
  • How can a woman look younger?
  • How can I look younger at 40?

Can you see how your Jeunesse MLM business will explode if you have a few online assets available where people typing those questions into Google find YOU? 

Remember this: Your best prospects didn’t wake up today knowing your name or wondering how they could find the best Jeunesse Global consultant. 

Instead, they woke up asking questions like, “How can I look more attractive at my age?”

If you had already taken the time to set up a few strategic and helpful social media and blog posts that answer questions like this…

…well, now they find you and want to engage with you. They will reach out to you! (Learn what to say to prospects)

Doesn’t that sound a whole lot better than getting rejected by one of your friends or co-workers again? 

What I’m explaining is simply a way for you to take advantage of the way the Internet naturally works. Successful businesses don’t use the Internet to post product pictures and shout about how great they are. 

Successful businesses use the Internet to post helpful content, gain trust and THEN position their products when the time is right. 

If you do the same, you will finally build a profitable business and rise up the Jeunesse Global compensation plan. 

Here’s How to Get Started on Your Journey of Climbing up the Jeunesse Global Compensation Plan…

I’ve covered the inherent flaws in network marketing that result in nothing but frustration.

I’ve opened up your eyes to how basic Internet marketing techniques are the answer to making you look unique and attractive to your best target market prospects. 

I’ve shown you that doing it the proper way creates a relationship between you and your prospects where you stop chasing uninterested people…

…and instead, your best prospects reach out to you for help. 

Getting the power of the Internet to work on your behalf helps you avoid the negative aspects of MLM such as:

  • Being afraid to approach people
  • Running into rejection with family and friends
  • Looking silly on social media
  • Running out of leads
  • Wasting time and gas running around town
  • Not meeting your Jeunesse Global income goals

And it helps you get want you want:

  • Uncover an abundance of prospects who want to buy from you
  • Build a great team 
  • Make an impact on your world
  • Grow your monthly passive income
  • Meet your Jeunesse Global compensation plan goals & get on stage
  • Sell Jeunesse products effortlessly

The only thing you need to do is learn how to properly get things set up so the Internet’s power starts working for you. It will help you find the best prospects that allow you to build a great Jeunesse MLM business…

…in a way where you’re no longer wasting your precious time chasing after people…

…and instead, enjoying a process where interested prospects are reaching out to you for more information about your Jeunesse products and business opportunity. 

Use the information I’m giving away here so we can get you started on an exciting journey toward success inside your Jeunesse business:

Feature Download (if you’re a struggling Jeunesse distributor):

I’ve put together a free “Jeunesse Quick-Start Video Guide” that shows you How To Attract 3-7 New Jeunesse Customers & Team Members Per Week Without Prospecting A Single Person.

In it, I show you how to intimately know the pains & goals of your prospects so that you attract the BEST leads for your Jeunesse business.

You’ll never have to spam strangers scripted messages OR bug your friends and family ever again…

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YouTube video

Jeunesse Global FAQ

Let’s take a look at some basic questions you might have about Jeunesse Global, its products and the business opportunity.

Jeunesse Global MLM Products

Jeunesse MLM products

They have a dizzying array of products within the beauty and wellness niche. I’ll provide you a few examples and a link over to their products page.

Note: I’m not affiliated with Jeunesse in any shape or form, by the way. I’m here to help you learn the online marketing methods that will help you make money as one of their distributors.

The following NV Beauty with Benefits Sets price out at just under $100 each:

  • Cool Buff
  • Cool Sand
  • Cool Ivory
  • Cool Toffee
  • Warm Beige
  • Cool Cocoa
  • Warm Honey
  • Warm Sand

The Nevo Powder 6 Pack costs a bit under $200 and includes 3 boxes of each of the following:

  • Nevo Powder Nitro Grape
  • Nevo Powder Fruit Fusion

The Nevo Powder 12 Pack comes in at $339.95 and includes 6 boxes each of:

  • Nevo Powder Nitro Grape
  • Nevo Powder Fruit Fusion

The Nevo Powder 20 Pack runs just a bit under $600 and includes 10 boxes of each of the following:

  • Nevo Powder Nitro Grape
  • Nevo Powder Fruit Fusion

Instantly Ageless: Quick-acting micro-cream that helps you look younger.

Luminesce daily moisturizing complex: Uses Jeunesse’s APT-200, along with legume and fruit extracts to reduce dryness & fine lines and provide your skin with helpful hydration.

Luminesce cellular rejuvenation serum: Includes the highest amount of the exclusive Jeunesse APT-200. Using sweet potato and coconut root extracts, this serum helps highlight the luminous glow of your skin.

Luminesce advanced night repair: Use this product at night to reduce aging signs as you sleep. Uses APT-200 to condition and hydrate the skin so that you wake up with smoother skin that looks youthful.

AM & PM Essentials: Dietary supplements that provide overall wellness by targeting what your body needs each morning and evening. Improve your health from the inside out. ($89.95)

Reserve: Antioxidant botanical blend of fruit juices that promotes youthful living. Reserve helps protect your cells and repairs free radical damage so that you look and feel younger. ($87.95)

MonaVie Active: A mix of plant-derived glucosamine, Brazilian açaí berry and 17 other fruit blends. Promotes a healthy body. ($129.95)

Finiti: Supplements that support the overall health of your body. ($179.95)

ZEN 28 Starter Packs: Jeunesse Global’s five Zen packs range in price from $99.95 to $399.95 and help with weight loss and fitness needs.

Mind: Dietary supplement to “stay on task”, reduce mental distraction issues and promote improved memory. ($87.95)

Jeunesse Global Compensation Plan

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Jeunesse Global Compensation Plan

The comp plan starts off with a greeting from founder & CEO Randy Ray, founder & COO Wendy Lewis and Scott Lewis (Chief Visionary Officer).

Your ability to earn money with the Jeunesse MLM opportunity is broken down into three parts during this welcome:

  1. Customer Sales: Retail profits and Jeunesse Preferred retail sales bonus
  2. Team Building: Matching bonus, team commissions and customer acquisition incentive
  3. Leadership: Emerald Experience, Diamond Discovery and Diamond Bonus Pool

Let’s break this down even further into the six ways the Jeunesse comp plan helps you earn:

1. Retail Profits

Company MLM Retail Profits

You’ll begin earning money quickly by focusing your attention on selling products for retail after purchasing them at wholesales prices.

You’ll get paid a commission between 15% and 40% when sharing the products with family and friends or generating traffic over to your Jeunesse website.

The company pays out retail sale commissions weekly.

Jeunesse Global encourages you to build up a returning customer base in order to maintain consistent sales.

Do this by using the Jeunesse Preferred program. It includes discounts up to 25% off all retail prices and requires a monthly auto-ship commitment.

Build up a client base of Preferred Customers so that you have regular monthly sales. You’ll earn a commission that is the difference between wholesale and what your Jeunesse Preferred customers pay.

All sales provide you the full Commissionable Volume (CV). For calculation purposes, the CV rolls up for Group Volume (GV) and Personal Group Volume (PGV).

2. Retail Sales Bonus

Global Retail Sales Bonus

This is a $25 to $250 bonus earned on discounted product packages sold to distributors enrolled on your team and to retail/preferred customers.

You’ll earn this money on various product packages for sale as part of the Jeunesse product line.

You can also help your customers build out their own custom package orders through the “Create a Package” program. You’ll earn the following Retail Sales Bonus percentages on this option:

  • 10% on orders between 100 to 199 CV
  • 12% on orders between 200 to 299 CV
  • 15% on orders over 300 CV

This means you’ll earn $30 on a $250 sale with 200 CV or $15 on a product sale that comes in at 150 CV

Add to your bonuses by building a team of Jeunesse MLM distributors. Finding like-minded business associates to build with means you’ll benefit from the following types of bonus commissions:

  • Team Commissions
  • Customer Acquisition Incentives
  • Matching Bonuses

Jeunesse also offers a bonus program called Lifestyle Rewards after you rank advance to Emerald Director or Diamond Director. Another program called the Diamond Bonus Pool exists to provide additional commissions after rank advancing to Diamond Director.

The first step after getting started with Jeunesse Global is promoting from Associate to Distributor level. Do this in your first year by accruing 100 CV inside one SmartDelivery Month.

This allows you to build up product volume on your customer and distributor sales.

The next step is promoting up to Executive level. Executive status is where you’ll gain all the Financial Rewards Plan benefits. Achieve this level by staying active and enroll at least one active distributor on your left team and on on your right team.

3. Team Commissions

Jeunesse Team Commissions

New distributors get placed into either your left or right team tree.

Your Group Volume (GV) goes up as your team gets active selling products to their own customers.

Group Volume comprises of:

  • PV
  • PGV
  • Spillover Volume

Your Team Commissions are based off your GV and paid out on a weekly basis.

The first Team Commission gets paid out after one of your Teams reaches 300 GV and the other Team reaches 600 GV. It doesn’t matter which Team. It can be either the left or right side.

4. Matching Bonus

Matching Bonus

This type of bonus is one that Jeunesse uses to reward you after taking time to build your downline.

They recognize that it takes time and effort to work with others, train them and get them to the point where they’re productively selling and recruiting all on their own.

You’ll earn more money and your team earns more money based on how successfully you train them.

This Matching Bonus rewards your rank advancement and training efforts.

It pays out a percentage based on the performance of your team. You’ll get paid commissions based off of how the first seven levels of your Lines of Sponsorship perform.

Jade Executive is the first rank that pays a Matching Bonus. This is where you can earn team commissions of 20% on your first level of distributor sales.

At Pearl Executive, you now get 20% commissions from your first distributor level and 15% on your second level. The more you rank advance, the more you’ll see your Matching Bonuses increasing throughout your entire team of seven levels.

5. Customer Acquisition Incentive

Jeunesse Global Customer Incentive

This kicks in after you reach the Jade Executive rank or higher.

It increases your first-level Matching Bonus by 5% after you sell five SmartDelivery customers. The Matching Bonus goes to 30% when you sell 10 customers.

6. Diamond Bonus Pool

Diamond Bonus Pool

You have the opportunity to earn shares of Jeunesse Global’s worldwide sales via the Diamond Bonus Pool.

Each quarter, a pool of 3% of the worldwide Commissionable Volume gets divided between all the qualifying Diamond leaders.

As a Diamond, you need to sell products to customers personally enrolled by you on the SmartDelivery plan. This needs to happen each month of the quarter in order to qualify for the bonus.

Your shares get accumulated using the following rules:

  • You get one share once you’re paid for the first time as a Diamond Director on or before the first day of the quarter
  • You get one share every month you’re paid as a Diamond
  • Each 1,000 team commission cycle gives you a share
  • You also get a share if achieve payments as a Double Diamond Director or higher

Is the Jeunesse MLM Program a Scam or Pyramid Scheme?

Jeunesse is a valid direct selling company. The company has achieved many types of awards in the industry, such as #14 on the Direct Selling News Global 100 and has appeared five times on the Inc. 5000 list.

Be careful when you hear people complain about the company or say it’s a scam.

It takes hard work to achieve success in network marketing, just like it does in any business.

Many folks start with dreams of fast success and wonder why it doesn’t happen like that.

Then, just like people do across the human spectrum, they blame their lack of success on others. It’s never their fault, is it? It’s because the home business industry “doesn’t work” or the company defrauded them in some way.


Jeunesse Global, just like all direct selling companies, have the structure in place . Follow it, move up in rank and the money will come.

Is it easy? Of course not. Will you go through struggles? Yes.

Make a commitment to look within and ask yourself how you can improve and never lay blame on others.

There are too many home business success stories to make the claim that it’s all a scam or pyramid scheme when things to right for certain individuals who don’t learn how to market professionally.

When Did Jeunesse Start?

The company began in Lake Mary, FL back in 2009.

The founders believe in a “numbers” philosophy where the number nine translates into longevity.

Not only did they begin the company on 9/9/09, but they officially say the company started at 9PM.


The Jeunesse Global mission includes empowering people to hit their potential while helping folks feel and look younger.

Founders Wendy & Ray Lewis have turned the company into a billion-dollar enterprise and boast some of the best cutting-edge products backed by science.

They have a motto that says, “One Team, One Family, One Jeunesse” and call their reps “Generation Young”. Over 500,000 independent reps work inside the Jeunesse MLM organization and they serve customers in almost 100 countries.

Feature Download (if you’re a struggling Jeunesse distributor):

I’ve put together a free “Jeunesse Quick-Start Video Guide” that shows you How To Attract 3-7 New Jeunesse Customers & Team Members Per Week Without Prospecting A Single Person.

In it, I show you how to intimately know the pains & goals of your prospects so that you attract the BEST leads for your Jeunesse business.

You’ll never have to spam strangers scripted messages OR bug your friends and family ever again…

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